What is Glycogen Depletion Training?

gen ucan

After I mentioned that I did not fuel or drink water during the 20 miler last weekend, I got a few questions about the reasoning behind it, so I wanted to share my thoughts (and in more than a sentence or two on IG or twitter). Let me preface this post with a few things. I did have some fuel in me during the 20 miler. I drank 16 oz of water mixed with one packet of Generation UCAN - an energy drink that slowly releases glucose without the spike and crash you get from sugar. So technically it wasn't really a glycogen depleted run. I do not do this on every single long run. I feel much more tired after a run like this and so I limit them to a few a training cycle. I am not saying that everyone should try or do this - if you are a … {keep reading...}

Weekend Happenings and Training Catch Up

aj and ryan4

Happy Monday!! I started off this morning with a 20+ mile run. Truth be told, I had initially planned on getting this run in yesterday but after a jam packed, fun and exhausting weekend, I made the decision to postpone it one day. I felt that it was … {keep reading...}

Training Update + LA Marathon Race Review


I called last week my "ease back into training" week. I didn't want to immediately jump back into tempo runs or 20 milers, so I focused on lower mileage, easier running, some core work and time on the trainer. Here's how the week went - there was … {keep reading...}

Spring Racing and 2014 Plans

04081-Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon Logo

This post is a long time coming. And just plain long. I apologize in advance if it seems like a bunch of random thoughts thrown out. But there are a lot of factors going into my plans for the year and I want to try to explain them all so that my … {keep reading...}

Marathon Recovery + Descending Ladder


Truth: I am not the best with marathon recovery. Maybe because it's usually the end of a training cycle so the need to recover well to get back into training is low...meaning: recovery is not the most important thing. I tend to stay pretty sedentary, … {keep reading...}

Asics LA Marathon Race Recap

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Hello and Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I had wanted to write this recap early last week (actually, planned on working on it on the flight home) but between wanting to spend less time on the phone/computer and more time with the boys and having lots … {keep reading...}

Asics LA Marathon Weekend


Hi everyone! I am back home after a whirlwind few days in LA. The whole weekend from start to finish was indescribably amazing (but I will try my hardest to convey some of the highlights in this post!). And I apologize in advance for the number of … {keep reading...}

2014 Asics LA Marathon

post race

Just dropping in for a quick update! I am currently sitting in bed, hydrating and relaxing after a tough race this morning. I knew what the weather forecast was calling for, but I hoped that the heat would stay away - or at least that we'd have cloud … {keep reading...}

Asics Giveaway Winners


Hello from 35,000 feet!! Jess and I are happily on our way to LA. I will try to update you here on the activities over the weekend as much as I can but will definitely be posting pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you to everyone who … {keep reading...}

LA Marathon Weekend + Goals

ryan hall

In less than 48 hours, I will be on my way to warm, sunny LA to participate in the Asics Blogger Challenge. The forecast for the weekend looks absolutely amazing - a little warm (for my taste) for running a marathon, but after the crazy weather we've … {keep reading...}

Training Update + New Member of Our Family

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Don't forget to enter the Asics Giveaway I am hosting! Two winners will each win $150 for use on anything on Asics.com. It's officially RACE WEEK!! I am giddy with excitement about everything I am going to be able to do and people I will get to … {keep reading...}

Asics Giveaway

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This time next week I will be in California, getting ready to run the LA Marathon. The warm, sunny weather is going to be much needed, much-welcomed escape from the temps we have been dealing with in the northeast. As a member of the Asics LA … {keep reading...}

23 miler + Small Victories

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After five days off from running last week due to what I believe to be the flu, I had a string of good running days. Nothing hard or too taxing (Thursday's run was a fartlek) since I was still getting my strength back from the rough weekend, but some … {keep reading...}

Less Black and White Workouts


I've always been a big fan of workouts during marathon training where it's easy to track progress: set intervals (400, 800, 1600), set distance and pace tempo runs, even wave tempos (odd miles at a fast pace, even miles at a pace about a minute … {keep reading...}

PRO Compression + Sick Again + Treadmill Running


Follow my blog with Bloglovin I'm pretty excited to share that I have been selected as a PRO Compression Ambassador. =) I have been wearing PRO Compression socks for over a year - often after long runs or stress workouts as recovery but also for … {keep reading...}

Falling Off the Early Morning Workout Train

Ryan bed

To subscrive via email to NYC Running Mama, click here! ---------------------- I've always been an early morning riser - I can remember being in grade school and waking up early each morning so that I could shower, have breakfast and watch TV - … {keep reading...}

My Favorite Home Workout DVDs


After making the commitment a few weeks ago to get back into the habit of doing core and strength work on a more regular basis, I decided to purchase a few workout DVDs to help me stay on track. I have some regular exercises that I enjoy doing, but … {keep reading...}

Update on Training -> Be Smarter Than Me


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen that I briefly mentioned I was having knee pain the last few weeks. But I haven't gone into detail...so here it it is: About three weeks ago, I began feeling something in my left knee. It … {keep reading...}

Tempos vs Intervals

Fitness Blog

Two quick things to share: First, my good friend, Kristin (who is also running the LA Marathon - yay!) is running 37 miles on a treadmill on Friday for charity. She is also hosting a virtual race in conjunction with her run (you can win some … {keep reading...}

Keeping The Dream Alive

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So first, I want to give a special CONGRATS to one of the runners I coach - Joe D (from Staten Island) who ran a 6+ minute PR at the Fred Lebow Half Marathon this past weekend! Despite super frigid temperatures and a tough course (two+ loops of … {keep reading...}

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