Finally broke 20!

Due to poor weather forecasted for Saturday morning and plans on Sunday, I decided to shift my long run day to Friday to ensure I finally got a long run in.
The weather was perfect – low 50s and a light wind to start the morning.  The first hour of my run was before the sun came up – the darkness and low winds were extremely calming.  My plan was to maintain an 8:30-8:45 pace for the run but I was finding it difficult to not speed up early in the run.  My tendency is to go out too fast (usually b/c I’m running on rested legs)  and then I often pay for it later.
By the second hour, the boardwalk was quickly becoming populated.  The majority of my morning runs are along the boardwalk in Midland/South Beach and into and through Fort Wadsworth, so I am pretty familiar with the early-morning walkers/runners/bikers. The nods of recognition, small hand waves, and smiles helped make the second hour go by extremely fast. It also helped distract me from the strong winds that had seemed to appear out of nowhere!

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    Learning to love my flexible running plan

    AJ enjoying bath time!

    Up until a year ago, running was the most important part of my day.  If I were able to complete the run that my self-imposed training plan had scheduled for me, then the day was great – I was happy, cheerful, and relaxed.  If I happened to wake up late, hit snooze too many times, or just not have the time or energy to head out the door for a run, then anyone who spent time around me, knew to steer clear!  I would be irritable, impatient, and often times, a complete (insert expletive) to everyone, including (and especially) my family.

    Fast forward to today.  The NYC Marathon is only 6 weeks away – my longest runs to date are a 20, 18, and a few 16 milers (none with impressive or satisfying times).  I haven’t gone on a long run in 3 weeks.  My weekly mileage is about 20% less then what I wanted it to be.  Yet, despite all of that, I couldn’t be happier.  I was blessed with a happy and healthy baby boy 8 1/2 months ago and quickly learned that following my training plan (or even getting out the door to run) is no longer what makes my day.  Most mornings I am able to head out the door for my run before my husband, Paul, leaves for work – however, teething, bad nights of sleep, and Paul’s work trips are the curveballs that prevent me from religiously following the training plan.  The amount of satisfaction I get from a great run – while still incredibly satisfying! – pales in comparison to having my son smile at me!!

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