What’s better than two PRs in one day?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I started doing speedwork again (Here is my post in case you missed it).  As of Christmas week, there is a treadmill in our apartment.  It prevents me from making excuses.  There’s nothing getting in my way of what I’m supposed to do now except me. So, for the last 3 weeks, I’ve forced myself to do speed sessions once a week.

During preseason basketball at West Point, we were timed running miles on the track – my miles were always around 7:00.  When I was on the Fort Hood Army 10-miler Team, we did track workouts 1x/week – my miles dropped to 6:15-6:25.  I got my miles down to 6:10 when I was deployed to Iraq in 2007-2009. That’s been my personal record (PR) until last week.

I ran my fastest mile ever last Thursday (5:59). This week, I planned to run 5x mile repeats. I woke up tired, sore, and not in the mood to do miles on the  treadmill.  I debated doing them right up until the moment I stepped on the treadmill – I secretly wanted to crawl back into bed for the next hour. But I know myself and knew that I would regret my decision all day…so I got on.

Although I didn’t run all 5x repeats (my son woke up during the recovery of my 3rd), I managed to beat my time from last week…and then ran another mile even faster.

6:06, 5:58, 5:56

TWO miles under 6!?!?  Last week was the first time I ever saw a “5” before a mile pace.  I don’t know whether it’s because I’m starting to believe I can run this fast [my goal for my first mile race is < 5:45or that the speedwork is already paying off. Maybe a little bit of both?

As I walked danced into my son’s room (extremely sweaty) to greet him from his morning nap, I kept thinking about how happy I was from my consecutive PRs just moments before.  Nothing could top that. My morning was made.

And then I saw my son.

My happy, spirited, loving, sweet little boy standing in his crib – smiling and babbling at ME. Happy to see ME!

And realized that nothing will EVER top him. Even if I had a terrible run, all I need to do is look at him smiling at me and everything is okay. He makes me forget the good and bad – and realize that what’s important is the little boy standing right in front of me.

I’m beyond excited that I PR’d (twice) yesterday.

But he beats 2x PRs any day.


Have you done a mile race before?  How’d you do??  

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    32 thoughts on “What’s better than two PRs in one day?

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    3. You amaze me! I don’t think my legs could ever move that fast lol. Congrats on an incredible PR!

    4. Congrats! I love doing mile repeats (when I have the energy) though I’ve never dipped below 6 myself.
      Your son is adorable. Love the chair!

      • Thanks, Victoria!! I’m interested to see what my time will be like on the road…maybe this week I’ll head outdoors =) BTW – I love your blog =)

    5. Congrats Michele! I love this post. Maybe you’ll decide to do the Fifth Avenue mile in September too?

      • Hey Veronika! To be honest, that never even crossed my mind – I will definitely put it on the calendar! Have you done it? Are you doing the Forest Ave mile?

        • I did do the Fifth Avenue mile last year – it’s a great race. I didn’t train for it though so I’d like to do it again after some speed work. When is the Forest Avenue mile? I don’t have much on the calendar for races this year except a half in DC in March and the Cherry Blossom 10 miler (also in DC) in April.

          • The Forest Ave is in March – it was the first weekend in Mar last year but I haven’t seen a 2012 date yet! I heard the Cherry Blossom is awesome! I’m trying to do a few more local races this year on SI – so much cheaper and easier to get to then the big races I always find myself signing up for!!

      • Thanks, Heidi! Part of me is wondering if there is something wrong with the treadmill. I seriously have never run this fast before. I’m anxious to do the race in march and see what it’s like to race a mile =) Have you raced a mile before?

    6. LOVE this post, it totally gave me goosebumps. Your son is so adorable, and what a great feeling to not only PR twice in one run, but then be greeted by that sweet happy face.