Sparkly Soul Headbands Review + Giveaway! ————————-CLOSED——————————

Hey Everyone!

I decided to do a 2nd review of Sparkly Soul Headbands…BUT, I wanted to try doing a video this time =)   Check out what I had to say about Sparkly Soul Headbands:

Read my previous review.

I mentioned that I had a huge pile of headbands that never measured up to my expectations (prior to finding Sparkly Soul).  Well, here’s the pile!



One entrant, chosen at random, will win two headbands (one-thin and one-wide) – colors of their choice.  The contest runs from Thursday, Jan 12, 2012 until 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012.  A winner will be announced on my blog, twitter, and Facebook on Wednesday, Jan 20, 2012.  So make sure you check back! (Note: If the winner does not contact me by Saturday, Jan 21, 2012, a second winner will be chosen.)
Ways to Enter
Each counts as a separate entry – please leave a separate comment for each that you complete
  1. Head over to and tell me you did with what headband color is your favorite
  2. Follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter @SPARKLYSOULINC
  3. Follow me on Twitter: @nycrunningmama
  4. Tweet about this giveaway: “I want to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC non-slip headband from @nycrunningmama! Enter to win here“:
  5. Follow my blog
  6. Post on your facebook wall “I want to win a Sparkly Soul headband from nycrunningmama. Enter to win here:  (Please tag Sparkly Soul in your post!)



Sparkly Soul, Inc compensated me for this sponsored post.
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    1. I also follow sparklysoul on twitter!

    2. I follow you on twitter! @rockthedogs

    3. I’d like the 3/8 hot pink one!!

    4. I follow your blog!

    5. I tweeted your giveaway!

    6. I tweeted about the giveaway!

    7. I follow sparklysoul on twitter!

    8. I would probably choose silver or gold so it goes with al my running clothes!

    9. I like the violet!

    10. I posted the giveaway on my FB wall :-)

    11. I tweeted this giveaway @jennierunning

    12. I follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter :-)

    13. The new brown ones – love! Would be great to wear with my dark brown hair.

    14. And, of course, I follow my lovelies @sparklysoulinc on twitter :) I get all excited when they retweet me and my sparkly photos! Lol

    15. I follow you on twitter :)

    16. I just tweeted about the giveaway! “I want to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC non-slip headband from @nycrunningmama! Enter to win here“:

    17. I followed your blog on my last comment :)

    18. I love my Sparkly Soul bands and would LOVE more of course! I really like orange and green. Orange is my favorite color. :)

    19. I follow you on twitter!

    20. I follow sparklysoul on Twitter!

    21. I love the hot pink band!

    22. Black or pink!

    23. I follow Sparky Soul!

    24. I follow you on twitter!

    25. i love running in anything pink :)

    26. I like the black and pink dparkles

    27. Follow you!

    28. I put it on my Bess Be Fit facebook page!

    29. i suscribe via google reader? not sure if that counts

    30. i follow sparkly on twitter

    31. i tweeted!

    32. I tweeted!!

    33. I follow sparklysoul on twitter!

    34. i love with silver!

    35. I follow you on twitter!!

    36. I want the sparkly black!! goes with everything!

    37. PS – Following you, too!

    38. LOVE the silver! Who wouldn’t want to sparkle and shine?

    39. I would love purple! :D

      Following you on Twitter – @healthy_2011
      Also liked your FB page :) Following your blog as well :)

    40. I follow your blog via RSS and GFC

    41. I follow you on Twitter (as picatasi)

    42. I follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter (as picatasi)

    43. I like purple (violet)!!

    44. I tweeted!

    45. I follow your blog too

    46. I tweeted!

    47. Silver, black, purple, royal blue…clearly I have a hard time picking a favorite!

    48. The new red sparkly is my fave!

    49. I tweeted about the contest!

    50. I follow you on Twitter!

    51. Yay! The bands sound awesome; hope I win!

    52. I followed you on twitter!

    53. I tweeted the give away!

    54. I posted on Facebook at DiDi Marie-

    55. I now follow your blog-

    56. I tweeted about the Giveaway.

    57. I follow you on twitter!

    58. I already follow Sparkly Soul on twitter.

    59. I recently bought the green sparkly wide band for the upcoming Tinker Bell Half and LOVE it!

    60. I follow the blog with GFC.

    61. You know I follow you on twitter, mama! That’s how I found you ;)

    62. I’d probably pick the silver or gold 3/8 headbands!

    63. I follow your blog!

    64. I tweeted the giveaway!

    65. I follow you on twitter also! @meghanohara

    66. I follow SparklySoul on Twitter

    67. I love SparklySoul! My favorite color would have to be the violet purple, but how can you pick just one?

    68. Ice pink is my fav on the website! I also wrote on Twitter and Facebook, I follow your blog, I follow Sparkly Sole on Twitter. I’ve done all 6!! 6 entries for me!! WOOT!

    69. I tweeted about the giveaway!

    70. I’m following @sparklysoulinc

    71. I’m following you on Twitter — @coffeeckecardio

    72. I follow your blog :)

    73. I tweeted the giveaway!

    74. I follow you on Twitter :)

    75. I follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter!

    76. I would pick violet but would also have to get gold to wear during Iowa football season!

    77. I already have a purple wide one and am hoping to expand my collection! Would love Blue & Green :)

    78. Purple!!

    79. i tweeted :)

    80. i follow them on twitter

    81. i follow you. i thought already did because i always check your blog but if not, it is official on google connect now ;)

    82. i like the purple one or maybe the blue…too many choices ahhh

    83. I follow the blog!!!

    84. I tweeted!!!

    85. I follow you on twitter!

    86. I follow them on twitter!

    87. I totally dig the purple one!!

    88. I tweeted about this post:)

    89. Already following Sparkly Soul on twitter:)

    90. now following you on Twitter!

    91. I love the green!

    92. now following you on twitter!

    93. already follow sparkly soul on twitter :-)

    94. i would LOVE the green 3/8 inch headband so i can wear it for my first half marathon on St. Patrick’s Day this year!

    95. I posted on my fb wall – running with the girls

    96. I follow you

    97. I follow Sparkly Soul on twitter

    98. I love the purple thick band

    99. I tweeted about the giveaway!

    100. I follow your blog

    101. I also follow @sparklysoul on twitter

    102. I also follow you on twitter (@cyu888)

    103. I love the purple (lavender) color!

    104. i also follow your blog

    105. tweeted :D

    106. follow you on twitter too

    107. follow sparkly soul on twitter

    108. i really like the purple one :)

    109. OH and I follow your blog too of course :)

    110. I tweeted about this giveaway!

    111. I follow @sparklysoulinc on twitter too!

    112. I follow you on twitter!

    113. I loved your VLOG by the way! You should definitely do more :)
      Oh my gosh I love all of the colors, but blue and red are my favorite.

    114. Bernadette Chan says:

      Posted about the giveaway on my facebook wall

    115. Bernadette Chan says:

      Following your blog via email

    116. Bernadette Chan says:

      Tweeted about the giveaway as @bchan5720!/BChan5720/status/157551649647362048

    117. Bernadette Chan says:

      Following you on Twitter as @bchan5720

    118. Oh, and I follow your blog, and I went over to, and I love the pink one!

    119. Bernadette Chan says:

      Following Sparkly Soul on Twitter as @bchan5720

    120. Hey, Michele! I saw your first blog on this and am watching your vlog now! I wanted one of these headbands since I first heard about them, but haven’t bought one yet! I’m not a runner, but I need some reliable headbands for tennis!

    121. Bernadette Chan says:

      I love the hot pink headbands!

    122. Already follow your blog! Phew..think I did them all! Now pass the Sparkly Soul! ;)

    123. Just tweeted!

    124. I LOVE the green or black ones!

    125. Already follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter!

    126. I already follow you on Twitter!

    127. LOVE the vlog! Great job with it. Very authentic, which is how it should be!

    128. I follow your blog! :)

    129. Apparently, I don’t know how to follow directions…whoops! I follow @SparklySoul on Twitter!

    130. I follow @nycrunningmama and @sparklysoul on twitter and I follow your blog! :)

    131. You are so cute! Hahah I love SS! I think two new headbands (ice pink and black) are exactly what I need to kick start my new workout regimen! :)

    132. And I follow your blog. I’m done comment spamming you now :)

    133. I follow SparklySoul on Twitter (via @melissalicia512)

    134. I follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter.

    135. I follow you on twitter!

    136. Love the sparkly violet headband!

    137. I, of course, love the pink headband :)

    138. I want the sparkly thin red headband. It will go great with my new Oatmeal in my Bowl tshirt I ordered. :D

    139. great job on the vlog
      i love their headbands :)

    140. I tweeted!

    141. I follow you on Twitter.

    142. I now follow your blog. Hmm, thought I already was?

    143. I follow SparklySoul on Twitter.

    144. I love the wide PINK one!

    145. I follow you on Twitter, and I tweeted

    146. I think I would like the blue color best, although I could be persuaded to try the purple :)

    147. I follow them on Twitter

    148. I also posted on my Facebook!

    149. I also follow you on Twitter

    150. I follow your blog through my Google Reader

    151. I tweeted!

    152. I follow them on Twitter

    153. I LOVE Sparkly Soul headbands!!! Since I already have a few, I’ll go with blue – since I don’t have that one yet :)

    154. …also I follow your blog on Google Friend Connect.

    155. I already follow you on twitter! :)

    156. I follow Sparkly Soul on twitter

    157. Awesome! Great vlog, Michele.

      I love all the colors, but partial to Pink and Green!

    158. Love both the red and the purple – would go with so much of my running gear :)

    159. I already follow you on Twitter.

    160. Good job with your 1st vlog!

      Just tweeted! (@RunAttitude)

    161. I follow your blog (RSS)

    162. I tweeted this giveaway!

    163. I follow you on Twitter!

    164. I follow Sparkly Soul Headbands on Twitter!

    165. Favorite color(s) – toss up between silver & lavender. Hard to choose! They are all so pretty :)

    166. Hey- just found your blog thru mickiruns, and stumbled on a giveaway, how fun! I love the black ones. :)

    167. Great vlog! And I love those headbands, I’ll have to try one out with the sparkles all the way around, that’s great!

    168. You did a great job with the vlog! I love them all but especially love the pink!

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