Superbowl Challenge

After the great participation and feedback for the NFC Championship Challenge that Pavement Runner and I organized, we decided to host a similar challenge for the Superbowl on February 5th.


Since Pavement Runner’s  49ers were defeated by the Giants (btw, he is now rooting for the Giants!!), I had to find another friend to host the challenge with me -> meet Samantha from Running and Cupcakes.

We are runners.  Distance runners.  So the loser will be running.

But this isn’t just limited to us – we’d love to have more runners join us in this friendly competition!!

Rules of this challenge (same rules as the previous challenge!):
If your team loses, you have to run the point differential in miles. Simple. For example, when the Giants beat the Patriots (for the 2nd time in 4 years), 24-21, Samantha and anyone else who is rooting for the Patriots will have to run 3 miles. 
Mile limit: In the occurrence that the Giants blow out the Patriots, we’ve capped the miles to 20 — meaning the most either of us would run is 20 miles. This works for us because we have a solid base and can log the distance. If this mileage is too high for you based on your current training, feel free to cap it at 10 – or whatever distance you feel comfortable!
To be run by: Within a week of the game sounds fair, but outstanding circumstances are understood.
Prove it: Tweet out a photo of your garmin in shame… LOL.
You don’t need to challenge an individual, just make an agreement with yourself to run the difference after you pick a team. If you could care less about stupid football, but are forced to watch the game, at least you’ll have something to root for.

In case you wanted a quick trip down memory lane:

So tell us…

Are you participating in this running wager?  (to sign up, leave a comment below!)
Which team are you rooting for??? 


As of Sunday, Feb 5 at 7:30pm (EST), this is the confirmed list of participants (please let me know if I left you out or there’s an error with your information!):

Click here -> (Superbowl Challenge) for the excel file with twitter and blog links for participants

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    119 thoughts on “Superbowl Challenge

    1. I’m Ronald, 27 old age onetime and I recollect your site cater such a zealous information,
      I testament outride tune here
      Florida recently posted..FloridaMy Profile

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    8. Since writing “Go Cowboys” would look really stupid, the next best thing is to root for the team that won the Super.

    9. As I still hold a grudge over Eli shunning the Chargers, I only have one thing to say: GO PATS! (there sure will be a lot of giants fans racking up the millage this week)

    10. Since I fall under the category of not a huge football fan, but forced to watch the game, I’m excited to have a reason to pay attention!! Go Giants!

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    12. Seems odd that the LOSER should get to run, so while I’m rooting for the Giants (no self-respecting Steeler fan would ever go for the Patsies), I’m planning to log the miles either way. I would like to see Aaron Hernandez (Pats) do well…he’s one of my favorite ex-Gator players…but still hope Eli pulls out another win and puts Bellycheck and Brady to shame.

    13. I hope I am not to late….I will definitely be rooting for my Patriots….
      twitter handle…renewhiteley

    14. Since my team is out ( and their rivals invaded their house!) I’m going for The Giants and Mannings little brother!

    15. If it’s not too late, I’m in! And rooting for the GIANTS!

      P.S. I love your blog — your running thru pregnancy info is super inspiring!

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    17. Hi, there. Don’t know if it’s too late to join in. My Twitter handle is @1WomanWordsmith. I’m predicting the Giants. I would probably have a pretty low cap (one-day run limit would probably be 5 miles), though I could probably manage 20 miles in a week of running.

    18. @bludogrunning Since I already have a lunch wager on the line, I may as well include a running wager.

      GO GIANTS!!!!

      Mileage capped at 10 (11 is the most I’ve run consecutively).

    19. Finally a reason to watch the game!! Rooting for the G-men, and my twitter hanle is “triforbalance”…let me know if I need to do anything else!

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    21. I am in for the Giants!!! (I will cap it at 10 miles because I am just coming back form an injury but since the Giants are going to win anyhow it won’t be a problem :) )
      Thanks for hosting this challenge!!!

    22. I’d love to join for the Patriots… I’ll max out at 15 miles. Let me know if there’s anything else I need to do to sign up!

    23. Mark me down for team Giants. I am only good enough to go 6 or 7 miles tops, so hopefully the difference will only be by a touchdown. @alicethepug

    24. Sorry I’m a little late to the party Michele but count me ‘all in’ Giants!!! Looking forward to stealing the ring off of Brady’s finger…again.

      BTW someone mentioned something about a Patriots dynasty…didn’t that end in 2005?

    25. As a Jets fan I hate both teams and would rather shovel snow then Watch one of these teams win a Superbowl! With that said I love to run and take on a challenge and be on team Patriots!

    26. Im in, for the patriots. And, what an awesome idea for a challenge, thanks ladies’

    27. I’m in! Awesome challenge & I’m full throttle Patriots.

      I know they are NOT going to lose, but just in case, can I “bank” the 10 mile road race I’m doing the morning of the Superbowl? :)

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    29. well…this is tough…I am a Saints fan, and I must say, if we wouldn’t have screwed up with 5 uncharacteristic turnovers against the 49er’s we would have smoked the giants in the superdoome….that being said (haha) I WANT the giants to win…but I have a feeling the Patriots are going to win. So not sure what I should do?!?

    30. I can’t say no to a running challenge! Since I barely know a football from a golf ball I deferred to my sons. 12 year old says “Definitely the Giants” ; 15 year old says “Patriots or I’ll be telling you I told you so”. Flipped a coin, Giants it is! Good excuse to make chili next Sunday.

    31. This is such a fun idea. I am going to bow out of this one, ’cause my Ravens went down and I’m sad…not going to stake a claim on anyone else. But I’ll be watching all of you!

    32. I enjoyed the #TwitterRoadRace, so I’m in for this! Although, I’m one of those football fans that will only watch when it’s exciting… Rooting for the Patriots! I’m capping it at seven, though :) (My twitter handle is @Emancipated)

    33. Ohhh I totally want in on this action!! Mainly because the Pats are TOTALLY gonna win 😉 But also because I love a good fun challenge like this one!! :)

    34. I’m gonna have to go for the Patriots because the Giants knocked out my Packers. (I must be a glutton for punishment – I had to do 200 pushups when the Ducks beat my Badgers!)

    35. WOO HOO!!!! I am SO in and the Giants are going to kill those Patriots. I have to say though, for me, running isn’t much of a punishment. But running for Pats… ick.

      Thanks for organizing! :) Wish we lived closer and could have a SuperBowl party!

    36. To my surprise I’m already listed here and didn’t even respond……that is hilarious.

      Thanks for listing those rooting for the Patriots so I can unfollow their blogs and tweets until February 6th…..ha ha ha!

      And I want to remind you that the Giants are 2-1 against the Patriots since 2007. They lost in the last game of the year that year and then beat them Super Bowl 42 and beat them earlier this season and then when they win Super Bowl 46 they will be 3-1.

      Final Score: Giants 24-23 with Tom Brady throwing an INT to Rolle with 1:42 left in the game. That is a bold prediction.

        • I am beyond myself and wish they would play the game this week instead of in two weeks but I need that time to recover from the SF game and the fact that my step-son won’t be here so the F Bombs can fly without any worries.

    37. Awww I would love to join!! But I’m still rehabbing my injury, boo. Maybe I can come up with my own alternative…like minutes instead of miles, haha! (Totally not as fun, though)