Why You Want ME

Before I explain to you why I would be a great addition to your team, let me give you a brief background of how I ended up where I am today.

Exactly three years ago, I was getting ready to return from Iraq after my third deployment with the US Army as a Captain in the Military Intelligence Branch.  I had spent the last 15 months tracking, analyzing, and targeting the enemy networks in Baghdad.  It was the most rewarding job I had ever had.  I had made the decision to leave the military upon my return from Iraq – I wanted to settle down, start a family, secure a high-paying job in the business world, and be physically close to my sisters and parents after 10 years of living far away.

Shortly after, I began my new life with a great-paying job in NYC, I was living on the Upper West Side in a gorgeous apartment with my sister, and I had the freedom and luxury to run whenever and wherever I wanted.

Fast forward to today.

I am a happy stay at home mom to my 1 year old son, AJ.  Shortly after he was born, I made the decision to stop working.  I knew that if I had to be away from him for any sizable chunk of time, it needed to be for something I loved, something that truly made me happy.   The job I had was no longer fulfilling.  I didn’t wake up every day excited to go to work. I had NO PASSION for what I was doing.

This past year has brought me a great deal of clarity with what I want to do with my life.  Hearing that I was an inspiration to friends, family, and even strangers when I was still running at 9 months pregnant made me happy.  When I am asked questions about running, training for a specific race, exercising through pregnancy, or just staying in shape, I get beyond excited.  I LOVE helping friends and family create goals and training plans for races – ranging from 5k to marathons.

So why not pursue what I love…what makes me TRULY HAPPY?  I am going to be a certified running coach (offering both online and in-person training) and a fitness counselor/trainer for women before, during, and after pregnancy.  

Since that point (roughly 4 months ago), I have been working towards my goal:  I started this blog, NYCrunningmama.  I was chosen to represent Staten Island, my hometown, in the FootLocker 5 Borough Challenge at the 2011 NYC Marathon.  I ran my first ultra 10 months after my son was born.  I am a FitFluential Ambassador.  I am a PowerBar Team Elite Member.  I will be an RRCA certified running coach and have my AFPA Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist Certification (both by the end of March).

I know that there are many others with a similar resume.  I know that I am not the fastest runner or the most experienced coach/trainer available.

So why pick me???

You want to pick ME because I can WILL relate to your readers.  I prefer reading blogs, articles, or stories from females that I connect with – females that “get” me.  Yes – having certain credentials is important and necessary.  I know that I have (will have) them.  But ultimately, what makes readers come back is the connection they feel with the writer.

 – I understand what it takes to raise a child, have a family, cook, clean, perform everyday chores, have a part-time job…while fitting in workouts. I have learned to be flexible. (Learning to Love my Flexible Running Plan)

– I understand that we all don’t have the ability to be elite runners and “just train” for races or events that we want to compete in.  I’ve learned how to make every mile (and minute) run mean something. (Marathons + Moderation)

– I understand what it takes to stay fit through pregnancy and the benefits to keeping your body healthy during those 9 months. (Running through Pregnancy)

– I understand what it takes (and can vouch that it’s possible) to train for a marathon AND ultra marathon while exclusively breastfeeding a young child.  (Nursing and Ultras?!?)

– I understand time management. I was able to train for my current marathon PR (Boston 2009) while I was deployed to Iraq and working 15-18 hour days, 7 days a week. (Running in Freedom)

Although I’ve only been blogging for a few short months, I have already received so much positive feedback from readers. These women have commented on my blog or emailed me directly – telling me how helpful they have found my posts, my opinions, and my training.

I know I would be a great asset to your magazine and would love the opportunity to show you and your readers!

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, my background and what I hope to provide YOU, your readers, and your magazine!

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    31 thoughts on “Why You Want ME

    1. What a creative way to apply for a job! I would say good luck, but I’m SURE that you will get a job somewhere – how could a magazine NOT want you? I think what makes your blogs so nice to read is that you are down to earth and not at all patronizing, as some health/fitness blogs can be. I hope this happens for you ASAP! xo

    2. Awesome post! This is the best cover letter I’ve ever read :) You’ve done so much and I’m sure the best is yet to come. You go, girl!

    3. I loved reading this. You are an incredibly motivating person and I love reading everything you write. I would love to see you write in other places, they would definitely gain a lot of new readers.
      Robin recently posted..Under the WeatherMy Profile

    4. So well written, Michele…as always!! As your first – and number #! – fan, I know probably better than anyone how amazing you truly are. In many ways, you are still my little girl…. as well as the loving mother to my precious grandson, AJ. Throughout your growing years, teachers, coaches, employers, etc. always went out of their way to tell me how bright, athletic, personable, and dedicated you were. As I’d watch you sleeping peacefully at night, I would think about all these accolades, and my heart would smile. To me, you were “just” my girl, my beautiful, wonderful daughter…The years passed too quickly and when we brought you up to West Point in June, 1999, to begin your college – and military – experience, I questioned if I was wrong to support your decision to attend this male-dominated, military academy. I kissed my “prom queen” goodbye at 8:30 am – and 10 hours later, you marched out, in full army uniform, and swore your allegiance to the United States. Sure, there were fleeting seconds of feeling so proud of you, but my overwhelming feelings were those of sadness and regret…sadness, because I felt as though I wasn’t ready to “give you up” to this lifestyle, and regret, because I wasn’t sure you could really DO this. You were among the 10% of the females in that class of over 1000 – how could she possibly keep up with all these burly young men, I worried….and what if she can’t – I didn’t want you to fail because I knew how high you set your standards for yourself…and I didn’t want you to disappoint yourself…Fast forward all these years later – not only did you “keep up”, but you distinguished yourself at West Point. Unfortunately, no one could have anticipated 9/11 and all the ramifications that horrific day would bring. Holding you in my arms, each of the three times you were deployed to Iraq, are memories I don’t often think of, as they remind me of all the moms who did not hold their children in their arms again, as I was so blessed to do. Now, as you recently celebrated your 30th birthday, I have been able to take a step back and view you as others always have, as objectively as I possibly can, as your mother. And, you are, one amazing young lady…I have no doubt that as you continue along this path in your wonderful young life, many others will come to know you and share the feelings that all of us who do know and love you, have experienced first-hand….Good luck, my beautiful daughter…xoxox

    5. Could not have written it better myself. Great job lady – you are so inspiring!!!

      I didn’t know you were so new at blogging. Guess I’ll be starting from post #1 soon 😉
      natalie recently posted..Come Laugh at Me!!My Profile

    6. We are big fans of the nycrunningmama and her blog – she is sparkly on the inside as an incredible person, mother and runner. She digs deep and finds her soul in every run (and in everything) that she does. We think that she would be a wonderful asset to any magazine!

      Keep sparkling ! xo Sparkly Soul

    7. Love this entry and your blog! What an inspiration to the world & running community and so many accomplishments in just 4 months blogging and in a lifetime of being you – can’t even imagine what you will accomplish down the line! Just when you amaze me – you do something that amazes me even more :) I’d love to read your columns in a magazine because it would bring your voice to a larger community. The running world would benefit from hearing from someone like you for the following reasons:

      (1) a former US Army Captain in the Military Intelligence Branch: she is brillant,
      (2) an ultramarathoner: you are FAST – I am not sure why “I am not the fastest runner” is in this blog entry – I literally brag about your running times to anyone I talk to about running- you are the hands down the fastest runner I personally know (side note – people she won the Foot Locker 5 borough challenge with five awesome runners including three guys on the team – just saying … that is pretty cool),
      (3) pregnant runner: you were able to continue running throughout your pregnacy – and you were fast … and could outrun me at even 8 months pregnant- no seriously…
      (4) running (…triathlete!) mommy: You have a lot to share and are able to be an incredible mama and get your runs in and somehow get EVEN faster!!! She is training for an the NYC Ironman this August as she is raising an incredible little man and manages to find time to run, bike and swim (with incredible times I am predicting)…
      5) a person: you are able to do it all and do it well – and you are extremely relatable – I never met someone who didn’t fall in love with you & personality upon meeting.

      I am excited to see what great things are ahead for you !!! Today’s blog entry is as humble, modest and awesome as you are – but if your best friend can’t brag about you … who can :) You would be a great asset to any magazine and readers will LOVE you!

    8. Michele – I have been reading your blog since you first started it and have loved going on this journey with you. I’ve enjoyed hearing your stories and your successes and it’s inspired me to do more with my own time and my own busy schedule. What you’ve shared is certainly inspiring, but most importantly, I feel like I can relate to you on so many different levels. Awesome stuff…and I hope to hear a lot more from NYCRunningMama! As your personal motto states..NEVER STOP! Best of luck to you!

    9. Great write up Michelle! And, congrats on all of you accomplishments. Most importantly, THANK YOU for your service!