New Feature coming soon: The PR Spotlight!

I am starting a new feature on NYCRunningMama to highlight some of my favorite runners!!  I wanted this column to be different from the usual runner bio…


I am going to be featuring runners who have recently PR’d – it could be a race or training run.  It could be on the treadmill, track, or on the roads.  The purpose of the feature will be for the runner to discuss what they did differently – whether it was pacing, fueling, hydration, training, mental preparation, etc.

One of the things I love most about running is that I’m constantly learning – I learn just as much from the 4:30 marathoner as I do from the 2:45 marathoner. Hopefully this feature become a tool in which we all learn from each other.

I think we all enjoy sharing the news when we do something we are proud of.   Most of us won’t be winning half marathon or marathon races anytime soon.  So why not have this feature highlight  the ultimate success everyday runners can hope to achieve? A PR!

Keep your eyes out!  I hope to start this feature next week =)

If you know someone who has recently PR’d, email or tweet me so I can be sure to highlight them!!!

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