My Pumpkin

During my first pregnancy, my husband and I chose to wait to find out the sex of our baby.  We decided to call our unborn child “Chickpea” rather than having to say “him/her” or  “he/she” each time we talked about my belly or the baby.   We have again decided to wait to find out the sex and will be calling baby #2  “Pumpkin” since my due date is late September!!   

In a perfect world, Pumpkin would make his/her entrance into the world around August/September – of 2013!!  I had made my goals for 2012 pretty public this year which included running a sub 3:10 marathon in May and a sub-1:30 half-marathon in June.  After that, my plans were to complete my first Ironman (NYC Ironman – Aug), and run either the NYC Marathon or the JFK 50-miler in Nov.  Only when those were checked off the list would baby #2 be a thought in my husband and my minds.

Or so we thought.

Rewind 7 1/2 weeks ago…I was right where I wanted to be with training for the NJ Marathon and was already seeing major improvements: from Jan 5 – Jan 23, I had run 3 PRs (mile, 5k, and 10 mile) – all during training runs.  I felt strong. My long runs were getting longer – and I was running them faster than I had in previous training cycles.

It was Jan 28th and I was headed out for an 18-mile run.  My previous long run of 16 miles had been a huge success and I was excited and confident about my plans to run the distance at a 7:40-7:50 pace with 6 x miles at marathon pace (7:15).

I felt out of breath from the get-go and struggled to maintain a sub-8 pace for the first few miles.  I felt like something wasn’t “right” and debated turning around and heading home repeatedly from mile 2 on.  By mile 6, I literally had to stop to catch my breath because my heart was beating out of control. I decided to call it quits and run home.   It was the WORST run I had had in months.  Below is my recap I wrote on DailyMile.

I spent the next week resting more than I wanted and found when I did run, it was difficult to keep my usual pace. I was exhausted.  The following Saturday (Feb 4), I again planned for 18, but only managed 10.  This time it wasn’t my heart rate that stopped me – I kept the pace I wanted, but felt too exhausted to continue.  After chatting with my husband, we came to the conclusion that I could be consuming too few calories. I had increased the mileage and the intensity of my workouts and was still nursing my son, so I thought I might have a deficiency in my diet.  I posed the question to my FitFluential friends on Sunday, Feb 5 and based off the feedback I received, planned to keep track of everything I ate for the next week:

There was no need to do that.  I woke up the next morning nauseous.  The lightbulb went off in my head.  I knew I was pregnant the moment I sat up in bed.  My husband was already on his way to work, so I waited until later in the morning when my mom stopped by to run to the drugstore for a pregnancy test.  No surprises for my mom or I when I saw the “Pregnant” on the stick.

I saw my doctor a few days later and confirmed that I WAS pregnant and that the baby was doing great…I even saw the heartbeat…but I was MUCH further along than I thought – already 7 weeks!   How did this happen?  Without going into too much detail, I had completely lost track of when I was due in January.   It sounds crazy, but I’m not regular so when I was a few days late, I wasn’t concerned.  It was the week of my son’s 1st birthday party and my mind was on a million other things.  I didn’t even realize that I skipped!  (Side note: my husband and I were using natural family planning.  My son, AJ, was conceived while I was on birth control, so we had decided to try a different approach this time around.)

Although my running plans for 2012 have been completely scraped, I couldn’t be happier.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  And I know that we are ready for baby #2.  My family and I will be moving into our new home in early May – space will no longer be an issue.  My husband is doing great at work and I am starting a work-from-home part-time job next month – so financially, we will be okay.   My son and pumpkin will be 21 months apart – but only a year apart in school.  My older sister and I were a year apart and I loved the closeness it created for us – we were able to play on the same basketball team four times during our school years and we shared many of the same friends.

Running a 50-miler, completing an Ironman or having a new PR are all wonderful achievements (and there is a small part of me that is sad that I won’t be able to accomplish these in 2012), but the truth is, these don’t define me.  At the end of the day, my life, my world is my family.  I am being given the blessing of another child.  I am the luckiest woman in the world.  And this, to me, far outweighs any personal accomplishment!!!

Note: My due date is September 27.  I enter the 14th week tomorrow and the 2nd trimester in just a few days!!  

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    1. Hey!
      Lovely post! Pumpkin is a delicious food so I share some
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    2. Congrats! I too had a surprise for my second baby and have my girls only 20 months apart. We decided not to do birth control and let God decide when he wanted to bless us with #2. We used natural family planning to get our oldest. Now I want my 9 and 29 month old girls play and interact and can’t imagine a world without them.

      I love how positive you are about it all, and it’s great that you had some PRs before you found out so now you can focus on the baby, and 2013 will be your running year! Pushing two i a stroller isn’t so bad when they’re this close together too.
      Alice recently posted..Thinning Thursday.My Profile

    3. Our stories are so similar! I found out i was pregnant with baby #2 in late January and that was after running some of the highest weekly mileage I had ever run with some training run PR’s. It turns out I was pregnant through those runs, but the out of breath exhaustion didn’t hit till I was almost 6 weeks! I’m due Sept 26th:)

    4. wow wasn’t expecting that! congratulations!! when will you break the news to chickpea that he is going to be an older brother?

    5. Congratulations!!! My kids are almost exactly four years apart. Not what I wanted, not what I planned, but that’s how it happened and I’ve learned to embrace it.

      Sounds like everything (except racing) is in a perfect place for this and the racing will always be there later.
      MCM Mama recently posted..One of those days…My Profile

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    7. Congratulations, Michele! My younger sister and I are exactly 21 months apart, and while we had our hair-pulling moments as young girls, we are absolutely best friends now and will be forever. When I have children, I hope they’re close in age so that they can experience the same sibling bond. I look forward to following your pregnancy training! BTW, I noticed from your screen shot of FB that you’re maiden name is King. My teammate and rival in high school was Michele King :) Too funny.
      Laura recently posted..Run #36My Profile

    8. Congratulations on your “pumpkin”. We called our first “peanut” and plan on not finding out the sex of the next one either (when it happens).
      Looking forward to hearing about your running while pregnant – interested for personal reason but also for work.
      Anna recently posted..Nothing but Sunshine and FrecklesMy Profile

    9. Congratulations!

      My older brother and I our about 21 months and 1 year apart in school. Like you and your sister, we had a lot of the same friends and were often involved in the same activities at the same time.

    10. Yay what a fantastic post! So excited for you, I hope we get to hear all about your prego journey to Pumpkin’s arrival!

    11. Congrats! My boys are almost exactly 2 years apart (Birthdays Feb 19 and 21) and though the first month has been tough, I know as they get older, they will have each other’s back in every possible way. I can totally relate to your situation because 2011 was going to be “the year” for me and my fitness goals. They’ve been put on hold but I’m more than ok with that. My goals will be waiting for me when I get the all clear to resume exercise but my boys are my heart and soul now and forever!
      Steph @fitmomtraining recently posted..Wisdom for WednesdayMy Profile

      • Thanks, Steph for this perspective! The first couple of weeks after I knew I was pregnant, I had fleeting moments of sadness b/c of how hard I had been pushing myself to reach my goals…but each time, I just needed to look at the big picture. And like you said, your goals will be waiting for you when the time comes!!
        I’m definitely going to be super interested in how the months progress with your two boys =) I’ve heard it gets easier, so here’s hoping! LOL

      • Oh yay! Nice to meet you Jenny! I just added you to my google reader! It’s great finding other runners who are pregnant at the same time! Will make me feel like we are going through it together! Hope you are feeling good – and congrats to YOU!

    12. Michelle-

      Congrats and how exciting! Wonderful that you can say the only way you really knew you were pregnant was by feeling tired in your run and the second tri is almost here! Now that number two is on the way, you might have to look at double strollers (BTW-I announced my first pregnancy by saying I was jumping into the double stroller race from the start…) Keeping you in my thoughts that everything goes well and enjoy!
      Andrea recently posted..Running With Baby: Is Baby Ready for the Front of the Stroller?My Profile

    13. Reading this post fills me with so much emotion! I am so happy for you and excited that you are adding to your family! Yes, being a mommy takes precedence over running , training and everything else! You have the rest of your life to do all that other stuff but YOU are EVERYTHING to your little people! My first two are 21 months apart and I found it to be a perfect spacing. (Between my second and third I there are 24 months and between the third and fourth there are 32 months. I needed a little bit more time between each one! :-) ) Enjoy this phase of your life. Enjoy the one on one time you have with your little man. I remember back to when it was just me and my little girl. Things are about to change but it really just gets better. Your heart grows and you don’t know how you could love anyone as much but you do. I have a little plaque in my room that says, “No matter how many kids a mom has, she loves each one the best!” Congratulations again!!
      Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted..St. Patrick’s Day 5K- Race ReportMy Profile

      • Tia, thank you for your beautiful comment…It means so much to me. The age difference worried me a lot at first b/c I thought they might be too close, so it’s really comforting to hear comments from moms who have the same gap and like it! There’s a part of me that worries that my son is going to feel sad after the baby is born b/c he has been our whole world since day 1. We give him our undivided attention when he is awake…and I know that things will change when baby #2 comes along.
        I love the quote you just said…I am one of 4 girls and my used to say a similar thing to us – “I love you all differently, but I love you the same”…and she said it wasn’t that she loved us less each time another one was born – she felt like her heart grew to make room for all the love the new baby took up.
        Be prepared for questions once #2 is born! I’m glad that I have you to turn to =) And it makes me so relieved to see moms of multiple children not only find the time to run and train, but set PRs and kick butt like you do!! =)

    14. Seriously I could not be happier for you all!! I love your perspective too…those races will always be there and I’m certain your time there will come too. What a blessing!!!

    15. ooooo my goodness, michele!!! cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs!!!!!! this is the happiest most wonderful most joyful news!! i am smiling ear-to-ear. so happy for you!!!!! these are the best kinds of surprises!! hoooooray!!!! xxxooo
      jessica (pace of me) recently posted..Rock, Roll & RecoverMy Profile

      • Thanks, Jess…these are definitely the type of surprises that make life seem that much better =) I’m looking forward to reading some of your pregnancy posts =)

    16. Congratulations! This is such wonderful news! I had never been pregnant when I found out, so I did not realize why all of my runs were so difficult. But I had the SAME exact symptoms. When I discovered I was pregnant, I was 10 days away from my 50 mile. I was not sad to let it go, though. Like you said – all wonderful things to do but not the things that define. I’ve used your posts on running through pregnancy to help with mine (I’m 20 weeks now), and I am so glad you wrote about your experiences! Congrats again!
      Jane recently posted..Pilates with the Help of a Husband and a DogMy Profile

    17. Aww thank you for sharing this story with us — I love hearing how it all came together for you, so so cool. I also love your perspective on things given your original big race goals for 2012. you’re going to be an awesome mom all over again!!
      Jess recently posted..RFM: barre-styleMy Profile

    18. I can’t believe you were able to keep running the way you were at the beginning of your pregnancy when your body can be such a pain, amazing. My kids are 20 months apart and I love it. They are best friends and make life so much easier for my husband and I. Looking forward to reading your pregnancy posts!!!
      Robin recently posted..Training Run #2 on the Boston CourseMy Profile

    19. Very similar experience w/ my second. I ran a 1/2 marathon and was just “off” both in pace and feel. I told my husband after that my legs felt fine, I just couldn’t get into a groove. Later that week, I got to thinking that I actually felt pregnant but didn’t think I could be b/c I had had a cycle. Took a test anyhow and like you, found out I was 7 weeks into it!

      You have all the time in the world for an IM and sub 3:10 marathons–you’re so young! In the meantime, you get the blessing of having siblings close together in age. It’s all just fantastic news for you!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Want to know what good form looks like?My Profile

    20. Congrats, Michelle!!! Don’t worry, your races can come another year. And then you will have 2 beautiful children cheering you on as you cross the finish lines :)

    21. Michele, I’m seriously so happy for you! I’m really looking forward to your updates as you continue your fitness journey during your pregnancy. I know I’ve mentioned before that your older posts helped me a lot when I found out I was pregnant and I’ve continued to refer to them even now that I’m 23 weeks. You’re such an inspiration!

    22. Congratulations! I am so very happy and excited for you. I love your perspective on this. I know so many who would be so bummed, etc. because they have to scrap their goals but you’re right, family comes first. Siblings are incredible. I love watching my two sons grow together. Best gift ever. Hope you are feeling well!
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Daydreaming on PinterestMy Profile

    23. Something similar happened when I found out I was pregnant with my second. I ran a marathon and my husband convinced me to put tape on my watch so I’d get the splits for later, but wouldn’t worry about it during the race. I felt like I was doing great and then at mile 24 I took the tape off and COULD NOT BELIEVE how slow I was going! I was so disheartened. But a week later, I figured out what slowed me down :) Good luck with the pregnancy and I hope you are able to continue to run throughout! Congrats again!!!!!
      Salty recently posted..Ginger With a J: Walk a mile in my sports braMy Profile