If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans

One of my high school girlfriends sent this quote to me yesterday…I love it and feel that it fits so well to my current situation!  Thanks, Cindy!!! xoxo

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had very specific goals and races associated with 2012.  Below is my original racing schedule with my time goals associated for each:

Original 2012 Racing Calendar:
Mar 4 – Forest Ave Mile (sub-5:45)
May 6 – NJ Marathon 
May 19 – Brooklyn Half-Marathon (sub-1:30)
Aug 11 – NYC Ironman (sub-12:00)
Nov 4 – NYC Marathon (sub-3:10)
Nov 17 – JFK 50-miler (*tentative)

I’ve been asked by many friends and family what races I will be doing during this pregnancy.  As I had with baby #1, I have decided to limit my race distance to half marathons.  I felt that about two hours on my legs was enough for my body. I learned that if I ran much further than 15 or 16 miles, I needed a lot more time to recover.  During pregnancy, I prefer doing shorter races and not having to take any time off, then doing a marathon, being exhausted for a week or more, and not being able to run for long stretches of time to recover.

So with that said, the NJ Marathon and NYC Ironman will be cancelled. Thankfully, the NJ Marathon offers a deferral program so I will be running it in 2013 at no additional cost!  Unfortunately, the more expensive NYC Ironman only offers a partial refund service (I will receive $150 back – but the cost was $895!!) – UGHHH!

SI Half @ 27 wks

New “Racing” Calendar:
May 19 – Brooklyn Half-Marathon (21 wks)
May 28Staten Island Advance Memorial Day Run (4 miles) (23 wks)
Jun 9 NYRR Mini 10k (24 wks)
Jul 4Arielle Newman / Pepper Martin Run (5 miles) (28 wks)
Jul 14The Ladder 5k (29 wks)
Aug 18Blazing Hot Trail Run (5 or 10k) (34 wks)
Sep 15Fitness Mind, Body, & Soul Games (4 miler) (38 wks)

– With the exception of the Brooklyn Half-Marathon, all of my planned races will be 10k or shorter.  Even though I continued running upwards of 9-10 miles (on my “long” day)  until I was about 34 weeks along during my first pregnancy, I feel more comfortable keeping the race distances shorter.  I still hope to get in those long runs, but it will be on my terms – when my body feels right, when the baby is in a good position, when the weather is ideal, when I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, etc.  I learned that there are too many outside variables when I was pregnant that could quickly shorten a planned run.

– There are no time goals associated with the new schedule.  I don’t make time goals for myself during pregnancy.  I sign up for races (when I’m pregnant) – not to run a certain time – but to enjoy myself, the camaraderie of other runners, and to give me something to plan for and look forward to.

– I have seven races on the calendar, but am realistically hoping I can run 5 of them.  Most of them are local, smaller races and offer same-day registration, so I can wait until race morning to make the call based on how I am feeling.

– My husband will be running the Brooklyn Half with me – just as he had done with the SI Half during my last pregnancy.  I am not comfortable running that distance alone and he helped keep my speed in check (telling me to slow down if I started to get competitive and wanted to pick up the pace).  He will likely run several of the other races – depending on the distance, how I’m feeling, and if we have a family member to watch our son!!  I also plan to run the Mini-10k with several of my FitFluential ladies!!

Fitness 4-miler @ 18 wks with my best friend, Pamela


Are you running any of these races!?!  Let me know – I’d love a running partner or buddy for them!!

Did you make a racing schedule when you were pregnant?  Did you keep to it?

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    38 thoughts on “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans

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    6. Looks like a great plan! Like you, I didn’t feel comfortable going over the half distance in my pregnancy, it wore me out! But I did a few shorter runs, and a 10 miler. I’m glad you were able to defer some, and make it work (other than losing out on the Ironman fee, ugh!)
      Laura recently posted..How not to run a 10kMy Profile

    7. oh i wish i was running those races! maybe some day. I gotta get my gut all up and running first, haha. But what a great calendar. I think baby #2 will be happy.

    8. You are truly an inspiration to pregnant women everywhere! I hope I can run through future pregnancies like you! Congrats again, it is so exciting.

    9. omg its me its me!
      love this!
      can’t wait to run with pumpkin!
      I am doing the BK one too, the mini 10k and fitness mind. I am also signed up for Scotland 10k 4/7, healthy kidney 5/12, portugal 6/17 and achilles 6/24! maybe we can do some of them together again :) yayayay!
      Pamela recently posted..Retail Locations !My Profile

      • HEY!! YEAH!!! The Scotland 10k might be doable…is registration still open or did it fill up already? YIKES – you are doing a TON!! That’s awesome that you are getting all of them knocked out early!! Is that your 9 then?

    10. omg its me its me!!!!
      love this! I am also doing the BK half, the mini 10k and the fitness games one! Lets do some together again ??? i am also signed up for the Scotland 10K on 4/7, healthy kidney 10k on 5/12, portugal run 6/17 & achilles 5m on 6/24!
      yay pumpkin!

    11. This is my very first pregnancy and so I based a lot of what I’ve done so far off of what you wrote in your “Running Through Pregnancy” posts and how I’ve felt. The first trimester was kind of rough, but I feel better these days. I made a tentative race schedule, but it only included 5ks. I’d like to do a 10k, but I’m afraid I’ll have to use the bathroom by mile 1 (I always do these days) and with it getting warmer I’m concerned about over heating (rightly or wrongly, I have no idea). So far I have kept up with my schedule and achieved what I refer to as PPRs (pregnancy personal records). :)
      Jane recently posted..WhoaMy Profile

      • Oh Jane, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am going to do a post on the 1st trimester soon…it was REALLY rough for me – much tougher than with my son. I didn’t run 1/2 as much as I had with him…Thankfully I’ve made the turn and am feeling so much better – as it seems you did too! How far along are you? I worry about the bathroom too but found that when I’m racing I think about it less – and sweat a bit more, so the urge to go isn’t nearly as bad. I’m also going to be doing more posts based on studies and evidence – I’m working to get my certification to become a pre and post natal exercise specialist so I’m learning a lot about how the female body responds to exercise while she is pregnant. On short runs, I don’t carry water, but anything more than 5 or 6 miles, I make sure there is either water along my route or I am carrying it…I am a huge fan of camelbaks – have you tried one before?
        PS. Love the PPR! I may start using that as well =)

        • I’m 20 weeks as of yesterday and really feeling good these days! And you are right about racing – the two times I have so far, I did not think about going to the bathroom like I do when I’m just running during the week. I might try a 10k yet!

          I will have to start carrying my water too. I don’t mind the handheld bottles and have a few that fit nicely, so I’ll probably do that as it warms up.

          I would LOVE to get certified in pre and post natal exercise. Can you tell me more about how you are doing that and through which organization?
          Jane recently posted..WhoaMy Profile

    12. Sounds like a great preggo race schedule! With my first pregnancy I was due in April, so most of the pregnancy was in winter, so there were not many races to choose from (I’m in Canada), I just did a half at 13 weeks, and ran casually for fitness until 37 weeks or so.

      This time around, being due in September gives me a lot more opportunity for racing. I’m doing a half in April when I’ll be 21 weeks, and a 10k in June (26 weeks). I’ll just play the rest by ear, it will probably mostly depend on when I have friends doing races. I’ll also be there more for the social aspect than for actually racing.

      • Terry – I feel your pain! My son was born in Jan – and while there were some races, I am NOT a cold weather runner and just felt demotivated to spend time outside!! I am really, really looking forward to being able to run through the summer this time around.
        So exciting that you are doing a 1/2 at 21 wks. Let me know how it goes!!! =)

    13. Such a great and healthy approach to racing while pregnant. You have such a good head on your shoulders about this – and have great previous experience to draw from. I have no doubt you’ll continue to run and race and that baby of yours will be healthy and safe throughout!
      Jess recently posted..The #PROOF is in the SWEATMy Profile

    14. Exciting! I’ll be running a 10K at 24 weeks pregnant on April 15 and then a half at 27 weeks on May 6. Both are in Vamcouver, BC and the half is also a girls only weekend with friends (definitely looking forward to a weekend away!) I have no time expectations and my goal is to have fun!
      Jenny @ simply be me recently posted..The Challenges of Dressing PregnantMy Profile

    15. Good for you for adapting. Glad you were able to defer at least the one race. As for Ironman, well that’s one big reason I am hesitant to run an Ironman…or any large race. Ah well. Looking forward to watching you make this all happen!!
      Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb recently posted..Rev3 Run Across AmericaMy Profile

    16. Good for you Michele! My husband is running the Brooklyn half (hopefully) so I’ll look for you and Paul when I’m cheering him on.
      I’m 24 weeks and have run 4 races so far – a 15K at 10 weeks, 4m at 17 weeks, 5k at 21 weeks and a half marathon last weekend at 23 weeks. I have a lot of other races that I’m hoping to do before I’m due in July (I’m hoping to get as many races in for the 9+1 program to qualify for NYC 2013) but I’m probably going to run/walk or just walk some of the later ones.
      I have to say, I’m having a long recovery from the half this past weekend. My legs are so sore!

      • I am SO SO SO impressed with how awesome you are doing with running, V!! Seriously amazing. Isn’t it crazy how much longer it takes to recover from a long run when you are pregnant? I found that I felt pretty good while I was running, but for DAYS afterwards, I was sore and just all out exhausted. I’m tentative to push myself this time b/c I don’t have the luxury of spending a few days with my feet propped up – I am going to be chasing after AJ…and he’s my priority!!! SO excited to see you at Brooklyn (if they ever open up registration!)

        • Veronika! congrats – i had no idea. you and michele are amazing! :) Hope to see you at one of the nyrr races soon ! I will be at the BK one too!

          • Thanks Pam! I’m doing the Scotland 10K too, maybe we can meet up before or after? I’m definitely getting all my inspiration from Michele these days!

    17. Agreed!!! Such an inspiration…i hope to keep “racing” when i get pregnant as well:) Hopefully after my Marathon May 27th!! I plan to keep my distances shorter as well. I will be looking to you for advice too when the time comes. So exciting about the news:)