RRCA Certification and IM 70.3 Texas

I have been waiting for almost a year for a Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA) course to open in the vicinity of where I live, so when I received an email 4 months ago that there was a class being offered in Deal, NJ, I immediately signed up.  These courses are offered throughout the country during the year and are notorious for filling up within days (sometimes hours) of registration opening.

I spent this past weekend in a Fire Station in Deal, NJ with 33 other running enthusiasts learning the basics of coaching.  We had 17 hours of instruction which included powerpoint slides, discussions, and practical exercises.  While there were many aspects that I was already familiar and comfortable with (I have been making training plans for myself as well as friends and family for several years), I learned quite a bit about training for shorter distances.  To be honest, with the exception of a couple of “couch to 5k” plans, I’ve never created a training plan for a race that was less than a half-marathon.

One of the best parts of the class was getting to meet and interact with the other class members – some have much more experience with coaching – ranging from  one-on-one to group coaching (of 100+ members) to online coaching.  AND, I finally got to meet Lauren!!  She is a wonderful, amazingly sweet blogger from RI who I “met” via twitter several months ago.  We found out we were signed up for the same class (yes, she drove down all the way from RI for this course) a while ago and I’ve been looking forward to meeting her in person!

I’m looking forward to starting the next phase of my career with coaching – more details to come soon, but I plan to offer e-coaching as well as one-on-one coaching (in person).  I don’t know of many running coaches on Staten Island, so I think there is an opportunity for me to start something! (Note: I am not a certified running coach until I take and pass the online test I will be taking sometime this week!)


Some exciting news…I found out late last week that I will be heading down to Galveston, TX this weekend to watch the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas.  The REFUEL | “got chocolate milk?™ Campaign is unveiling their new ad on Sunday, April 1st at the post race press conference…and they have invited me to participate in the event!!!  Not only are they covering my expenses for the weekend, BUT I am going to meet and have one-on-one time with Chris Lieto, one of the best and most famous triathletes in the world – Chris Lieto.  A native of Red Bank, NJ (about 45 min from where I live!), Chris is a multiple Ironman (IM) winner and came in 2nd place at the IM World Championship (Kona) in 2009.


Watching a normal IM 70.3 is really fun, but the event is also doubling as the IM 70.3 U.S. Pro Championship.  The previous few years have drawn a very competitive professional field, including some of the biggest names in US triathlons – Timothy O’Donnell, Andy Potts, Amanda Stevens and Kelly Williamson.  The  Championship offers a $75,000 prize purse for the male and female winners, who earn the title of Ironman 70.3 U.S. Professional Champion and get bids to Kona in the fall.  Another professional triathlete who I hope to meet is James Cotter, the husband of a friend and fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Lindsay.  I’ve been following James’ training and racing for the past few months and look forward to seeing him compete on Sunday!

I have a special place in my heart for Texas – I spent (off and on) six years of my life stationed at Fort Hood, TX during my time in the military – my son (AJ) is actually named after my and my husband’s favorite city – Austin!!  Having the opportunity to return for a few days is a blessing.  The only downside is that I am going to be away from my son longer than I have ever before – 3 full days.  (The upside is that I may get to sleep in for the first time in 14 months!)


Hope you had a wonderful weekend did you do anything fun?  Did you race? 

I will definitely be blogging about my upcoming experience this weekend, so please let me know if there are any questions you would like me to ask Chris!!

Are you a certified running coach?  What training did you go through to receive your certification? 

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    29 thoughts on “RRCA Certification and IM 70.3 Texas

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    2. I heard the press conference went well. and thank YOU for being an amazing cheerleader. SO COOL you are part of team Refuel!

    3. That is so cool that you are becoming a certified coach! We had two races this weekend – a 5K & a Half Marathon! We are also running the ZOOMA run in Austin this coming weekend and were thinking about going down to Galveston after it on Saturday to see our friend Heidi in the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas, but we decided to save our money and headed back to Dallas instead. We will be so close too bad we’ll miss you! Have a great weekend in Texas!
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    4. Congrats about the Ironman! That will be a blast. You deserve it. :)

      And Yay for the coaching too! I have been looking for one to come close to me too (and actually considered coming out for the one in NJ since it was my birthday weekend but it was too close to Boston and I didn’t want to be gone from home two weekends so close together).
      Erin recently posted..Birthday reviewMy Profile

      • OMG! Happy Birthday, Erin! I had no idea it was your bday this weekend! That would have been SO much fun had you come out for the course! This one was just over an hour from me – and from what I’ve heard/seen – that’s pretty darn closed compared to how far some people have had to travel!
        I’ll keep my fingers crossed that one heads your way soon!! YAY for Boston!

    5. I took the RRCA course in February when it FINALLY came close to me and I too LOVED it!! I have already begun using what I’ve learned with clients and so far so good!

      Texas sounds AMAZING! I love watching Ironman events. I’ve been to two Ironman events to watch my husband and both times it was an amazing experience (and emotional since I was VERY invested in an athlete). :) Next stop for us is Ironman Idaho in June. Can’t wait!

      Have a BLAST in Texas!
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      • Jenny – that is kind of what I’m thinking about doing as well. I want to do one on one coaching, but I also want to start a mom’s running group or something. Not sure yet! I asked the RRCA about courses in Canada or at least a referral to a group that offers this type of certification. My instructor had mentioned that RRCA has coaches in US and Canada but it may be that the classes are just in the US so you would have to travel…I’ll let you know when I hear back!

      • Hey Josie!! I’m sure they have to eventually hold a class in NYC…I think NYC has a large market/demand for coaches. The class in Deal, NJ that I attended was organized by a student – he had emailed RRCA asking about hosting a class in Deal and after a few months of some organizing and discussion, the class was created! So maybe email them and see about helping organize one? Just an idea!!

    6. i’m RRCA-certified! i took the course in boston 2 years ago (and then stayed to watch the marathon!!!!). i’m working PT as a coach now – training people 1-on-1. i love it and hope it transitions to FT in the future!
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    7. WOW, IM 70.3 in TX sounds amazing! Have so much fun (I might be a tiny bit jealous…)

      Congrats on the RRCA certification (almost). I signed up for it last year (in DC) but then found out it was the same weekend as MCM and I had to work the event. I was bummed – hoping to get it again soon. Congrats again, that’s really exciting (and good luck with the test)
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    8. Among all the exciting things in your immediate future, you’ve just added a few more! I know you will ace the test this week…and will enjoy your experience in Texas. Catch up on sleep..and know that AJ will be surrounded by so much love and attention from his daddy, Aunt Nicole, and Grandma…xoxox

      • Oh I know, Mom! I’m more worried about how I’M going to cope with him being gone. I know he will be happy as can be with Paul, you, and Nicole – just like he was this weekend =) I think he was confused this morning when Paul drove off in the car and I stayed behind with him!! LOL
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    9. I wanted to complete that coaching certification so bad!! But I waited too long to sign up and then it was full :( I wish they had more opportunities. That’s so great for you though, congrats and good luck on the test!
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      • It’s crazy how fast they actually close up…there was another class months ago that I was debating and when I went back to the website (the next day) it was full. It’s so tough!

    10. That is just too cool about IM 70.3! You will have so much fun.

      I did my RRCA certificate a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed my side job as a coach. In fact, I have to get my CPR/First Aid certification updated asap!!
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    11. There are so many things I like about this post.
      First, congrats on the certification. I got certified through RRCA in 2010. I loved that course!
      Second, Lauren is awesome, We ran Hood to Coast together last year. Love her!
      Third, hope to run into you in Galveston!
      Lastly, I grew up 40 mins from Red Bank. My mom still lives in my childhood home just outside of Toms River. Small world!
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      • Haha…Thank you! The course the was awesome. There was a lot I already knew, but I walked away with a whole new wealth of knowledge!
        I love that whole area of NJ – my husband and I briefly looked at moving out there but it was just too far of a commute for him for work, so we decided not to.
        Maybe we can try to meet up briefly at the expo – I know you are going to be resting and staying off your legs! Can’t wait to be back in Texas! =)