Got Chocolate Milk?

My weekend in Galveston, TX was a whirlwind.  I’ve been a spectator at many races before, but I had yet to experience it as official media.  (Tomorrow’s post will cover the IM race)

As I mentioned in a post last week,  I was recently contacted by representatives from the REFUEL | “got chocolate milk?™  campaign to come to Galveston to meet Chris Lieto, participate in the unveiling of his new ad, and watch the half-Ironman.

I flew into Houston late Friday afternoon and met up with the other 4 bloggers who were participating in the weekend’s events:

–     Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat
–     Kelly from According to Kelly
–     Ray from DC Rainmaker
–     Ben from Everyman Tri

I started Saturday morning with a sunrise run – eight (or so) hot, humid, and sweaty miles along the beach.

After the run, I stretched and drank water in my room (and finished the first Hunger Games book!!) in preparation for a scheduled group run at 9am.  When I made my way down to the lobby, I found out that we were going to have some pretty awesome company on the run – Chris Lieto!  He was incredibly friendly and down to earth.  If you didn’t know he was a world-class triathlete, you would never assume it from talking to him. (Note: If you aren’t familiar with Chris’ bio, I would recommend spending two minutes and reading it – he didn’t start doing triathlons until he was 25 years old and even had to overcome an accident that fractures his foot in over 50 places which doctors felt would prevent him from ever running again)

He led us on a fast (well, fast for for me since I haven’t been doing much speedwork lately) four mile run during which he happily answered any questions that we tossed at him.

Source: Weber Shandwick

After the run, the boys cooled down with a dip in the water  boys while the girls opted for a shallow wading.


We ended the morning by drinking what else?  Chocolate Milk as our recovery drink.


We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Gaedo’s, one of the oldest seafood restaurants on Galveston. There is nothing quite like freshly caught fish!

After lunch,  we made our way to the race expo and press conference.   Monica, Kelly, and I checked out the expo for a bit.

One booth had a recovery suit that I had never seen before called the Recovery Pump.  It sounds pretty awesome, but the $1,000 price tag is a little steep for me)

The press conference included six of the top professionals competing on Sunday, including the eventual male and female winners and Lance Armstrong. It was upbeat and light-hearted.  (Click here for a full recap).  Hands-down, my favorite speaker was Caitlin Snow, a super cute and bubbly athlete from MA.


Next up was a quick speech by Chris Lieto about his post-workout recovery drink of choice – Chocolate Milk followed by the unveiling of his new “My After” ad.

Source: Weber Shandwick

Have you met any professional runners or triathletes before?  What did you think of them? 


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    18 thoughts on “Got Chocolate Milk?

    1. As always, a great post, Michele! Really get the sense of how much fun the weekend was for you and your group there. Must be so great to spend time and run with an athlete like that too. And especially fun to do it while representing a product so delightful as chocolate milk! And as far as meeting a professional athlete before, I am just hoping that someday I get to meet the famous NYC running mama!!

    2. What an amazing experience! I am not a fan of milk, but I would have totally had some good ‘ol chocolate milk with Chris Lieto!
      AmyC recently posted..Running BFFsMy Profile

    3. I’ve met a few track athletes through the years with running as so has my husband. It’s funny when he goes to the local Starbucks and sits and has coffee with them (we are by the OTC). The pump thing is funny. Like compression socks, companies are selling equipment we use in rehab a lot to the running community. Just as outrageously priced too…
      Andrea recently posted..Running Research: Running and NursingMy Profile

    4. Love this. It was so fun seeing all the tweets over the weekend. Sounds like you all had a great time. I haven’t had a chance to meet any professional runners or triathletes but did get to meet some professional surfers including Kelly Slater. I’ve idolized him since junior high and was so in awe. I swear, I was a bumbling fool. I could barely form a sentence! But he was so great and stuck around long after he could have left the competition to talk to fans and sign autographs.
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Guilty PleasuresMy Profile

    5. I am so impressed with your whirlwind weekend!! And perhaps even more impressed with how upbeat and excited you were to arrive back home – at midnight!! And to be up and “ready to go” when your little energizer bunny woke up less than 6 hours later to start his day!! Love you..xoxox

    6. That’s so cool that you got to meet him AND run with him! What a great start to your weekend. The recovery suit is wild. I wonder how it feels.

      I’ve met Macca & Scott Jurek. Both were super nice and very giving of their time.
      Lisa recently posted..New TrailsMy Profile

    7. What a fun weekend for you! Chris Lieto is a cool dude. Love that you are running that much in your preggo state–you go!

      I used to train with a few professional triathletes in Baltimore. My fave was Joanna Zeiger–she’s super humble and will share any training advice. Her resume is amazing, too!
      misszippy1 recently posted..RIP Micah TrueMy Profile

      • There was a cute, athletic looking girl there – was that her? Super sweet!!! I wish I had the $ to spend on the recovery pump!! It looked AWESOME!!!!