Dear Saucony: Please Make Maternity Running Clothes!

Exercising, specifically running, during pregnancy has become increasingly popular over the last decade – many women I know have continued their active lifestyles throughout their entire pregnancies.

These days, there are maternity lines for almost anything you may want – casual clothes, formal wear, swimwear, pajamas – even pantyhose!!   I love it.  Our bodies are changing and it’s wonderful that we have so many beautiful options to show off our growing bumps.  Some large companies have even started maternity lines – Gap, Loft, as well as a whole slew of companies focused on maternity jeans (7 for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity, to name a few).

However, it makes me wonder why there are no maternity running clothes offered by any of the big name running companies…None. Yes, there are activewear options offered by maternity companies or even running clothes sold by small businesses that saw the need for running clothes for the pregnant woman.  But nothing from Saucony, Nike, Brooks, Champion, etc.

I am happily in my 16th week of pregnancy with my 2nd child and have been able to continue running in my pre-pregnancy running clothes – most of which are my favorite brand, Saucony.

But I know I will face a problem – sometime in the next 5-10 weeks, I am no longer going to fit into my running clothes.  Which, as I see it, leaves me the same three options I had 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my son:
– wear my husband’s running clothes
– buy non-maternity running clothes 1-2 sizes larger than I typically wear to fit my growing belly
– buy maternity activewear or exercise apparel (NOT made by a running company)

None of these sound appealing to me.  I relied on a mix of the first two during pregnancy #1 – Pants were rolled, shirts were falling off my shoulders, and I looked like a fashion nightmare.  But, they fit my watermelon-sized belly and I was able to run, so I didn’t complain.

I am a loyal customer to Saucony – I have been for years.  I understand that the demand for maternity running clothes doesn’t come close to the demand for regular running clothes.  But, I’m not expecting a hundred options – maybe a tank top, short and long sleeve shirt, pants, and a couple of types of shorts?  Customer loyalty goes both ways – you want your customers to be loyal to you…but what about being loyal to your customers and creating a product that meets their demand (even if it’s a small one)?

I wear Saucony almost every day.  So why should my runs during pregnancy be any different?   Why should I settle for clothes that don’t fit properly or for clothes that weren’t made for runners?

Saucony – help me Find My Strong!  Make running clothes for all the strong mama-to-be’s out there that want to remain active during their pregnancies.  (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a HUGE fan of Saucony’s new ad campaign: Find Your Strong Project.)

…because the more we all run, the stronger we all get…
– Find Your Strong Project

Are you a soon-to-be mom?  Did you already experience this when you were pregnant?  Do you plan to get pregnant one day and remain active during your pregnancy?  Do you know a female that has been in this situation??

Please help me get this message to Saucony!  Leave a comment below, tweet Saucony or leave a comment on Saucony’s FB page letting them know we want a maternity line! 

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    49 thoughts on “Dear Saucony: Please Make Maternity Running Clothes!

    1. I have also had a very difficult time finding running clothes for maternity. I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd and ran through most of my pregnancy with my 1st. My pants and shorts fit for my whole 1st pregnancy but it was hard to find tops that fit in the 3rd trimester – especially winter wear. I ended up wearing allot of my husbands clothes or borrowing clothes from larger friends (i’m quite petit). It would be great if running companies made stuff that is long and loose (maybe with drawstrings – lulu has a couple of good tops) that can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. Good technical running gear is expensive and it sucks to buy stuff just for afew months!

    2. Hi! I don’t have time to read the previous comments right now – but has maternity running skirts. I have two of them and am 34 weeks – been wearing them since 22 weeks. I have to use vaseline to keep the shorts inside from riding up, but it’s worth it! Also I run in For Two Fitness shirts. They fit great!! Tried a maternity tank from runningskirts and didn’t like it –

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    4. I have a 10 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. I started running after the birth of my 1st and through my pregnancy with #2 and I had to wear my oversized, drawstring pants from right after my 1st was born (and I dropped from 217 on my due date to 148 when I got pregnant) so these pants have been well used but it was frustrating to have to always buy draw string to accomodate my belly! And I like you am a Saucony girl!
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    5. When I was pregnant with my first I had issues with sports bras. I ended up running with two bras (one normal bra and a sports bra on top).
      did you have any issues/challenges with finding the right sports bra while pregnant, and then post natal?
      Anna recently posted..Motivation Monday #14My Profile

      • A bunch of my usual sports bras didn’t make the cut towards the end of pregnancy – and then especially when I was nursing – the ladies were entirely too big to fit in them and/or the sports bra didn’t offer enough support and i found I was in pain. One of my favorites was the Saucony Ignite LT Bra (…I got one size bigger than I would usually wear and found that it still fit okay on my shoulders and back/under chest.

    6. You know…You could get the brand you like, and have them fit well. All it takes is a little alteration! If you are lucky enough to have a great tailor, or be handy with a sewing machine, they may be able to work with the 1-2 sizes larger and take them in to make them fit where they need to fit, and be generous in the belly. Mimi Maternity used to have nice workout gear; but I have not seen any of their stuff in a while (no babies, just used to work there).
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      • That’s actually a really good idea!! I didn’t think about that! =) I am definitely not handy with a sewing machine so I’ll have to find a good tailor!! Thanks for the idea!!

    7. Sing it sister!!! With my #1 I wore Old Navy workout stuff but it really wasn’t anywhere near my beloved running stuff! I’m still in my prepregnancy running gear too but getting sad thinking about the day I will have to retire them for a bit! Please Saucony…..I absolutely love you to begin with ….keep my love affair going!!!

      • HAHA. I know! That’s like me – each day I put on my tops, I’m grateful that they still fit, but eventually they are not going to cover the belly =) =) LOL.

    8. I think that is a great idea. I am 42, a runner and a mother of 3 boys. I am planning to get pregnant real soon. Last attempt at a girl..But of course would welcome a healthy baby boy. My last 3 pregnancies were before i started to run. No what the hell am I going to run in??? I too love saucony.I cant imagine we it never occured to them to make a maternity line..

      • WOW! 3 already? I know what you mean about trying for the girl! If we have a girl next, I think 2 might be it for us…but if not, then we are likely going to go for #3 =) There are some companies that make some maternity running/activewear clothes…I would just prefer to stick to the companies that I love and wear now, you know? =)

    9. I’m 24 weeks and have just been wearing my lululemon pants but they are starting to get too tight and they have a lot of tops right now that I think you can wear throughout. A friend recommended workout clothes from Fit 2 B Mom. Might be worth checking out.

    10. Amen! I’m 33wks pregnant with my ninth (yes, really), and am doing the same thing this time around that I did last time around-using my race tech tees that are “unisex” sized and were always too big and boxy before but cover the belly now. Or on days that I just don’t care, I wear a my regular tanks that end up riding a bit on the bottom. I find that most people are surprised enough to see very pregnant runners that they miss any belly peeking out. :)
      Thankfully my running skirts have continued to fit till the end of my pregnancies (the regular ones from, the maternity ones just look like SO much fabric!), so no issue on the bottom half.
      A friend recently suggested Old Navy’s activewear and just getting their tall version for a little more length. I’ll probably just stick it out with what I’ve got for the next month and a half…
      Though my baby bearing days are just about over for good, I’d still be super excited to see a running company fill this need!

      • 9??? OMG. That is amazing. I have so many questions for you! How do you manage right now with 8 children?
        My shorts were not the major problem last time – I was able to get by in the brand I liked – just one size bigger. The tops were my biggest issue too…And exactly what you said.
        I will look into Old Navy’s activewear – thank you for the suggestion! =)

        • Yep, 9! Amazing…or crazy, jury is still out. :)
          I fit it in whenever and wherever I can! Thankfully with this many kids I have a couple old enough to be in charge at home now while I head out for a little bit. I take advantage of sleeping hours-during the late spring, summer and early fall when it’s light early and light later, I head out early in the am with one of the older kids up and the littles all sleeping still, or I’ll head off after they are in bed. (I run alone, so I don’t usually run when it’s dark) Long runs start nice and early on Saturday mornings. The double jogger is a godsend, and there are often kids on bikes or scooters in tow as well. I’ve even swapped babysitting with other moms to catch a run in the middle of the day when my older kids are in school and I only have a couple of little ones at home, and then watched their kids to give them a break afterward. Worst case, I default to the treadmill.
          Just like anyone else who loves it, I do what I can to make it work!
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    11. I did the ghetto option of just buying a larger pair of running shorts and some cheap tech tees in a bigger size from Marshall’s. Maternity workout clothes would be much more flattering, but the only kind I can find (at Old Navy) are all cotton. I guess pregnant chicks aren’t supposed to sweat.

      I hope you get your wish and Saucony listens. :) I’d like to order a pregnancy running top with a built in barf bag for my current runs. That would be a top seller I’m sure.
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    12. I am also 16 weeks pregnant and seem to be popping out way sooner this time around than I did with my first. I just ordered a tank top from For Two Fitness that says: “Running for Two” across the front. It’s cute and fits nicely with the ruching on the side. But I haven’t run in it yet, and the fabric seems more “drapey” than I expected. That was the only appealing thing I found online. Otherwise I do what you did, buy running gear in a size or two up. But they do look baggy and out of place. Its time that major running companies start making clothing for pregnant women, you think they would have done so when Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher were pregnant? Seem like it would have been the perfect launch/marketing opportunity.

      • I will definitely have to find out what they wore. I know that Kara is sponsored by Nike, so I wonder if they made her anything in particular! That’s a great point =)

    13. There is a need, and it isn’t just for runners! With my last pregnancy I got so frustrated, it was an excuse for me not to workout. (I was very very big though…) when we have baby number two one day, I’d like to be able to continue my workouts comfortably! Great post!
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    14. Yeah, I’m in my 33rd week now and am stuck wearing giant cotton tank tops that chafe and feel thick and hot in comparison to dri-fit. I really miss my old dri-fit running tops and have looked everywhere for some that are long enough, but haven’t had any luck. If I find one long enough it still doesn’t work because it’s just really baggy and ill-fitting.
      Shorts and leggings are easier because I can just push them really low.

    15. you know, I’ve never even THOUGHT about it before – but you’re absolutely right. I’ve never walked into a sports apparel story of ANY kind and been like “omg look at this adorable maternity section” and I WOULD if I saw one. Not even big places like Dicks or Sports Authority. Nothing.

      what the HECK is up with that?
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      • Haha…yeah, I didn’t realize it until I was pregnant with #1 and saw that there were no options available from the big brands. I think eventually one of the companies will jump on this opportunity – especially since it seems like more and more females are running and staying active through their pregnancies!

    16. I am in my 39th week and would have loved dedicated maternity clothes by Saucony. I would have bought them and LOVED THEM! I ended up wearing xl race t-shirts and Lululemon astro pants (they totally stretch to fit a belly) but in the end of my pregnant running time, I wore my maternity t-shirts on the treadmill. Not flattering or functional. Make maternity clothes, Saucony, please :)
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    17. So glad you are appealing to Saucony about this! While I am not pregnant, I give you SO much credit for running like you do while you are. These companies should support you by having some clothes available for maternity!! Someone posted earlier about what Kara Goucher wore.. thats a good question! Maybe that info is available somewhere…
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    18. I HATED having to buy up in sizes for workout clothes when I was pregnant. Something that is comfortable AND stylish is imperative! I was so bummed when I saw that there were little to no maternity options. Reebok does make some maternity wear but VERY little.
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    19. Hear hear! Even buying larger sizes doesn’t mean it will fit over the belly, especially length wise, and like you said, it’s not like us pregnant runners want an entire line, just a few options :) I bought a shirt from runningskirts and really like it but it took me a while to find them.
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    20. AGREED! I am in my first pregnancy – 23 weeks now – and my shorts still fit okay, but tops are getting tricky. I bought a larger Brooks tank top and it works. I think it will work for most of the pregnancy because it is so long and loose now. I’m not crazy about the fitness attire sold by maternity brands. I did buy a target t-shirt in a medium and it has been very comfortable. It has cotton in it, but since it has been spring-like around here, I haven’t needed super wicking powers. But I totally agree! I wear mostly Nike and Saucony msyelf and I would LOVE some maternity running attire!

      P.S. I hope you don’t mind but I included your blog in my Moms on the Run post to spread the word about running mamas and their blogs. :)
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    21. Thank you for posting this – I’ve had the same trouble finding clothes to run in. I have larger shorts that I’ve been wearing but shirts and tanks have been a problem for sure. More fabric = chafing!
      The one company that may be worth looking into is Reebok – I’ve been tempted to buy this tank to see if it fits the bill but it doesn’t look running specific:

    22. YES YES YES! Lululemon used to have a maternity tank but discontinued it, just before I was pregnant with my first :(

      With my first, I bought one maternity tank that I used when I was in public – ie. a yoga class, other than that I wore all my normal gear, just pulled it down, and down and down again as I ran. It was winter, so was easier to layer and just look like a blob. All my pants and shorts were fine through the pregnancy, just below my belly, but by the end I was wearing my husbands tops.

      This time I have one more maternity tank from Old Navy – yeah, Old Navy has a line of maternity workout wear – it is super cute, and was cheap! I’ve also been thinking ahead over the last year and have bought a number of lulu tops that are on the longish side – as that conveniently seems to be the style – so hopefully will get to wear them through to the end. It’s going to be summer this time around, so unless I get brave and just sport a sports bra, I’m going to need some tanks that fit me. As before I do plan on just wearing all my bottoms as normal.

    23. This is a great point! I remember using some small company’s stuff (can’t remember the name anymore) to get me through, but yes, a real running specific company should make stuff for pregnant clientele. Amazed it hasn’t happened yet!
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    24. Wow, well of course..makes perfect sense and something I never thought of because I was on bedrest with both my son and my twins. I would have loved wearing running clothes anyway. I wear them as my Mom uniform why couldn’t a pregnant women wear them around the house if she were on bedrest.. they are comfortable, wick sweat (which you do allot of when big), breathable and supportive. Perfect for running Momma’s and bedrester’s. Brillant, Brillant idea!
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