A Weekend of Sparkle

I spent Friday and Saturday at the More Fitness Half Expo in NYC  – helping a friend run her Sparkly Soul Booth!  It was SO much fun.  Not only did I get the chance to meet tons of awesome ladies running the female-only race (held yesterday) and help sell a product I love and 100% endorse, but I was given a detailed account of how my girlfriend created this amazing small (but growing rapidly) company – from conception to launch to where they are today (8 months later).  I’ve been throwing around the idea of starting a company for a while and I walked away from the weekend with the confidence that it is something that I can do (more to follow on this – SOON!).

One of the coolest things about being at a race expo in NYC was getting the opportunity to FINALLY meet many bloggers and twitter friends that I have been chatting with for the past 6 months!  I didn’t get a chance to take pictures since I was working, but I did get to chat with everyone!!  I met: Leticia, Jocelyn, Theodora, Jess (who I had met briefly back at the NYC Marathon in Nov), Gia, Amanda, Laura, Christine, Bernadette, Beth, Sarah, Kristine.

I was expecting to wake up to rain yesterday morning based on the forecast, but by 8am, the sun was starting to poke through and it was clear it was going to be a gorgeous and warm day. I decided to go for a run along the South Beach Boardwalk during my son’s first nap rather than my usual treadmill run.  After two long days on my feet, I wasn’t sure how far my legs and feet would be up to going so had no expectations on distance or pace but knew I wanted to enjoy the sun and heat if it was even just for a few miles (I am definitely a warm weather runner!).

The first few miles were not fun – it took about 20 minutes for my legs to fully loosen up.  But once I was warmed up, I felt fantastic.

I had referred to this part of pregnancy in previous posts as the “honeymoon stage” – and am so happy and thankful that I am back in this stage!  Other than my belly (that is becoming more and more noticeable), I don’t feel pregnant – especially when I’m running.  The nausea has disappeared and I have my energy back – and my belly is not so big yet where it gets in the way or makes the run uncomfortable.  My pace is slower than it was 3 months ago, but since I leave my garmin at home on longer runs (to prevent me from pushing myself too hard while I’m pregnant), I don’t know the actual pace until I get home.  The runs are based on how I feel. 

I found my strong yesterday – 12 beautiful, hot and sweaty miles! 

– Distance: 12 miles
– Total time: 1:41 (+/- 1 min or so)
– Pace: about an 8:25 pace.
– Note:  This was the longest run since I found out I was pregnant in early February

Did you run or race this weekend? How did you do? (PS. Good luck to everyone running Boston today! )

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    23 thoughts on “A Weekend of Sparkle

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    3. It must’ve been SO FUN to run an all-female race, I think that would be so inspiring and neat to do someday. I love that you got to meet some awesome bloggers *and* get all inspired to start your own business. You can TOTALLY do it, I have such faith in you girl!
      Jess recently posted..26.2: recommittedMy Profile

    4. Nice job on your run! I’m so impressed that you’re pregnant and still able to run that pace! I ran a 5-mile race on Sunday. It’s a strange distance to say you’ve PR’ed (what’s there to compare it to, really, except another 5-mile race which are few and far between), BUT I can happily say this was the fastest 5 miles I’ve EVER run. I finished in 44:07. It was hot & humid but I just booked it to the finish line. Not sure what came over me. :)
      Kristin recently posted..Let’s Talk: Race Cash MoneyMy Profile

    5. I am so impressed that you ran 12 miles at 17 weeks. I got REALLY excited this Saturday when I ran 6 at 23.5 weeks and felt so good (and only needed 1 pit stop). :) You inspire me to allow myself to do what I can do and to be proud of it while pregnant.
      Jane recently posted..How to do a MondayMy Profile

    6. What a fun weekend! I love meeting up with blog-twitter friends, too. Awesome run! I remember that stage too… it felt amazing to feel “normal” after getting through the first tri, and to be able to run a bit more again. Nice work!
      Laura recently posted..Sprint for spring 5k reportMy Profile

    7. Congrats on the great run! 12 miles is awesome. I had a big running fail this weekend – my baby is hanging out somewhere weird in my pelvis and every movement is rather painful so it’s been just walking for me. Hoping he/she shifts soon so I can get out there in this beautiful weather!

    8. I would love to hang out and chat with runners at a booth during an expo. Totally jealous of your day!
      I ran a 10K yesterday afternoon in NH. It was a warm day for a race, but lots of fun! Ran the first half with hubs a little slower than usual, and the second half on my own – still a little slow in the heat, but good!
      AmyC recently posted..It Was A Marathon WeekendMy Profile

    9. Love that it was a “sparkly” weekend for you! Glad to hear you’ve hit your honeymoon stage and I love that you’re chronically it all so that I can look back on how you trained thru pregnancy and totally steal all your tricks :)
      Abby recently posted..I’m A Newbie: Speed WorkMy Profile