Happy Bump Day! (18 weeks)

Happy Hump Day!!!

I’ve been asked a lot recently to do an update on my pregnancy…I don’t want my whole blog to be focused on my pregnancy, so I have decided to update you on my bump on hump day every other week! =)

I just started my 18th week of pregnancy!?!?  I don’t know where the time is going.  It’s both scary and exciting to think that in just a couple of weeks, I will be halfway through pregnancy #2.

Since this is my first official pregnancy update, it’ll be more of an overview of my pregnancy so far…

I started getting nauseous early in my 7th week (that’s when the lightbulb went off that I was pregnant) and it got progressively worse until the 12th week.  It was so bad at times that I spent large portions of the day lying down on the floor next to my son while he played.  I had major lulls in blogging/reading blogs/tweeting during this time because doing anything upright was a struggle for me.

My diet was awful – I alternated between wanting to eat only fried food (umm, hello Wendys!) with having no appetite at all to not being able to even smell food.  There were countless nights where my son and husband ate dinner while I laid on the couch or in bed with my nose covered to prevent the smell of food from reaching me.  On top of the really unhealthy eating, I wasn’t running much.  Energy-wise, I felt okay, but the nausea totally consumed me and I actually felt worse when I tried to run.  I spent about 6 weeks eating poorly, not running, and just feeling terrible!! 

Thankfully, the nausea completely disappeared just before the end of the 1st trimester and I’m happily  enjoying all of my runs.  As I mentioned on Monday, other than my belly starting to show, I don’t feel pregnant.  I’m slowly increasing my mileage (and the distance of my long run since I hope to do the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 19 – about 5 weeks away).  My runs are fun again – the pace isn’t too different from my pre-pregnancy pace (about 15-20 seconds/mile slower).  And, I have begun incorporating some basic speed work back into my routine.  Running at a steady pace day-after-day gets old.   So it’s great to change things up!  Below are my last two weeks of running –

Pumpkin is extremely active.  At our 12 week appointment, he/she was moving non-stop during the appointment and  less than 2 weeks later, I felt him/her for the first time.  Want to guess where I was??  In the RRCA Coaching Certification Class!!!  Should I take it as a sign that pumpkin likes running?  Or wants me to stop and will kick me until I do?

Despite not running nearly as much as I had in the 1st trimester during pregnancy #1, I have gained much less weight.  I’m fairly certain that it’s due to my son’s non-stop activity throughout the day.  I am constantly moving whereas I was able to relax and rest as much as I wanted/needed during my first pregnancy.   I am outside with my son 2-3 times/day – and spend 30-90 min at a time walking, playing in the park, blowing bubbles…Even on the days I felt nauseous, I still forced myself outside with him – he is my #1 priority and keeping him cooped up in the house all day is hard on him.  So although I wasn’t running nearly as much, I was still walking at least 60 min a day.

I have more energy then I expected to have.  I’m extremely thankful that (on most days) my son takes two naps because I’ve been making the most out of both of them!  If I feel up to it, I run on the treadmill during his first and will rest, put my feet up, read, or occasionally doze off during his second nap.

Here’s what I currently look like.  My belly started to pop out the week I found out I was pregnant but hasn’t grown much since!

Hope everyone has a wonderful hump day – check back in two weeks for another update!!! xoxo

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    23 thoughts on “Happy Bump Day! (18 weeks)

    1. You look super cute!! I’m so glad you are feeling much better and more energized and less nauseous! I love how active you are with your little one, that is so great.
      Jess recently posted..Why?My Profile

    2. My second pregnancy has been very similar to yours, I’ve gained less (am also chasing a toddler), and my running has been going even better than last time. I’ll be at 20 weeks next week, and I can’t believe how quickly this pregancy is flying by, I guess being constantly busy between working and home, I don’t have time to obsess over every second that passes.

    3. I always had the same type of eating patterns in my first trimesters. I equated it to feeling massively hungover…so I wanted either no food or hangover food. Haha! You’re looking great and glad you’re feeling more normal lately too. Gotta love the second trimester. :)
      Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..For The Love of SupersetsMy Profile

    4. My experience so far with this pregnancy is similar! Incredible nausea and fatigue in the first 5-10 weeks. I had been running high mileage and eating pretty strict Paleo and as soon as I hit about 5 weeks and found out I was pregnant all that went out the window. I dropped down from 45-50 mile weeks to 10 mile weeks. I didn’t want to run at all. And instead of eating veggies and lean proteins all I wanted were pretzels and french fries! And the food aversion was AWEFUL! As a reaction to my poor eating and running I gained a lot in the first trimester (my midwife was a little shocked;-). But I’ve evened out now and am feeling more like myself. Running again and cooking healthy meals for me and my family (although I haven’t gone back to the strict Paleo I was doing before). I’m convinced this ones a boy, because my pregnancy is so different from my first one with Sophia:) We’ll find out soon!
      Thanks for sharing! So nice to know that someone else is going through the same ups and downs:-)
      Sarah recently posted..I never wanted to be a "Stay-At-Home-Mom"My Profile

    5. You are too cute!! Second time around is different, isn’t it? I definitely gained less weight because, like you said, I was constantly chasing after a toddler. That also meant that I paid a lot less attention to what “stage” the baby was at, how fast he was growing/changing, etc. I totally lost track of my weeks at about 20. So glad that you are feeling well and awesome that pumpkin decided to give you a nice wallop while at your coaching class!
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Memories Captured: Bag of TricksMy Profile

    6. Wow, you are an amazing running mama! I’m expecting #2 and at 25 weeks am still feeling great running. I did not run with my first so this is all new to me. Just curious, what are your thoughts on keeping your heart rate down while running? I am trying to keep my pace slow (and am running a 9+mile) but always worry I am going to overdo it. Keep it up and look forward to hearing more about your journey. Oh, and enjoy the 2 nap days! I miss that time during the first nap to get things done!
      stephanie recently posted..Week 23 (3/26-4/1) and 24 (4/2-4/8)My Profile

      • Stephanie! Congratulations on #2!! Glad to hear that you are running and feel good! The 2nd trimester is the best, isn’t it? LOL
        I’m actually working towards my pre/post natal exercise specialist certification and plan on doing a post (sometime in the next week or so) about the previous guidelines of monitoring your HR while pregnant to measure your exertion. What studies are showing now is that a pregnant woman’s HR fluctuates SO much throughout her pregnancy – even her resting HR – so trying to keep it under a certain # is not ideal b/c it will mean something totally different in the 1st trimester when you get out of breath just by standing to your 3rd trimester when your body’s HR is much lower…The big thing is just how you feel and the level of exertion. My speedwork these days doesn’t result in me being completely out of breath and heaving – I do have some runs where my heart rate does pick up – but I am still comfortable – and if I do something like fartleks or tempo runs – I may be out of breath (slightly) for a short period of time. But, I’m not bent over, gasping for air. Hopefully the post will answer all of your questions =) =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Happy Bump Day! (18 weeks)My Profile

        • oh, thanks for the info! I look forward to reading that post! You are doing so great staying active during your pregnancy! So thankful that women are actually encouraged to be active and run!
          stephanie recently posted..Week 25 (4/9-4/15)My Profile

    7. I’m about 10 weeks behind with #3. I popped out really early too and look almost as pregnant already. It’s hard to hide it! I’m glad you also felt like poo during the first tri. Well, not glad, but it makes me feel better knowing someone else went through it too. I felt pretty bad the other two times, but this time is worse. Maybe because my son no longer naps! JEALOUS! I caved after puking and not being able to eat which caused me to have NO energy to take care of my kiddos. I got some anti-nausea meds from my midwife. Hubby’s picking them up on the way home. Woo! Haha. Wow. I lead such an exciting and glamorous life :) Anyway, glad you’re back at it and running great. I hope to keep up with some light speed work this time too. It’s an adventure! Good luck training for the half. You so got it! And you look adorable!!!!

    8. You are too cute! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Your running is incredible! You are such an inspiration, mama!

    9. Yay for a pregnancy update. If only my pregnant belly was that cute. I remember laying on the floor next to my daughter when I was pregnant with my 2nd. (She was exactly a year old when I got pregnant) I felt so bad but I had no energy and felt so sick. So happy you are feeling better and am so impressed with how fast you are able to run.
      Robin recently posted..Boston Marathon Finisher!My Profile