Mother’s Day Traditions / Review + Giveaway of Erica Sara Designs

My family celebrates EVERY holiday, birthday, and special occasion by gathering at a family member’s home (usually my mom’s!) to enjoy a home-cooked meal and family time.  Four years ago, my older sister was celebrating her first Mother’s Day (my other two sisters and I did not have children at the time).  The decision of where to convene for Mother’s Day was left up to her.  She (somehow) convinced us to skip the home-cooked meal and go out to brunch at a popular local bistro.  The food was delicious, it was relaxing to share a meal without any of us worrying about cooking or cleaning, and we enjoyed dressing up and spending a few hours out of the house!  And so, a new tradition was born! This will be our fourth year of celebrating Mother’s Day with a delicious and enjoyable brunch!


I was recently contacted by the sweet and talented Erica from erica sara designs to see if  I would be interested in hosting a Mother’s Day Giveaway on my blog.  Erica started her company offer beautiful and stunning jewelry at an affordable price.  She has a wide range of options including race bling, mother’s jewelry, gemstone collection, monogram and name pieces and a bridal collection (to name a few!).

All of her products are meant to be customized – you choose the metal (silver or gold), the chain style (cable or satellite), the length of the chain, and the font for the charm (if applicable).

I just received the Run Like a Girl necklace in the mail and am in LOVE with it!!  (Note: The necklace is silver and is on the satellite chain).

So excited to receive this in the mail!

So beautiful!!

Love my new necklace!!

And now for the best part!!! Erica will be giving ONE lucky reader the choice of one of the following (these are my two favorite designs – I plan to get the Mother’s Love necklace after Pumpkin is born!):

Erica Sara Designs - Run Like a Girl

Erica Sara Designs - Mother's Love

Both are meant to be customized – the smaller charm on the Run Like a Girl necklace can be engraved with your favorite race distance while the larger charm on the Mother’s Love necklace can be engraved with your child(ren)’s name(s)! (Note: you will have the opportunity to choose metal, font, and chain as well if  you win.)

This is the PERFECT gift for a wife, mother, sister, friend who is celebrating Mother’s Day, OR even just as a gift for yourself!!  Not a mom? No problem! You can have your pet, friend or significant other’s name engraved OR choose the Run Like a Girl option.

How to Enter: Comment below – Do you have any Mother’s Day Traditions?  What are you doing this Mother’s Day? 

Additional Entries (please leave a SEPARATE comment for each below)
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– Tweet the following “I just entered to win an @EricaSara necklace from @nycrunningmama: #racebling #mothersday #giveaway”

*Winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday,  May 2nd.  If winner does not contact me within 1 week, a new winner will be chosen.  (Giveaway closes at 11:59pm EST on Monday, May 1st.)

** Open to residents of  US and Canada!

*** Erica Sara Designs provided me with a necklace to review. I was not compensated for this review otherwise. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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    213 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Traditions / Review + Giveaway of Erica Sara Designs

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    2. I don’t know if I am too late, but here goes: no annual traditions for Mother’s Day, and this year, I am trying to decide if I want to go out for brunch or make something really complicated and yummy at home (I love to cook, so making somethign I wouldn’t normally make would be a great way to spend the morning).

    3. I follow both you and Sara on twitter & Facebook. I also tweets about the giveaway.

      Mothers Day and my birthday are the only two days of the year when I don’t feel guilty about doing stuff for myself! On Mothers Day I love to spoil my mom and let my hubby and kids spoil me!!

    4. I follow you on twitter. Not sure what we are doing for Mother’s day yet. My daughter gave me an invite to Mother’s Day tea party at her school. Can’t wait for that!

      • Adding a comment so you get the appropriate two! (1st comment is for your mother’s day tradition – this one is for following me on twitter!)

    5. My mum has been out-of-the-country for the past few years as she was with my Dad, who was assigned to a field office in the Middle East. Now that Dad’s retired, this is the first year (after 12 years) that I get to celebrate Mothers’ Day with her and I’m actually not sure yet what to do! EEK. Brunch sounds good, but I’m also thinking of a Spa day :)

    6. Oh my gosh I love the necklace! If I dont win, and I hope I do, I’m going to buy one for me and my BFF running partner! We are doing our first marathon together at the Chicago marathon in October and along the way running a few more half’s! My family always celebrates mothers day, however my mom lives in Florida and we, me and my sister live in Indiana, so my mother in law always invites my sister to come celebrate mothers day. All the kids and grand kids get together and eat like it’s Christmas! Love my in laws they have graciously and kindly accepted me AND my sister into the family! They invite my sister to all family functions… It’s so nice!

    7. How lovely those both are! Such talent! :)
      I have a beautiful 3YO daughter, but we haven’t created any traditions yet, unless it’s me not-so-subtly hinting that I want a massage and not getting one, but that’s also birthday and Christmas tradition. Since my MIL lives in the area, we generally go to lunch or dinner. I had hoped to do a tea, but she doesn’t like tea. Ah, well – this year I’m just hoping for a bike tune-up! :)
      Allison @ Decadent Philistines Save the World recently posted..One Kitchen, Many Hearts – Round TwoMy Profile

    8. i love mothers day! when we were kids we used to make my mom breakfast in bed! even now, i love sending her a little something special if i cant be there, to let her know she’s appreciated :) but best is just being able to make it home to be with her!
      Katie recently posted..New Themes: Everyday and OriginMy Profile

    9. My first triathlon was on mother’s day last year after I had my son. I have decided to keep the tradition and race in the same triathlon this year and every year here on out. There is nothing better than crossing the finish line and seeing my husband and son smiling at me.

    10. This year on Mothers Day I am cooking a clean healthy lunch fit my mom, grandma and daughter!! : )

    11. Last mothers day was my 1st I celebrated w/a 5 day old baby this year I’m hoping to get a couple of miles in w/my little girl & then relax w/the family.

    12. Every year I make sure and get a picture with my kids on mother’s day :) They are special pictures to me! Hubs usually gets me cupcakes from my fav bakery. I’m a pastor so I “work” on mother’s day–so the rest of the day is usually low key.
      Corrina recently posted..I’m here…and runningMy Profile

    13. Unfortunately I live far away from my mother but I do call her and talk with her if she’s not working (since she works on weekends). If she’s in town, we might all go out to dinner together, that was something we did a lot growing up. (No children here myself)

    14. There aren’t any special traditions but we definitely make it a point to get together and take mommy out to brunch or dinner. Now the funny thing is that in Guatemala ( the motherland :) ) Mother’s day is celebrated on the 10th so my mommy gets 2 special days. The Guatemalan Mother’s day and the American. :)

    15. My kids give me breakfast in bed. Then the last few years I’ve run in a Mother’s Day breast cancer 5k, which starts at 9am so there is no laying in bed for me. My husband and boys come and take pictures and cheer me on. Then I get to pick what we do for the day. Perfect!

    16. …and I followed Erica on Twitter! @NYCRunningMama I hope your preggo running is going well!

    17. This mother’s day I am HOPEFULLY going to have my baby! Technically he isn’t due until after that Sunday, but he will be over 37 wks by then, so I want him here!! Or, I would be happy to be IN the hospital HAVING him on mother’s day :) Those are my plans right now! P.S. I LOVE The jewelry!

    18. I am looking forward to our 4th brunch on Mother’s Day…..while I NEVER mind cooking for you guys, it is nice to go out early together, and still have the entire day to spend together. And if the weather holds up, I’d like us to all go to the cemetery to leave flowers for Grandma and Aunt Elaine again – it was so beautiful and touching last year, especially hearing Natalie’s innocent comments….and I look forward to having you all back here for dessert and more fun “together time”. I love the necklaces…if I win, I will hold my own drawing so one of my girls can “win”!!!

    19. I am loving our new tradition of going out for brunch for Mother’s Day! But really, the most awesome thing about it is that it’s another day we all get to be together. :)

    20. Aww, I love this! I’d love to get it for my mama since I am running her first EVER half with her in August!

      Every year my mom and dad and sis (if she is around!) go hiking for mother’s day. My mom loves to get up in the mountains as much as me :) I usually pack a picnic with all of her favorite foods– she loves it!
      Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..Chirp, ChirpMy Profile

    21. I lost my Mom in 1990 when she was 53 and I was 33. I lost my best friend. Mothers Day became a hard holiday for me to celebrate; even after I became a Mother of three myself. After the birth of my third child in 1995 I realized that I was taking away something from my children. From 1995 on we always go to brunch and my husband cooks me whatever I choose. I now embrace the joy of the day and I see my own Mother in all my children’s hearts.

    22. Michele – great post :) Can’t wait to celebrate the special day with the three special moms in my life: Mommy, Lauren and YOU! Looking forward to our brunch! love you xoxox (Great necklace…LOVE!)

    23. My mom was killed 10 years ago so instead of focusing on my lost I try to focus on other women in my life who I appreciate that day and send them flowers. I think its really important to celebrate other women so why the day sometimes causes me sadness, I try to turn it into a positive.

    24. My mom died 12 years ago so I pretty much abandoned Mother’s Day. However this year I am pregnant with my first baby (13 weeks along!) so Mother’s Day will take on a new meaning. Can’t wait to figure out the new traditions.

    25. I like and follow you all :) No traditions. Won’t be with my mama for Mother’s Day but I wish!

    26. That necklace is beautiful! I do not have any mother’s day traditions…maybe this is an opportunity to start one!

    27. That is a great tradition- nice when you can be open to new ideas and they turn into fun things you do for years to come. We used to do a BBQ a lot, now it has turned into just a whole day of moms-do-nothing. Always look forward to having everyone together for it!

      The necklace looks great, would definitely look great on my wife too, also a runner! Happy to enter this slightly-gender-imbalanced contest.
      Steve (@steverunner21) recently posted..Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon (Part Two)My Profile

    28. LOVE this giveaway! A necklace from Erica’s collection is on my list after I run my first 26.2 this fall! To win the necklace now tho would be SO SO SO cool!!

      I already follow all ya’ll on twitter and FB, just FYI :)

      How do I plan to spend Mother’s Day this year? Honestly? I’d love to host a brunch with all my friends who are moms to celebrate them. I’m not a mom yet myself but I see how hard they work to keep balance while raising their little ones and I’d love to give them a little TLC on mother’s day for once, ya know? Now to find the time that works for everyone to actually HOST this shindig? That’s a whole other issue entirely. hehe. 😉
      Jess recently posted..Running on ‘happy’My Profile

    29. LOVE those necklaces. I will be working Mothers Day (boo). As a single mom with my mom out of town, mothers day usually isnt a big deal. I do try to spend time cuddling with my son though.

    30. No special Mothers Day traditions here–just a relaxing day without cooking!
      Love the necklace!
      I follow EricaSara designs in FB

    31. My family typically gets together for a brunch celebration. Sometimes we cook (pot luck style), sometimes we go out somewhere. On my sons fathers side of the family, the men cook lunch/dinner for the women and serve them. 😀

    32. Great stuff she has! I always start Mother’s Day with a run, then spend the day with the husband and kids, often at a nearby park where we rent a paddleboat.
      misszippy1 recently posted..CIM it is!My Profile

    33. Participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure-Pittsburgh with 4 generations- my daughter, me, my mom and my grandma!!! Some of us run and some of us walk. We also go to brunch at Miss Martha’s Tea Room. We are so fortunate to have all four of us together!! : )

    34. Since we don’t live near family, our Mother’s Day tradition is to go for a hike in my favorite nature park. I love getting up early and going out with my family, we stroll along the trail and discover little bugs, rocks and sometimes bones along the way… we have always ended up seeing deer or foxes. My kids jump with excitement… it is the ultimate gift.
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    35. We will also be going out for brunch! Just like you said in your blog it is so nice to get dressed up and go out and not to cook and clean up!

    36. No tradition – Just all being together!
      I love your new tradition – perfect so you all can relax and enjoy the day!
      Happy Almost Mama’s Day :)

      I follow you and Erica Sara on Twitter and both of you on Facebook !!!

    37. I’m running a mother’s day 5k w/ my daughter in the stroller with another running mom friend and her son, afterward we’ll take my MIL out for lunch/brunch. I did the race 2 years ago when my daughter was 6 weeks old, but missed it last year, hopefully it will be a tradition!

      I follow both of you on both facebook and twitter.

      ps… thanks for opening the contest to us Canadians! :)

    38. We always used to go to a Mother’s Day brunch that was beyond wonderful! Now we have to split the time since there are two mothers – my husband’s and mine :) And…they are BOTH getting Erica Sara necklaces this year! I love mine and wanted them to have one too!

      I follow you and Erica on both Facebook and Twitter!
      Megan recently posted..My Favorite Kind of WeekendMy Profile

    39. My husband is a late sleeper so I get up, go to the office and climb into that bed. My kids make me breakfast and have the best cards, etc… they climb in with me and “help” me eat my breakfast. I love it!!

      I do follow you on both and I did follow Erica!!