ING NYC Marathon Opening Day

One of the perks of participating in the 2011 Foot Locker 5 Borough Challenge (FL5BC) was (and still is!) getting VIP access to some of the events organized by NYRR.   I received an email last week from Gabi, my favorite Foot Locker representative, asking if I would consider attending the ING NYC Marathon Opening Day to say a few words to the crowd about my experience with the FL5BC.  Since I love everything about the NYC Marathon and FL5BC, I said yes!  (PS. Blog post coming soon on an overview of this challenge and why YOU should consider applying!)

The following pictures are a glimpse of what the day was like!  There were a few elite runners present (Ryan Hall and Kim Smith) who officially announced their intentions to run the marathon this year, as well as a handful of celebrities and professional athletes (including Amani Toomer, former NY Giants WR, and James Blake, professional tennis player and NYC native) helping give out entries and gifts to a few lucky people in the crowd.

Gorgeous Backdrop!

Hundreds of applicants waiting to hear their number called for the lottery

Mary Wittenberg, Ryan Hall, James Blake, and Kim Smith kicking Opening Day off! (Source: Foot Locker)

Explaining how running helped get me through my deployments? (See the bump?) Source: Foot Locker


Thanks to Erica for this picture! (Source: Erica Sara)

The amazing Mary Wittenberg, President and CEO of NYRR and NYC Marathon (aka my dream job!)

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy announcing intention to run 2012 NYC Marathon

The adorable Kim Smith announced her plans to run this year

Former NY Giants WR Amani Toomer

Previous participants in the FL5BC

One of the highlights of the day was FINALLY getting to meeting Erica (from Erica Sara Designs) – she is even sweeter and more awesome than I could have imagined!!

So tell me!  Are you running the NYC Marathon this year?  Were you one of the lucky ones to get in through the lottery??

(Didn’t get in through the lottery?? Did you know that the chances of getting in via lottery will INCREASE next year – automatic qualifying times for the 2013 NYC Marathon are significantly faster than previous years so the number of automatic entries will be much lower!)

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    18 thoughts on “ING NYC Marathon Opening Day

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    2. I ran it back in 2010 and wish I had known you then… sadly, I didnt enter this year and am likely a couple years away from putting my name back in the hat. I’d love to bring baby girl with me, which is the reason for the delay. One day… one day soon. Great post and CONGRATS!
      PavementRunner recently posted..Playlist Thursday: Pop-tastic!My Profile

    3. You look great! Love that baby bump!! I am planning on running NYC this fall and am SO EXCITED!! My sister tried lottery but did not get in. She is running in the Manhattan Half (?)- the one in May which is apparently the last race that can qualify you if you get under a 1:37. For some reason they let this race count I guess…?? Don’t know all the details but she is training her little heart out to get it in that time so she can be guaranteed in. Now that they’ve upped the guaranteed standards it just makes me want to train to get in the harder way. It is pretty tough though!! I may have a better shot going through the half than the full. (Seriously… Under 3 hours for a marathon?!!!)

      Love the NYC Marathon update/ posts!! :-)
      Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted..Listening to your body: When to stop and when to run through it??My Profile

      • YES! The Brooklyn Half! I’m actually running (jogging) it!! My fingers will be crossed that your sister gets that time! I haven’t run this course before, but from what I have heard, it is fairly flat so that should help her!!! =)
        Does she live in NY!??! Or is she coming out here to qualify??
        SOOOO excited that you are running in Nov – I can’t wait to meet you! I’ll probably be at the expo helping out or at least just going to meet everyone! And plans are that I’ll be cheering somewhere close to the finish line!! =) Is this your first time???

    4. What an awesome day! How cool that you got to has that experience. I wish I could have seen you speak!
      I found out yesterday that I did NOT get into the NYC marathon. I am bummed, but at the same time I know in my heart it WILL happen someday. I will run MCM instead and I love love LOVE that race! Hopefully I will get in next year – I seriously cannot believe the odds of the lottery though – insanity! And those qualifying times are something else! We will have to figure out another way to meet in the meantime, ‘k!?! xo

    5. Yes ma’am, I’ll be there!! Hope to see you!!

      You and your baby bump look adorable. :-)

    6. I love that you got to do this! I watched it online because I Love everything about the NYC Marathon (and NY is home to me even though I live in Wyoming!)
      I got in with a qualified time as did my coach and my husband will be running this year as a charity runner. Can’t wait!!!!
      Erin recently posted..Three yearsMy Profile

    7. You look so darn cute up there! Glad you got to go and enjoy it.

      I know one of these years I need to run NYC and I probably should have while I could still use the standards (I think that’ll be all but impossible now). For now, though, I’m still stuck on smaller races.
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    8. Michele you look great! This looks like such a great experience.

      I had guaranteed entry for this year (did 9+1) last year but since I’m due in July I won’t be ready to run the marathon in November, unfortunately. So I’m doing 9+1 again this year (4 down, 9 to go! – I hope to have 8+1 by the time I give birth) and really, really hope to run in 2013.