Happy Bump Day! (20 weeks)

Happy Hump Bump Day! 

Today marks the start of Week 20 of pregnancy – I’m already halfway through with this pregnancy (assuming Pumpkin decides to make a punctual appearance)!

The last two weeks have seen their share of good and bad days.  The good days have been amazing – no aches or pains and lots of running miles.  But I’ve also had a handful of days where I felt achy and just wanted to stay in bed and lounge around all day.  I guess it’s a blessing, in a way, to have AJ around – he forces me to be active even on days when I would prefer to sit on the couch and veg.

Cravings – Lately I have been craving dairy like it’s nobody’s business – so lots of chocolate milk, pepper jack cheese, and mozzarella.  I also am constantly in the mood for steak or creamy pasta (think unhealthy) most nights for dinner.  Surprisingly, I’m not craving ice cream this pregnancy – with my son, we were making almost nightly visits to the local ice cream shop.

Running – Last week wasn’t the best week for running.  I’m finding that my body is not responding well to running during AJ’s first nap (sometime between 9-10am).  I get on the treadmill and feel tired and out of breath.  A few days I walked or just got off the treadmill.  Thankfully, the warmer weather coupled with the earlier sunrise time means I can start running before my husband goes to work in the morning.  I ran early in the morning one day last week (5am on the treadmill) and found that I felt better throughout the entire day (although I took an afternoon nap when my son napped) and had more energy than usual.  I was out the door at 6am this morning and enjoyed a beautiful 6 mile run.   The last two weeks weren’t all bad – I still managed to run 30-35 miles each week and had my longest and best run since I became pregnant this past weekend – a beautiful 14 mile run.

Belly – Sometime over the last week, I felt like my stomach started to pop. I actually didn’t even notice it until I saw pictures of me from the NYC Marathon Opening Day Event that I participated in and realized I saw my belly through my shirt! (Note: I’m going to try to wear the same outfit each time I do these photos so you can see the change in my bell size)

Clothes – I am still wearing my regular clothes although I did purchase some summer maternity clothes from the Gap and Old Navy (30% off your entire order) thanks to a heads up from Nicole (she is 15 weeks pregnant with her first!).  My shirts are all still fitting, but it’s hit or miss with my jeans/pants.  Some are no longer fitting but it’s mostly because my thighs, hips, and butt have grown (the joys of pregnancy!).  I’m actually excited to be pregnant during the summer – I wasn’t a fan of being 9 months pregnant in the middle of winter because there were so many layers of clothes I had to wear.  I much prefer wearing a sundress and flip flops and plan to spend the majority of the summer in this attire.

Baby Movement –  Lots of movement the last two weeks!  Not only has my husband been able to feel Pumpkin moving around when he puts his hand on my belly, but I started seeing my belly move with his/her kicks. I don’t remember AJ being this active or feeling him move this early on.  I don’t know if there is a better feeling in the world than lying down to read or watch TV and feeling the movement of your unborn child in your belly.  It’s both calming and exciting at the same time.

Hope you all have a wonderful HUMP day!!  And Happy May! xoxo

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    23 thoughts on “Happy Bump Day! (20 weeks)

    1. oh my goodness michele – you look ADORABLE! you are making me miss being pregnant (don’t worry, not enough to actually do it again!). What a magical time. And how exciting that you are feeling baby move! yay!! so incredible. I am so thrilled for you!!! before you know it, that baby will be in your arms, not in your tum :)
      jessica (pace of me) recently posted..Zensah Athletic Compression Socks – ReviewMy Profile

    2. First of all, 30-35 mi a week?! You totally ROCK!! Secondly, what an adorable baby bump! I love the bump day updates. Such a cute idea! 😀

    3. I love your bump day idea, and I love reading about your pregnancy! I’m only 6 weeks a head, so it is fun to remember when I was at week 20 and how things were. Crazy how much changes and how fast!
      Jane recently posted..30 MinutesMy Profile

    4. I love these baby bump pics- you are so adorable! I remember the running highs and lows too, but that’s impressive you’re still hitting 30-35 miles. Go, mama, go!
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

    5. You look awesome! I feel so huge lately (I’m a month and a half ahead of you) and the baby has definitely gone through a growth spurt. My running has sadly had to come to a halt right now but I’m slowly coming to terms with it. At least I got this far and I have plenty of time to run after s/he arrives :)
      Jenny @ simply be me recently posted..The baby has spokenMy Profile

    6. You look GREAT!!! You are the cutest mama. :) And you are doing awesome with your running too. Listening to your body and making smart adjustments is the only way to run while pregnant (which I know you know). i LOVE “bump day”. Congrats on half way!!! Hugs!
      Erin recently posted..Finding JoyMy Profile

    7. you look awesome!!! Great score on the maternity clothes – it SUCKS to have spend a million dollars on those, so that’s awesome. It’s crazy to think you’re already halfway there.. Although I guess easier when you’re not the one going THROUGH the pregnancy. hahaha.
      Lots of love!

    8. You have such a cute baby bump! You look fantastic–fit and healthy. I like how you just listen to what your body is telling you, running when it feels good, resting/walking when it doesn’t. You’re rocking this pregnancy!
      misszippy1 recently posted..My list is too longMy Profile

    9. You look great!
      Did you start feeling any cramping or sharp pains while running later on in pregnancy? I ran a 1/2 at 21 weeks, but can’t seem to run a mile now without these cramps or having to to stop to pee. I so want to be “that mom” who ran their entire pregnancy, but fear that might be a lost dream now. Any ideas? i thought maybe it was just my bladder being full. The pain stops almost immediately after I stop running and go pee.
      Let me know what you think.

      • Hey Bernadette,
        I’m not feeling that yet, but with my son, I definitely had pressure a lot on runs – not so much pain, but just a lot of pressure on my pelvis/lower areas. He was extremely low (actually at 0 station the last few weeks of pregnancy) for most of pregnancy so the dr had said that it was from him pushing down on my bladder. Around the start of the 3rd trimester, I did have to stop to use the bathroom on almost every run (usually a mile or two in even if I had just went to the bathroom before I started). If you are feeling sharp pains, I’m not sure you want to be running – although I’m not a dr so I can’t really offer any advice. But, if you feel better after you use the bathroom, it could just be that your baby is really low like mine was and any sort of buildup in your bladder makes it uncomfortable for you (esp if you chug some water before you head out).