Happy Bump Day! (22 weeks)

Happy Hump Bump Day!

Well another two weeks have come and gone…I am now in my 22nd week of pregnancy.  I have my fetal anatomy ultrasound later today…despite being able to feel the baby kick and move pretty frequently these days, I always get nervous in the hours leading up to an appointment.  Did/does anyone else experience this? 

Today would be the day that we could find out the sex of the baby – if we wanted to…I have to say, there is a small part of me that would love to know – simply for the logistics of painting Pumpkin’s room before we move in a few weeks…But, in the end, I know the surprise is what we want.  I’ve learned that it’s easier to not find out if you are proactive and just tell the technician / nurse as soon as you walk in the room that you don’t want to know.  Otherwise, he/she will ask you midway through the appointment while you are excited and happy to be seeing the baby in 3D/4D.

I’m really starting to feel exhausted by the end of each day.  My calves, ankles, and feet are a little swollen at night if I don’t make a concerted effort to sit with my feet elevated for 15-20 minutes in the afternoon.  But it’s easier said then done. My son has slowly transitioned to one nap a day – so from 1pm until his bedtime (630/7pm), I am often on the go with him – trips to the boardwalk, the zoo, the park…We also closed on our first home on Monday…so all of my “free” time is spent packing up our apartment or cleaning the new house…the hours just seem to disappear these days.

Running – On the days when I can pull myself out of bed by 430am, I am able to get my morning run in.  However, if I go to bed too late, am too tired, or just don’t feel “right” and decide to sleep-in, then there is about a 99% chance that I will not be running that day.  I’m slowly accepting the fact that for the next few weeks, running every day is likely not going to happen – there is just too much going on and not enough time in the day to be in bed by a decent hour (nor do I have the energy to pack/move and run).  Despite all of that, I have had some great runs – including the marathon last weekend…This week is an easy week for me since I plan/hope to run the Brooklyn Half-Marathon on Saturday.  I have ZERO goals for the race – my pace will all based on my body and pumpkin.  I’m just excited to finally participate in a race this season!

Belly – Right after I posted the Week 20 update, I noticed a huge difference in my belly.  Yes, I know I said that in the week 20 update, but I think Pumpkin had a serious growth spurt.  I feel the baby much more these days – there are points during the day or night where I feel/see a huge mound on one side of my belly.

Clothes – Some of my running shirts are almost too small to cover my belly and I’ve slowly transitioned to a larger size in running shorts to give my belly more space.  Since we are moving in a couple of weeks, I’ve packed away a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes – won’t be seeing those boxes til October (at the earliest!).  And although I still fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes (shirts and dresses, mostly), I’ve begun wearing some pregnancy clothes – purely out of comfort.

Baby Movement – No real change in Pumpkin’s movement – although I have started to see my belly move when I’m lying down at night.  I notice most movements/kicks late at night – but I think that is more a function of my being still and relaxing for the first time all day.  His/her movements are almost nightly which is a great way to fall asleep with a clear and happy mind.

Hope you all have a great HUMP day!! =)

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    4. What a cute bump you’ve got going on there! You are a pregnant rockstar for being able to get up at 4:30am!! I currently have time to workout after work every day, but I know once the baby comes, I’ll probably being seeing early hours a lot!

    5. Waking up at 4:30 am is hard ENOUGH but being pregnant? Um, you are my hero. Amazing. And you look freaking fantastic. Cutest bump ever!
      jobo recently posted..Perspective.My Profile

    6. I always felt so nervous before any of my Dr.’s apt!! Hope today went well.
      And Congrats on your new home! That is so exciting!!
      I’m always so amazed when I hear about pregnant women running a half marathon! You go girl!! Have fun! I hope I’ll be able to get in some good mileage when I get pregnant again!

    7. I TOTALLY understand the worry and anxiety. I felt this a couple weeks ago right before I had mine, mostly because I wasn’t feeling any kicking. And with my first pregnancy i had felt a lot of movement leading up to that first ultrasound. The tech put me at ease right away, she said the placenta was in front, basically blocking all the sensations of my little guy moving around. And everything else was fine too:-) I think its natural to be worried we all are at some point. But such a relief and such a great feeling to see that little life inside you. I hope you enjoy today!
      Sarah recently posted..I never wanted to be a "Stay-At-Home-Mom"My Profile

    8. Is this pregnancy going as fast for you as it is me? ; )

      You look adorable. I’m sure everything went well today for you and that the tech. kept the secret a secret! Keep up the great work and rest when you can. Second pregnancy is so much harder b/c you can’t focus on just you!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Is it my legs or my head?My Profile

    9. So cute! The heat has officially arrived here and I am thankful that our son has the same tolerance for the heat as me (very low!) because at 28 weeks pregnant it gets to me even more than usual :)

      Have fun this weekend!
      Jenny @ simply be me recently posted..The baby has spokenMy Profile

    10. You will notice with each additional pregnancy you start showing a lot sooner!! Belly skin just knows how to pop right out there! With baby number 4, I think I looked 9 months pregnant the last 3 months! You and your n=bump are lookin super cute and I can’t wait to hear about your race Saturday. My sister (who lives in CT) is running in it too and trying to get a sub 1:37. If she does, she can qualify for NYC!! I really hope she gets in because it would be so fun to meet up there and do the race together!

      Anyway, hope the rest of your week goes well and you have FUN on Saturday!!
      Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted..A Mommy Break AND a Happy Mother’s Day!My Profile

    11. Good luck today at the appointment! I can’t wait to meet pumpkin!!! Send pics when you get them from today. I am doing Saturday too – meet up after?

    12. Good luck today and CONGRATS on closing on your house! That is so exciting. :) You could not be any cuter. Good luck this weekend!!! Wish I could come over and help you pack. :)
      Erin recently posted..Yay for Moms!!!My Profile

    13. Congrats on your new home and on reaching 22 weeks! Time is going to fly by. I’ll be out cheering for you and Pumpkin on Saturday, probably close to the finish. My husband, BIL, best friend and about 30 other people I know are running it – I’m so jealous! But at 32 weeks I think a half is a bit too much for me now. Hope you have a great appointment today – I was definitely nervous before mine too, even though I could feel movement. Seeing the little baby hands and toes is the best!