Sparkly Soul Coach of the Month (June) + Giveaway


I was extremely excited and honored to be chosen for the Sparkly Soul Coach of the Month for June - and realized that with moving and pregnancy, I forgot to mention it when it was first announced on the Sparkly Soul blog almost a month ago!  Thank you, Sparkly Soul, for picking me =) If you’ve been following […]

Random Things I’m Loving


I have a lot of random thoughts going through my head lately and decided to share some of the things that I am currently LOVING!! – Third Trimester  - Today officially marks the start of the 3rd trimester.  Knowing that I am in the home stretch is a wonderful feeling.  I will do a pregnancy update […]

Running During Pregnancy: Monitoring Exertion


*Note: I am NOT a healthcare professional.  This post is in response to many questions I have received in regards to my running pace during pregnancy.  The below information is what I have learned from my current OB-GYN as well as research on this topic.  Before you engage in physical activity during pregnancy, talk to […]

Best. Decision. Ever.

aj and nat

When my husband and I began our house hunting, we were focused on Central Jersey.  We wanted a big house with lots of land.  After 12+ years of living away from home, I was willing to sacrifice proximity to my family to have the house of my dreams. Last spring, my mom’s wonderfully generous cousins […]

Mizuno Running Shoes Giveaway WINNER!


Hey friends - I apologize for not posting this earlier!! Thank you to everyone who participated.   I loved reading about all of the brilliant runs that you have experienced! The winner is Megan D!  Megan – please email me at ASAP so we can get you into the Mezamashii Project!!  If you do not […]

Happy Bump Day! (27 weeks)


Holy Moly. I have one week left until I am in the 3rd trimester – the home stretch!! Overall, I feel great.  There are definitely those days where I really feel like I’m pregnant, but for the most part, I am able to do most things I was doing prior to pregnancy. Running – Running […]

How Do You Get Through a Long Run?

7 miles into my 37.2 mile ultra

The tweets, facebook updates, and blog posts have begun – all discussing fall marathons and the initial couple of weeks of training for these races. That means weekly long runs are starting – by mid-summer, there’ll be plenty of 20+ mile runs being completed in preparation for the upcoming races. One question I’ve been asked […]

10 Mile Progression Run, Wedding and Father’s Day

Perfect way to start a beautiful weekend!

I am amazed at how packed our weekends seem to get in the blink of an eye!  I have all these little jobs around the house for my husband to do (that I can’t do b/c I’m a) not handy and/or b) are almost 6 months pregnant) on the weekends, but lately our weekends have […]

4am Wakeups? No, Thank You.

Happy Boy in the AM

Good Morning!!! I typically don’t post a ton about parenting because I try to keep this blog to running-related topics, but since my son’s sleep habits were affecting my running, I have decided to talk about it. Little background on my son: 17 months old Sleeping through the night since an early age We are […]

The Mezamashii Project + Giveaway for Mizuno Running Shoes


Mizuno has launched a campaign called the Mezamashii Project: This is an excerpt from the invitation I received in the mail: Congratulations.  You have been chosen as a founding member of the Mezamashii Project.  In Japanese the word Mezamashii means brilliant.  We are on a quest to deliver more mezamashii – more ecstatic, electric, wind-in-your-heart running.  More brilliant […]

NYRR Mini 10k and a Beautiful Wedding = Perfect Weekend

My stunning mom with my little guy!

I started off the busy weekend bright and early in NYC with 6,000+ other females running the NYRR Mini 10k in Central Park.  It was a humid, muggy morning and I was thankful that it stayed overcast for the race otherwise it would have been uncomfortable. I had no expectations going into this race.  Not wearing […]

Happy Bump Day! (25 weeks)


Happy Hump Bump Day! My life has been a whirlwind since my last update THREE weeks ago!  We are finally all moved into our new/first home.  By “all moved in” I mean that everything we own is under one roof – but we still have a long way to go before we are completely settled.   Thankfully, […]


me and aj

Earlier in the year, I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Carla from MizFitOnline.  For a few weeks after reading her awesome post, I saw tweets and FB updates from her with the phrase “Living my priorities”.  I loved what she was doing, but at the time, didn’t really connect it to anything […]

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