Hospital Packing List

packing list

The idea that we will soon be a family of four became much more real this past weekend.  Since I am ~4 weeks from my due date, I figured it was probably time to pack my hospital bag (I went into labor with my son a week early and my midwife thinks that I will […]

Happy Bump Day (37 weeks)!!


Today marks the start of my 37th week…one more week until I’m considered full term! The last two weeks have been exponentially better than the 5-6 – partially because I’m able to run again, partially because I feel more prepared for the arrival of #2, and partially because I know how close I am to […]

Back to Running!!

35 weeks

After going full circle and finally accepting the fact that I wouldn’t be running until after baby #2 is born at the end of September, I have been able to run again without any pain.  Isn’t that weird how that always happens?  It’s like we have to have no expectations before we can really begin […]

No Checked Baggage for NYC Marathon?

If you have run the NYC Marathon before, you may have complained or had an issue with the long lines/wait to get your baggage post-race.  For those not familiar with the NYC Marathon, this is what the post-race area is like: All runners enter a chute immediately after crossing the finish line.  There is no […]

How Much Money Are You Willing To Pay For Race Entry?

2009 Boston Marathon

Last week I received an email from the organizers of the NYC Ironman announcing registration for the 2013 race.  I had signed up for the 2012 Ironman (which was held last weekend) but had to cancel my entry when I found out I was pregnant (I received a $150 refund on my race entry fee). […]

Gestational Diabetes

Just a quick recap…A few weeks ago, I < barely>  failed my first glucose test.  My OB-GYN and I assumed the high number was a fluke (and likely caused by the ton of fruit and some chocolate I had eaten right before the test).   I found out last week that it wasn’t a fluke […]

Happy Bump Day! (35 weeks)


Another two weeks have come and gone and with it comes lots of updates regarding Pumpkin and I. Glucose test – First the bad news.  I have developed gestational diabetes (GD).  I feel somewhat embarrassed saying it aloud.  I’ve had this preconceived notion that you develop GD if you are unhealthy, overweight, and/or inactive (because […]

Pregnancy and the Marathon

My finish line!

As I approach my due date (6 weeks!!!), I’ve begun thinking back to my son’s birth…trying to visualize what it will be like this time around.  It’s easy for me to remember the moments post labor & delivery and much harder to recall the period just before.  I vaguely remember what the contractions and pain felt […]

No Greater Sacrifice


After four years at West Point and over six years serving on active duty as an officer in the U.S. Army, I have seen my share of death.  The number of friends, classmates, and coworkers that have been casualties of the war on terror is too high for me to begin to count. I think […]

I’m Scared to Run

I’ve been virtually pain-free for almost a whole week.  I say virtually because there are still moments when I overextend myself and feel a small twinge of pain in my lower back/buttocks area due to Posterior Pelvic Pain. The last 4+ weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions for me: – During the first week, […]

How To Avoid PPP During Pregnancy

As I’ve discussed in earlier posts, I developed Posterior Pelvic Pain (PPP) at week 29 of my 2nd pregnancy.  One of the first questions I asked my chiropractor and my OB-GYN was what caused PPP?  I had made it through my first pregnancy with no complications, so why was I having issues this time around? […]

Happy Bump Day! (33 weeks)


It’s been SIX weeks since my last pregnancy update.  Between a few mini-vacations with the family and being a bit mopey and pouty about my lack of running, I haven’t had the heart to do an update. BUT, my back pain is almost totally gone and I’ve come to terms with the prospect of having […]

Most Important Running Virtue

First time in a tuxedo!

I disconnected myself from all forms of social media last week.  My husband, son, and I flew to Portland last Wednesday.  We had a family wedding to attend and decided to make it an extended trip to spend time with my husband’s immediate family who we don’t get to see much of due to proximity. […]

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