Happy Bump Day! (33 weeks)

It’s been SIX weeks since my last pregnancy update.  Between a few mini-vacations with the family and being a bit mopey and pouty about my lack of running, I haven’t had the heart to do an update. BUT, my back pain is almost totally gone and I’ve come to terms with the prospect of having to wait until post delivery to run again, so my mind and heart are in a better place.

Today marks the start of my 33rd week.  Part of me still hasn’t fully accepted the fact that I could be holding a newborn in just 5-6 few weeks (I was a week early with my son).

Running – Not much to update here as I haven’t gone on a single run since July 9th.  I have a chiropractor appointment today and am hopeful that we will be able to begin discussing a tentative timeline to return to running.  The last few days have been glorious – almost no back pain and I’m finally walking without a silly limp.  The hardest thing has been trying to stay positive and prevent the I feel crappy feeling from the lack of any sort of exercise (other than easy walking). Running GIVES me energy and makes me happy (as I’ve discussed in previous posts) so I’ve been trying my hardest to not let my lack of running get me down the last few weeks.

Belly – For a few weeks it seemed my belly was getting huge and I felt enormous.  But the last few weeks have been the total opposite – I actually feel that I’ve like I’ve stayed almost the same size.  Pumpkin is measuring right on track for 32-33 weeks – I will have a better idea of his/her weight next week (I have my 3rd trimester ultrasound).

32 weeks

32 weeks

32 weeks (wedding in Portland)

Movement – Pumpkin has maintained the non-stop movement that I discussed in the Week 27 update.  He/She is moving SO much more than my son ever did – I feel him/her constantly throughout the day – even when I am walking or moving about (I only ever felt my son at night or when I was totally still).  The kicking has also gotten exponentially more intense – there have been a few occasions where it actually hurt!

Appetite / Weight Gain / Cravings – I’ve gained just under 20 pounds so far which is almost identical to my first pregnancy.  I have realized that I need to keep an eye on how much food I am eating during the day.  Lately, I haven’t had the biggest appetite (I think space is getting tight in there!) at meal time and I’m finding that I’m preoccupied with my son to think about food as often as I probably should be.  There were several days last week where I probably hadn’t eaten enough during the day – and didn’t realize it until it was bedtime.  So I’m trying to eat more frequently throughout the day (every hour or so), even if it is just a handle of grapes or an apple, to ensure that I am getting the calories that both pumpkin and I need.

Energy – I have been forcing myself to nap with my son (we snuggle in bed – it’s a win-win!) so I have more energy in the afternoons and later in the evening.  I also try to put my legs up at least once in late afternoon.  I have found that even 15-20 min of having my feet elevated makes a world of a difference.

Other updates – Unfortunately, I had to go for the 3-hour glucose test yesterday because I failed the preliminary 1-hour screening test a few weeks ago.  I didn’t fast for the 1-hour test (was given conflicting guidance), am fairly sure I had eaten an entire chocolate bar only shortly before the appointment, and did not have gestational diabetes with my son – so I’m cautiously optimistic that I will pass the 3-hour test.  Fingers are crossed!!!

Hope you all are having a great HUMP day!!

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    15 thoughts on “Happy Bump Day! (33 weeks)

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    2. I had to stop running around 30 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy (didn’t run during 1st) due to sciatica and back pain. I was so bummed :( But I kept moving with Erin O’Brien’s Prenatal Fitness Fix DVD. It wasn’t the same as running, but got my blood flowing. But with my 3rd pregnancy I was able to run almost until the end! I think I ran until 35wks, was put on limited activity at 36wks and then delivered at 37wks.
      Corrina recently posted..T minus 1 weekMy Profile

    3. I know time off from running can be soooo hard. I hope you get good news today. But I promise promise promise this will pass and you will be back to yourself in no time. This unfortunately is a part of runnin and it totally sucks. Think of it as much as you can as more alone time with your son which will be hard once there are two. Yea, i know on the glucose test. They tell you you don’t have to fast but then you can fail by like a point and have to go for the 3 hour. I think I am going with the fasting route. Good luck, hope you have good news!
      Stephanie recently posted..My Longest Run to DateMy Profile

    4. So glad you got some uninterrupted family time! And it’s good to hear an update from you! I totally agree on the feet-up resting thing. I find that our mornings are so busy and draining with errands or activities like going to the playground that by after lunch I’m wiped out. But if I nap or just relax on the couch I feel totally different! I don’t know about you but I am definitely getting into the “nesting” these past few weeks, I’ve got my list of stuff that has to get done before he comes. I get super anal about organization and cleanliness in the late stages of pregnancy; my house has been spotless lately. I just need to tackle the basement and I’ll feel ready. So silly! But hey, a clean organized environment means I feel at peace and have a clear head: exactly what I need for the birth.
      Sarah recently posted..Ten Tips for Running SafelyMy Profile

    5. I bet you pass the 3 hour test. Still no fun though!

      You look SO GREAT!!! I can’t believe you are already 33 weeks though. Each update you give I think “no way she’s already that far along”. Although I bet sometimes it feels like it’s dragging for you. I know I felt that way with the 2nd pregnancy.
      Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..ChangeMy Profile

    6. you are precious and taking care of your body/baby. Running will be there when you can return. Praying for you and your back. But if you can’t run till after birth, enjoy those snuggles even more!

      or aquajog?
      lindsay recently posted..FreshpeditionMy Profile

    7. Have you tried prenatal yoga? I didn’t do it with my first two pregnancies but I did with my third and I feel it made a world of difference! I couldn’t wait to go every week! It was a peaceful time that I could just get away from it all and concentrate on me and my little pumpkin inside of me. It made me a happier person (my husband and daughters were glad for that!) I was AMAZED at what my body could do…even at nine months pregnant! What I learned in yoga helped me to have a completely natural birth. No epidural, no pain meds, not even a Tylenol. I had had epidurals with my two other pregnancies and didn’t like how I felt afterwards. Anyway, just thought I’d mention about prenatal yoga because it helped me with all my aches and pains, not to mention bringing my stress level down. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Love your blog! =)

    8. Ugh I’m so sorry that you can’t run! I know how much you gain from it! I failed my 1-hour test too because they told me I could go have lunch then do it. I just did my 3-hour one….felt like a pin cushion but got to read almost a whole book!! Everything was fine but it was a scare! I’m sure you’ll be great!!! You look amazing!!!

    9. Glad the back pain is better – I feel your pain about not being able to run because I had the same problem with baby #2. But rest assured you will come back strong and with an increased desire to run! Good luck with that test…ugh, the things pregnant women have to do!
      Alison @ racingtales recently posted..Dear NBC, Can I Watch Sports Now?My Profile