Happy Bump Day (37 weeks)!!

Today marks the start of my 37th week…one more week until I’m considered full term! The last two weeks have been exponentially better than the 5-6 – partially because I’m able to run again, partially because I feel more prepared for the arrival of #2, and partially because I know how close I am to the end!!

Energy level: Although I feel great and have a ton more energy than I was expecting, last week was one of the most physically demanding ever.  In case you were wondering – planning a vacation to the beach while you are 36 weeks pregnant is NOT the smartest idea and I would highly recommend not doing it!  It wouldn’t have been nearly as tough if my husband was able to take the whole week off, but a few emergencies popped up last minute and he had to go to work three of the days.  It also wouldn’t have been as tough if my son were not going through a very clingy stage right now that required me to carry him from the condo we were staying in to the beach, and all the way to where we set up our blanket – all while holding a cooler of water and snacks and a beach bag with towels, clothes, and toys.  By the end of each day, I felt like I was barely able to stand up straight.

Hanging on the beach @ 36 weeks

Running: GREAT news here!!  I am running again!  Still easing my way back into things – taking 6+ weeks off as you gain weight, your belly grows, and your body undergoes major changes makes returning to running a bit trickier than usual!  I’ve been increasing my miles with each run and even did back-to-back runs earlier this week.  My last week of running:

  • Thursday: 6 miles – 56 min (9:20 pace)
  • Sunday: 6 miles – 56 min (9:20 pace)
  • Monday: 4 miles (tempo run) – 36:12 (9:03 pace): 9:26, 9:09, 8:57, 8:43
  • Wednesday: 5 miles – 48 min (9:35 pace)
  • Total mileage: 21 miles

Post 4.5 mile run @ 36 weeks

Glucose Testing: This is actually going really, really well!  I have been testing 4x/day for the last (almost) two weeks and am happy to say that I’ve gone over my prescribed limit only 4x (which is great since I would have to be put on medication if half of my numbers were too high!).  And to be honest, three of the four times I was over, I was 100% expecting to see numbers out of the range because of things I had eaten…I only have so much self-control – what can I say? =)   I think the return to running has also helped stabilize my metabolism again.

Belly/Movement: I feel as though Pumpkin has already dropped.  My need to use the bathroom is through the roof the last week or so – I’m hoping to see if there is any progress from my midwife appointment today.  My only real complaint at the moment is that I have begun having severe / excruciating pain in my ribcage (just between my chest).  The same thing happened when I was pregnant with my son – the baby is basically putting pressure on my ribcage.  I don’t feel it at all when I am standing up or lying flat, but sitting down is extremely uncomfortable and painful.  It’s tough to juggle though b/c there are points during the day where I just want to sit and put my feet up to relieve some pressure on my legs/feet, but by doing that, I put pressure on my ribcage.  It has also made driving extremely difficult.

Braxton-Hicks: The contractions have seemed to subside for the most part.  I haven’t really gotten a string of them in a row in weeks!  I think part of it could be that I am really trying hard to remain hydrated – especially since my son and I have spent large portions of the day outside in the heat and humidity.

Emotions: I don’t know if it’s nesting or just the realization that I need to get a ton done before a second child enters our lives (and I will have less “free” time than I do now!), but we’ve accomplished so much in the last few weeks in preparation for Pumpkin’s arrival.  Hospital bags packed, Cord Blood Registered, New Pediatrician selected and registered, play room painted and partially decorated, and family room and kitchen decorated (new curtains purchased/hung, three new light fixtures hung, rug purchased, backsplash in kitchen finished).  I’m hoping to get a ton more done over the upcoming long weekend!  Just a few pics of our progress:

Playroom (what was supposed to be the formal Living Room!)

Family Room and Kitchen!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Hump Day!


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    18 thoughts on “Happy Bump Day (37 weeks)!!

    1. Sounds like some serious nesting going on there! Can’t believe you are so close. I’m so happy you are feeling good and that you’ve been able to put the real and potential issues behind you. Very exciting!!!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Race bag odditiesMy Profile

    2. I agree with Tina – you are OWNING the miles ms mama! I am again so impressed. And wow, I cannot imagine trying to juggle all of that with your son in your arms NOT being pregnant! you are super woman :) almost there, yay!
      jobo recently posted..On being at peace with food.My Profile

    3. Yay for all of this!!! I am so happy and excited for you. I know we tend to wish away the last weeks of pregnancy but try to enjoy this special time. Can’t wait to hear about your new little miracle. And you look amazing! :)
      Erin recently posted..Mental FitnessMy Profile

    4. What a happy post!! You are doing so well! I’m glad you have been able to get back to running and you are feeling much better. The last trimester can be challenging- especially with a little 19 month-old running around. My youngest is the same age as yours and he keeps me busy ALL DAY long! I hope these last few weeks go by very smoothly. Congrats on making it full-term. I always loved getting to that point. Your pumpkin will be ready to meet you very soon! :-)
      Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted..Confessions from a jogging stroller drop-outMy Profile

    5. Wow, I swear to God your pregnancy has FLOWN by so fast!! I feel like I always say that when a friend is pregnant but man it feels like it happened in a flash! I am betting you don’t agree that it was as speedy haha 😉 Also? You look so fit and fab and healthy, I love it!
      Jess recently posted..On breaking the mold…and making it your ownMy Profile

      • Oh Christine! It was so dumb of me. Sometimes my eyes are too big for my abilities. LOL. After the first day, I was asking myself how I was going to make it to the end of the week. HAHA