Friday Randomness


Sleeps ALL day!

There are a lot of random things that I want to share but rather than try to make a post around each one, I decided to just share them as concise as possibly:

– I forgot how much newborns sleep!  My oldest son slept a good amount but nothing to the extent of his little brother.  I’m actually hesitant to even type this out because I don’t want to jinx how well (and how much) he is currently sleeping.  I have yet to nap during the day because I am getting a fairly decent amount of sleep at night (between 6-8 hours with 2short wakeups to nurse).  And the best part is that he seems to have his nights and days totally figured out – he wants to do nothing except sleep and nurse between the hours of 10pm and 8am!

– I’m extremely anxious to start training and racing again.  Running just for fun is great but after 8 months of easy running with no tangible goal (except to run through pregnancy) in mind, I am itching to have something to push myself towards.  I hope to sit down and figure out my racing calendar for the remainder of 2012 this weekend and should have a post on what’s on tap early next week.

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    Birth Story


    I have tried to shorten this post for the last 24 hours, but am having a hard time cutting anything out…so I apologize for the length of this post AND the number of pictures!!

    Tuesday morning I began having light cramps and didn’t feel right.  I spent most of the remainder of the afternoon lying on the floor in our playroom while my son played.  After a few hours of menstrual-like cramps, I realized it could be the start of labor – so I started tracking them.

    For the next 12 hours, I had fairly regular, albeit light contractions that got down to 6-8 min apart. My family and midwife were all on standby. I forced myself to get into bed around 11pm Tuesday night and managed a few hours of broken sleep.  Sometime around 3am (during one of my bathroom visits), I was sure that my water had broken (it was more of a slow leak). 

    I woke for the day around 5am (still having contractions) and finished packing the rest of my hospital bag and my sons favorite toys and books (he was going to spend time at his Grandma’s!).  And then at 630am, the contractions just stopped.  Literally. Stopped.  I was embarrassed and bummed. Did I just spend the last 12 hours having false labor?

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      Meet the Newest Addition to Our Family: Ryan Thomas

      Happy to be a big brother =)

      We are now a family of FOUR!

      Good Morning and Happy Monday!!!

      First, just want to say thank you to everyone for the wonderful prayers, thoughts, and wishes the last few days.

      For those that aren’t aware, my husband, son, and I were thrilled to welcome the newest member to our family, Ryan Thomas Gonzalez, last week.

      Ryan is already back to his birth weight is showing early signs of being a good eater and even better sleeper!

      I hope to have the whole labor and delivery story on here tomorrow, but wanted to share some pictures and details with you as soon as I had a chance.

      Ryan was born at 6:53pm on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.  He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and is 21″ long.  But most importantly, he is 100% healthy!

      My husband and I are walking around our house in a daze – it sounds crazy because we’ve had 9 months to prepare, but we still haven’t come to terms with the idea of having TWO children. It feels amazingly surreal to look at both of our sons and know that they are ours!

      One of the best things so far has been our son’s reaction to Ryan.  He wasn’t interested in him while we were in the hospital but everything seemed to change the  moment we came home.  He is now anxious to “help”, wants to hold him ALL the time, and includes him in everything (sharing his food, giving high “5s”…).

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        Guilt With a Second Child

        Playing with his Thomas trains!

        Helping announce baby #2 in March!

        Baby #2 will be making his/her arrival any day now and I’m excited, ecstatic, and anxious for my son to have a sibling.  Both my husband and I come from families of multiple children and we always knew we wanted the same. He will forever have a playmate and friend.

        BUT, there is this feeling that I can’t seem to shake.  There are times during the day when I look at my son and feel sad.  I feel guilty. I feel sorry for him.

        While he points to my belly and says “baby”, I know he’s still too young to actually get that there is a real-life baby in there – a little brother or sister that we will be bringing home from the hospital.

        He doesn’t realize that sometime in the next couple of weeks, our lives will forever be changed…turned upside down as we welcome a new member to our family.  He will no longer have 100% of mommy and daddy’s attention…and our worlds can no longer revolve totally around him.

        He has been the center of our lives since day one. These days, when he wakes up, we bring him back into bed with us – the three of us snuggle, hug, and chat before we all make our way downstairs.  My husband and I enjoy our morning cup of coffee in the playroom while he cooks us breakfast in his kitchen or plays with his Thomas trains.

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          Happy Bump Day (39 weeks)!!

          38 weeks

          I have entered the two week window of my due date – did you know that 80% of babies are born within two weeks of their due dates?!?

          Appointments: I have weekly appointments with my midwife and my OB-GYN specialist (for my gestational diabetes) from now until I deliver.  Definitely thankful that I have tons of family around to help watch AJ so I don’t have to lug him to numerous appointments each week!  This afternoon is with the midwife and I’m hoping to find out if there is any news (dilated, effaced, what station the baby is at).  Yesterday was the weekly appointment with the specialist.  The lab tech confirmed what I had suspected – pumpkin has dropped and is in place for delivery!!!  Although this is great news because he/she is no longer sitting on top of my rib cage (yay!!), it is not necessary a sign that L&D is imminent.

          Energy Level: Has been through the roof the last two weeks. Despite not getting great sleep at night, I feel fantastic throughout the day and do not feel it necessary to nap with my son when he does.  The “nesting” instinct is in full effect lately – I am becoming paranoid with cleaning and organizing and making sure everything is “just right” for the baby’s arrival.  Honestly, I think the surge in energy is because of how excited I finally am for the baby to be born – the house is how I want it to look, I am calm and prepared, and everything else just feels like it’s ready…

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            Best Week of Pregnant Running (38 weeks)

            All smiles after unexpected long run

            Just like non-pregnant running, there are good and bad days of running while you are pregnant – especially when you enter the third trimester.  It seems the further along I get, the more often the runs are uncomfortable and not entirely what I would call enjoyable.  But, there is still the occasional day of running where I almost forget I’m pregnant and want to run until my body can’t go any further.

            I never know when these runs will make an appearance.  I’ve had mornings where I wake up feeling great only to find that 30 seconds into the run, my leg goes numb or the baby decides to get into an awkward position and the run is inevitably cut short.

            You quickly learn to not really expect anything each day you walk out the door to run.  I don’t have plans of running “x” miles anymore.  I always hope for a good 5-6 miles, but am totally okay with returning after 3-4 if my body doesn’t feel like it’s up to more.

            These good runs seem to happen about once every week (or less) lately.  But this past week, I had THREE fantastic days…and as a result logged the highest number of miles since the start of May when I was 20 weeks pregnant!!!

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              Pumpkin – Boy or Girl??


              AJ - just hours after his birth!

              When my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister, my other two sisters and I had so much fun guessing everything from the date she would be born, to the sex, to her height and weight…it made the birth a little bit more exciting (and interesting since we were are competitive with each other).  We’ve made it somewhat of a tradition – I still have the email chain from my first pregnancy with my family’s guesses…it was fun to see how close (or far) everyone was from the actual details!

              I thought it would be fun to have a little contest on here so that you can make some of the same guesses for Pumpkin!

              To make it as fair as possible, here is all the background info:

              I went into labor seven days early with my son (gave birth six days before his due date). My son was born at 12:18am.  My first labor pains began around noon the day prior. My son weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20 1/2 in long at birth.

            • Pumpkin’s due date: September 27
            • At my last sonogram (32 wks) Pumpkin was 4 lb 2 oz.  My Dr said that if he/she gained an average amount of weight, he/she would be about 8 lbs if I carry to my due date.  (My son was 2 oz more at the same appointment.)
            • If you’d like to participate, please guess the following:

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                Perspective on Pregnant Running

                Beach fun!

                @ 37 weeks w/ baby #2 (2012)

                I’m always asked if I notice any difference between my two pregnancies.  Physically, I’d say not at all.  I’m carrying almost the same (weight gain, how I look, the size of the babies)…But it’s hard to compare other aspects because the circumstances are so different – especially when it comes to running.  I was fortunate enough to work from home for most of my first pregnancy.   The last four months were spent at home.  I had the luxury of keeping my feet up, napping, and running when I felt was best for me.  I was able to log some high miles – especially during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

                This pregnancy couldn’t be any more different.  Having an almost 20 month old toddler makes my day not really my own.  Since my chiropractor does not want me to run with the running stroller until after the baby is born (to prevent my PPP from returning), I am limited to run either first thing in the AM or late at night when my husband is home.  I *can* run on the treadmill when my son is napping, but I have been really trying to nap (or at least keep my feet up) when he naps otherwise I’m exhausted by 3 or 4pm.

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