Friday Randomness


There are a lot of random things that I want to share but rather than try to make a post around each one, I decided to just share them as concise as possibly: – I forgot how much newborns sleep!  My oldest son slept a good amount but nothing to the extent of his little […]

Birth Story


I have tried to shorten this post for the last 24 hours, but am having a hard time cutting anything out…so I apologize for the length of this post AND the number of pictures!! Tuesday morning I began having light cramps and didn’t feel right.  I spent most of the remainder of the afternoon lying […]

Meet the Newest Addition to Our Family: Ryan Thomas

Happy to be a big brother =)

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!! First, just want to say thank you to everyone for the wonderful prayers, thoughts, and wishes the last few days. For those that aren’t aware, my husband, son, and I were thrilled to welcome the newest member to our family, Ryan Thomas Gonzalez, last week. Ryan is already back to […]

Guilt With a Second Child

Playing with his Thomas trains!

Baby #2 will be making his/her arrival any day now and I’m excited, ecstatic, and anxious for my son to have a sibling.  Both my husband and I come from families of multiple children and we always knew we wanted the same. He will forever have a playmate and friend. BUT, there is this feeling that […]

Happy Bump Day (39 weeks)!!

38 weeks

I have entered the two week window of my due date – did you know that 80% of babies are born within two weeks of their due dates?!? Appointments: I have weekly appointments with my midwife and my OB-GYN specialist (for my gestational diabetes) from now until I deliver.  Definitely thankful that I have tons […]

Best Week of Pregnant Running (38 weeks)

All smiles after unexpected long run

Just like non-pregnant running, there are good and bad days of running while you are pregnant – especially when you enter the third trimester.  It seems the further along I get, the more often the runs are uncomfortable and not entirely what I would call enjoyable.  But, there is still the occasional day of running […]

Pumpkin – Boy or Girl??


When my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister, my other two sisters and I had so much fun guessing everything from the date she would be born, to the sex, to her height and weight…it made the birth a little bit more exciting (and interesting since we were are competitive with each other).  We’ve […]

Perspective on Pregnant Running

Beach fun!

I’m always asked if I notice any difference between my two pregnancies.  Physically, I’d say not at all.  I’m carrying almost the same (weight gain, how I look, the size of the babies)…But it’s hard to compare other aspects because the circumstances are so different – especially when it comes to running.  I was fortunate […]

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