Best Week of Pregnant Running (38 weeks)

Just like non-pregnant running, there are good and bad days of running while you are pregnant – especially when you enter the third trimester.  It seems the further along I get, the more often the runs are uncomfortable and not entirely what I would call enjoyable.  But, there is still the occasional day of running where I almost forget I’m pregnant and want to run until my body can’t go any further.

I never know when these runs will make an appearance.  I’ve had mornings where I wake up feeling great only to find that 30 seconds into the run, my leg goes numb or the baby decides to get into an awkward position and the run is inevitably cut short.

You quickly learn to not really expect anything each day you walk out the door to run.  I don’t have plans of running “x” miles anymore.  I always hope for a good 5-6 miles, but am totally okay with returning after 3-4 if my body doesn’t feel like it’s up to more.

These good runs seem to happen about once every week (or less) lately.  But this past week, I had THREE fantastic days…and as a result logged the highest number of miles since the start of May when I was 20 weeks pregnant!!!

Mileage for the Week

Wednesday: 6 mile ~55 min (9:09 pace) Fantastic hot and humid run.  I ran 3 miles out and back and had an almost 2 min negative split on the return trip (Note: as I’ve stated in previous posts, I don’t run with my Garmin while I’m pregnant b/c pace is NOT important to me; the only way I know my estimated pace is b/c I run specific routes and can figure out my pace based on the total amount of time I am running.)

Dressed for the rain

Friday: 7 miles ~ 66 min (9:25 pace) After not waking up to my alarm, I headed out much later than I was hoping.  I felt so good that it killed me to come home after 7, but I was already taking advantage of my husband agreeing to go into work a bit late.

Sunday: 10 miles ~96 min (9:36 pace)  Headed out around 8:30am for what I hoped would be a long-ish run.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  It was one of those runs where you never want to stop running – you feel good, the weather is awesome, and you are enjoying a true runner’s high.  When I reached 6 miles, the idea of doing 10 popped into my head and I decided to give it a try.  Although I knew I would be tired for the rest of the day but since it was the weekend, I had my husband around to share some of the parenting duties!

All smiles after unexpected long run

Today is a definite rest day for me.  Although I’m not sore, I feel a bit lethargic today (kind of like after a hard race or really long run).   But I’m NOT complaining at all – I miss the feeling of being tired from a good, hard run!

Did you race this weekend?  Run Long?  


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    16 thoughts on “Best Week of Pregnant Running (38 weeks)

    1. Love your blog and LOVE that you are running to the very end of your pregnancy… I think it’s amazing and so inspiring—and even at 38 weeks preggo, you are faster than me. :) :)

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    3. SO HAPPY for you that your hip issues have been resolved! That is such a blessing! :) Always great to have unexpected awesomeness pop up like your week of running — especially when you’re pregnant and feel like you have so little control over your own body :) I know from the recent experience that running when that far along really does take it out of you for the rest of the day – but the joy you get for it, and the endorphins during, and the pick-me-up from knowing that you did it, that your body did it, is totally worth it :)
      Coreyanne Armstrong recently posted..A Grand Day OutMy Profile

    4. Congratulations! I am so impressed by your mileage! I can’t even imagine running this much when I’m pregnant (though I really hope I’ll be able to run something!) Definitely an inspiration to get out there, no matter what. I’m glad that this past week was such a great week running-wise…and I hope you’re running all the way to your delivery :) Congrats!
      Lauren recently posted..When 7 Miles Feel Like 20My Profile

    5. Wow, what an awesome week of running for NON pregnant people, let alone ready to have this baby pregnant! You are amazing!!!!! send me some of those good run vibes tomorrow, please, hoping for a redemption run :)
      jobo recently posted..Scratching the surface.My Profile

    6. Nice mileage last week! I was able to get out there this morning for 4 miles all of which were enjoyable and felt pretty easy, except for the last 1/2 mile, my hips tightened up and even after stopping and stretching I was ready to be done. So glad I got out there this morning though! It was beautiful, fall is definitely in the air!
      Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Giving Birth at a Birthing CenterMy Profile

    7. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog, greetings from the UK! I too ran through my pregnancy (I fell pregnant a month after running my 2nd marathon) until I hurt my SI Joint at about 28 weeks then cycled on the turbo trainer. I now have a 5 week old baby (asleep on my lap!) and I really think that keeping fit helped me recover from giving birth so quickly. I started running again at 3 weeks post partum and so far it’s going better than I thought, but you do have to be organised to fit runs around a baby! Your last training week sounds epic….keep up the good work, it really is worth it!

    8. You rock!!! I can’t imagine doing 10 miles at 38weeks! Can’t wait for LOs arrival, could be any day:)