Friday Randomness

There are a lot of random things that I want to share but rather than try to make a post around each one, I decided to just share them as concise as possibly:

– I forgot how much newborns sleep!  My oldest son slept a good amount but nothing to the extent of his little brother.  I’m actually hesitant to even type this out because I don’t want to jinx how well (and how much) he is currently sleeping.  I have yet to nap during the day because I am getting a fairly decent amount of sleep at night (between 6-8 hours with 2short wakeups to nurse).  And the best part is that he seems to have his nights and days totally figured out – he wants to do nothing except sleep and nurse between the hours of 10pm and 8am!

Sleeps ALL day!

– I’m extremely anxious to start training and racing again.  Running just for fun is great but after 8 months of easy running with no tangible goal (except to run through pregnancy) in mind, I am itching to have something to push myself towards.  I hope to sit down and figure out my racing calendar for the remainder of 2012 this weekend and should have a post on what’s on tap early next week.

– It’s amazing how much more relaxed and calm you are with your second child.  It’s not that I was freaking out with my first, but I felt that everything had to be done a certain way.  For example, nursing the first few months looked like this: sitting on the couch with  a nursing pillow, burpcloth, blanket, etc.  Now?  I breastfeed walking around while I am doing other things.  Yesterday I made eggs for my oldest while I nursed my youngest.

Little guy sleeps wherever his older brother and I are!

– I haven’t cooked a meal since I’ve been home from the hospital.  My mom has come for a few visits this week and each time she does, she arrives with a tray or dish of one of our favorite foods – eggplant parm, chicken cutlets, stromboli, desserts…We have so much food that I’ve actually had to freeze some of it because we can’t go through this much food fast enough.  I’ve definitely been spoiled and I’m not sure how I’m going to go back to reality when this ends!

– I ordered the ipone 5 yesterday – it should be arriving in the next week or so…This will be my first iphone (I’ve been a Droid user) and I am beyond excited to enter the 21st century.  YAY!

– Was not prepared for Grey’s Anatomy last night.  Have to say that I am really disappointed that a certain person won’t be on the show anymore (don’t want to go into details to spoil it for anyone that DVR’d it!).

Is anyone racing this weekend?  Share the details – I will live vicariously through you for the time being!!

Is there anything random in your life right now?

Did you watch Grey’s last night??  

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    16 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

    1. Hey Michelle! I loved reading your latest post about motherhood with two and updating your racing calendar:) I received my iPhone 5 last week and love it! My favorite app is for my Starbucks card!! Have a great weekend!

    2. Hmm, so if I have a baby I don’t need to cook. Sounds like a good trade! I actually don’t do much cooking around here anyway, so I definitely don’t think that idea would lead to a reduction in workload :)

      I’ve got an iPhone 5 – I managed to get one on monday. It’s amazing how hard a company will work to get your business if they know they’re stealing you from some major competition! It’s been amazing, so far.
      Tyra recently posted..Greater Springfield Run4Life 5km – race recap.My Profile

    3. I totally missed Grey’s last night!!! I have to watch it especially now that you’ve said that you were a little disappointed. Isn’t it funny how everything is different with baby #2?? Did you jinx Ryan’s sleep by typing that out? That always used to be my fear – if they were sleeping well, I would never say anything out loud and I would try not to consciously think about it for fear of jinxing it! And then of course my husband blathered on and on about their sleeping which I’m convinced totally jinxed us :-)
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up – ExpectationsMy Profile

      • HAHAHA. I know…I kept debating if I was even going to mention Ryan’s sleep habits already! He has kept up his amazing sleeping so far – last night he went almost 4 1/2 hours straight. The best part is that when he does wake up, he only wants to nurse and go back to sleep – so the wakeups are a piece of cake. AJ would go back to sleep but it usually took me about 20-30 min (which is still fairly quick) but I would be wide awake by that point! LOL.
        Hope you had a great weekend =) Did you get to watch Grey’s?

      • Just 40 miles this weekend? What a slacker!!! You should be embarrassed with your lack of motivation to run =) HAHA. Can’t wait to hear how your back-to-back runs went!!!!

    4. love the pics! And i was way too heartbroken over dang Gray’s last night. It was an emotional week and I was looking for a good distraction and instead I was just sad. Bleh!

      You are going to be back to kicking butt and setting PR’s in NO time. :) Can’t wait to watch! :)
      Erin recently posted..Denver trip recapMy Profile

    5. He’s so darn cute! It’s so true that you are so much more relaxed and less overwhelmed the second time through. And I think that affects their sleeping habits, too–just my theory! So glad you are not being knocked out by lack of sleep.

      Looking forward to seeing what you have on tap for the upcoming race season–your desire to race combined with your talent will mean speedy, speedy times!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Wardrobe malfunctionsMy Profile

      • Well, I may be overly optimistic. My sis ordered one 2 weeks ago and although they told her 14-21 days, it arrived a week later…so I’m hopeful that the same thing happens to me =) Let me know when you get yours =)

    6. Glad to see everything is going well with the baby!

      Racing in a not so easy but not that hard trail race this weekend. Not expecting to PR by any means but should be fun, especially since it’s for a great cause.

      Grey’s was kind of disappointing. I see why they focused on that character mainly but I wanted to know more about what happened. I’m glad they are filling us in next week. That little tid bit at the end was a surprise because I thought that character had died with the way everyone was talking/acting.

      • How did your race go this weekend? Trail runs are awesome but definitely not PR material =)
        I agree with you about Grey’s – I was just so confused for a lot of it and just wanted to see the aftermath to know what happened!!! And I agree about the ending – I thought the same exact thing – HUGE surprise.
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Running Post-Partum: How Soon is Too Soon?My Profile

        • It was a little rainy and cold but it went great. Better time than I thought I’d do and placed 2nd in my age division and was rewarded with a medal! A first for me :) I just won’t mention how many people were at the race/in my division 😉 Still counts!

    7. ahhh he is soooo cute! oh my gosh, so sweet!
      i am running in a local race on sunday, a 10 miler, but am planning to use it as part of my 18 mile long run and practice race pace. should be good!
      i know how you feel right now – i remember so clearly how i felt after baby gus was born. and my how the time has flown!
      oh and yes i watched grey’s. i am super bummed too. so sad.
      jessica (pace of me) recently posted..A Timed MileMy Profile