Sandy + Double Digits are BACK!

Last Mile split (actually was 7:37)

Staten Island Evac Zones

Good Morning, friends!  This post is going to be short and I likely won’t be blogging for a few days due to Hurricane Sandy.

These are the evacuation zones for my hometown, Staten Island.  There is currently a mandatory evacuation in place for residents living in zone A.  We are just outside zone A (the red on the map).  My older sister and her family are in zone C (currently not required to evacuate) but my mom falls right in the middle of zone A.  So her and my sister spent last night at our home.

While the wind and rain pose a severe threat to Staten Island, we are most concerned with the water surge from the Raritan Bay.  We are bracing and expecting the worst – we spent most of the weekend preparing our home and shopping for essentials.

I will keep everyone as updated as I can, but are anticipating power outages that can last for extended periods of time, so access to a computer and internet may not be feasible.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is in the path of this storm – especially those that are in her direct path (the models currently show that we are NOT in the direct path of Sandy).  Let’s hope that the models are making this storm worse than she will be.

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    Gone For A Run: Running Medal Hanger Review + Giveaway

    Gone For A Run Medal Hanger

    Despite moving into our house over four months ago, my husband and I just recently started to focus our attention on decluttering and setting up our basement.  We now have a quasi home-gym in one section (with a TV, treadmill, trainers, and a few other pieces of workout gear).  This is realistically going to be where I log most of my winter miles this year while my two sons nap (fingers crossed that they have simultaneous nap times!!).

    I have always wanted a medal hanger for all of my race medals whose previous home was a box in my closet.  The awesome people at Gone For A Run offered to send me a personalized one:

    We decided to hang it right next to the treadmill.  I love that I can run right next to my medals!

    What I Like

    • Design: There is a wide variety of designs that you can personalize with your name, logo, mantra, etc
    • Clip:  Clip on side allows for easy access to add/remove medals
    • Capacity: Can hold over 20 medals
    • Bar: You can easily space out your medals based on the number that you have
    • Room: You can add a second bar if you need more space for the medals
    Gone for a Run has a wide variety of running accessories and gifts including bib coasters, frames, bibFOLIOs, decals and magnets, and pandora-style beads (I’m a huge fan of my Pandora bracelet so this is going to be an upcoming purchase for me!).


    Gone For A Run is giving away a $20 gift certificate that can be used on anything from their online store!

    Maybe you just ran your first marathon and want to commemorate your achievement:

    Maybe you have a ton of race bibs lying around and want to keep them organized:

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      Running Mom Inspiration + Mizuno Shoe Giveaway WINNER!


      First, I just want to say thank you so much for everyone’s supportive and encouraging comments, tweets, and messages regarding yesterday’s post.  It was really great to hear about all of your experiences dealing with similar frustrations with returning to running (especially those returning postpartum).

      I’ve heard so many stories about females becoming faster after giving birth.  I didn’t get a chance to experience the full extent of this as I had just started PRing again (my son was 11 months old) when I found out that we were expecting child #2!

      But there are a lot of females that get considerably faster post-baby.  One great example is Jen from The Local Elite.  I recently discovered her and her blog (and love both!!)!!  She is insanely fast and hopes to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials.  Check out her pre-pregnancy and post-baby PRs – they give me so much hope!!

      • 5k Road: 16:40 (pre-pregnancy 18:20)
      • Half Marathon: 1:18:05 (pre-pregnancy 1:25)
      • Marathon 2:51 (pre-pregnancy 3:14)
      PS. Jen just ran the Columbus Half-Marathon (as a training run – not an all out race) and finished in 1:21:09 (which is a 6:15 pace).  She finished 50th out of almost 10,000 runners and was the 8th female to cross the finish line.  Amazing (especially since it was just a training run for her!).  Congrats, Jen!


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        The Long Road Ahead

        Approaching finish line of Boston Marathon

        This past weekend was my first post-baby race.  As I already stated, it wasn’t an all-out race for me – but truth be told, I did push myself.  My lungs were burning and legs were hurting at various points during the 6.2 miles.

        My pace for those short miles was slower than the pace I’ve run marathons in.

        I’m certainly not complaining about where I am at physically right now.  At 5 weeks postpartum  I know that I am blessed to have had a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy (with the exception of gestational diabetes and posterior pelvic pain) and an easy labor and delivery.  Both of those allowed me to return to running very soon after my son was born and I know a lot of females are not as lucky.

        But it’s been extremely humbling so far.  My body seems to have forgotten what certain paces feel like.  I’m a big fan of not running with a Garmin all the time and have gotten pretty good with judging my pace based on perceived effort.  But right now, I have no clue what pace my body is moving at. I think (and feel like) I’m running a certain pace and then I look down at my Garmin (or treadmill screen) and see a totally different number – typically about a minute slower than I think I’m running.

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          Runner’s World Weekend

          This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Runner’s World Half & Festival Weekend.  FitFluential, Runner’s World, and ICON fitness invited 25 bloggers to the RW Half & Festival in Bethlehem, PA, in order to meet editors and running experts, run one (or more) of the races, and get some exposure out about the race and weekend.

          I had no intentions of running a race so soon after my son was born, but I also knew that this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.  My attending (and running one of the races) would be based on when my son was born – I would only attend if he was 4-5 weeks old – old enough to be out and about for a few days but young enough where he was still super portable and not really on any sort of schedule.  Well, he cooperated and was born within the small window necessary for us to attend (it’s clearly a sign he wants to be a runner!).


          When we first got to the hotel, we were given a welcome bag that had some awesome goodies: RW Big Book of Marathon & Half Marathon Training, a Running SkirtMediterranean SnacksSwiftwick socks, Sweaty Bands, and The Stick.

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            Race Recap / Review: Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival Weekend 10k

            Runner's World Half & Festival

            Runner's World 10k course - it doesn't look too hilly, right?

            The Runner’s World 10k was my first “race” post-baby.  I wasn’t completely racing it as I am still trying to be patient with my return and not over-exert my body before it’s ready…but I certainly pushed myself harder than I have in 10 months!

            Although the course description and profile didn’t sound or look too hilly, it was much hillier than I expected and was ready for.  I avoided hills like the plague at the end of my pregnancy (I was recovering from posterior pelvic pain that developed in July) and so I haven’t run on really any hills since the first week in July.

            I started off the run with two amazing (and speedy!!) ladies that I got to spend time with and get to know this weekend – Kristin and Kat.  They ran the Hat Trick over the weekend and were still the flying in the 10k like it was the only race of the weekend! Somewhere just before the 1st mile, I started to drift back from them.  I was worried about starting way too fast and then crashing and burning at the end, so I didn’t try to keep up (and I wouldn’t have lasted very long if I had tried!).

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              I Am A Domesticator

              My daily outfit when I spent the day in the house!!

              *Note: I shamelessly am using the term domesticator after seeing it on my friend, Lindsay’s, blog last week.  If you aren’t reading her blog, you NEED to!!

              About a month ago, I ran into a college classmate who I hadn’t seen since our 2003 graduation.  We chatted for a while about random things before the topic of our careers came up.  When I told him that I am a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM, aka domesticator), he started laughing and said, I can’t believe that the girl who used to tutor math to all of us is now a housewife.

              I know he didn’t mean to be condescending or hurtful with his comment, but I immediately felt embarrassed. Embarrassed that my life consisted of raising my children, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry and not business attire and corporate events.

              Then I was angry.  Angry with myself for being embarrassed with the career choice I have made.

              But to be honest, if you would have asked me ten, even five years ago if I ever imagined I’d be a SAHM, I would have had the same reaction he did.  Truth be told, for most of my life, I had ZERO aspiration to be a housewife.  From as far back as I can remember, I had visions of becoming a successful, powerful NYC businesswoman.

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                Mizuno Shoe Giveaway!


                Big Smile = )

                Happy Monday, friends!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I enjoyed an 8 mile run (longest run post baby to date!) and lots of Ironman Kona watching on Saturday followed by a relaxing rest day on Sunday.

                I was SO tempted to run more than 8 miles.  The perfect running weather, my feeling stronger with each run, and the excitement of fall marathon season all make me itch to run long…but I know that slowly building my mileage up is the smartest thing for me and my body right now.  My motto these days is: Rome wasn’t built in a day.


                **My one year blog anniversary was a few weeks ago…to celebrate NYC Running Mama’s existence, I will be having a series of giveaways on here over the next few weeks – some of my favorite running (and baby!) gear/products.  So make sure you check back often for your chance to enter and win!!**


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                  A Second Child: What I’ve Learned

                  Kiss time

                  Happy THREE weeks  to my little guy!!  I’m amazed at how fast the time has gone and how I already can’t imagine life with my two little ones.

                  While there are definitely some aspects of life that are more difficult now, I am amazed at how relatively seamless the transition is/was.  These are some of the things that I’ve learned the last few weeks:

                  • Love.  I finally understand what my mom used to say to my sisters and I about loving us the same but for different reasons. There’s no way that I could love my two little boys for the same reasons – my oldest is talking and interacting 24/7 while my youngest mostly eats, sleeps, and poops.  But I feel like my heart is split equally for them.
                  • Diapers. A good part of my day  is spent changing them. I got used to going through maybe 5-6 diapers/day, so having a newborn who requires many, many more than that is a change for me.  And I’m convinced the boys are in cahoots.  It seems that they decide to “go” at the same time or while I preoccupied with the other!  I received a shipment yesterday – diapers for both boys, wipes, and diaper garbage bags.  Can you believe these two boxes will only last a few weeks!?!  
                  • Sleep.  I’m amazed at how our bodies adapt to change.  I had felt SO tired the last few weeks of pregnancy and that was on 8 hours of sleep a night (+ 30-60 min of napping during the day).  Now, I’m getting about 6 hours of (interrupted) sleep and surprisingly feel relatively good for most of the day.
                  • Food/Drinks I had to eliminate / limit during pregnancy. I forgot how wonderful it is to be able to have an afternoon (or early evening) cup of coffee if I want to!  And although I am really not much of a beer drinker, I have been CRAVING one almost every night!
                  • Older Son’s Reaction.  My oldest son has been pretty wonderful with his little brother.  He wants to be included in everything that is going on – giving him a bath, changing him, holding him…and will almost never pass him by without leaning in for a kiss! I’m appreciate of all the suggestions that were left when I discussed my guilt with having a second child.  Thank you! 

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                    What’s Beautiful?

                    Under Armour

                    When do you feel most beautiful?

                    Is it when you are all dressed up for a special occasion?

                    Or when you have your hair or makeup a certain way?  Or wearing a certain outfit or accessory?

                    Or maybe you are like me and it’s when you accomplish a goal?

                    At that moment, I feel unstoppable.  I feel strong.  I feel beautiful.

                    One of the first times I really experienced this was during the summer of 1999.  I spent six weeks going through Cadet Basic Training (CBT), also known as “Beast Barracks” at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  I do not remember a lot about that summer…it’s mostly a blur of images and moments that remain in my memory.  But I remember the last day – we were on an 18 mile road march back to West Point after spending a week living in tents outside.  The ruck march was a requirement in order to successfully complete CBT and begin our first academic year at West Point.  The route was extremely tough – there were several large hills (including a ski slope) we had to climb – all while carrying our rifles and 35 pounds in our ruck sack.

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                      Short Term Race Plans

                      Runner's World Half & Festival

                      After 8 months of comfortable, easy running, I am anxious to have a race on the calendar, to start training for something…As I said in an earlier post, running for fun/pleasure is great, but I love having something to focus on and push towards.

                      So with that said, this is what the remainder of 2012 looks like for me.  While I am excited to have a few *races* on the agenda, I am realistic about the possibility of PR’ing (not happening!).  I will be running these races as a way to slowly get back into the running shape I was in pre-baby.

                      Runner’s World Half & Festival (10k) – Oct 20: I  am SO excited for this opportunity.  Thanks to FitFluential and Runner’s World, I am heading to Lehigh Valley in a few weeks.  The weekend looks to be amazing – 35 other bloggers, great speakers (including Bart Yasso, Shalane Flanagan, and Kristin Armstrong), events with RW editors, and a good variety of races.  Plus it is my birthday weekend!!  As much as I would love to run the half, I don’t think I am physically going to be up to it yet.  More importantly, I don’t think I will be ready to leave my little guy for the time required to run the half.  I am nursing and don’t plan to introduce the bottle until he is about 4 weeks old, so committing to the half marathon is a bit of a stretch for me.  So the 10k it is!  If YOU are interested in running one of the races (half marathon, 10k or 5k), Runner’s World has given me a coupon code that will save you 10% off the registration fee! Enter “BLOGGER32” when you checkout!  If you are planning on attending the events / racing that weekend, please let me know! I’d love to meet up with you!

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                        Running Post-Partum: How Soon is Too Soon?

                        postpartum running

                        Post 4-mile run

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                        I ran 5 days after the birth of my first son – an easy 1 mile run on the treadmill and then slowly increased the mileage over the next few weeks.  By the time he was 5-6 weeks old, I was comfortably running 30-40 miles/week which included long runs of ~10 miles and some speed workouts.

                        I have roughly the same plan this time around.  I ran 2 miles last Tuesday (6 days postpartum) and 4 miles on Saturday (10 days postpartum).

                        While most of the feedback I have gotten has been extremely positive, I have received some pushback and questions from friends / family / readers about my quick return to running.

                        But how soon is too soon?  

                        From my research, discussions with other females, doctor’s guidance, and previous experience, I can tell you that there is certainly not a black and white answer for this question.

                        I ran until the end of this pregnancy, had an uncomplicated natural delivery, and didn’t need any stitches post L&D – and I’ve been given the green light by my health care provider to begin physical activity.

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