Mizuno Shoe Giveaway!

Happy Monday, friends!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I enjoyed an 8 mile run (longest run post baby to date!) and lots of Ironman Kona watching on Saturday followed by a relaxing rest day on Sunday.

Big Smile = )

I was SO tempted to run more than 8 miles.  The perfect running weather, my feeling stronger with each run, and the excitement of fall marathon season all make me itch to run long…but I know that slowly building my mileage up is the smartest thing for me and my body right now.  My motto these days is: Rome wasn’t built in a day.


**My one year blog anniversary was a few weeks ago…to celebrate NYC Running Mama’s existence, I will be having a series of giveaways on here over the next few weeks – some of my favorite running (and baby!) gear/products.  So make sure you check back often for your chance to enter and win!!**


I hosted a Mizuno Giveaway on here a few months ago and am excited to announce that Mizuno is letting me give away another free pair of running shoes as part of Mizuno’s Mezamashii Project

An excerpt from the email I received:

In Japanese the word Mezamashii means brilliant

We are on a quest to deliver more mezamashii – more ecstatic, electric, wind-in-your-heart running.  More brilliant running. 

So instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to talk about our shoes, we’re putting our money where your feet are – by giving you a free pair. 

To learn more about the Mezamashii Project, click here.


Mizuno is letting me select one reader to join the Mezamashii Project.  These are some of the perks you will receive:

  • You will receive a pair of shoes of your choice – you can choose from ANY MODEL!!! (excludes the Prophecy)
  • Get early access to product launches and exclusive Mizuno events

To enter: Simply leave a comment telling me about the highlight of YOUR weekend

Additional entries – please leave a separate comment for each.

Giveaway Details:

  • Contest will run from Mon, Oct 15, 2012 through 11:59pm EST on Tues, Oct 23, 2012
  • Winner will be selected and announced on NYC Running Mama on Wed, Oct 24, 2012
  • One reader will win an invitation to the Mezamashii Project (which includes a free pair of shoes of their choice valued at $149.99 or less)
  • Open to US Residents Only
  • Winner has one week to contact me (nycrunningmama@gmail.com) before a follow-up winner is selected
  • Winner will be chosen via random.org

For more information on the Mezamashii Project, click here.

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    2. If you could include practical applications too that would be great. This is not for a school project in addition, I’ve been reading a bit about diesel two shots and can not determine why we are not all using them. Am I missing a key here?.

    3. The highlight of my weekend was finding out that I don’t have any new lesions in my brain or spinal cord (I have MS). I celebrated by running my weekly long run (7 miles) a day early. I believe that I control my body and my health. And I make my own path and destiny. This weekend helped me remember it.

      • I also followed you on Twitter/Instagram and posted the tweet :-) I love being given opportunities like this. It’s so hard to set aside time to run and take care of myself, but it’s the only thing I look forward to in my day. I really hope I get the chance to try out some new shoes (which I desperately need), and get myself motivated to push for higher goals.

    4. My weekend highlight was dressing up both my 2.5 year old daughter and myself as “running witches” i.e. black running skirts and homemade purple tuelle skirts with striped stockings, witch hats and sneakers. :-) Followed by pumpkin picking and running through fields of fall foliage together.
      Mecca recently posted..Playing Catch Up (Part deux)My Profile

    5. The highlight of my weekend was getting out of the snow and onto the track! Not the same as running outside but my modo is get it done! 13.5 miles indoors! PS live part time US part time Canada, I am a US resident!

    6. The highlight of my weekend was winning 1st place in my age group on my 4 th ever 5K! This is coming from someone who couldn’t run across the street!!! So very blessed!

    7. The highlight of my weekend was completing my first marathon with a time of 4:20:40. I ran my first 5K in May, and my first marathon on Sunday. One of the best experiences of my life!

    8. My weekend highlight was getting in a 30 mile ride without the sun setting on me before I get back home!

    9. Best part of the weekend was finding out I’d be able to run again on Monday after work!

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    11. The highlight of my weekend was our community’s Fall Festival. My husband and I dressed up as 1920’s gangsters and volunteered at the concession stand. It was a blast serving food with him. I love that even though we were doing something that could’ve been boring, we made each other laugh the whole time! :)

    12. Highlight of my weekend was a perfect fall run followed by a Notre Dame victory! 7-0 baby!!

    13. The highlight of my weekend was running my first half marathon – post-baby! It was a success in that I finished…but I was a little disappointed with my time. It was a tough, hilly course and I missed a few training runs. Overall, I was happy to be out there and SO proud to have my son and husband watching! I am a new reader of your blog and am so happy to have found it! Great job on your 10K this weekend!!

    14. The highlight of my weekend was that I ran a 5 miler and half marathon and PR’d in both races!!! My legs felt great but are a little sore today. The weather was wonderful and I felt so good running both races.

    15. The highlight of my weekend was walking in memory of my grandma and in honor of my niece at our local Light the Night celebration to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

    16. I forgot to do my additional entries….getting them in now. :)
      I follow both you and Mizuno on Twitter

    17. The highlight of my previous weekend was riding bikes with the family. This weekend, it was getting back to running after having influenza and then a bout of post-flu congestion.

    18. The highlight of my weekend was sending my beautiful daughter to her first homecoming dance.

      On the fitness front, I conquered a 6 mile run, when my legs felt like lead and my body wanted to quit at mile 1.
      Amanda M recently posted..Update 10/18 ThursdayMy Profile

    19. The highlight of my weekend was running the half marathon at the Runner’s World Festival. I am sad that I didn’t get to meet you!

    20. The highlight of y weekend was running my second half marathon at the Runner’s World Festival! I am so sad that I didn’t get to meet you!!

    21. My run on Sunday, I ran some hills, the weather was perfect, and it was some solid ‘me’ time!

    22. The highlight of my weekend was going to Busch Gardens and scoping out the hills I will be conquering for the upcoming Christmas Town 8K Dash

    23. The highlight of my weekend was going to Busch Gardens and scoping out those hills I will be attacking in a few weeks for the Christmas Town Dash. Ok I was really there for Howl O Scream

    24. The highlight of my weekend was taking my first ever yoga class to stretch out the tight muscles from LAST weekend’s Baltimore Marathon (unexpected BQ!!! Woo to the hoooo!) My Mizuno Wave Riders carried me the whole way with no black toenails to show for it! Love your blog!!! You inspire me–

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    26. The highlight of my weekend was getting free tickets to a Broadway show and hanging out with my kids after a busy work week

    27. Favorite part of my weekend was the 21 miler out on the trails that hurt so bad but felt so good all at the same time!!

      I follow you and Mizuno and have tweeted for additional entries :)

    28. The highlight of my weekend was seeing my son grab a racing pamphlet for a Turkey Dash and say “Mommy I want to run with you.” I forgot how it is to run with him. It is like playing.

    29. The highlight of my weekend was a new 10K PR of 48:27 on the hilliest course I’ve ever run! (Crossing my fingers that I win the Mizunos – I’ve been wanting to try a pair for a while!)

    30. The highlight of my weekend;
      Saturday I woke up feeling crappy, like a cold was creeping up to me and totally lonely and weak (newlywed and my husband has been away working overseas since 1 1/2 month now).. I finally, late afternoon, got enough energy gathered to get out on a run even though I just did not feel good..
      Once I was starting to run I felt the energy coming back and I could feel my smile coming back to me. The rainy run left me feeling refreshed and like myself again – the bright, happy person whom is full of energy and life.

      Running, always a highlight in my life! :)
      Evelin (@evelinruns on Twitter) recently posted..It’s not always bright and sunnyMy Profile

    31. i tweeted on twitter!

      The highlight of my weekend was my first long run after my marathon 2 weeks ago. My legs felt GREAT, and I’ve come such a long way in my running.

    32. I followed you on twitter.

      The highlight of my weekend was my first long run after my marathon 2 weeks ago. My legs felt GREAT, and I’ve come such a long way in my running.

    33. The highlight of my weekend was waking up for an early run with my hubby along the lake followed by a trip to the farmers market!

    34. My weekend highlights always begin and end with beautiful runs. I’ve been running in Mizuno Wave Riders since high school – 10 years!! – and have never looked back. They have taken me through some of my best, most unforgettable races and led me to PRs over and over again. I would LOVE to win a pair and represent proudly in my next road race! 😀

    35. The best part of my weekend was watching the pure joy on my 6 yr olds face while he played soccer on Saturday. He spent most of his time just running up and down the field, but he was loving every minute of it :)

    36. We held a garage sale this weekend! Got rid of stuff so we can buy new stuff for baby #2 ha ha I love your blog and the inspiration/motivation it gives; keep bloggin sister!

    37. The highlight of my weekend was my husband having friday AND sunday off, on top of the amazing weather we had, there was a lot of out door activity!

    38. The highlight of this past weekend was spending all day Sunday with my boyfriend volunteering at a local trail race and then lazily wandering through the art museum. This coming weekends highlight will be running the Columbus Marathon!!

    39. The highlight of my weekend was seeing my best friend get married. And a side bonus of that was getting to spend the evening on a date husband away from my 3 kids!

    40. The highlight of my weekend was spending some wonderful quality time with my kids hiking!

      bvbabybv at gmail dot com

    41. The highlight of my weekend was taking my kids out for a run. They ask now and again and depending on which one we go for a 1/2 mile for the younger ones to 2 miles for my oldest.

      I am following you! (Not stalkerishly of course.)

    42. Highlight of my weekend… finishing my first 10K .Rock n Roll New York, Brooklyn.. so pumped.. already signed up for the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in February.. love your blog.. following on twitter.

    43. Highlight of my weekend – – – – – Another PR (I get one everytime I race in Mizuno’s) in 5K! And 1st in my age group!! :)

    44. The highlight of my weekend was finally getting back out on the road after a week of marathon recovery. I’ve been itching to throw my shoes on for a week, so even 20 minutes of slow recovery miles had me grinning like a cheshire cat!
      Hillary recently posted..Race Recap: Twin Cities MarathonMy Profile

    45. The highlight of my weekend was definitely seeing one of my best friends get married on a plantation in Nashville. The weather was perfect and the wedding was beautiful!

    46. Pretty quiet weekend for me. I did get back in the gym which I’m stoked about. I just finished 2 marathons this fall season and am now done with marathon training for a while and focusing on getting some strength work in ( but still running too, of course!)

    47. The highlight of my weekend was spending time with my husband and friends celebrating my birthday.

    48. The highlight of my weekend was spending time with my husband and new puppy! I haven’t gotten in any exercise lately and need to make it more of a priority – you are such an inspiration !!

    49. My weekend was fantastic, spent celebrating my sister in law’s pregnancy at a baby shower and my niece’s 8th birthday! The 23rd is my 2nd anniversary, and I would love to mark it with winning a new pair of running shoes to continue running! Ran 2.2 miles today, running my first 10K in 2 weeks :)

    50. The highlight of my weekend was a trail run with my running group. Especially right now with the fall colors it was such a beautiful run. Afterwards we chit chatted with coffee in a local coffee shop, perfect start of the weekend!!
      Christine recently posted..Three (Recovery) Things TuesdayMy Profile

    51. I’m have recently started following your blog (over the summer) for inspiration and insight to running through pregnancy.

      The highlight of my weekend, was the Baltimore Running Festival. Several of my running girls and I participated in the relay event. We have all been running together for the last few years, starting with this event in the marathon category two years ago. We have all continued running together through two babies, a 50th birthday, and recently 3 new pregnancies! :)

    52. Getting back out in the neighborhood for a run after vacationing in Jamaica last week.

    53. The highlight of my weekend was getting lost on my 10 mile run and it turning in to an 11.5 mile run. Sounds silly I know, but it helped me build confidence.

    54. Highlight of my weekend was PR’ing in the 5K by over a minute and getting 2nd place in my age group….for the 3rd weekend in a row! All completely different races and completely different times, but still beyond awesome :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    55. The highlight of my weekend was preparing for my last long run before the RnRLA half marathon Oct. 28th (my 30th BIRTHDAY!!!). I have been doing my LR’s on Mondays, so I typically get about 6M in on Sat. and enjoy College football for the remainder of the day. Sundays I lay low and relax…who doesn’t look forward to that?!? 😉
      Cassandra recently posted..A Long Run with Pro CompressionMy Profile

    56. the highlight of my weekend was setting a new PR at a local 5k – it’s been tough getting speed back after training for longer distances

    57. My highlight was finishing a 30k trail race :) In my Mizuno trail runners!
      (followed and tweeted, too)!

    58. The highlight of my week was last night when I PR’d my push press max weight at crossfit . It was 10lbs heavier than my last!

    59. Highlight of my weekend was watching Northwest Missouri State beat Pitt State in football!!

    60. The highlight of my weekend? Hmmmmm, probably being one weekend closer to my husband coming home from Afghanistan!
      And I got my unpacking done at our new home, too.
      Awesome giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed 😉
      E recently posted..my mini masseurMy Profile

    61. Had a great run Friday evening. Saturday attended the wedding of a wonderful young couple starting their life together. Then spent the remainder of the weekend with old friends. It was great ! Hoping i win the shoes as I am in need of some new

    62. The highlight of my weekend was going to an apple harvest festival with my 2 children, nephew & other relatives.

    63. The highlight of my weekend was my alma mater being ranked #25 in the nation in football! First top 25 ranking since 1968!

    64. my highlite was my first grandchild’s third birthday party on Sunday!!! Can’t believe how fast time flew by, seems like only yesterday that she was born. Thanks for this chance at winning a great pair of running shoes. :)

    65. my highlight of this weekend was finding a deal on some yellow mizuno wave riders!!! no joke, $15 off at Dicks Sporting Goods, minus another 20 in coupons. i love a deal and i only rock wave riders!!

    66. The highlight of my weekend was celebrating my birthday with my baby brother (we share the day). Long run Sunday was a close second =)

    67. Highlight of my weekend was a nice little 6 mile run on Sunday battling wind and rain along the boardwalk in Hollywood, Florida

    68. The highlight of my weekend is always spending time with my seven month old son. The runner up this weekend was running a PR at the Rock n Roll NYC 10K.

    69. The highlight of my weekend was my PR at the ING Hartford Half! I did not thing I had it in me to run a 1:45 half (ever). Especially after 5 weeks off from being injured. I’m still smiling – and I have a lot more confidence in myself for the NYCM!
      Ashley recently posted..NYCM Training – Week 14 RecapMy Profile

    70. The highlight of my weekend should’ve been a great run on Saturday. Instead, I was sick and it became sleeping in. :-)

    71. I just started running a couple of months ago and finishing second in my age group in my first 5k was the highlight of my weekend.

    72. I am recovering from a hysterectomy and just cleared to walking for exercise. The highlight of my weekend was walking 1/2 mile to get to Mile 7/8 of the Baltimore Running Festival in order to cheer on my running buddies. Next year, we will run it together!
      DrNay recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

    73. The highlight of my weekend was an awesome Bikram Yoga class on Saturday. Just what I needed after a long week. I also follow you & Mizuno on Twitter.

    74. The highlight of my weekend was spending quality time with my sister, who was visiting NYC from Seattle. Replaced my weekend workouts with walks all around the city catching up. It was the best! (But my plantar fascia didn’t love all that walking, and would be really excited for some Mizuno cushioning next time! :) )
      Thanks for offering the giveaway

    75. The highlight of our weekend was painting our master bedroom – a project we’ve been putting off for too long. Found some muscles I didn’t know I had, too!

    76. Getting back on the treadmill after having my little girl via c-section 3 weeks ago. Taking it slowly but it felt so good to be back!

    77. Mizuno’s are my FAVORITE running shoes! In my opinion, they are the ONLY running shoes.

      The highlight of my weekend was a 75 mile bike ride with some hills and a lot of headwinds!

    78. The highlight of my weekend was completing my last “long” run before my marathon next weekend, The Detroit Free Press Marathon.

    79. The highlight of my weekend was meeting my son who we are in the process of.adopting. He is the perfect baby.

    80. Way to go on your 8 mile run!! My race this weekend was a highlight, and having some extra time with friends. I actually already won a pair of Mizunos so I’m not going to do all the entries, and if you happen to pick this one, you may choose someone else. :) Great giveaway, and happy blog-iversary!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Space City Ten Miler- Race recapMy Profile

    81. Highlight of my weekend was my first post baby race running the baltimore marathon relay with my sister and some friends! feels so good to be back at it!

    82. The highlight of my weekend was going for a walk/run among the fall colors. Got to test out my legs, lungs and pelvic floor. Things seem ready to go:)
      Sarah recently posted..Itching to RunMy Profile

    83. This weekend I did my longest run ever (and also my longest marathon training run). I ended the run feeling amazing – especially when I realized that I ran .25 miles longer than I needed to without even noticing! An ice bath and a date with The Stick, and I was barely sore the next day when I went to dinner to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. All in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend!
      Michelle recently posted..when to wear (and not to wear) headphonesMy Profile

    84. My highlight was the sunrise trail run I ran on Saturday. Not a cloud in the sky… crisp, clean, trails and sun.. beauty

    85. 7 mile run in gorgeous gorgeous autumn weather along the river….and also 7 miles free of ITB pain!

    86. Weekend highlight: 7 mile run in gorgeous gorgeous fall weather along the river — beautiful! Also a highlight: no ITB pain!

    87. They highlight of my weekend was relaxing at home with my husband and son, followed by a great Sunday evening run!

    88. Highlight of my weekend was the success of my first Maternity shoot!! I love being able to do something I love!! :)

    89. The highlight of my weekend was my 7 mile run Saturday morning in awesome weather (13.5 weeks preggo) followed by lunch with my mom and some down time Sunday to catch up on my cleaning.

    90. The highlight of my weekend was definitely the Nike Women’s half I ran yesterday in San Francisco! I had so much fun, and PR’ed, even though the course was tough!

    91. The highlight of my weekend was a 13 minute PR in a 15K race (in my purple Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s) followed by 16 miles of hills on Sunday in preparation for my first marathon in 4 weeks!

    92. The highlight of my weekend was accomplishing my first 20 miles successfully. I have attempted it 2 times in the past 2 weekends and this weekend I finally did it.

    93. The highlight of my weekend was running a 10k race with my son in the jogger. During the race, we passed a playground, and my son said “Momma…….SWINGS!!!!”. We made a quick pit-stop at the swings and then ran three more rocky miles on some major trails! it may not have been my fastest 10k, but by far one of the most fun races I have ever done. The look on my sons face when he saw those swings was PRICELESS. It truly is the little things in life…….

    94. My favorite part of my weekend was a planned 2 mile run; I was 6 days post my very FIRST MARATHON, the Chicago Marathon that I ran with my BFF @KSGrube! so i planned a short 2 mile run to see how I felt, miraculously my legs felt fresh and my body felt good along with my mind; so when I got to mile 2, I went ahead and ran 3 miles for 30 minutes! I felt invigorated and felt as though I did everything right Pre, and post marathon… I’m already looking to sign up for my next marathon already, and I have a half marathon coming up November 3rd with @KSGrube. woo hoo!
      I run in Brooks shoes, have LOTS but @KSGrube runs in Mizuno’s and LOVES them, she is also a former Brooks lover too.
      I follow you and Mizuno on twitter and also follow you on Instagram of COURSE! Congratulations on the birth of your baby; you LOOK FANTASTIC!

    95. Starting and finishing the Reach The Beach, NJ relay with 11 men (i was the only woman)–coming in 9th overall and 1st in our age group. I suspect it’s the only time ever (!) I will have won in the Men’s Super Masters category.
      Paige Sato recently posted..wowMy Profile

    96. The highlight of MY weekend was running a nice, easy, and GORGEOUS 8-miler on Sunday morning. It was perfect weather in Connecticut & everything about the run felt great! :)

    97. :( I was all excited to enter and then read that its only open to US residents. I am sad now, lol. I love Mizuno! Oh well…i will tell you the highlight of my weekend anyways:) My highlight was running 13km on the 13th as it was my bday run:) I couldn’t run 29km for my 29th because im pregnant. But now i have planned on running 30km for my 30th birthday next yr! What a cool way to celebrate:)

    98. The highlight of my weekend was getting through a brutal 6 miler in the pouring rain. My legs felt heavy the entire time, but muscling through it felt great.

    99. The highlight of my weekend was catching up on life. I managed to check everything off of my to do list both for work and home and today I wake up with a clean slate. Feels freakin’ great, except now I won’t know what to think about during my morning run.
      Kaitlyn recently posted..Review: Jackal K9 Mountain BikeMy Profile

    100. The highlight of my week was spending time with my family. We don’t get to see them very often because of the miles in between us. Plus, it was the first time they met our new baby boy.

    101. My weekend highlight was stacking blocks with my baby boy……I also loved my yoga class for completely different reasons!

    102. The highlight of my weekend was running a race with my high school best friend, getting a new PR and my son cheering from the sidelines.

    103. The highlight of my weekend was at work, believe it or not. Sold Honey Stinger gels + chews to a pair of BFFs running their first half marathon next Saturday … oh, and these ladies are in their 60s and freaking awesome!

    104. The highlight of my weekend was running in my first 15k finishing in under 1:25!! Wahoo!