Sandy + Double Digits are BACK!

Good Morning, friends!  This post is going to be short and I likely won’t be blogging for a few days due to Hurricane Sandy.

Staten Island Evac Zones

These are the evacuation zones for my hometown, Staten Island.  There is currently a mandatory evacuation in place for residents living in zone A.  We are just outside zone A (the red on the map).  My older sister and her family are in zone C (currently not required to evacuate) but my mom falls right in the middle of zone A.  So her and my sister spent last night at our home.

Hurricane party in our house last night

While the wind and rain pose a severe threat to Staten Island, we are most concerned with the water surge from the Raritan Bay.  We are bracing and expecting the worst – we spent most of the weekend preparing our home and shopping for essentials.

I will keep everyone as updated as I can, but are anticipating power outages that can last for extended periods of time, so access to a computer and internet may not be feasible.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is in the path of this storm – especially those that are in her direct path (the models currently show that we are NOT in the direct path of Sandy).  Let’s hope that the models are making this storm worse than she will be.


After a handful of 7-8 mile runs, I decided late last week that I was ready to try my first double digit run postpartum.  We needed to get our Honda serviced and the service center is located about 10 miles north of our home.  Rather than put both kids in the car for what would end up being close to an hour drive (total) due to traffic on Staten Island, I decided that I would drive the car up early on Saturday and run home.  I did something similar back in June when I was 26 weeks pregnant and loved it.  I would be gone about 2 hours total – so I nursed the little guy, made sure he was asleep for his morning nap (which is usually about 2 hours), pumped, and took off.

Map of Route

Since I’m not completely sure what pace I can maintain for these long(er) runs, I am forcing myself to start slow.  I’m not going out trying to run sub-8 miles the whole time because I have NO idea if that is feasible right now.  So, I find that I am starting off slow and adjusting my pace based on how I feel.

The uncertainty of pace is causing most of my runs to be progression runs (which are my favorite!) and I tend to finish the runs feeling strong.  The first 9 miles were comfortable – I decided to pick up the pace the last mile to see how it felt – that was the only mile I was tired and out of breath.

Last Mile split (actually was 7:37)

My splits:

  • Mile 1: 8:31
  • Mile 2: 8:28
  • Mile 3: 8:26
  • Mile 4: 8:17
  • Mile 5: 8:24
  • Mile 6: 8:17
  • Mile 7: 8:15
  • Mile 8: 8:09
  • Mile 9: 8:07
  • Mile 10: 7:37
  • Average Pace: 8:15

It would have been a perfect progression run had it not been for mile 5!!  And the great new is that it is THREE minutes faster than the last time I did this run (along the same route).

Did you race this weekend?  (Congrats to everyone who kicked butt at the Marine Corps Marathon!)

Do you enjoy progression runs? 


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    1. Wow, double digits. I am pretty sure you are superwoman ;-) heehee. And I am glad you are safe from Sandy. Nuts how bad it hit NY. I LOVE that pic you posted! SO SO precious!
      jobo recently posted..Resetting and rejuvinating.My Profile

    2. Thinking of you in the aftermath of Sandy, hope you’re all safe and well!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..An apple a day won’t keep the doctor awayMy Profile

    3. Did you lose power? How did you do? My town was hit pretty hard (Babylon on the South Shore…all over the news) but we are not that close to the water and were lucky. Still have power and lost some small trees and our fence and part of our deck.
      Hope all is well with your family!!
      Jackie@ MuscleUpMom recently posted..Postcards from NowMy Profile

    4. My boyfriend is from Brooklyn and all his family is still there. I heard NYC got hit pretty hard, I hope you and your family are safe!
      Christine recently posted..Race Report: Wild MileMy Profile

    5. Been thinking about you all day. Stay safe. xoxo
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Day 1: Epic Road Trip – Hurricane Sandy versionMy Profile

    6. That’s a great slow pace! Stay safe!
      AmyC recently posted..TrainingTruths: A MedleyMy Profile

    7. I love running home from somewhere. Its my favorite way to train on my long runs. I wrote a post about it on my blog if you want to check it out!

      Love reading your posts!

    8. Double digits feel awesome, huh???!!! Congrats on a great run! Stay safe from Sandy!
      Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Flying LeavesMy Profile

    9. Proud that you’re back! From a Floridian, be safe and if they say to go, go! Praying for you guys up there!
      Kat recently posted..Motivational Monday & Featured Sneakers #7!My Profile

    10. I saw the pic you posted on facebook this weekend of your run! I’m so jealous I’m not in the double digits right now but I’m slowing down as I get farther along (16 weeks on Wednesday!). Great run though! Stay safe during hurricane Sandy!
      Carissa Dukes recently posted..Our tiny future football playerMy Profile

    11. Nice work on that run! Always feels good to finish fast and strong:) stay safe!
      Sarah recently posted..First Run Post-PartumMy Profile

    12. we are going to make this hurricane our bitch.
      Cat @ Breakfast to Bed recently posted..Shady SandyMy Profile

    13. Be safe out there! Water can do so much damage. Love that you ran home. I used to do that when I worked closer to home. I’d have my husband drop me off in the A.M. and I’d run home. I loved it. Wish I worked closer to home to do it more often.
      Katie @momslrb recently posted..Hawaii Part 2: SNUBA and Sea TurtlesMy Profile

    14. Thinking of you Michele and praying the storm is smaller than expected! We are in upstate NY and expected to only get heavy winds and rain plus some power outages.

      Awesome run! Like I told you before, I didn’t wear a watch for the first few months after having my daughter, but I did progression runs often. I would go out easy, get an irrational fear that my daughter needed me back home, and run as fast as I possibly could on the way home. It had nothing to do with getting in shape – I was just trying to get home. Yet it got me in great shape! I also LOVED that feeling of being out of breath after progressing each mile. I felt like it was more of an intense feeling than I get even now. New mom hormones maybe? Anyway, congrats on double digits! You are an inspiration!
      Jen B recently posted..Scare Away Brain Cancer Race Recap 2012My Profile

    15. That’s great Michele!! I also did 10 miles on Saturday. The best part was that I didn’t really expect to do that much. I set a goal of 5-6 and ended up running 10 with a friend. I got to 6 and figured, what’s another 4? :) Only bad part is that my knee is giving me trouble lately. I’m getting the feeling I need to visit a doctor and get an MRI–swelling and pain that doesn’t subside can’t be a good sign :( Glad you were able to get your run in! Be well and feel good!!

    16. That is a great 10 mile run. I have been doing most my runs as progression runs lately and have loved seeing how much improvement I see because of it. Stay safe, you guys will be in my thoughts this week.
      Robin recently posted..Race Recap of Runner’s World Half Marathon 2012My Profile

    17. this nonrunner just wants to nag you to be safe stay safe :-)
      Miz recently posted..Get into character for a healthy Halloween!My Profile

    18. Stay safe during Sandy! I had a great 5K race this weekend and now have a new PR :)
      Ali recently posted..Halloween Week PlanningMy Profile

    19. Yay for double digits! I always feel like a real runner once I can hit 10. And I love progression runs–that’s how my body works best.

      Good luck with Sandy. We are getting loads of rain right now but the wind hasn’t kicked in yet. The kids are home today, I’m sure tomorrow, and who knows about the rest of the week! I’m trying to roll with it, but I had big plans for productivity this week.
      misszippy1 recently posted..Garmin racing–not my thingMy Profile

    20. love love love that pic of auntie and baby. so precious! stay safe friend!
      Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted..Bean Bytes #12My Profile


    1. [...] first few long runs after my son was born was in the 8:20-8:30 range.  Since then, I’ve been trying to stay around 8:10-8:15.  I’m back up to distances [...]

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