PR Spotlight: Pamela


I’m excited to begin the new series on NYC Running Mama – the PR spotlight.  The PR spotlight will feature runners who have recently PR’d.  It could be on the treadmill, track, or on the roads.  The purpose of the feature will be to discuss what was done differently – whether it was pacing, fueling, hydration, training, mental preparation, etc.

One of the things I love most about running is that I’m constantly learning – I learn just as much from the 4:30 marathoner as I do from the 2:45 marathoner. Hopefully this feature become a tool in which we all learn from each other.


Meet Pamela:  Not only is she my best friend (we’ve known each other since we were 13!), but she is the social media expert behind Sparkly Soul headbands.  Although she has run a good number of marathons, Pamela was stuck at the 5-hour mark for most of them.  This past spring, she revamped her training and began seeing immediate results.  The first time I really became aware of how much faster she had become was at the NYC Half Marathon in March.  I was used to Pamela being a 10+ min per mile runner so when I saw her run me at (I was cheering at mile 7) only an hour into her run, I was astounded!!  She continued her improvement through the summer and fall…and just PR’d the marathon by 53 minutes at the Philadelphia Marathon!!!  Here is how she managed to go from a 4:43 marathoner…to a 3:50!!! 

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    Yurbuds Inspire for Women Review

    photo (17)

    Running and music have always gone hand in hand for me.  Music has been my companion on probably 95% of my runs.  In my opinion, there is nothing better than a long run with my favorite music.  I feed off the music.  It gives me energy.  It takes my mind off the pain.

    Through the 11+ years I’ve been running long distance, I’ve probably tried almost every sports headphone available.  Some were uncomfortable and hurt my ears.  Others bounced around and forced me to constantly fix the earbuds.  Others felt great and stayed in place – but shorted out after a few weeks from sweat or rain.

    I had not found one that I was 100% satisfied with.

    Until I tried Yurbuds Inspire for Women Sport Earphones.

    I received these in the mail six weeks ago and immediately put them to the test on my next run.  And every run since that day.

    I wore them on my first 10 mile run postpartum. 

    I wore them for my first 10k race postpartum. 

    I wore them on my 5k time trial last week. 

    Yurbuds have FlexSoft™ and TwistLock™ technologies to guarantee they will never hurt or fall out.  Perfect.  Sweat and water-resistant?  Yes, please.  Pretty colors?  Yup!! (They come in aqua, pink, yellow, green, purple and orange.)

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      How to Run Back to Back Marathons

      Breaking the tape at the 2011 NYC Marathon

      In the fall of 2011, I ran a 30 miler, the NYC Marathon, and the Knickerbocker 60k within a 5 week window.  I showed up to the start line of each race feeling rested, energized, and ready to run.

      It seems like running back to back marathons in a short period of time (~2 weeks) is becoming more and more popular.   Here are some of the things I did to ensure I was ready for each:

      Let your body dictate when to run again.  There is no golden window for when you should return to running post-marathon.  There are so many outside variables that go into how long your body needs to recover – How hard did you run?  Was the course hilly?  How is your body reacting to the 26.2 miles?

      I found that I needed almost no time to recover from the 30 miler.  Why?  It was a long, slow run – not a race.  I ran a steady pace for the whole 30 miles (8:34) and didn’t push myself like I normally would in a race.  I even felt okay enough to run a bit that afternoon during a photo/film shoot for the NYC Marathon (this is me a few hours after the 30 miler).  I took two full days off from the 30 miler and returned with a easy, slow 5 miler (8:45 pace).

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        Mustela Review + Giveaway


        Mustela is the #1 Baby Care and Stretch Marks Brand in Europe and just began selling their line of products, including the 9 Months and Bebe lines, in Duane Reade stores across the United States. 

        Mustela focuses on selecting only the most natural ingredients to use in their products – any questionable ones such as parabens, alcohol or oils are excluded since they can be harmful to both babies and the expectant moms.

        Mustela® prides itself as being the skincare expert for babies and mothers-to-be. For this reason, Mustela® offers effective, easy-to-use products of the highest quality, designed to meet the specific needs of newborns, babies, children and expectant and new mothers.  Mustela is the leading cosmetic brand in the European pharmaceutical market for baby products.  In France, Mustela products are present in 90% of all pharmacies and used in more than 50% of maternity units for the care of newborn.

        I was familiar with several Mustela products, but hadn’t actually tried any until my second son was born two months ago.

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          Meet Claire: Youngest Female Badwater Finisher

          Running along the white lines to prevent her shoes from melting from the hot pavement

          Claire Heid at the finish of the 2012 Badwater Ultramarathon!

          I first heard about Claire Heid (now Dieterich) a week before the 2012 Badwater Ultramarathon (aka “the world’s toughest foot race”).  *For those not familiar with Badwater (the 135-mile trek through the desert), check out the race website or the post I recently did.  Claire was attempting Badwater at age 23, and if successful, would be the youngest female EVER to finish the grueling road race.

          I couldn’t believe that such a petite, pretty, sweet young woman could accomplish what she did – she not only finished – but she finished FAST in a time of 41:15:47 (yes, that is 41 hours!) and now holds the title of Youngest Female Finisher.  Pretty freaking unbelievable.

          Here is her story – how she got into running ultras, what Badwater was really like, and what the future holds for her:

          Despite receiving a full ROTC scholarship to Notre Dame, Claire decided to attend the US. Military Academy at West Point (my alma mater!).

          For my whole life I had been drawn to the military and when my older brother (Class of 2008) was there, I fell in love with everything West Point had to offer when I visited him.

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            First Step is Believing + Review of Saucony Guide 6

            My biggest goal right now is to make the 2013 Saucony Hurricane Team.  In order to even apply, I have to run a qualifying time in the 2012 calendar year.  We are 2/3 through November and I find myself with my back against the wall and the clock winding down.

            I’ve been hesitant to discuss it openly because I’m scared of failing.  I have convinced myself that maybe I won’t be as disappointed if I don’t full invest myself in it.  If I don’t talk about it, it doesn’t mean that much to me…right?  I don’t want to spend the next four weeks training, pushing, believing…only to come up short on race day.  It will crush me.

            But I realized last weekend that I can’t expect to run that time unless I devote 100% of myself to it.  I can’t push myself as hard as I need to if I hear the voices in my head.

            I need to believe in myself. 

            The first step is believing.

            The second step – find a race.  I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 10k on Dec 16 on Roosevelt Island – two loops around the almost entirely flat island.  I have to run a sub-42 which equates to a 6:47 pace.

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              Remembering How to Run Uncomfortably

              First real "race" postpartum

              First real "race" postpartum

              I am slowly starting to feel more and more like myself when I run.  I’m not at my pre-pregnancy shape or pace (and don’t expect to be there for some time), but I feel stronger each day I run.

              Since my son was born (almost 2 months ago!!!), I have tried to take it one day at a time and not push myself too much physically.  Although I started running almost immediately, I didn’t want to overdo it with mileage or speed.  Over the last 7+ weeks I have focused on:

              • Very slowly increasing my long runs (up to 12 miles)
              • Decreasing my pace on my easy runs
              • Decreasing days off in between run days (I’m back to running 5-6 days/week)

              I occasionally would pick up the pace for a mile or so but decided to hold off on doing any sort of speedwork until I felt I ready.  I made the decision this past weekend that I was ready – partially because I feel great running, partially because I’m back to getting a good night’s sleep (Ryan sleeps 6-8 hours at a stretch now) and partially because I have my first “race” on the calendar for this year.

              I didn’t even know this race existed until I saw this:

              So a huge thank you to Samantha and Erica for the heads up!  (I will go into more details on the race and the significance in an upcoming post.)

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                Gone For a Run Winner + Upcoming Giveaways

                Race For Recovery

                I apologize for not announcing the winner of the Gone for a Run giveaway sooner!  The last few weeks have been a bit hectic.

                The randomly selected winner is:

                Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddy!

                Please email me at

                You have one week to contact me to claim your prize before a subsequent winner is chosen.


                As promised there will be a handful of giveaways in the upcoming few weeks including:

                • PowerBar (2 winners):  boxes of various bars – valued over $100 per winner
                • Mustela (1 winner): gift pack – valued at $100

                Additionally, I’m going to begin the PR Spotlight series that I had discussed in the spring.  Looking forward to highlight Jess from Pace of Me next week!


                Don’t forget to sign up for the RACE FOR RECOVERY 5k/10k!  

                We have over 125 runners from across the country participating already (and have raised almost $5,000).

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                  Race for Recovery 5k/10k

                  Tunnel to Towers Foundation

                  After watching my Facebook page fill with status updates and photos of my fellow Staten Islanders as well as friends in NYC helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy last week, I knew that I needed to find a way to help.  Logistically, it’s difficult for me to physically help – having an (almost) 2 year old and 7 week old (who doesn’t yet take the bottle) force me to stay home most of the time.

                  This past weekend, I had the idea of starting a virtual race.  I emailed a bunch of running gear companies that I have had contact with in the past (and some I haven’t) as well as several friends who pulled some strings for me and several friends who have their own businesses.  The response has been overwhelming.  As of this morning, there are 40 prizes that can be won – worth over $2,500.

                  All updates will be posted to this page.

                  **NEW** For whoever donates (and/or collects on their own to donate here) the most amount of money, Runner’s World will award you with a Fantasy Day.  Details are below! 

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                    More than Jersey Shore or Mob Wives

                    One of my favorite pictures (Source: Reuters)

                    Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me the last week.  As I’ve already expressed, my family is safe.  My house was left virtually untouched.  We were without power and heat for the better part of the week (both have been restored).  But it seems like nothing compared to what so many people along the east coast, my hometown of Staten Island, and members of my immediate family are currently dealing with.

                    I have no intention of blogging for the time being.  It just doesn’t seem right to write about running, parenting, reviews right now – it all seems SO trivial given what people living right down the block from me are going through.

                    This week has been a total blur for me.  For most of the week, we had no cell reception.  In some ways it was incredibly frustrating. I felt so disconnected and it was extremely hard to communicate with anyone – even members of my own family.  But not having access to the TV or internet or even facebook prevented me from seeing what had happened to my beautiful hometown.  And in some ways I am actually grateful for not having ANY idea how badly Staten Island was hit until days later.  I hadn’t seen what the harder hit areas of the island looked like until yesterday.

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