PowerBar Product Giveaway

Some of my favorite PowerBar products

I was honored to be a member of PowerBar‘s Team Elite this past year and had the opportunity to try a ton of their products.  PowerBar is going to give away some of my favorite products to two readers – just in time to kick off the new year and spring marathon training!

Energy Gels: Since my very first marathon in 2002, PowerBar Energy Gels have been my go-to refuel for long runs and races (Note: I’ve tried out a few other brands over the years, but have always come back to PowerBar’s gels).  They have gotten me through long training runs, marathons, and my first ultra.

The energy gels  provide the carbs and electrolyte of a high end sports drink and contain 4x the sodium of leading competitors.   The gels are formulated with PowerBar C2MAX dual source energy blend, a 2:1 glucose to fructose blend found to deliver 20-50% more energy to muscles than glucose alone and improve endurance performance by 8% (source).

I can happily say that I’ve never cramped or had any sort of GI issues during a race – which I attribute to my use of energy gels.  They come in 11  yummy flavors – some with caffeine (1x or 2x) and some without.  My favorite flavors are Strawberry Banana, Green Apple, and Chocolate – they taste SO good and have just the right amount of caffeine!  I typically take one right before a race and then every 5-6 miles (depending on how I feel/how fast I am running).

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    PR Spotlight: Hyedi N


    Happy Friday!!!  Hope everyone has safe and easy travels home and/or a safe weekend with the wintery weather we have been having!!

    Today marks the end of Week 1 of marathon training.  I didn’t run as often as I wanted to because I am still recovering from the flu – but am overall pretty satisfied.  I used this week as a refresher for myself – no hard or long distance runs – I mostly wanted to get used to waking up at 5am and running every day.  I’m really excited for this training cycle and plan to go into detail about my training plans for my spring marathon  next week!


    This week’s PR spotlight is on Hyedi.  I’ve been following her for a while now on Twitter but really started interacting a lot more when the Race for Recovery was being planned – she was enormously helpful in spreading the word and getting involved.  Read below to see how she went from a 2:12 half marathon in 2009 to a 2:03 in 2012.  She has even bigger goals for 2013 – sub-2 (which she TOTALLY has got!).  PS. Hyedi – hope you kick the flu and feel better quickly – we are all sending good thoughts your way!

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      Race for Recovery – the numbers

      Becky in front of a damaged home on Staten Island

      I decided to break the Race for Recovery down by the numbers – I’ve seen this method used several times recently in blog posts and really love the style!

      Don’t forget to check out photos of all the runners who participated!

      I just want to say THANK YOU one last time to everyone who supported this virtual race – the generous companies that donated, the companies who helped promote the race, and all of the runners who donated and raced.  I’m still amazed at how much money was raised and how many giving people participated!  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

      10,895 – dollars raised

      2,627 – dollar value of prizes 

      1,350 – dollars raised by grand prize winner Chris M

      725.4 – miles run 

      357 – people donated

      272 – runners participated

      157 – results entered – FULL list of participant finish times can be found here -> Race Results

      112 – runners completed 5k

      88 – pictures of participants – the FULL album can be found here -> http://facebook.com/pages/nycrunningmama

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        When do you throw in the towel?

        Race for Recovery Update


        As you are probably aware, I was set to race the Hot Chocolate 10k on Sunday.  I had really big goals for the race: running sub-42 which would allow me to apply for the Saucony Hurricane Team.

        I spent the last 5 weeks following a training plan – cutting back on my mileage and focusing on regaining the speed I had lost during pregnancy.

        reacquainted myself with the uncomfortableness of speed workouts and hard runs.

        I saw HUGE gains in just a few weeks.  My 5k time went from 21:36 to 20:50 in one week.

        I had successful tempo runs.  My last one included 4 miles at a 7:05 pace.  I finished feeling strong and anxious to run more.

        I was starting to believe in myself.

        Last Monday I planned to do a practice 10k.  My goal was sub-43 (~ 6:55 pace).  I jogged a mile warmup, stretched and began the 10k time trial.  I barely made it a mile. Something didn’t seem right.  I felt tired and achy – as though I had a really tough run the day before – which I hadn’t (it was a rest day).

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          Race for Recovery Results

          Feeling Fit Team in CT (Kim Petruska, Mary-Jo Checco, Erin Ehrhard, Kate Korotash, Eileen Curran, Jennifer Falci

          If you missed yesterday’s post about the Race for Recovery Giveaway Winners, you can find it here.

          There were 112 participants (who submitted times) for the 5k, 61 for the 10k, and 16 who completed both!! Below are the results for each – as well as twitter links (if applicable).  Congratulations to ALL of participants! =)

          5k Results

          Place First Last Time
          1 Lorenzo H 15:33
          2 Bradley R 17:05
          3 Steve L 18:28
          4 Christopher 19:27
          5 Matt V 21:40
          6 Jamie K 21:42
          7 Lisa M 21:47
          8 Kristin 21:57
          9 Ashley K 22:21
          10 Andy C 22:25
          11 Alison W 22:32
          12 Kelly C 23:30
          13 Marc C 23:30
          14 Tiffany 23:44
          15 Mary M 24:11
          16 Justine L 24:30
          17 Pamela 24:30
          18 Siobhan M 25:00
          19 Amanda 25:10
          20 Elizabeth 25:21
          21 Jennifer 25:29
          22 Adam 25:34
          23 Stacey 25:42
          24 Melissa 26:09
          25 Hyedi 26:22
          26 Christina M 26:39
          27 Christine Y 26:42
          28 Peter 26:47
          29 Ron V 26:57
          30 Ashley 26:59
          31 Kate M 27:03
          32 REBECCA K 27:10
          33 Samantha 27:29
          34 Maureen C 27:35
          35 Kim 27:35
          36 Elizabeth H 27:39
          37 Katie K 27:39
          38 Beth I 27:44
          39 Ariel A 27:59
          40 Allie W 28:01
          41 Jacqueline L 28:02
          42 Gracie A 28:14
          43 Kathleen T 28:14
          44 Sarah C 28:34
          45 Michelle C 28:35
          46 Stephen W 28:50
          47 Tabitha 29:20
          48 Jaclyn V 29:46
          49 Eileen C 29:48
          50 Katrina 29:50
          51 Mary-Jo C 30:00
          52 bob 30:00
          53 Jane 30:22
          54 Corinne 30:26
          55 Geraldine G 31:02
          56 Becky K 31:21
          57 Katy M 31:50
          58 Gladys 31:59
          59 Carissa D 32:02
          60 Nicole D 32:09
          61 Vicki M 32:35
          62 Chris M 32:40
          63 Ashley R 32:40
          64 Nina K 33:04
          65 Raciel D 33:44
          66 Amy K 34:00
          67 Shelley M 34:44
          68 sandra 35:07
          69 deborah A 35:16
          70 Rina T 35:21
          71 Nancy 35:28
          72 Michelle D 36:00
          73 Felicia H 36:01
          74 Julie D 36:09
          75 Jennifer 36:26
          76 Kelsey G 36:33
          77 Nan L 37:07
          78 Julie G 37:12
          79 Beth F 38:45
          80 Heidee J 39:13
          81 Elena 39:30
          82 Irena 39:40
          83 Molly W 39:54
          84 Jo Anna L 40:03
          85 Yash H 40:05
          86 Thomas M 40:10
          87 Nicky L 40:10
          88 Janice K 40:23
          89 Michelle F 40:28
          90 Mike 41:09
          91 Kenny 41:09
          92 Dawn M 41:19
          93 Denise M 41:30
          94 Amy M 41:38
          95 Robin T 42:03
          96 Leah M 43:22
          97 Tracy 44:20
          98 Rebecca M 45:15
          99 Nadine F 42:25
          100 Myra 48:10
          101 Jess R 49:45
          102 Charlie 49:46
          103 Scott L 50:00
          104 Erin R 51:33
          105 Cassandra G 52:03
          106 James 52:40
          107 Ashleigh M 54:52
          108 Valerie F 54:52
          109 Amelia M 54:52
          110 tina M 54:52
          111 Savannah M 54:52
          112 Becky H 59:00

          10k Results

          Place First Last Time
          1 Matt V 46:00
          2 Stephanie K 48:42
          3 Elisabeth K 49:00
          4 Stacey T 49:38
          5 Jeffrey L 50:38
          6 Erin O 51:05
          7 Beth P 52:12
          8 John B 52:33
          9 KRISTINE D 52:36
          10 Carrie H 52:40
          11 Siobhan M 53:00
          12 Pamela P 53:47
          13 Casey S 54:30
          14 Jilly W 54:48
          15 Melanie N 55:30
          16 Toni C 55:37
          17 William R 56:10
          18 Amanda B 57:30
          19 Nicole G 57:34
          20 Allie W 57:39
          21 ali L 57:50
          22 Veronika S 58:25
          23 Heather I 58:42
          24 Anya B 58:52
          25 Jeremy M 59:00
          26 Naomi K 59:16
          27 Melissa J 59:20
          28 Gracie A 59:53
          29 Tracy B 59:58
          30 Elizabeth H 1:00:00
          31 Raciel D 1:00:15
          32 Kelsey R 1:01:15
          33 Ron V 1:01:18
          34 Melissa G 1:02:03
          35 SONIA A 1:02:38
          36 Pauline S 1:03:05
          37 Catherine K 1:04:00
          38 Terry T 1:05:26
          39 Carolyne A 1:05:54
          40 Jonathan N 1:06:06
          41 Ashley R 1:06:37
          42 Megan S 1:06:44
          43 Vicki M 1:06:56
          44 Jaclyn V 1:07:08
          45 Craig B 1:07:46
          46 carol H 1:08:20
          47 Jillien S 1:10:28
          48 Jeff B 1:11:00
          49 Felicia H 1:12:15
          50 Chris M 1:12:32
          51 Jenny S 1:12:51
          52 Claire P 1:14:00
          53 Yash H 1:14:00
          54 Kathy L 1:14:00
          55 Amy M 1:14:53
          56 Jennifer G 1:18:10
          57 Lori M 1:18:23
          58 Rachel P 1:18:40
          59 Annette N 1:22:05
          60 Cassie B 1:25:32
          61 Nancy L 2:09:37

          5k and 10k Results

          Place First Last 5k Time 10k Time Total
          1 Matt V 21:40 46:00 1:07:40
          2 Siobhan M 25:00 53:00 1:18:00
          3 Pamela 24:30 53:47 1:18:17
          4 Amanda 25:10 57:30 1:22:40
          5 Allie W 28:01 57:39 1:25:40
          6 Elizabeth H 27:39 1:00:00 1:27:39
          7 Gracie A 28:14 59:53 1:28:07
          8 Ron V 26:57 1:01:18 1:28:15
          9 Raciel D 33:44 1:00:15 1:33:59
          10 Jaclyn V 29:46 1:07:08 1:36:54
          11 Ashley R 32:40 1:06:37 1:39:17
          12 Vicki M 32:35 1:06:56 1:39:31
          13 Chris M 32:40 1:12:32 1:45:12
          14 Felicia H 36:01 1:12:15 1:48:16
          15 Yash H 40:05 1:14:00 1:54:05
          16 Amy M 41:38 1:14:53 1:56:31

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            Race for Recovery Giveaway Winners


            The Race for Recovery raised $10,795!!  Thank you to everyone who donated, ran, and/or helped spread the word of this event!!

            My phone was buzzing NONSTOP on Saturday with tweets, emails, Instagram notifications, and FB posts containing results and pictures.  There were countless times when I just looked at my husband, showed him my phone, and started to tear up.  I truly felt that the running community was 100% united on Saturday – there may have been differing opinions regarding the cancellation of the NYC Marathon, but there were literally hundreds of people across the United States world running in support of those affected by Sandy.

            I started this race with a lofty goal of $2,500 and we ended up raising over FOUR times that amount.  I have never been prouder to call myself a runner.

            I will be doing a post on the race results tomorrow (race results are still being submitted) and then a post with pictures (and facts/numbers about the participants) on Wednesday so please check back to check them out.  (You can still enter times and/or email me pictures if you haven’t done so yet)

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              Race For Recovery 5k/10k Virtual Run Update


              Men's Health

              HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated, supported, and helped spread word about the Race for Recovery.  There are over 225 people who will be running – and even more importantly – we’ve raised almost $9,000.

              I’m so thankful and amazed with the amount of support that I have received in spreading the word about this race.  In the process, a few things were checked off my bucket list!! =)

              Men’s Health: highlighted the Race for Recovery as one of the TOP TEN winter races in America!!!

              Runner’s World: Posted the race info on their Facebook page (and caused my website to subsequently crash because of the unprecedented high traffic that ensued -> there are much worse things in life!)

              The Staten Island Advance: Article (print and online) about the Race for Recovery on Dec 5, 2012

              Women’s Running Magazine: Talked about the Race for Recovery on their blog on Nov 13, 2012.

              Fitness Magazine: Mentioned the race in their Holiday Fit Links:

               FitFluential: Included information on their blog and monthly newsletter:

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                Spring Racing Decisions

                I am signed up for the NJ Marathon on May 5.  I was registered last year, but deferred (for free!) when I became pregnant.   This IS my target race for the spring.  It’s a flat, fast course and I have big dreams of running sub-3:10.  This is ultimately what all of my training will revolve around.  I want all the races I choose to run to add to, not take away from, this goal.

                But I have a dilemma.  I am toying with the idea of running either a March marathon or half marathon as preparation for NJ in May.  Here are my options:

                Option A: Run the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon (or the B & A Trail Marathon) on March 16

                • I would use this race as a test run before the NJ Marathon.  Truth be told, I haven’t “raced” a marathon since Boston 2009 – that’s almost FOUR years!! I ran the NYC Marathon in Nov 2011, but had to run the first half with four other runners (it was at a pace much slower than I’m used to running) so I didn’t get the opportunity to push myself for the full 26.2 miles.  I feel like using it as a test run could be a great idea – work out any issues I may have – fueling, water, clothes while also getting in the mindset of pushing for 26.2 miles.
                • The NJ Marathon is 7 weeks after these two races, so there is plenty of time to rest/recovery, get a few good long runs, and taper again.
                • This would require me to begin training NOW since the marathon is 15 weeks away.  Am I ready to begin putting in the long runs necessary for this?  I am not sure.  I’m still having a hard time being away from my boys – even for short runs (unless they are asleep).  And I’m not 100% sure I’m in the mindset of having long runs every single weekend.

                Option B: Run a half marathon (maybe NYC Half?) mid-March

                • This race could easily fit into my marathon training plan
                • I have HUGE goals when it comes to the half (I want to take 3+ min off my previous PR of 1:34) so would love a chance to PR during marathon training
                • The rest/recovery for this race would be much less than marathon (two weeks total as opposed to four) so I could focus on more long runs
                • I wouldn’t have to start training for another few weeks (just after the holidays)

                Part of me REALLY wants to run a marathon as soon as I can and I know I can definitely be ready by March.  But I’m not sure if doing one that soon would actually hinder my goals for NJ Marathon as opposed to help them.

                What are your thoughts?  

                Have you run marathons ~7 weeks apart?  Did you feel rested and ready to race again? 

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                  Help Me BECOME ONE!

                  Become One Kona

                  So I’ve been keeping a little secret…

                  I have applied to Become ONE!

                  got chocolate milk? is having a contest which will give two lucky winners the Ironman experience of a lifetime.  This program includes:

                  • A customized seven-month training program in their hometown with elite IRONMAN coaches
                  • Seven months of lowfat chocolate milk to refuel and recover between workouts
                  • Entry into 3-5 IRONMAN training events, to be determined by their coach
                  • Any equipment or gear necessary to train and fully recover effectively
                  • Entry into, and 2 round-trip airline tickets and lodging for, the 2013 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona-Kailua, Hawaii

                  For the past two years, I have signed up for Ironman competitions, had them on my racing calendar, begun training…only to find out I was pregnant.  Pregnancy and my two little boys are the best things in my life…but I’m definitely itching to fulfill what has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

                  2013 is going to be the year I call myself an Ironman.

                  But I need your help!  

                  Part of the application process required creating a video to explain why we should be picked, why we want to be an Ironman, why we would inspire others…

                  I would LOVE any help spreading the word about my video and any likes/comments on the site (youtube) itself (if you think I should be picked!)

                  Thank you so much for your help!!

                  My application can be found here. 


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