Race for Recovery Giveaway Winners

The Race for Recovery raised $10,795!!  Thank you to everyone who donated, ran, and/or helped spread the word of this event!!

My phone was buzzing NONSTOP on Saturday with tweets, emails, Instagram notifications, and FB posts containing results and pictures.  There were countless times when I just looked at my husband, showed him my phone, and started to tear up.  I truly felt that the running community was 100% united on Saturday – there may have been differing opinions regarding the cancellation of the NYC Marathon, but there were literally hundreds of people across the United States world running in support of those affected by Sandy.

I started this race with a lofty goal of $2,500 and we ended up raising over FOUR times that amount.  I have never been prouder to call myself a runner.

I will be doing a post on the race results tomorrow (race results are still being submitted) and then a post with pictures (and facts/numbers about the participants) on Wednesday so please check back to check them out.  (You can still enter times and/or email me pictures if you haven’t done so yet)

The Grand Prize winner is Kate Delhagen who donated/raised $1,350.  However, she has opted to defer her prize and pass it along to the runner-up: Christine M who donated/raised $575!!  Christine – I will be in email contact with you today!

Below are the giveaway winners in the order that they won.  Each person will get to select their prize from the list – based on what is still available.  The full list of giveaway items can be found here. I will be emailing ALL of the winners by this evening – if your name is below and you do not receive an email from me, please let me know ASAP.

  1. Toni C
  2. Matt V
  3. JoAnn S
  4. Tiffany B
  5. Andy C
  6. Kate D
  7. Paul G
  8. Heather I
  9. Stacey T
  10. Becky K
  11. Jamie K
  12. Nancy L
  13. Kate D
  14. Jeffrey L
  15. Christine M
  16. Eileen C
  17. Carissa D
  18. Melissa G
  19. Erin V
  20. Annette N
  21. Pamela P
  22. Kelsey R
  23. Doug C
  24. Tiffany B
  25. Becky K
  26. Sonia C
  27. Tina R
  28. Amanda B
  29. Amy K
  30. Melissa J
  31. Jo Anna L
  32. Tammy M
  33. Karissa K

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    28 thoughts on “Race for Recovery Giveaway Winners

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    4. Congrats, Michele! What an amazing thing you did. I have been feeling so weird about the whole Sandy thing since it happened, and now reading the latest from RW. It really is an interesting moment for introspection as a runner. Though I was not involved in the NYC Marathon or the cleanup, being from there and having a lot of family and friends impacted by the storm really makes you think about things. This was a terrific way to really bring some positive energy to a rough situation. Thanks!!!
      Steve (@steverunner21) recently posted..NF Endurance and the Philly MarathonMy Profile

    5. This was amazing and I loved being involved. Thank you for creating this opportunity for us to all help!!

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    7. Great job to everyone that ran! I loved doing this race! It was my first virtual race and the idea of running with so many other runners but at the same time running at my own leisure when I was ready was perfect. Sometimes the hassle of organized races in your hometown can overshadow the cause you are running for. I’d definitely do it again!
      Carissa Dukes recently posted..Race for Recovery – My first virtual raceMy Profile

    8. I am so proud to have been a part of this race. It was a great feeling to run alone, yet run with so many. (And, I would definitely sign myself up to be part of more virtual runs for a good cause if you were to sponsor them.) Racing in my town gets extremely expensive, with only a small amount of money actually going towards the charities they represent. I was heartbroken when I learned last Fall that of my $70 to Hot Chocolate 15k, that only $1.50 actually went to the Ronald McDonald House. After that race, I vowed to be more careful with where I donate my money. I don’t need a t-shirt more than someone needs those funds. This was wonderful; $20 going straight to a good cause, no t-shirt and a free bib to hang with my others is good enough for me. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of something bigger than just being a runner. You rock. And a big congrats to all the winners!