#MilesofShame – the Super Edition


PavementRunner and I decided to team up again for a Super Edition of #MilesofShame. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, here is how it works (shamelessly taken directly from PavementRunner’s post): Rules: Pick a team. If your team loses, you have to run the point differential in miles. Example: 49ers beat the Ravens 34-28. […]

PR Spotlight: Steve L

Going Green track Meet 2012 - Photo by Ken Trombatore

I’m excited for this post for many reasons.  The first is that it should be a welcome change for all (5?) of my male readers!  The second is that the runner is crazy fast and dropped 30+ min off his marathon PR time from his spring marathon to his fall marathon – he went from […]

Be Your Own Runner

My boys

Yesterday’s workout didn’t happen until 6pm.  I guilted my husband into taking yesterday off (a rarity for him) after his hockey weekend (his team lost in the semi-finals btw).  When he’s home, my desire to run disappears because I’d rather spend time with him and the boys. Between his being home, our contractor beginning work […]

Hot Chocolate 10k Race Recap

Awesome coffee mug!

As I said yesterday, I’m not going to sit here and blame the freezing temperatures or the ice / slush on the ground as the reason I did not reach my goal.  I signed up for a race in the winter in NYC, so ice/snow/freezing temperature kind of goes along with the territory.  Do I […]

Thanks, Mother Nature!

Female Finishers

Yesterday’s 10k race didn’t go as planned…partially due to Mother Nature.  She decided to give us about an inch or so of snow Friday night.  It wouldn’t have been a problem had it not been well below freezing overnight and all day yesterday.  The race started at 8am and despite an amazing job by the […]

Helpful Distraction

Color Wheel

Yesterday’s workout – last hard run before Saturday’s 10k: 1 mile warmup: 8:41 pace 5k tempo: 6:40 pace (20:43) 1/2 mile cooldown: 8:17 pace I wanted to do a 5k today to practice running on tired legs to replicate what the second half of the 10k on Saturday will feel like.  My legs were definitely […]

It’s Racing Time


This Saturday is my first race (where I’ll actually be racing for time) since I found out I was pregnant a year ago. I’m getting anxious, nervous, excited to race again.  I’m running the Hot Chocolate 10k in Prospect Park.  If I run a sub-42, I can apply for the Saucony Hurricane Team.  I haven’t raced […]

Battle of the Sexes – Household Bragging Rights

photo 4

Mondays Workout: Rest Day – Giving my legs an extra rest day this week since I have a BIG 10k this weekend (more details later this week)! Fact: I am a competitive person with just about everything in life (sometimes over the silliest things). Like last weekend: My husband and I were putting together Thomas puzzles […]

Am I Holding Myself Back?

16 miler

Erin O had a question from the previous post (Cold Weather Running).  Does anyone have an answer for her? =) —————————————————- I have a goal pace (GP) that I try to stick to for all of my long runs.  These  GPs change week to week based on how I felt the week prior as well […]

Cold Weather Running

My pre-run ritual in the winter

Wednesday’s Workout – 5 easy recovery miles (8:27 pace) on the treadmill: 3.8 miles while both boys napped and another 1.2 after I went to get little guy from his crib (he sleeps 9-10 hours straight at night but only likes 30 minute cat naps during the day).  This was my view for the second […]

Runner’s Wager – #MilesofShame

Runner's Wager

Last year, Pavement Runner and I started a friendly wager when the NY Giants played the SF 49ers in the NFC Championship.  We did it again when the Giants played the Patriots in the Superbowl (GO GIANTS!!).  There were over 110 participate in the SuperBowl Challenge and we received a lot of positive feedback  - SO […]

Speed Work Post-Baby

Embrace the Pain

Confession: the last time I did speedwork outside was years ago (like 3 or 4).  When I was in Iraq, it was impossible for me to find an area on the base where I could run without worrying about hummvees, tanks, or even indirect fire, so I began to do my speedwork on the treadmill.  I […]

Back to the Trails…

photo (85)

I stopped running on trails as soon as I found out I was expecting.  Although it probably wasn’t necessary until later in pregnancy, I was worried about running on uneven pavement and having to jump over branches, mud and water crossings. I’m a fairly klutzy runner (even on totally flat pavement) and didn’t want to […]

Progression Run + Explosion of Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train

This past weekend was a cut-back long week.  I follow the “build, build, build, easy” concept when it comes to my long runs.  The last three weekends had been 10, 12, and 14…Saturday was supposed to be 8, but I decided to make it a speedy 6 and leave some extra miles for Sunday since […]

Hills Are My Friend

Photo Courtesy of Michelle: elleroos.wordpress.com

If you are like me, then you know that hills suck when you are doing them.  But they pay dividends on race day. My target race this spring is the NJ Marathon. Even though it’s a pancake flat course, I am incorporating some hill-specific workouts as well as general hill training into my training plan. […]

Birthday Celebration + PowerBar Giveaway Winners

Family picture

I’m still on cloud 9 from this morning’s workout.  As I’ve mentioned (repeatedly) on here before, I’m aiming for a sub-42 10k in a few weeks in order to apply for the Saucony Hurricane Team.  I woke up this morning with the desire to do a tempo run instead of my planned hill workout.  I […]

The Wind Against My Wings

8:12 pace

I’ll run in the heat, rain, cold, or snow with no very little complaining.  The one element that I despise and will avoid at all costs is the wind.  I hate it.  For me, there’s nothing as depressing as pushing yourself and feeling like you are barely moving. I always check wind speed before a run […]

Running Book for Kids: Pellie Runs a Marathon

Pellie Runs A Marathon

My husband bought me the cutest kids book a few months after our oldest son was born in 2011 – Pellie Runs a Marathon (by Michele Bredice Craemer): One of the things I am MOST grateful to my parents is my exposure to sports from a young age.  They didn’t force a sport on my […]

#Lucky13 Fitness Goals

Run this Year Challenge

  Happy New Year!! I love the start of the New Year.  There is something so exciting and invigorating about setting goals for the next 365 days and hearing about all the goals others have set. 13 has always been a lucky number for me (it was my high school basketball number for a few […]

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