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Happy New Year!!

I love the start of the New Year.  There is something so exciting and invigorating about setting goals for the next 365 days and hearing about all the goals others have set.

13 has always been a lucky number for me (it was my high school basketball number for a few years), I decided to create my #Lucky13 Fitness Goals.  Some of them are the same goals as I had for 2012…I found out I was pregnant only a few weeks into 2012 and so almost all of my fitness-related goals had to be postponed until post-baby.

1. Complete 50 miler: JFK 50 miler (Nov 16)  This was one of my 2012 goals but pregnancy put it on hold.  The JFK 50 miler is the largest 50 miler in the world (over 1,000 finishers) and I have heard nothing but amazing things about the entire race experience. I ran my first ultra distance in 2010 and my first ultra race in 2011 and have been itching to do another one.  Current distance PR: 60k (37.2 miles) in 5:41 (Knickerbocker 60k, 2011)

2. Sub-3:10 MarathonNJ Marathon (May 5)  I was able to defer this race last year when I found out I was pregnant.  Taking 11 minutes off my previous PR may seem a bit of a stretch – but I haven’t actually “raced” a marathon since 2009 – between training for my first ultra, two pregnancies/childbirths, and the Foot Locker 5 Borough Challenge, racing a marathon never seemed to be in the cards for me.  Current PR: 3:21:32 (Boston, 2009)

3. Sub-1:30 Half-Marathon: Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll (Sep 15)  I am running the NYC Half Marathon in March and as much as I would love to run sub-1:30 at that race, realistically it is too early for me to run that time right now.  My goal for the NYC Half is sub-1:32 (which would be an over-2 min PR).  Current PR: 1:34:31 (Queens Half, 2007)

4. Sub-41 10k:  Brooklyn Hot Chocolate (Jan 26)  My goal for the Jan 10k is sub-42.  This is the required time I need to run to make the cutoff for the Saucony Hurricane Team.  It’s going to be a tough race for me and although I know I can run a 6:47 pace for 6.2 miles, I’m not sure I can run that time right now.  By the end of the year, however, I’d like to take at least a minute off of that time and run a sub-41 10k.  Current PR: 40:51 (Not Certified – treadmill, 2011)

5. Sub-20 5k: TBD  I don’t know if I’ve ever actually raced a 5k.  To be honest, I tend to shy away from short races because it just doesn’t seem worth all the hassle.  I’ve never been a fan of a race where it takes me longer to warm up than it does to race.  Plus, there aren’t a lot of local 5ks on Staten Island, so I’m stuck traveling if I want to race one. Current PR: 19:51 (Not Certified – treadmill, 2012)

6. Sub-5:45 Mile: Forest Avenue Mile (Mar 3)  This will also be an automatic PR for me.  I’ve never raced a mile before but since there is one so close to where I live (~20 min away), I definitely want to give it a try.  Current PR: 5:56 (Not Certified – treadmill, 2012)

7. #RunThisYear (Run 2013 miles in 2013): I saw this on my friend Pavement Runner‘s blog a few days ago and immediately accepted the challenge.  2,013 miles comes out to roughly 5.5 miles/day, 38.7 miles/week, or 167.75 miles/month.  Part of the reason I love this idea is because I know it will force me to keep track of my mileage.  This is something I haven’t been the greatest at and I always regret my lack of documentation as each year winds down.  For more information on this awesome challenge, check out Pavement Runner‘s blog!

8. Weekly Mileage of 90 miles: I’ve gotten into the 70+ mile range a few times and have always wanted to see 8’s and 9’s for the weekly mileage.  Since I’m setting some pretty big goals for myself for #Lucky13, I decided to skip the 8’s and go right to the 9’s.  90 miles. One week. Comes out to about 14.3 miles/day. Dream Big, right? =)

9. Complete Century Bike Ride: I was extremely disciplined with my cross training a few years ago – after 2-3 runs/week, I would hop on the bike for 30-60 minutes.  It made me a stronger, better runner.  And in the process, I developed a love for the bike.  Since the birth of my two boys, the amount of time dedicated to working out has understandably decreased – and the first thing to get cut was the cross training time.  My plan is to find a spring or early summer century ride so that I can train for it concurrently with my spring marathon – it will force me to ride a few days a week.

10. Scratch the triathlon itch: Completing a triathlon has been a HUGE dream of mine for years.  I’ve been signed up for two in the past two years (Syracuse 70.3 and NYC Ironman in 2011 and 2012, respectively).  Pregnancy prevented me from completing both of them.  While I’d love to say 2013 is going to be the year I become an Ironman, financially, I don’t think we can swing it this year.  I need a new bike (as well as new gear) and the cost of that plus cost of the actual race is more than I’m willing to dedicate to one race.  There are a few short (sprint or Olympic distance) triathlons close to where we live and I plan to compete in as many as I feel I can handle this summer.

11. Make it a family affair: Go for a run with my husband (at least) once a month and run a race with my youngest sister – Scotland Run 10k (Apr 6).  My husband I used to run almost every day together when we were both deployed to Iraq and then a few times a week when we lived in NYC.  Even though we wouldn’t talk much during the run, it was SUCH a bonding and intimate time for us.  I can’t even remember the last run he and I went on alone.  Maybe 2011?  We have made a pact to find the time at least one day a month to run together.  My youngest sister has signed up for her first half marathon in May (GO Nicole!).  I want to run her first race with her – tentatively planned to be the Scotland Run in April!

12. Have fun while being competitive:  Compete against (and beat!!!) my husband in a half marathon -> Brooklyn Half Marathon (mid-May)  My husband and I enjoy a little friendly competition every now and then.  I hold the household marathon PR.  He holds the household half-marathon PR.  We’ve decided to sign up for a race together – but instead of running it together (which we almost always do), we have decided to have some fun and race one another.  He’ll agree with me on this – in terms of pure speed, he has me beat every day of the week.  But, I tend to be more dedicated when it comes to following a training plan.  So it’s a pretty even matchup. You better believe that this is going to be what pushes me on my speed workouts and long runs in preparation for the half marathon =)

13. Do 10 unassisted pull-ups: A few years ago, I was able to do 6 or 7 unassisted pull-ups.  I would do them every single day after finishing my workout at the gym.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t done a single pullup in a few years.

What is one of your fitness-related goals for 2013?!  

Will you be at any of the races I plan to be doing?

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    65 thoughts on “#Lucky13 Fitness Goals

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    5. Holy smokes, now I feel bad for not writing my goals down. Ha ha. I better get on it. You are such an inspiration friend. Seriously. I like the 2013 miles in 2013. I might have to jump on that train with you all. Hugs!!!

      • HAHAHA. I’m so excited for your upcoming marathon!! Is there athlete tracking? Can I stalk you for the 26.2 miles? How about you come to NYC and help pace me for my spring marathon? Yes? =)

      • I heard about the #13in2013 – I was toying with the idea but wasn’t sure how many races I would be able to get to this year (or afford!) LOL. That’s awesome that you are shooting for it! What distance are most of the races you are going to do? The duathlon definitely intrigues me – running and biking are my two favorite activities!

        • My plan is to do lots of virtual races with a sprinkle of local races. Last year we traveled to Disney for a half and that was $$$, so this year is going to be local and virtual when possible.

          Been trying to convince my hubs I needed a new bike for years, so hoping a duathlon would be the final push. We will see though! 😉
          Deana recently posted..Week in Review – Wk1My Profile

    6. Awesome goals! I’m doing the Brooklyn Hot Chocolate 10K – I will look for you. Also doing the NYC Half and Brooklyn Half (hopefully PRing in Brooklyn). Happy New Year!

      • YAY!! We are doing 3 of the same races!! We totally HAVE to meet up!! The brooklyn 10k is probably the easiest since I don’t think it’s super big – have you run it before??? Happy New Year to you, too!

    7. Awesome goals, Michele!! I am so inspired just reading this list… your passion and dedication are obvious. So excited to watch you go after these and make it happen.
      As for races, I haven’t been able to map out my 2013 schedule yet… lots of uncertainty right now (and one marathon to conquer first). But I’ll let you know if I choose any of the same ones, hope we can meet at some point in 2013!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..How does tapering affect you?My Profile

      • Thanks so much, Laura!!! I would guess that it’s hard to plan a race schedule when you have all those uncertainties =) Looking forward to you (hopefully) living close so we can meet up and run/race together!! YAY!

    8. Love your goals. A mile PR is also one of my top goals.

      I think you could do a century bike ride tomorrow on jusy your existing run training (provided you’re comfortable sitting on your bike and comfortable with the gears, riding outside, etc.). Racing or aiming for a specific TIME century ride is different but you could do a century no problem with no specific training. I did it on much less running base than you and just Spin class training. It was only my third ride outside on my new road bike!

      • Forgot to add a great century ride is the NYC to Montauk Point! It’s in June, plenty of time for you, and is beautiful and scenic. It’s called the Ride to Montauk. It’s organized well, not a race, but rather a ride with pit stops every 25 miles or so. If you start in Manhattan it’s 145 miles, if you start in my hometown it’s 100 :) I’ll come say hi! Or maybe I’ll ride with you!
        Jackie@ MuscleUpMom recently posted..Baby On StrikeMy Profile

        • Okay, I swear I’m not stalking this post, haha, but I am the exact same as you: I was doing sets of 6-7 real pullups before this baby and right now I can’t do one again!!! I WILL DO 10 AGAIN…let’s do it together!
          Jackie@ MuscleUpMom recently posted..Baby On StrikeMy Profile

          • HAHA. I love all of your comments!! I think you are probably right about the century. I did a 65 miler a few years ago after I fell during a trail race and couldn’t run for a few weeks. I “trained” for the 65 miler in 3 weeks and was totally fine! Would LOVE to do the Montauk one with you – if you are up to it!! Sounds like so much fun! My cousin has a home in Montauk and her and her husband do this bike ride every year!
            And YES! Do the pullups too! We’ll push each other, yes?

    9. Just found your website a few days ago…. Love it! Your list of specific running goals is really inspiring and ambitious, but, my favorite goal is your pull-up one. I hope you do it :)

      • Hey Erin! Thanks so much for your comment!! My husband’s job this weekend is to find me/us a pullup bar that we can put in our basement so I can start working on them! I’ll definitely keep you updated on my progress!

    10. This list of goals is quite impressive! I’m inspired to sit down and think about some of the goals I have for running/fitness this year (love that you added pull-ups to the list: you go!). Since I’m new to running and I’m in the thick of training for my first marathon I hadn’t given much thought to putting down concrete goals for what I was going to do after. Thanks for the inspiration!
      Stephanie@nowirun.com recently posted..Things in the way and a dog bite…My Profile

      • Stephanie! Congrats on training for your first marathon!! That’s so exciting! Which marathon are you doing? How is training going?
        I like having goals written done and made public – makes me feel more accountable then if they were just in my head =)

        • My husband and I are running in a marathon in Phoenix at the beginning of March. Training is going really well! I like the challenge of fitting the workouts into my life (two kids, full-time job, husband with a full-time job, etc…. you know!). It is even more gratifying when I do it!

          I am so excited to be on this journey and I’m really looking forward to reading about yours this year. I agree that it is going to be helpful that I made my goals public (I did it on my blog last night… you inspired me!).
          Stephanie@nowirun.com recently posted..Random Thoughts and Pics ~ Goals…My Profile

      • Thanks so much, Jess!! =) I’ve ALWAYS wanted my sisters to find a love for running like I did so words cannot begin to explain HOW HAPPY I am that she signed up for a race!!

    11. Your post is inspiring me to live outside of my comfort zone and create some (realistic) Lucky 13 goals, too! Best of luck with your fitness-related goals!

    12. your goals are insane but I am not in the least surprised, because YOU are fierce, a competitor and running runs in your blood!! (no pun intended!) You are going ot kill these goals. And I will sit back at in awe at your speediness! you were born for this!! XO
      jobo recently posted..To 2013: the year of BE.My Profile

    13. Love these goals, and that you run with your hubs! We tried it. Twice. Unfortunately, he just started running, so felt like he couldn’t keep up and I’m not that fast. He’s come around, though, and mentioned doing an obstacle course run with me. Fingers crossed that won’t end tragically :)

      I’m doing the 13in2013 challenge, and saw the 2013 Pavement Runner posted. That would mean close to tripling my mileage from 2012 – probably not the smartest call for this injury prone girl, so I’ll be happy to break 1,000 for my first full year running!
      Melissa @ Melissa Running It recently posted..New Year, No Holding BackMy Profile

      • The 13 in 2013 challenge sounded awesome!! I think it’s so smart that you aren’t pushing your mileage yet. Increasing mileage too fast is one of the easiest ways to get injured =) 1,000 miles for the year – for your first year of running – is amazing!! That’s something you should be really proud of.

    14. Wow — these are super exciting goals! I love the friendly competition between you and your husband. Secretly, it’s one of the main reasons I’m working on getting faster :) Right now, there’s no way I could ever touch my husband’s PRs — but maybe one day!

      Good luck with these — I’m excited to follow your progress!
      Hyedi recently posted..All signed up!My Profile

    15. You are soooo fast!!!
      I love that you and your husband have a little friendly competetiveness.. I’m slowly getting to where I can do this with the bf. On the track, I’m just barely a step behind him in sprints, but when it comes to longer distances – his long time running since hs track experience has me beat.
      I can’t wait to see you crush all these goals this year! :)
      beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..Being anti-resolution + 2013 GoalsMy Profile

      • Thanks, Beka =) It’s so fun to do some trash-talking with your significant other. I’m ALWAYS giving him crap about me running a marathon faster than he did! HA. Give your self some time – if you are that close to him on the track, you’ll easily be able to keep up on the longer distances!

    16. Such great goals! I’ve run RnR Philly the past two years and it is a very PR-friendly race (except for that last .10 mile uphill, which is just mean). My big goal for 2013 is to run a sub-2:10 half. I’m nervous and excited but I know I can do it.
      Maureen recently posted..Get Into the GrooveMy Profile

        • Thanks! I’m not sure which race I’m doing yet. It’s between RnR Philly or Hershey. I may end up registering for both soI have two chances to hit my goal.
          Maureen recently posted..Get Into the GrooveMy Profile

    17. I love all of your goals!! And I especially love the one where you compete with your husband – this makes me laugh because my fiance and I do this exact same thing and I currently hold the bragging rights in both the marathon and half marathon! I cannot wait to see what an awesome year you will have! Good luck and Happy New Year!
      Lauren @ The Unlikely Runners recently posted..The One With My Thoughts As I Look Ahead To 2013 (I guess you could call these my New Year’s Resolutions)My Profile

      • HAHA. Glad we are not the only ones who are a bit competitive with each other (although truth be told, it’s more on my end then his – he just has to deal with my trash talking – haha).
        Thanks so much!! =)

    18. This is awesome! I LOVE the 2013 miles in 2013!!! I am terrible at keeping track. I start out doing it and then life and kids happen and it become low on my to do list and I am happy with just getting the run in :)!
      I also love getting the family involved last summer my kids did the marathon with me and my husband. They had to run 25 miles during my marathon training and their race was 1.2 miles to make it a marathon for them. It was fun and it got them out there running about 2-3 miles or so a week.
      Great list and great goals! Keep it up!!! :)

      • I’m the same exact way, Jen! I probably kept track of half of my mileage last yr – so frustrating!!
        I LOVE the idea of having your kids run 25 miles during your training and then 1.2 on their “race” day…I may have to borrow this idea when my boys are a little older (and if they want to run!) =)

      • Thanks so much, Lisa!! They are definitely some big goals…but I figure I might as well dream big =) LOL I’m more of the competitive one in our relationship…my snarky comments get him wanting to compete though =) LOL. Happy New Year to you as well! xoxo
        nycrunningmama recently posted..#Lucky13 Fitness GoalsMy Profile

    19. Holy amazing Michele! I love your #lucky13 goals especially the one about beating your husband at the Brooklyn Half. haha. I’ll be there to cheer you on! My husband and I used to run together all the time and ran three marathons together. But now, with kids, it makes it a little harder.

      OK, so I’m trying to decide on my ONE race this year LOL. I was going to do the FITNESS mag half since I couldn’t do it last year but think that I want to give myself a little more time to prepare (I have a few nagging aches and pains that I want to go away!) so I’m seriously considering the Long Branch half. It would be fun to cheer on you on and see you PR!
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Jumpstarting the New YearMy Profile

      • Oh Christine, I am so competitive…so competing against Paul is just so much fun for me =) Plus, I know it’s going to be that added fire that I may need on hard runs! HA. I had no idea that you and your husband ran 3 marathons together – that is so awesome!!
        Please let me know if you decide on the Long Branch Half (PS. I don’t get why the half and full have different names -> so confusing)…would love to get dinner the night before or something like that!! It’ll likely be just me and Paul – we’ll leave the kids with my family!

      • PS. One of my non-fitness related goals is to respond more to comments on here (Just like you do). I always mean to and then the day slips away!!! You’ve inspired me!

    20. Wow, impressive goals! I will be at the NYC Half and I can’t wait!! I did my first half in November and lasted about two weeks before I knew I wanted to do another! My 2013 goals are to PR at the NYC Half, and possibly run my first marathon this fall. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but you are a huge inspiration to me, especially now that I’m getting into longer distances. A lot of my friends “don’t understand” why people run more than a mile or two, so its wonderful to know there are lots of us out there who do and love it! Good luck with all of your 2013 goals!

      • Hey Marisa! Thanks so much for your comment =) Congrats on running your first half in Nov!! It’s addicting, isn’t it? =) We will definitely have to meet up at the NYC Half – maybe at the expo or post-race or something! Hope you had a wonderful New Years =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..#Lucky13 Fitness GoalsMy Profile

        • Thanks! Yes, it is very addicting! :) I would love to meet up, lets keep in touch. Good luck with your marathon training & Happy New Year!

    21. Your goals are hella impressive! I have no doubt you will accomplish them all :)
      I am running a half marathon with my sister in May! She’s my only family member that will run that distance with me so I am very excited!

      I have a new road bike and would LOVE to do a century ride! Keep me in the loop of which one you choose :)
      Ashley @ Running Bun recently posted..Cheers to a Kickass 2013My Profile

      • I love that you have a sister that runs!! My youngest is really interested in getting into running – I’m trying to not push it too hard onto her – just want to be supportive and encouraging without seeming pyscho =)

        I would LOVE to do the bike ride with you! 100 miles is a long way to go alone!! I’ll start looking for some and will let you know! =)

    22. you are my “sister from another mister!!!” 13 is my lucky number too!! :) And I agree about the whole 5k thing… that race just never hits the happy spot with me like longer distances. I am so excited for your year ahead–lots of goals but you have been working hard and will get it done!!! :)

      • HAHA =) I love that we are so alike, Elizabeth!! 13 and 21 are my two lucky numbers!! I actually found a few local 5ks today…so we’ll see if I stick to my goals and run at least one!

    23. Michele, what an impressive list of goals!!! I know you can do anything you set your mind to do. Awesome, especially love the goals you incorporated with Paul. Ben and I CrossFit everyday together and we love it. I love that we share that time together, our “bonding.” While Ben can knock out like 10, my goal in 2013 is to do a muscle up. Thats is going to be a challenge for me but if I figure I can shoot for the moon and land in the stars. Lets see what else 2013 brings.

    24. Great goals Michele! I love your honesty and how well you know your own body! This will definitely be #lucky13 for you!
      I used to run with my husband often and now we only get to run together on holidays, or when family is in town so I totally feel you on wanting that back again! Happy New Year!
      Jen B recently posted..Happy New Year! My Exciting NightMy Profile

      • Thanks, Jen…trying to be realistic is hard!! LOL. We used to run together ALL the time. I miss it so much! My family all live pretty close (5-25 min) but we feel selfish asking them to come babysit so we can run together! But I’d almost rather go for a run then go out to dinner!