Birthday Celebration + PowerBar Giveaway Winners

I’m still on cloud 9 from this morning’s workout.  As I’ve mentioned (repeatedly) on here before, I’m aiming for a sub-42 10k in a few weeks in order to apply for the Saucony Hurricane Team.  I woke up this morning with the desire to do a tempo run instead of my planned hill workout.  I didn’t really have a set plan of pace or distance, but figured I’d shoot for 4 miles around a 7 min pace.  I finished the 4 miles in 27:33 which comes out to about a 6:53 pace.  Mile repeats are definitely paying off – I felt much stronger and in control than I did when I tried this about a month ago (ran 4 miles at a 7:05 pace).  I needed this run to give me a boost after this weekend’s long run in the wind where I felt like I was barely moving.

My oldest son turned two yesterday.  Where did the last TWO years go??  It seems cliche to say that time is moving too fast – but it is  – and I feel like it’s multiplied when you have little ones.  There’s so many huge milestones crammed into such a short amount of time for them.

His real birthday was yesterday but my husband had a business trip to MA, so we celebrated on Tuesday.  We took him to FunStationUSA – a local indoor amusement park.  We ALL had so much fun playing arcade games, going on some rides, and running around.  It didn’t hurt that we were the ONLY people there.  I guess 1pm on a mid-week school day is not the busy time for them!

My son apparently has a knack for arcade games.  He won almost 200 tickets with one token while playing one where the coin had to land in a dumptruck. Check out his stack – and please don’t pay any attention to my nails – HA.

We were all excited to see what sort of prizes we could get with all of our tickets (we racked up 250).  Guess what 250 tickets gets you these days?  An eraser!  To get anything even remotely nice, we needed tens of thousands (like 50-60,000) of tickets. Seriously?  Does anyone actually win any of those prizes???

My son’s favorite game was driving the race car.  Something about this picture makes me nervous – maybe it’s b/c he looks entirely too comfortable driving already?  Or maybe that I know he’ll be driving before I know it?

My family came over later that night for dinner and cake.  The cake was from Cold Stone Creamery – seriously one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten!!  It was Devil’s Food Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (with oreo crumbles in the ice cream).  My son and niece are best buddies – they do everything together, including blowing out birthday cakes!

We never let an opportunity go by without a family picture. I’m seriously outnumbered.

What is your favorite game/ride at an amusement park? 

Have you ever had a cake from Cold Stone Creamery?  What’s your favorite cake place?


The winners of the PowerBar giveaway are: Dana J and Cassie B.  Please email so I can send you the products!! Congratulations!!!

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    23 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration + PowerBar Giveaway Winners

    1. Ahhhhh you’re so speedy. I love seeing your workouts. One day maybe I’ll get this quick :)
      Happy birthday to your cute lil munchkin!
      I am a skeeball champ- it’s the best curse ever that I have never lost to anyone! My friends/family hate playing me now after 25 years of losing. I openly admit that I still play it anytime I’m anywhere near it!
      beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..Weekly Workouts Roundup + NYE + A WeddingMy Profile

    2. KILLER RUN!! Woman, you are seriously my motivation! I love seeing your workouts, you’ve got that 10k time and I can’t wait to hear all about it. I need that cake in my life! Wish I could have come to the celebration:) Your family is too beautiful!

    3. Yay I won! I emailed you!

      That being said – I LOVE your family pictures! I didn’t grow up in a loving type family (I was raised by my dad) and seeing pictures of other peoples happy families make me SO happy. Then I force my husband and stepsons to take family pictures 😉

    4. My youngest turned 2 in the fall and I swear I just blinked one day from a newborn to a talking toddler!

      Never tried Cold Stone’s ice cream cake – but seems like I am always trying to get the perfect combo of mix-ins there. Lately Cheesecake ice cream with graham crackers and caramel. Yum

      I already have dreams about my bday cake next month. Chocolate with chocolate frosting. So perfect!
      Deana recently posted..Everyone has the Runs but MeMy Profile

    5. Awesome workout! You are bouncing back so quickly–I’m psyched for you. Happy birthday to AJ! What a fun day he had. We have an amazing bakery nearby that does these incredible cakes to whatever theme people want. For each of the kids’ birthdays we let them come up with that theme and then spring for that special cake. Ridiculously expensive cakes, but for one special day a year…and they are delicious!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Boys will be boysMy Profile

      • Cakes are SO amazing these days! We are having a birthday party for AJ on Saturday with some family and have a themed cake (thomas the train, of course)…last year, we splurged and had a friend make an Elmo cake (out of fondont – sp?) It was amazing!

      • Thanks, Lisa!! There was one little boy and his dad when we first got there, but within 15-20 min, they were gone. We had to get an attendant every time we wanted to go on a ride. LOL.

    6. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you all had a great day celebrating but seriously??? You need that many tickets to get a decent prize? That’s crazy! I used to love playing skee-ball at the arcade. And I’m so excited for you that you had a kickass run this morning.
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Help me decide!My Profile

      • Oh Christine, you have NO idea. Some of the prizes required hundreds of thousands (like 150,000+). My husband and I were in utter disbelief. We played skee-ball! I took some pics of AJ but they were action shots and not so great! He is still too young to understand how to play – but me and Paul did !! HAHA

    7. That is an awesome run!!! Way to go! I imagine you would be even faster racing someone! Looks like your little guy had a great birthday! They get big so fast!
      How do you apply for the Saucony Hurricane team? I would love to look into that and read some more about it!

    8. Great workout! So nice to have that confidence boost! I attempted a run this morning. Got up a few minutes after my alarm, pumped was lacing up my shoes about to head down to the basement when I heard Sophia call out “Momeeee I’m hungreeeee!” I wanted to let my husband sleep in, cause he had trouble sleeping last night so there went my AM run. Hoping to get it in this afternoon during nap time:) It.will.happen!
      Birthdays are so fun! They do go fast, I can’t believe that I am mom to a three year old! Seriously, seems like she was born not that long ago. And Jack’s gonna be four months! I thought the other day that pretty soon we’ll be introducing solids?!? Like how did that happen!
      Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Training Plans: Three Months PostpartumMy Profile

      • I hope you were able to get a run in this afternoon…It’s funny Sophia woke up early this AM – so did AJ =) And my hubby got home super late last night from his work trip so I postponed my workout a bit so he could get a little more sleep. Usually that ends poorly for me b/c by that point I am usually hungry and not “ready” to run anymore but it didn’t seem to bother me this AM!!!
        I KNOW! I thought the exact same thing last week – when do you plan to start Jack on solids? I waited til 6 months with AJ – would have started him a tad earlier but we were traveling to Alaska for 2 weeks when he was 5 1/2 mo and didn’t want to deal with pureeing and making all the food there plus I felt that the time change / surroundings was going to be a big enough change for him…