Battle of the Sexes – Household Bragging Rights

Mondays Workout: Rest Day – Giving my legs an extra rest day this week since I have a BIG 10k this weekend (more details later this week)!

Fact: I am a competitive person with just about everything in life (sometimes over the silliest things).

Like last weekend: My husband and I were putting together Thomas puzzles with (for) my son.  There were four of them.  After putting the first two together, he said he would do one and I could do the other.  So, of course, it became a competition for me.  He didn’t need me to say it to know that I was suddenly racing to beat him.  (In case you were dying to know…I won.  Bazinga (totally obsessed with The Big Bang Theory at the moment).)

Or growing up: My sisters and I would compete to see who could get the best grades in school.  Okay.  Maybe they didn’t compete with me.  But I was definitely competing with them. =)

Or with military-related things:  My husband went to more schools then I did in the military (he’s a Ranger, Airborne, and Air Assault qualified while I am only Airborne).  But I deployed more times (and for more time) than he did.

So, of course, running is a competitive topic for me.  Like who holds the household PR.  While my husband has the best half-marathon time, I have the best marathon time.

Well, after much trash-talking the last few years, my husband has finally agreed to race me – head-to-head – in a half marathon!!!

We are running the Brooklyn Half Marathon the end of May (the date hasn’t been released yet by NYRR).  It will be for TOTAL bragging rights in the Gonzalez household =)

I don’t talk about my husband’s running much on here, but he used to run quite a lot.  He is naturally WAY faster than I can ever dream to be – so in short races, I don’t stand a chance.  However, as the distances get longer, I close the gap more and more.  We have run a TON of races together before – some of which he has paced me to win (Waco Trail 10 miler, Grasslands Half Marathon) and others he has paced me to PR (Boston Marathon).

My husband pacing me for the NF Endurance Half Marathon in 2009 (he stays behind me when he's pacing)

Knowing that I’m racing him in a few months has been a HUGE motivator for me on my speed days and tough runs the last few weeks.  I keep imagining us being neck and neck in the last mile or so of the race.

I KNOW I need to work harder to beat him since he is faster.  I need to put in those hard speed session, those rough tempo runs.  And I’m pretty confident that working on beating him will help me get a shiny new half-marathon PR!

2009 Boston Marathon

Racing someone rather than myself is new territory for me.  Every other time I’ve stepped up to the starting line of a race (with the exception of the 2011 NYC Marathon), I was competing against myself and myself only.  It’s not like I point out other runners before a race and think, “Hey, I want to beat them today.”  It’s actually pretty exciting knowing that we are going to be in our own little competition amidst the thousands of other runners.

Anyone want to go head-to-head with a friend/significant other in 2013 with me?

Do you like competing? 

Have you competed against a significant other or friend in a race before?

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    28 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes – Household Bragging Rights

    1. My husband and I always trash talk each other about running! When I was pregnant I made sure to remind him to enjoy the only time he’d be faster than me!

      We are both running a half this spring and of course I’ve trash talked him but I’m no where near back to pre baby speed so I don’t know if I’ll be able to beat him. Btw – I’m amazed at how fast you’ve bounce back post baby. My 2nd daughter is 4 months old and I still feel slow.

      PS. – my PR’s are all faster than my hubby’s :)

    2. I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH!!! You are going to kick his trash! Billy would kill me in the 1/2 but I’ve got a good 20 minutes or so on him in the full!

    3. My husband & I run together, but in a more supportive role than competitive. He doesn’t get to do it as often as he’d like, so for us it is usually about just enjoying the time together.

      But I am super competitive with myself and always want to do better 😉
      AmyC recently posted..#TrainingTruths: Bouncing BackMy Profile

    4. I am super competitive with my husband even though he hasn’t been serious about his training for years. We always joke that if either of us was about to win a race and the other one fell and was on the ground that it would be ok to leave them there to finish out the race and then come back to make sure we were ok. :) But, I do look forward to when he does get his training back up because I would love to run a fast marathon with him one day.
      Robin recently posted..My Week at Disney & the RunDisney Meetup + Giveaway!My Profile

    5. I love this! How much fun and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

      My husband used to do some triathlons when I was really into them before kids. He could crush me on the bike, but I had the other two disciplines all over him, so I could usually (ok, always) get him overall. But I had to work at it and it was really fun!
      misszippy1 recently posted..One run at a timeMy Profile

    6. Yes, i have totally done this before! I run all the time – my husband is a couch potato who does not work out. But all the sudden, he decided to run a half marathon with his colleagues. We did a 5k training race, and he told everyone he would beat me – and of course, he did – for the first mile…. and I passed him and that was that. The half marathon came and went and I ended up staying back with him until mile 10 in order to pace him. He talks a big game, but he can’t keep up! Still, it’s motivating and I did enjoy sharing in the run together, though I haven’t converted him to a full time runner yet :) Good luck to you!

    7. I would LOVE to do that, except my husband and I don’t run anywhere near the same speed. I’m WAY slower then him. He runs about a 9-10 minute mile and I run 12-13 (working on getting mine down!) I told him it may be a couple years from now but I will one day beat him in a race (10k or half).

      And my money’s on you beating your husband! Good Luck to you both and have fun!
      Cassie B recently posted..A Year in Review….but not reallyMy Profile

    8. I love this! My husband and I compete on runs in an informal way (who can do a specific route faster), but I haven’t gotten him to agree to compete in an actual race setting yet. I’d love to be able to do this — partially for the motivational aspect of having someone to race and partially because his natural speed would definitely push me to become a faster runner. Good luck!
      Lauren recently posted..The New {Shoe} Love of My LifeMy Profile

    9. This sounds so much like my husband and myself! We get competitive about the smallest things. Who makes the better eggs for breakfast, who drives better, who hits the weights harder, etc. Unfortunately, I can NOT get him to run more than 3 miles. I’ve tried to push him into triathlon where I know he could dominate, but he is so concerned it will take up too much time from work.

      Enjoying racing together! I think it is always good fun to have some healthy competition!
      Crystal@TheFastFitRunner recently posted..Workouts & Pregnancy Announcement!My Profile

      • AHAHA. I LOVE that you and your husband are competitive too!! It makes life more interesting when there is a little friendly competition (I think). You could always try to race him in a 5k! Have you done that? My husband is just starting to run again – for so long, he sacrificed his running/working out so that I could…but this bet that we have is the incentive he needs to get moving again =)

    10. My hubby doesn’t run for fun (only because it’s totally necessary for him to maintain weight) so the only place you will find him is on the sideline. But I do secretly race him when he goes out on jogs. We run at different times and I always try to beat his time. He may not be competing, but I sure as hell am
      Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity recently posted..Strength Training… SUCKSMy Profile

    11. That will be so much fun!!! My husband and I have have run two marathons together and I beat him in both. He is definitely faster and he could probably beat me if he trained better in the marathon. He is the type of runner that did the marathon on 3 days a week of running and his longest week was only like 30 miles! He can not run for weeks or even months and then just head out and do 8 miles! I am not super competitive, but I am not not competitive enough to let him win! We may be doing a half together in April and that will be my first 1/2! I have only done 5k’s and marathons!

      • Jen! That is the same thing with my husband! The only reason I have the marathon PR is because he wasn’t disciplined enough to train properly for it. He was on track (through the first half) to beat me, but his lack of long runs kicked his butt in the end. The half marathon, for us, is just the right distance – he needs to train a good amount to run a good time, but I’m hoping that my training will help me more in the end!! =)
        Good luck if you decide to do the half in April!! You really jumped into it, huh? Going from 5k to the marathon? That’s awesome!

        • I love it! I am going to totally be rooting for you! Yes I did! I have run ever since high school cross country even up until the day before both my girls were born. I remember a worker at an athletic club I went to telling me I better not have my baby there :)! I never raced because I did not feel like paying to run. I was working as a teacher and loved getting my daily run in but never thought much about racing. When we moved to Iowa about 3 years ago I just decided I felt like doing a marathon and started training for it. Then of course once I ran one now I am hooked on racing! I just love it! I wish there were more races closer to me!!! Your speed work today should help!!!! :)

    12. I love this! What an awesome motivator and a great way to keep you focused. It’s nice when you are naturally competitive with yourself because you always seem to find motivation, but there’s nothing like some friendly competition either. Your husband is so sweet to pace you and help you achieve all those PR’s and wins, I love it! Good luck with all your speed work!
      Lauren @ The Unlikely Runners recently posted..The One With Land Of Oz Marathon Training {Week 5}My Profile

      • YES!! I am totally competitive with myself (as I think most runners who are looking to PR are), but it’s SO SO SO much fun to have something else (in addition to myself) to push me now!!! Thank you, Lauren! =)