Helpful Distraction

Yesterday’s workout – last hard run before Saturday’s 10k:

  • 1 mile warmup: 8:41 pace
  • 5k tempo: 6:40 pace (20:43)
  • 1/2 mile cooldown: 8:17 pace

I wanted to do a 5k today to practice running on tired legs to replicate what the second half of the 10k on Saturday will feel like.  My legs were definitely tired – they were starting to burn and feel extremely heavy by the second mile, but I managed negative splits (6:51, 6:42, 6:30) and never felt like I was all-out pushing it until the very end of the 5k.  Yesterday’s tempo and Tuesday’s speed workouts were HUGE confidence boosters for me.


In case you don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I shared a photo of this AWESOME new app (Countdown+ Lite)  that I found out about from Jocelyn! Totally loving it!!

Now I just need to get some better pictures to correspond to each race rather than just self portraits =)


When we bought this home last year, it was brand new – no one had ever lived in it before.  I loved it because it was all one color and would be really easy to paint.  My plan was to have the whole house painted before we moved in (or shortly after).  But between being really pregnant, having a new baby, time just getting away from us and not having the money to pay for painting (and all the accompanying upgrades we want), very few rooms have been finished (oldest son’s bedroom, our bedroom, and playroom are the three finished rooms in the house).

Well, by the end of next week, every room in the house will be painted (with the exception of the guest bedroom)!  We’ve decided to just do it all at once since it will actually end up saving us quite a bit of money.  The next few days are going to be filled with lots of decisions about color, moulding, and other finishes.  Exciting stuff, I know =)  But at least it’s going to keep my mind occupied from stressing out over the 10k on Saturday.  It is extremely overwhelming when you have a color wheel like this to choose your colors from:

I have a pretty good idea of what colors I want in every room.  The ONLY room / area I literally have NO idea of what we want is the entryway.  A few people have told me to pick something bright and cheery…others have told me to go dark and bold and make a statement.   There’s a pretty large window that allows plenty of light in so I’m leaning towards darker.  What do you think??

My husband is leaving today to head upstate for a pond hockey tournament with some of his college hockey teammates so I’ll be single parenting until Sunday evening. Thankfully, my mom and/or sister are sleeping over tomorrow night so I can head to the 10k while the boys are still sleeping in their beds/cribs.  Definitely one of the amazing perks of living really close to family.

Do you ever do tempo runs on tired legs?

What color is your entryway?

Do you enjoy painting / decorating? 

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    23 thoughts on “Helpful Distraction

    1. Have been in our house for a year now and the only finished room is….well, the bathroom I guess. I am the worst finisher, decorating when it comes to that sort of stuff! I would go a nice warm brown for the entry. :)

      Have a great race this weekend!!
      Carrie M recently posted..The Pediatric E.R.My Profile

    2. I love all things Benjamin Moore colors! I usually look at the Pottery Barn catalog and find a room that I love and they have the paint colors in the catalog and online! We have Brookline Beige in our entry and we love it…great warm color! You are so speedy!!!! You are going to rock this 10k!!

    3. My husband is away until Sunday as well doing the exact same thing! One of the nearby ski areas has an outdoor hockey rink and he is playing in a tournament there (he’s a goalie). I don’t have family nearby though – I just hope he’s home before dark so I don’t have to run 10 miles on the treadmill :) Best of luck at your race!!
      Jenny @ simply be me recently posted..Tuesday’s Quote of the DayMy Profile

    4. I had the hardest time choosing colors when we painted our house. So many choices!! And they were all ever so slightly different from each other that I wasn’t able to tell the difference after a while. haha. That will definitely be a good distraction! Great job on your run!!

    5. Nice workout! And I totally downloaded that countdown app last night after seeing it on your Instagram. So cool!

      My husband and I bought a fixer upper almost four years ago and have been remodeling room by room and we’ve done everything ourselves — very satisfying! Paint colors are always something I agonize over for way too long — I don’t think you’ll make a bad decision, whatever you decide. But if you’re leaning towards going darker — go for it!
      Hyedi recently posted..Weekly Wednesday Ragnar Post: Because of Ragnar…My Profile

    6. I’m an interior designer (except I don’t do houses, I actually mostly design army and airforce reserve buildings) and I always tell my clients to get the largest sample of paint swatch that the store will let them take and tape it up for a day or so to see if you like it. If you are still on the fence, find the color in your fan deck and go up one color so it’s a shade lighter. Just remember that the color is always going to appear darker once it covers the entire wall.

      That being said, I think entry ways are the best place to go dark/bold/colorful because there is so much light in those spaces! Paint is the boldest (and cheapest) way to show your personality in a room. Just go with your gut, you’ll love it more that way!

    7. Distractions are always a good thing! I am not sure if I have ever done tempos on tired legs but I totally see the benefit! You are ready to go!
      All I have to say is pinterest!!! I have found so many awesome home decorating ideas on pinterest, my pinterest name is JMac. I saw this color by Benjamin Moore called reverse pewter that looks classy…kinda like a grayish. I am not a decorator at all!
      I actually heard about that hockey tournament on the news this morning!!!! There were people from other countries there!
      That is so nice to have family close, that actually is part of our racing problem! We don’t have any family close and it is hard for us to find someone to watch the kids. And we both like to race and there are not tons in our area so when we find one we usually both want to do it :)!

    8. I LOVE to paint/decorate! I prefer to go with soothing colors and would do a medium grey in that entryway! Especially with the huge window and maybe some pops of color for artwork/wall decor. :)

      Great run! I have definitely been running on tired legs today. I did a (pretty decent) 5k last night and then up early for speedwork with Kat!

      Totally downloading the Countdown+ app right now!
      beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..Playlist Thursday – Rock It OutMy Profile

    9. Wow!! Your runs are amazing!! Great job!! I couldn’t imagine having that color wheel and having to choose for every room at once. At least it will all be done soon! I’m thinking about doing the same thing with our whole dwnstairs. I will enjoy doing it as long as I don’t have to do it!! Lol!! Our entry way has a big window kind of like yours and we painted our walls a light khaki. I think next we will go darker. Best of luck with your 10K!!

    10. Great run and speed work! I’m glad you have some confidence going into the race and I know you will do well! I can’t wait to hear about it.
      And good luck choosing paint colors, while that sounds fun to have the house painted looking at all those colors would totally overwhelm me!
      Lauren @ The Unlikely Runners recently posted..The One About Gym GoersMy Profile

    11. Great workout! And why is it that second to last mile of speedwork is always the hardest? You are ready for your race, I know it!

      Funny on the paint question b/c I am getting the itch to redo a bunch of rooms. We have a LOT of color on our walls and I am ready to go back to some neutrals. Haven’t told my husband that’s the plan yet, but …
      misszippy1 recently posted..Pack rulesMy Profile

    12. I love tempo runs on tired legs for some reason I always go quicker, do better than when I’m fresh. Maybe because I know I’m tired and have to dig deeper.

      My entryway is a one step darker than a latte. I have dark wood in my house tons of windows but I have lighter paints due to the dark wood.

      I don’t rly enjoy painting I kind of decorating especially for holidays.

    13. I painted two walls of my apartment over the summer and it was insanely stressful for me to pick the colors. Everything shows up darker when the whole wall is painted and everyone I asked had their own opinions. Just go with what feels right and something you like and it will work out.
      Shannon @ Mon Amour recently posted..Brooks Shoe LoveMy Profile

    14. Ugh we need to paint. My MIL kindly “painted” the apartment just before we moved in. Pink. Like nursing home, old lady light pink. Through the whole house. Kill me now. But wow your house is gorgeous. You should give us a “tour” once all is said and painted 😉

      But great job on the tempo run! I slack off before a race, so I would have been sitting with my legs kicked up, doing short runs by now. Probably why I stick with 5ks 😉
      Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity recently posted..WIAW #2My Profile