Thanks, Mother Nature!

Yesterday’s 10k race didn’t go as planned…partially due to Mother Nature.  She decided to give us about an inch or so of snow Friday night.  It wouldn’t have been a problem had it not been well below freezing overnight and all day yesterday.  The race started at 8am and despite an amazing job by the NYCRuns crew, there were still large areas along the course that were extremely slushy and some areas that had bits of ice.

Lots of ice/snow/slush/yuckiness:

I finished in 43:34 (7:02 pace) with some very uneven splits (full recap to come tomorrow) – it’s really obvious those areas that were clear (and in the sun) and the ones that I had to slow down.  I don’t really know if I could have been able to run sub-42 if the conditions were better.  I’d like to think I could have, but I’m not going to blame the weather for not reaching my goal.  Just will use it as a learning point for my next wintry-mix race (maybe wear shoes with better traction?).

I was the 5th female overall and placed 1st in my AG, so despite not hitting my goal time, I am extremely happy and content with how things went.

Thank you ALL for your support the last few months – really can’t express how much it means to me!!

Full Recap coming tomorrow!

Did you race this weekend?

Have you ever had to run in really tough conditions? Any helpful tips for next time?

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    28 thoughts on “Thanks, Mother Nature!

    1. I was hoping to hear that you made it out to the race, and that it was still a fun run. I chickened out because the conditions looked too ‘treacherous’ for my 27-week pregnant running condition! I’m sorry you didn’t get the time you’d hoped for – I’ve run through Montreal winters and the only thing you can control is your shoes. If you have amazing traction you can keep up the speed, but ice is just so dangerous so it’s difficult to race without chancing an injury. Good luck! Cherry Hill next?
      halle recently posted..Cherry Tree DebateMy Profile

    2. Michele, awesome time, especially factoring in the conditions, even if you didn’t hit your goal. Like another commenter, I don’t know that I would’ve been able to safely run this race–so, kudos for that as well. I’m not the most graceful person, under normal running conditions. (Oh the stories I could tell about frequent falls and/or perilous races/hazardous weather/etc.!) In any case, just reading your blog and getting a window into your training and mindset, I know that your sub-42 (PR) will come. Best wishes!

    3. Wow, this post really makes me grateful for all of the GOOD race conditions I’ve raced it — because you never know when Mother Nature has other plans! Congrats on a fantastic race and AG win!!
      Hyedi recently posted..I ran outside!!!!!My Profile

    4. I am pretty sure I would have been slipping all over the place and on my butt if I tried to run my 10k pace… I’m amazed that you came away with such an amazing time for those conditions! Your race is coming… :)
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..3 years old!My Profile

    5. You have it you’re all! Yesterday’s conditions were not ideal. I have know doubt you will get your goal the next to around. Still an impressive job!

    6. I love an athlete who doesn’t blame the conditions. That said, in this case, I think you can. It’s just hard to go balls to the walls when you are worried about slipping. Crappy timing, indeed. Let’s hope you can find another 10k within your window of opportunity–I know you’ve got the sub-42.
      misszippy1 recently posted..I did sign on for thisMy Profile

    7. You did great and I am sure the weather had everything to do with it! The pictures say it all! Congratulations on a great race!

    8. Oh Michelle, I would have been so frustrated about the ice/slush/snow mix, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to run fast through that stuff. But despite that, you still had an incredible time!!! You’ll get your sub 42 next time you race this distance, I know you have it in you. CONGRATS on winning your age group, that’s awesome!!
      Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner recently posted..5 Friday FavoritesMy Profile

    9. P.S. I forgot to add that I have 2 friends who for their first marathon did a North Face Challenge in WI. It was hailing at the start of the marathon!!!! They did it though! I could not believe it. I would never want to do a trail marathon in raining ice!

    10. Congrats my friend. You did an amazing job in such tough conditions. It wasn’t at all pretty outside yesterday. Also, like Jo said, I really admire your perspective. I probably would be cursing and blaming the weather the whole time but you are taking this in stride and learning from the experience. Can’t wait to read your recap. xox
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up: TGIFMy Profile

    11. You have nothing to feel bad about- I know you didn’t make your sub 42 goal but it will come. Remember- you are just a few months out from baby #2! I had such high hopes for my first real race after my last baby and I didn’t make my goal either. In fact, it was a harsh slap in the face of reality but it was just what I needed at the time. It helped me focus more than ever and within weeks my times were dropping. You did the hardest thing by just putting it all out there. You are on the right track- it just takes time.
      Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted..In sickness and in health… LR training weeks 5 and 6!My Profile

    12. Congrats!! Amazing job on that run, despite the conditions too. And as for not blaming the weather, ya know, you are a true athlete and one of the most transparent I have ever seen, and I love that about you. Not that blaming the weather isn’t a legit reason, because it very well could be. I just know you have high standards for yourself and I really respect that!! XO
      jobo recently posted..I vow to shift my focus.My Profile

    13. Great race! I know it’s a bummer to feel like you could have/should have done more, though. Out of control circumstances are just that- out of your control! You know you put in the work! You’ll get it next time for sure.
      Jackie@ MuscleUpMom recently posted..ValidationMy Profile

    14. Great job on your race! Congrats! Can’t wait to read the full race report. My worst racing condition was a VERY windy race. It was so bad it felt like you were running in mud and not even moving! And it took your breath away. I don’t know what I could have done about it but I did finish. Wasn’t my best but I finished it.
      Courtney Greenlee recently posted..Baby It’s Cold OutsideMy Profile

    15. I want to congratulate you on a great race. I have tried putting myself in your shoes and I know I would be disappointed. Even though I pretend not to be competitive and I say before races, all that matters is if I do my best, in my head I always have a goal. One of my goals this year is the same as yours…to get a qualifying time for the hurricane team but another one of my goals is to enjoy the process even if I don’t get that goal! I am blessed to be able to run and I always want to remember that! If I get to caught up in the time goal I will find myself disappointed more often than not! You ran a great race and should be proud of all that you have accomplished! Your blog has been so inspiring to me! Thank you for that!

    16. That’s a damn good time though, especially for having had a baby less than 6 mos ago!! My baby was born around the same time and I’m just starting to feel more like myself. There is no way I could come anywhere close to my PR times in any race though.

      Racing in the winter is hard, and I always adjust my expectations, even having to wear more clothes slows you down.

      You could try screw shoes if it’s really icy. I did a half a couple years ago where I hid some grippers for my shoes along the path where I knew the paths were not plowed, and then picked them up again later.

    17. Awesome!! Even though you didn’t hit your goal your time, where you finished, and the effort you put in is something to be proud of. I’ve been following you as you trained for this and you’ve put in a lot of miles and worked hard. Congrats on your finish and I can only dream of a 7:02 pace :-) someday maybe

    18. Congrats on placing in your race!!

      I didn’t race this weekend but I did run 10 miles yesterday is less than ideal conditions. The sidewalks were still covered with snow/ice/slush and it was windy. It was tough but also a great leg workout.
      Natalie recently posted..A double-digit runMy Profile

    19. Congrats on a great race!!! You accomplished so much in tough conditions, which means more amiable conditions will produce a beyond amazing race for you!!!