Redecorating + Steady State Running

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of our house now that it’s freshly painted and most of the moulding and other upgrades are finished.  Technically our home is considered a rebuild, however, it’s really a new home.  The previous owners left only one wall standing and rebuilt the entire house (and didn’t live in it after they built it).  While many things were finished and in perfect condition, there were many things left for us to finish when we bought the home – there were no light fixtures, window dressings, fixtures (knobs, bathroom lights, mirrors, etc) , or backsplash, the fireplace was unfinished, and the whole house was painted one color. Don’t get me wrong – we LOVE the house and everything about it – but it ended up taking us much longer (and much more $) than we had planned so we had to hold off on doing some things (like paint) until we had the money.

I’ll give you the first floor update in a future post.

Entry – stairs were just refinished and hallway/entry painted:

2nd Floor Hallway…one of best parts about house is having a washer/dryer on the upstairs level (they are behind those double doors):

MBR: I wanted it to be relaxing, warm, and tranquil.  The colors totally remind me of the beach which I think is why I was drawn to these colors =)

The walk-in closet had just one long rack when we moved in…my husband and dad built me a super awesome closet.

Oldest son’s room (we finished this room over the summer)…he got his big boy bed/furniture in December:

Youngest son’s room.  The accents will be will be shades of grey with white (now that his room is painted, I can find curtains to go with the room!):

Guest Bedroom – this is our old bedroom furniture + bedding (only room not yet painted):


As I alluded to in yesterday’s post, I tried something new (for me) on my run on Sunday.  I’ve never done a planned steady state run.  Ever.  Sometimes it ends up being one, I guess.  But I never go out with the intention of hitting those paces.  I read a blog post last week about a workout called the Monster – it’s basically 11 miles of both steady state running + a bit of a speed workout with NO breaks / stopping / slowing down.  It sounded intense, hard, and awesome all at the same time.  I was really tempted to try that workout, but want to build my mileage up to it.  Going from 5 miles of tempo to 11 is NOT a recipe for success.

My workout Sunday was a mile warmup, 2 miles at SS, 1 mile repeat, 2 miles at SS, 1 mile repeat, 2 miles SS, mile cooldown.  So 8 total miles of SS and speed.  Based on McMillan’s calculator, my SS pace should be between 6:57 – 7:15 and mile repeats between 6:23-6:34.

Splits from the run:

  • Warmup: 8:45
  • 2 miles SS: 7:37, 7:12
  • Mile Repeat: 6:30
  • 2 miles SS: 707, 7:05
  • Mile Repeat: 6:29
  • 2 miles SS: 7:01, 6:57
  • Cooldown: 7:35 
  • 10 total miles: 72:05 (7:12 pace)

The first mile of the steady state was a bit slow.  I had done a mile warm-up and probably should have picked up the pace a bit more during that warm-up.  During the 2nd mile of the first set (7:12 pace), I questioned what the heck I was doing.  I had  never tried this before and really had no idea how I would feel going from a 6:30 mile into a ~7:00 pace.  Usually after my mile repeats (which are a bit faster than 6:30), I do a very slow jog and then a quick rest to drink water.

It felt surprisingly good to pick up the pace for that mile.  There was something comforting in knowing that I only had to run one mile at that pace and then I’d get “a break”.

The crazy thing was that when I finished the mile and slowed it down to 7:15 pace, 7:15 all of a sudden felt EASY. It felt slow.  It felt comfortable.  I was able to get my heart rate back under control within a couple of minutes at this pace.

I finished the 8 miles in just under 56 min (55:55) which comes out to a 6:59 pace.  This is faster than I ran the 10k last weekend.  And, the awesome thing is that this is the pace I hope to keep during the NYC Half Marathon in 6 weeks.

Hands down, this was one of my all-time favorite workouts I have ever done.  I plan on playing around with runs like this for the next few weeks and will take a shot at the Monster in about 2 weeks =)

Have you ever tried a run like this before?  

What color is your bedroom?

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    44 thoughts on “Redecorating + Steady State Running

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    3. Love the photos of your house, it’s beautiful! We are moving in April, and I can’t wait to start painting walls, I want to paint the bedroom a bluish-gray color, like your MBR walls!
      I’m running the NYC half too, but I think I’ll be quite a long way back in the pack from you, that workout looks tough!
      Honey Badger Runs recently posted..Superbowl and socksMy Profile

      • DO IT! It was honestly a tough but awesome workout! I’m itching to do another one this week but going to be smart and wait until after my long run to try again =)

    4. I love seeing pictures of your house! It looks great and love the colors in the bedrooms. Man, I need a closet like that! Why is closet space so limited in NYC?? I swear, my clothes are scattered between two bedrooms and the hall closet! haha. Great job on your run! You are getting in one speedy workout after another. You are doing such a great job!
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Are you ready to ski?My Profile

      • SO true about closets in NYC. I had such tiny closets when I was growing up – and had to share one with my older sister! LOL. I’ve learned that it’s much easier to keep things neat and organized when you have more space!!!
        Thanks, Christine!! Tomorrow’s going to be a slow, easy run. My legs are shot!

    5. This is just awesome! As soon as you posted this I decided I needed to give this s a try. I have never done a run like this…at least not on purpose :)! I am going to try it today for my run. My times are slightly slower than yours…but we’ll see. Ready for this…our bedroom is light pink! We rent a house and can’t paint.

        • Totally me to!!! I would love to run with you!
          I try to have been trying to stick with doing some speed work on Tues and I thought this sounded perfect, although I was not sure I would be able to finish in the 7’s the last 2 miles. It is amazing how some days are just off and some days feel so good! Last Tues I did 4 mile repeats with 1 1/2 warm up and cool down. I totally thought I could do them at 6:30 or so and I struggled BIG time to keep them at 6:50. I just did not have it in me. Today felt good!
          PS. LOVE your house, the colors are great!!!

    6. Beautiful pictures, Michelle! Love the colors you chose! It’s so fun to put finishing touches on your house. Speaking of which, I need to email you.. maybe we’ll get to see it in person at the end of the month if you’re still up for a visitor… :)
      And awesome workout! You are getting in one speedy workout after another, how do you do it?! I’ve never done a steady state run like that either. Impressive! Love those confidence boosting runs.
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Fueling for PerformanceMy Profile

      • YES YES YES!!! Please let me know!!!!
        I go super easy on the easy days!!! And I don’t blog much about them b/c they are boring. Nobody wants to read about 6 miles at 8:25 pace. LOL =)
        TRY the workout! Seriously! I thought that there was no way I could do those repeats in the middle but your body adapts – pretty amazing!
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Redecorating + Steady State RunningMy Profile

    7. I LOVE the colors you picked! especially the MBR!!!

      I saw this workout on Running Starfish the other day and my eyes just kinda bugged out at it! Putting it on the long goal list for this year. You KILLED it! Awesome run Michele!

      • Thanks, Beka!!!
        Crazy, right!??! I’m super anxious to give it a try though – thinking about doing it next week!! AGH!
        And I got your email! Will let you know when I do the feature!!! =)

      • HAHA> We paid someone to come paint and do the moulding for us. Cost a bit more $ but there was no way we would be able to do it all with the little ones around. My husband painted several rooms before we moved it and I swore we would never do it ourselves again!!!
        Thanks, Melissa!!

      • Aww! Thanks, Melody!! This is the first home I’ve ever lived in – before this was a small apt with my sis in NYC (2 blocks from central park – HELLO!), small apt with husband in NJ, and then a teeny, tiny 2BR apt with our oldest for a year to save $. I think this house is bigger than all 3 of those combined. HA

      • HAHAHA> The only reason the floors are clean is because there was so much crap from all the sanding they did of the walls. Like white stuff all over the floor. The OCD in me couldn’t sit until the floors were all clean =)

    8. Your house looks great and I love your choice of colors. Looks like a model home. I am about to have my stair railing done in almost the same style. You have great taste! Looks like your running is fabulous as well. Life is good!

      • Thanks, Danielle! The purple terrified me when they were painting – it was so much lighter before it dried and I was having images of an Easter egg as an entry! HA. =)

      • Oh gosh, I can’t imagine having to pick colors over and over again! HA. Honestly this was the first time that I picked colors for a house / apt / etc. ANd I was so stressed out about the whole situation. HAHA. I love that the name in your bedroom is after you! How fitting =)

    9. First–I love your house and the colors you chose! The wrought iron on the banister is such a nice touch. And it looks like the boys both have nice, big rooms. Great job decorating.

      Great run, too. You nailed it. I totally get what you’re saying about knowing that you only have to go really hard for that one mile at a time. It makes all the difference. I did an interesting workout on Saturday–it was 20 miles w/ 8x 90-second surges with 4 minutes “rest” at MP in between each one. Knowing I only had to surge hard for 90 seconds helped mentally, although the last two seemed to last forever!
      misszippy1 recently posted..What I’m loving right nowMy Profile

      • AJ definitely got the bigger room – I guess that’s an advantage to being born first! Although I would not be upset if they wanted to share a room in a few years!! We plan on having #3 down the road (not for a good # of years – I need a break!) and would love to still keep a guest room for my husband’s family when they visit from AK.
        I’ve never done anything like that during my long run. I’m intrigued. I’d be worried that I wouldn’t be able to maintain my goal pace for the whole 20 miles. Hmmm.

    10. Amazing run Michelle!! I love hard workouts and the feeling you get when you are done. I love how 7:15 can feel easy after hard miles, though I could never have hit those mile repeats. Amazing!!!

      • I was really close to spending a ridiculous amount of money to have someone come in and install the closets. My dad and husband did ours for a fraction of the cost – they are from Home Depot (the martha stewart line) – I love them. I didn’t use the recommended shoe racks b/c you can only fit 3 pairs of shoes on each. These shelves allow me to stack and fit A TON more!! =)