Future Prom Date + 10 Mile PR

Good Morning!!  I already feel like this week is dragging and it’s only Tuesday :/

We had SUCH a fun day yesterday!  My girlfriend, Nicole, and her daugther drove from LI to spend a few hours with us (it was her first time on SI!).  Nicole and I met last year through twitter / blogging and were so excited when we found out our due dates were only 4 weeks apart.  It was a blast to go through pregnancy and now motherhood side-by-side with her. =)  We’ve been planning a playdate for weeks months and FINALLY put a date on the calendar! It was so much fun to meet her beautiful daughter, Olivia after seeing pictures of her from the first day she’s been born!

Our little ones are only one month apart in age – Liv is almost 4 months and Ryan is almost 5 months!  I think they make a pretty cute couple…what do you think? BTW – this picture was totally spontaneous – we didn’t pose them or their hands!

Nicole brought THE most delicious cookies I have ever tasted.  Seriously…Ever.  They were GF Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Garbonzo Bean Flour (the recipe for this tasty morsels can be found here). I don’t even want to tell you how many cookies I ate yesterday afternoon / evening – I totally blame it on yesterday being my first swim workout for IMLP training (more on that in tomorrow’s post!).


After last week’s awesome steady state run, I knew that I would end up doing the same run this past Sunday.  But I also knew that I would try to make it a bit faster and longer (b/c I’m OCD and competitive with myself so I always try to run faster and further each time).

There were a couple of things I did differently:

  • Quicker warm-up: I maintained an easy 8:30-8:45 pace last week.  This week I started at 8:30 and gradually sped up until I was running my goal steady state pace for the last 1/4 mile of the warm-up.  It was MUCH better – I was able to then start the first mile faster and already totally warmed up.  
  • Quicker first mile:  Last week – 7:37;  This week – 7:10 (thanks to the warm-up)
  • Number of mile repeats:  Last week – 2;  This week – 3
  • Steady State Miles: Once the mile repeat was over, I set the treadmill to 8.5 – no slower – so it made the steady state miles a bit faster this week  

Although this run was longer (2 miles) and faster (almost 10 sec per mile faster) than last week, it actually felt easier.  I think partially it was b/c it wasn’t the first time my body’s been through this workout.  But I think a larger part is because I knew I could do it this week.  Last week was the unknown for me.  There was the question mark in my head during the whole workout.  I had never tried it before and wasn’t entirely sure I could pull off the repeats coupled with a speedy active recovery.  But after finishing feel refreshed last week, I knew I could up the pace a bit and decided to increase the mileage as well.


  • Warmup: 8:07
  • 2 miles SS: 7:10, 7:
  • Mile Repeat: 6:31
  • 2 miles SS: 705, 7:02
  • Mile Repeat: 6:28
  • 2 miles SS: 6:58, 6:58
  • Mile Repeat: 6:25
  • 1 mile SS: 6:49
  • Cooldown: 7:47
  • 10 miles: 1:08:26 (6:50 pace)
  • 12 total miles: 1:16:33 1:24:20

I know treadmill workouts don’t necessarily correlate exactly to road running, but the 10 steady state miles are a TWO minute and 31 second PR for me.  My previous PR was 1:10:57 (treadmill – Jan 22, 2011) and 1:11:04 (2007 Army Ten Miler).

It sounds crazy but the thought of  running 7 miles at a 7:00 pace and 3 miles at 6:30 sounds MUCH easier to me than 10 miles at a 6:50 pace. I wonder if anyone has raced like this before?

After my run, I came upstairs to find ALL THREE of my boys watching the ManU game on TV.  It’s becoming a Sunday morning tradition in our home.

This is going to be a fairly easy running week for me.  I swam yesterday and will swim again tomorrow and Friday – and I don’t want to add 3x additional workouts without easing off someplace else.  So no more speed days – all easy and medium mileage.  No long run this weekend either.  I’ll start up again next week after my body has been through a full week of swimming.

Have you ever raced with pickups in the middle?  No – but I’m interested to see if anyone has!!

Soccer fan?  I never was – but my husband is a HUGE fan, so I am slowly becoming one =)

Have you ever set a PR on the treadmill before? 

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    20 thoughts on “Future Prom Date + 10 Mile PR

    1. Nice one! I have repeats to do tomorrow so I love the inspiration. I’m only doing 800’s but i’m going to go for 8 of them. I can do solid tempos on the treadmill, but haven’t done actual workouts on it. This winter isn’t over yet though – never say never! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    2. Fortunately, I don’t do any miles on the mill. Everything is road or trail for me.

      You always have fancy schmancy training runs. Maybe that is the secret to your speed. I just go out and run and hold on as long as I can.
      Pavement Runner recently posted..#MilesOfShame CompletedMy Profile

    3. The picture of Olivia and Ryan is so cute – as is the picture of your 3 boys. I think its so great how you and Nicole met through blogging and now have children that can grow up “together.”

    4. I think Jack
      Might give Ryan a run for his money on that Prom date;)
      That steady state run looks killer. Great job. I wonder if running the fast and the slow times simulates effort of a hilly run? Hard effort on the up hill, but slower and the easy effort on the down hill and faster. Just a thought.
      Sarah @Runfargirl recently posted..There is No Pain WorseMy Profile

    5. Wow, you’re killing it on the tm!! I bet this race season is going to be record breaking for you :)

      How’s swimming going? You just bam, started swimming like it was nothing? Did you ever swim before? Swimming is so dang hard!

    6. I agree with Amanda, you are getting so strong!! Your body just keeps adapting and putting out the tougher work… congrats, speedy mama! That is an awesome 10 miler!! I’ve never been close to a pr on a treadmill. I agree with you, breaking it up the way you did feels more manageable than 10 miles at 6:50 pace!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..RRCA Certification RecapMy Profile

    7. Please print and frame that picture for future reference at their wedding!
      SOOO cute!
      I feel like splitting a longer run up (whether it’ distance or speed wise) definitely makes them go by faster (in my head). I always feel like 3 5ks (and a piddly +/-mile left) go by way faster than 13.1 miles.
      beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..Weekly Rockin’ Workouts RoundupMy Profile

    8. Oh girl, I can think of 18 different captions for that picture – so stinking cute! Ryan looks like he totally scored (are there little boys that don’t look just a tad mischievous, ever?) and Liv just has a look like, yeah, I’m holding his hand, what’s up? Super adorable!!!

      Yes, totally PR’d on the treadmill last week – I was racing the {total stranger} girl next to me – in my head, and apparently in her head as well- and pulled some magic 6:30 mile out of nowhere. Thankfully we were both just trying to knock out a quick 3 mile run, because I think I would have died or my Polar would have exploded trying to keep up that pace.

      Not so much a soccer fan, although I randomly just yell Goooooooal! every so often. Keeps the fam bam on their toes. 😉
      Melissa @ Melissa Running It recently posted..Dirty Girl Mud Run {Recap}My Profile

    9. ADORABLE picture!!! Thy are too precious.

      Congrats on your PR! I have never set a PR on the treadmill. I just try to get through my run, lol. Treadmill running is so hard fo me.
      Natalie recently posted..CORE FoodsMy Profile

    10. I for sure have never raced like that before…but I might have to try. My race pattern, which I want to change, is starting out to fast. Until recently I never really thought too much about pacing races. I felt like if I did not ever want to finish thinking I had more so might as well go for as long as I can and it might take m e to the end (it never does!)
      I am doing a similar workout to that again today! I don’t know that I will add any more….but I might try to speed it up. I am going to do it on the treadmill though and I have never done that before! I did 9 miles on the treadmill yesterday starting at a 7:30 pace and going to a 6:54 pace. That is the 1st time I ever have done anything speedy on the treadmill but it was soooo WINDY outside and I did not want to change my plans. Today is not nearly as bad but my husband is not here so the treadmill it is!
      I have never been a soccer fan either, but my kids like it so last fall my husband and I coached a team! It was a blast :). I think if I would have played it when I was younger I would have liked it. I did basketball, cross country and track though.

    11. You’re getting so strong! It’s exciting to watch.

      Ok, those two little ones are TOO cute! My goodness…makes me almost want a baby again! Great that you and Nicole could get together like that.

      I think it’s smart to ease up this week w/ the addition of swimming in the schedule. It all adds up and sometimes we forget that.
      misszippy1 recently posted..Post-run slugMy Profile

    12. Congrats on your PR! I’ve probably PR’d on the treadmill since I haven’t run a 5K since November 2011, so I’m sure I’ve beat that. I agree that what your mind thinks you can or can’t do is so important with running. Your mind controls so much of when you’ll stop. I’ve been working on pushing through that block, but it’s tough!
      Beth @ Running with the Sunrise recently posted..Busy weekendMy Profile

    13. Killing it as always:) You seriously inspire me so much! Your little fam is adorable. I love that picture:)

    14. I agree – splitting up the run like that makes is seem “easier” than shooting for an overall other pace! I have been experimenting with some of that idea myself, trying to break the runs up to achieve the overall pace in a mentally better way :) I enjoy soccer more when I am in Europe and have more of the “atmosphere” surrounding me. It is hard stateside to sometimes find the excitement with it, but it is slowly picking up more steam here :)
      Christina recently posted..Marathon training week 7 and a new kitty!My Profile