My youngest son will be 5 months old next week.  He’s been scooting around in on his belly his crib for a few weeks now, but just last week really started moving (law-crawling) ALL over the place.  It seems like the idea of getting from point a to point b has clicked in his head.  He no longer wants to lay around and play with his baby toys.  He’d rather go after his older brother’s toys (especially his puzzle pieces) which has already started to cause some frustration for my oldest son.

As much as I’m thrilled for him to have gained this wonderful motor skill, it has made my life exponentially more difficult.  No longer can I leave him places without worry.  I have to constantly check to make sure there are no small toys lying around (choking hazard) and nothing that he can get his hands into.  Easier said than done when there is a 2-yr old in the house.  I’m learning why life is tougher with two.  With one – you only have to concern yourself with where you put things.  With 2+, there are now little hands that are constantly dropping non-chewable toys / choking hazards throughout the whole house.  Thankfully, he seems to really enjoy two toys that keep him in place – his jumperoo and walk-around.  Double “yays” because my oldest is enjoying playing with him while he is in them:


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I started swimming this week.  Just a quick background on my swim experience…Although I grew up in/around pools and am very comfortable in the water, I never had any formal training nor did I know how to correctly swim freestyle until a few years ago.  In 2010, my husband and I hired a swim coach for a few private lessons. I had just signed up for the 2010 Syracuse Half-Ironman and wanted to begin training on the right foot (I never raced the Half because I found out I was pregnant while we were in the middle of our lessons).

Last January (2012) I began swimming again (I was signed up for the NYC Ironman).  But after a few sessions in the pool, found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with baby #2!  Are you noticing a trend here? HA =)

While I know the bike is the most demanding aspect of the Ironman, truth be told, the swim scares the crap out of me.  It’s by far, my least comfortable discipline and the thought of swimming 2.4 miles terrifies the bejesus out of me.

After I said “yes” to the rep from Got Chocolate Milk?, I began having ALL of these doubts.  Every website I found with training plans for an Ironman had all of this jargon that I was not familiar with.  And even worse, the week 1 plans all had some pretty high yardage.  I was starting in severe panic mode.

I had every intention of getting in the pool this week, but had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do once I got in.  Thankfully, by sheer luck, on Sunday afternoon I saw a tweet from an amazing triathlete, Ray, about a post he did earlier in the year on training for and completing your first triathlon.  In it, he talked about what swim plan he used for his first triathlon.  And this is what I am going to be following (initially) to get me moving in the right direction.

It’s called Zero to 1650 in Six Weeks.  It is a VERY simple training plan – no drills, warmups, etc.  You do the same workout 3x/week and then increase the distance the following week.  The basic idea of this plan is that if you follow this training plan and swim 3x/week  you will be able to swim 1650 yards (one mile) in six weeks (the assumption is that you are already able to swim at least 100 yards continuously).

Full-on Ironman training starts on Tuesday (I will go into more detail about my plan in a subsequent post).  However, for the next 5 weeks, I will continue to follow the above swim plan rather than what is listed in the training plan since I am not up to that skill set yet.

The first day in the pool went surprisingly well.  I forgot how much I actually enjoying swimming – and I felt comfortable by the end of the first 100 yard set.  I am by no means a great swimmer, but I know how to breathe out of both sides and I know my form will improve out of necessity as I continue to increase my yardage each week.

I swam 850 yards and felt great the whole time.  Immediately after the swim, I threw on my running clothes and headed up to the cardio area to run a few miles.  I definitely need to get more efficient in the mornings with getting out the door.  I have a cup of coffee, pump (so there is milk for my husband in case little guy gets up), get dressed, and then head out the door.  But there’s a TON of wasted time in between each of those…I need to cut the time in half in order to save valuable sleep time!

I felt great running after the first 1/2 mile or so.  I ran 3 miles in just under 24 min (23:45).  But, I was 100% exhausted the remainder of the day.  I forgot how energy-zapping swimming is and how hungry it makes me for the ENTIRE day.

Are you comfortable in the pool?  

How long does it take you to leave the house in the AM for a workout?  At least 45 minutes – WAY too much time.

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    33 thoughts on “Milestones

    1. Don’t forget to get some open water time in! If you aren’t used to swimming in open water it can be very, very shocking, even to experienced pool swimmers. You are going to do amazing, of course! I can’t believe your little guy is so advanced! He’s ready for baby Ironman…
      Jackie@ MuscleUpMom recently posted..ImmunityMy Profile

    2. Oh man, I miss the days when I could plop the boys down and they would be happy playing with their toys on the rug and they wouldn’t move! Luckily for me, both of them were relatively late crawlers. But 5 months! Go Ryan!

      As for the pool, you will totally build up confidence and will do great. I love swimming and being in the pool. PS you know you can ask me questions anytime.

      For me, it takes about 30-45 min to get out the door. I have no idea why!
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Getting the kids styled for springMy Profile

    3. I found the same swimming plan a few months ago and absolutely love it! I’m planning on doing my first tri (just a sprint though) this coming fall, and am currently pregnant, so am using this pregnancy to get better acquainted with the pool. Anyway, I got pretty far in the plan, and with two weeks to go before I hit the mile mark, ended up taking a month-long break. I’m back at it though and still can’t speak highly enough of this training method. I only make it to the pool twice a week and as I’m not in a huge rush to get my distance up, I repeat each weekly workouts for a second week. I also found that I needed to do a short warm-up before completing the suggested longer set.

      Looking forward to following you as you train for IMLP! You are quite an inspiration!
      Jen recently posted..Bumpdate: Week 28My Profile

    4. Funny that you wrote this! I just wrote a post on swimming yesterday! I am with you 150% on the scary 2.4 mile swim. It is literally the one thing that could hold me back from ever doing an Ironman. I will look forward to reading about your experiences, and hopefully…drawing some courage from you! I know it sounds crazy, but what I always try to do: stick with a pack, and let them lead you where you need to go. I don’t know how that would work out for 2.4 miles though. I have no doubt you can do it though!!!
      Crystal@TheFastFitRunner recently posted..Why I Love Running!My Profile

    5. If I know I’m headed out for an early morning run I set up the breast pump the night before: plug it in, set up the cords and bottles etc. I also program my coffee maker (or grab ice coffee straight from the fridge). I get completely dressed in my gear, shoes etc then pump and have my coffee. Then head out. I can get it down to 20 min if I lay everything out the night before, including clothes.
      Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..There is No Pain WorseMy Profile

    6. I swam in high school and played water polo in college, so I’m really comfortable and becoming more excited that I have that skill as I inch closer and closer to signing up for a triathlon. My running coach has added swimming to my weekly workouts, and I did my first one yesterday. It felt great! It’s such awesome cross training! Congrats on finding this plan. This seems like such a great way to get back and started.
      meghan recently posted..Speed work before a Brooks Running and FITniche Event!My Profile

    7. I have no idea how long it usually takes me but I’m notorious for getting caught up in something else. On a great day it might be 20 min from waking up to out the door.

      The author of “Short Fat Triathlete” says swimming is her favorite event because you do it lying down :) I think the key to getting the distance up is to go Slowly. I find my form gets better the longer I swim if I’m not pushing my pace.

    8. I like being in the pool… i however, don’t like to swim for distance. I play in the pool. Splash, touch the bottom, float… i’m a pool goof-around kinda guy. You SHOULD DO THAT!

      Yep, 45 mins sounds about right. That includes potty time, brushing teeth, getting dressed, waking up, etc.
      Pavement Runner recently posted..#RnRPAS: Race Day GoalsMy Profile

    9. Oh girl- I don’t know how you do it. Swimming is tough. I did a couple triathlons before and it was the worst part. It gets easier every time though. :) And heck yes it makes you hungry. Wait, everything makes me hungry. :) LOVE YA!
      STUFT Mama recently posted..STUFT Sightings- Local EventsMy Profile

      • I had no idea you did triathlons! Was there a reason you didn’t stick with them? I’ve heard from so many people that once you get into tris you never go back to straight running…
        I’m eating everything in sight lately. Need to get more healthy options for the house. HA
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile

    10. I wish I had a chance to swim before my husband leaves for work. My daughter woke up sick this morning minutes after my husband left for work and my swim workout for the morning slowly floated out the window. :) Your swimming will come back and I bet you will be swimming much further than 1650 in 6 weeks. Last summer was tough getting my endurance up but with 3 days a week of swimming it will come quickly. My biggest worry is also the swim, but mine isn’t whether I can make the distance. I worry about the huge amount of people that will be swimming over me. I have a hard enough time swimming in open water so am hoping I can find a spot that isn’t as full of people. Here’s to hoping we can wear wetsuits because that will make it much easier!!!
      Robin recently posted..Race Day Nutrition–Why I Run with SaltSticksMy Profile

      • I’m glad to hear that she is feeling better today, Robin!! I guess since I’m so focused on just learning how to swim longer distance, I haven’t given the race day swim much thought! HAHA. I’ve heard awesome things about LP’s swim though – so it could be worse, I guess =)
        What plan are you following? Do you make your own? I got a book that I am going to use religiously (at least that’s the plan right now) except for the run portion where I’m going to keep the mileage up a bit more than they have me doing (b/c of the marathon in 2 1/2 mo). Once the marathon is over, I’ll follow what the book says completely!
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile

    11. I totally understand your fear of the water. In my limited triathlon experience I have always felt like I struggled in the water. Escpecially when you add the open water component.

      I actually sought out a local ironman to help me learn to swim the right way. That was a few years ago.

      I don’t know if you have any tri clubs around you but ours has open swim times at local pools usually early sunday mornings. that’s when I was getting my swims in.
      Katie @momslrb recently posted..Traditions that TranscendMy Profile

      • I’m trying to find someone who can coach me or just help me out. Not for every single swim – maybe once a week for a month or so? Just to keep me going in the right direction. The thing with swimming is that I don’t even know what I’m doing wrong/right – I’m just doing what feels comfortable – may not be the recipe for success! HA.
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile

    12. I’m kinda glad I’m not a fan of water or my excitement for you might make me want to consider a tri and that might freak the hubs out completely. 😉

      45 minutes is how long it takes for me to get ready for work, so yes, there has to be a way to trim down your out the door time! I’m all for getting as much stuff out in advance – Hopefully your coffee maker is on a timer with your cup planted in front of it already (priorities), and I’ve gone so far as to sleep in my workout clothes so it’s one less step to think about when I know my time is short.
      Melissa @ Melissa Running It recently posted..Good for My CORE Foods {Review}My Profile

      • HAHA.

        Yes…usually clothes laid out, timer on coffee etc. I think I just waste too much time doing nothing. Like checking computer and doing stupid things. Maybe I’ll force myself no internet until after my workout. That might work =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile

    13. I know how to swim (doggie paddle, sloppy style) for fun, but have never learned to swim properly. I think I’d like it and it’s starting to interest me a bit, but I’m terrified of open water/ocean, so I’m not sure how practical I’d be able to apply any skills outside the pool. Fear #1 to get over.
      Luckily, I don’t have much keeping me time wise when I get ready for a workout so however long it takes to throw clothes on and get out! (5-10min)
      beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..Rock N’ Roll St. Pete Expo+Race RecapMy Profile

      • That’s crazy fast! During the day I’m quick…but the whole act of getting out of bed, brushing teeth, contacts, coffee, pumping, dressed, etc takes me SO long :/
        I’ve never done an OWS before (other than having fun in the ocean) so I’m not sure how this is going to go. HA =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile

    14. I am not a swimmer and not comfortable in the water. I just recently found your blog about a month ago and I really enjoy followig your training. Good luck!

    15. I am dabbling in a Triathlon this year too. Just a sprint tri, gonna try to build to epic ironman status haha. But I agree with you – swimming is the one thing I am nervous about.

      I actually swam competitively in high school. But that was over 10 years ago now, and aside from some fun at the beach I haven’t done a whole lot of swimming since then. It’s going be interesting diving back in, but I am excited too.

      GO MAMA GO!
      Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail) recently posted..#WIAW 5 Happy Heart Diet TipsMy Profile

      • So excited for you to do your tri! You are going to be SO far ahead of the rest of us – those who know how to swim (and are good at it) have a HUGE advantage in triathlons!! And it’ll come back in no time – just like riding a bike!
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile

    16. I’m excited to follow your Ironman training… I would love to do one someday and plan to do my first triathlon this summer. I like the idea of this 6 week swim plan and will perhaps give it a go. Every time I think of swimming (especially when it’s freezing outside and the thought of putting a bathing suit on makes me cold) I don’t want to, but once you get it it is just kind of… refreshing.

      Good luck! I’ll be following along!
      Lindsey Hein recently posted..When a long run was just a long runMy Profile

      • Thanks, Lindsey! I’m going to talk about my whole training plan sometime next week. It’s a bit lofty, but I feel like I would rather aim high to start and then if I need to pull it back a bit, I can.
        I will let you know how the 6 week plan goes and whether or not I will be able to swim a mile in 5 weeks. It seems a bit lofty, but fingers are crossed.
        And I agree – its tough to know you are going to be in the water when it’s below freezing out – thankfully the pool room and water are fairly comfortable so it’s not too terrible when I jump in =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile

    17. What a cool concept on that swim plan! One thing I like about swimming is that you can progress really quickly (I think faster than running). Here’s a bit of good news for you too: you just can’t find an easier OWS than LP. Truly, it is a quick, flat, easy swim, and you do it in two loops (I’m sure you know this). You’ll be pleased w/ your swim split there!

      I grew up on a lake, so I’ve always had a comfort level in the pool. When I started doing tris, however, I started going to master’s 3x/week and that made a huge difference in my speed (all under Troy J, btw!). I do love it and keep it up even when I’m not doing a tri.

      Finally, my out the door routine is 30 min. I think I could do better, though!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Don’t overlook the cool downMy Profile

      • Oh that is good to know! I had heard that the lake is pretty quiet and even – unlike some other OWS. The bike and swim on the other hand….
        I should look into a master’s group at the gym (YMCA). I’m sure they have one.
        I used to only need 15-20 min but lately it’s been SO long (some days upwards of 45-60 min). Such a huge waste of time.
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile

      • Hi Amy! Thanks so much for your comment =) I’ve ALWAYS wanted to get into swimming, but like you, am very happy with running being my one love…and with a finite amount of time to workout each day, running will always win. I’ve already cut back on running this week and am missing it terribly :/
        nycrunningmama recently posted..What I’m LovingMy Profile