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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Hope you all indulge in a little chocolate / sweet treats today =)

Workout yesterday: 700 yd swim (following the 0to1650 plan) + 5 mile progression run on gym’s treadmill.  My arms felt tired from the first stroke in the pool yesterday…I have one more pool workout on Friday and then off until Monday (yay!).  The progression run was totally unplanned – intention was 4-5 miles at an easy pace but everything felt too good to go slow.  Ordinarily, I would have followed the training plan, but since I haven’t done any long or hard runs this week, I decided a few miles at a good pace wasn’t the worst thing in the world.


  • Mile 1: 8:20
  • Mile 2: 7:44
  • Mile 3: 7:16
  • Mile 4: 6:56
  • Mile 5: 6:28

I didn’t get up early this AM to run.  The last few days of swimming coupled with my youngest son’s recent sleeping habits (he has reverted to waking up 2-4x / night to nurse) made for one tired mama this morning.  But I got the BEST present from both boys today.  Little guy woke up only once (3am) to nurse and both boys slept til almost 630am!

I may try a short recovery run this afternoon.  Or I may just take today off.  =)


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Things I’m Loving post and figured Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to do one!!  Below are some things I’m LOVING lately:

– Giggles: 

– Saucony’s new colors: I tried out the Guide 6s a couple of months ago and have totally fallen in love with this shoe (I did a review on them in November in case you missed it).  I ordered their newest color last week – got these babies in the mail on Tuesday and it was love at first sight.  They are a bright, loud, and happy pink (vizio pink) – which is the color of most of my running clothes!

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Yesterday’s 5 miler was the first run with them.  I seriously felt like I was running on a cloud:

And then I got these beauties in the mail yesterday! Meet the newest shoe in Saucony’s long line of shoes: the Virrata – a 0mm lightweight, ultra-flexible training shoe with 18mm of cushioning.  A full review will be coming after I test them out on a few shorter distance runs.

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Pro Compression Socks – I know I alluded to a review of these recently and I promise to do one next week!  I have been wearing the socks after all of my long runs and hard speed days.  I’m back into the 50+ mile weeks and my legs have been feeling rested, recovered, and ready for the next workout – and I think some of that is because of these socks.

I even have worn them on some of my recovery runs.  LOVE.  And love the hot pink color!!

TV Shows: Totally obsessed with Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Top Chef, Big Bang Theory, and Vanderpump Rules (I know – it’s my guilty pleasure).  Most of these shows come on past my bedtime but I DVR them and watch them on my morning runs on the treadmill!

Running Blogs:  These are a few running blogs that I have been loving recently (in addition to some of my favs):

Valentine’s Day IG photos:

Saucony IG

Mizuno IG

What are you LOVING lately? 

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    13 thoughts on “What I’m Loving

    1. Hey! My buddy is on that show..vanderpump Rules. tom..the one dating kristen. He’s from STL and went to high school with my brother in law. I’m glad he’s pretty much portrayed as a good guy on the show. He really is. Glad someone is watching it. Keeps him employed. :)

      Oh and I love saucony’s!!!
      Katie @momslrb recently posted..Featured Blogger…Katy WidrickMy Profile

    2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I hope you’re having great time with your loving family and friends. You’ve made this post very impressive by updating interesting info and images. I just like your new shoes and that love shape made by shoes is quite innovative. An award winning approach indeed! Keep up… :)
      Neel Pix recently posted..Tips for the Golfing TouristMy Profile

    3. I love the new shoes! Brightly colored running shoes are so fun. I’m glad that more and more running companies are making shoes in fun colors. It’s always a great day when you’re able to get a harder run in than you had planned because you’re feeling great instead of the opposite. I also love the Pro Compression socks–they work well and they always seem to be having great deals so you never have to pay full price.
      Beth @ Running with the Sunrise recently posted..Lovely Day for a RunMy Profile

    4. I am loving all the new pink and green gear in Saucony’s spring line. I still need to get my hands on the pink/green Mirage 3s! I’m convinced they designed the shoe with me in mind. 😉

      Can’t wait to hear what you think about the new Virratas. I’m very curious about the shoe, but not sure I’m ready to take the leap into a zero drop.

      (PS thanks for the shout out!)
      Lauren recently posted..A Little Love…for Winter RunningMy Profile

    5. Your kids are so adorable. They remind me of my daughter (she is 4) and my son (6 months old). Love the giggling video! Thanks for sharing.

    6. I love Grey’s Anatomy and found a similar show this week on a treadmill run called Monday Mornings, check it out! I loved waking up to my baby (6 years old) all smiles after having a 104 degree temperature yesterday. Her happy voice made my Valentine’s Day perfect. And I notice that I run much faster than expected after swims and bikes. I don’t know why, but I love it.
      Robin recently posted..Race Day Nutrition–Why I Run with SaltSticksMy Profile