Race Week: NYC Half

The NYC Half is Sunday.

I’m anxious, excited and nervous as all heck.  Anxious to put the last 10 weeks of hard training to the test.  Excited to be racing again.  Nervous because I have some pretty BIG goals for this race.  

There’s a huge part of me that wants to keep my goals hidden.  It’ll be a lot easier on Sunday if I come up short if I didn’t share what my goals were here.  I won’t have to publicly admit defeat like I had to do in January when I missed the qualifying time for the Saucony Hurricane Team.  

But, I share my training – the good and bad…so feel that sharing my goals is a continuation of that.  I try to openly share my goals – all of them – on here, twitter, facebook, IG.

And what is the worst that could happen?  That I fail?  I have failed at SO many things I’ve set out to do in my life…so what’s one more?  Failing makes me stronger.  Failing no longer scares me.

All I can do on Saturday is race with my heart and my head – my body will follow. 

The mini-taper this week has not been kind to me.  I had a planned rest day on Monday but took an unplanned rest day yesterday.  After a few night’s of poor sleeping from my children, I slept in AND chose to nap when they did yesterday.  Sleep trumps an easy few  miles on the treadmill.   I was coming off a huge high from the weekend’s successful runs and by skipping a few days of running, I cracked open the door just enough to let doubt creep in.

The doubt, nervousness, fear have already begun to overtake the quiet moments in my mind and I find myself not being able to think about anything else.  Sunday CANNOT come quick enough.

My goal on Sunday is l Sub-1:32…although I also have a dream goal of sub-1:31.  That would be a 3 1/2 min PR for me – a PR that was set back in 2007 when I was single, child-free, and training pretty hard for the Army 10-miler.

Sub-1:32 is going to be the result of having a great day of racing.  Sub-1:31 could happen if I have a perfect day of racing. It averages out to a 6:56 pace.  One of my last steady state runs (on the treadmill) was 10 miles at a 6:50 pace.  So it could happen…

The NYC Half on Sunday is not the easiest course.  The first half is extremely hilly (it’s just over a full loop in Central Park) and then heads down 7th Avenue (through Times Square) over to the West Side Highway.

My race plan / strategy is pretty simple and consists of two distinct parts:

Part 1: Run in control for the first 5 (ish) miles.  Run conservatively and based on how I feel.  I will try to stay around 7:05-7:10 for some of those miles (the hilly ones) and around 7 for the downhill portions (there is no flat parts of CP!).

Part 2: Gradually pick up the pace (as much as I can) once I exit the park. My plan is to treat it like a progression run.  And then just hold on to the finish.

I ran this course (slightly different) in 2010 in 1:35:23. I started way too fast and died at the end.

You can track me on Sunday (if you want!) through a free-mobile app.  All information can be found here.  You can search for me via my name (Michele Gonzalez) or my bib # (1234 – is that not the best bib # ever?) .

My mom will be sleeping over our home Saturday night so that my husband and I can travel into the city together.  I am really grateful that she has volunteered to babysit – having my husband with me will mean he can drop me off at the start, take some photos of me exiting the park, and then be at the finish (it’s a point-to-point course) with warm clothes.  YAY! =)  Thanks, Mom!

Please let me know if you are running the NYC Half!  I’d love to meet up!  I plan to head to the expo early Saturday morning (maybe with my husband and kids!)

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    25 thoughts on “Race Week: NYC Half

    1. Good luck! I love that you’re so open to sharing your goals, successes, and failures on your blog. It’s a scary thing to do. I’m running a half Sunday with a big goal and was also scared to post my number goal on my blog, but after reading yours and a few other blogs that have authors willing to be open, I went ahead and put it out there. It’s not easy. I’m excited. We’ll be running at the same time! I’ll be thinking of everyone else I know running at the same time as me and using it as motivation to keep pushing through the pain and discomfort. I can’t wait to hear how you do. Best of luck!
      meghan recently posted..Dear Friday… {spring break edition}My Profile

    2. The rest day was your body and mind letting you know it’s okay. It’s tough to realize that not much can be helped or added to your “strength” the week of.

      I can’t wrap my head around going that fast for that long. I know you can do it. Actually, I think knowing the course and having it hilly in the first part will keep you calm and in control. It’s your city. Own it.
      Pavement Runner recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: @PROCompression 40% OffMy Profile

    3. Yay!! I have almost exactly the same race plan. Our last mile in the park is actually the same last mile of almost all my runs, and I lovingly refer to it as “speed alley.” It’s a really quick stretch and a great place to get your legs back after the west side hills. I haven’t run this course since 2008 when it was different, so I’m anxious to see what the new finish is like. My hubs and I are going to the expo Saturday morning, so I will look out for you! Good luck girly!
      Ashley recently posted..Rylan 12 Month SummaryMy Profile

    4. Have a great race! I am so looking forward to seeing your results! Way to go for putting it out there. You really inspire me to be more vocal about goals and to go for it. Have fun!
      Danielle recently posted..Hynes 5 Mile RaceMy Profile

    5. We are so on the same path this week! I am going through all the same emotions and starting to drive myself crazy. I just want Sat. to get here already and have it (successfully) behind me.

      I think, based on that 10-miler, you are going to really knock this one out of the park. I love that the course is hilly on the front end and then you can lock in a great cruising pace until the end. It’s gonna hurt, but you are stronger than that pain!

      Good luck on Sunday–wish we could share a celebratory beer together Sun. night!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Baked oatmeal recipeMy Profile

    6. Good luck this weekend. Glad I’m not the only one who goes through the whole self-doubting routine race week. One foot in front of the other and you will kill it!!

    7. Good luck on Sunday! Thank you for sharing your goals with us. I will follow you and see how well you do! Awesome bib number by the way!

    8. Good luck!! You’re going to do GREAT! I was supposed to be running but injured myself on last week’s run :( I’ll follow you so I can be there in spirit!
      Allie recently posted..So This Is FunMy Profile

    9. Have a great race and don’t forget to execute to your plan! Great race results come from how we execute the race and less from how fit our potential is. Be smart and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the result!
      LesserIsMore recently posted..Race Execution Done RightMy Profile

    10. I find it so scary to put my goals out there some times. But like you said, failure happens and makes you stronger. And seriously the worst that can happen is you don’t hit it…and try, try again! Failing can often fuel the desire in me even more.
      I wish I was running but sadly didn’t get in, have to wait until the 13.1 NY next weekend to see if I PR!
      I must say your bib number is AWESOME if that isn’t some good luck right there I don’t know what it. Here’s to an awesome race and I can’t wait to see how you do – GOOD LUCK!!!
      Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat recently posted..Winning is FUNMy Profile

    11. Good Luck! I know the feeling about waiting to kind of lay it on the line! anxious and excited and definitely ANTICIPATORY! I’ve been training for this A race I have in April since about December…and I admit…I’m getting annoyed that April seems slow in coming..

      I don’t often share my time goals with anyone…Including my Coach (ah ha ha ha- he has different ones than mine), but…I never mind fessing up that I didn’t make my goal or that I came up short. It happens. The funny thing about Running is that you can have a PERFECT training cycle (which is almost what I am having now eeek) and then have a horrific race due to all sorts of things. Then I’ve had a few races where my training was way off…the race was not a planned thing – I did it spur of the moment and I busted out a huge PR….it’s strange… I think you will have a good good race, and agreed the course LOOKS like a real challenge!
      Holly recently posted..Marathon Training Day 37My Profile

    12. I used to keep my goals private but found making them public kept me more accountable. Plus failing w one goal gave me motivation for the next time (no one likes admitting defeat publicly twice!). I’m sure you do great this weekend, that bib # must be good luck!