Pre-NYC Half

The NYC Half Race Recap will be up tomorrow but I’ll save the suspense…I PR’d by over 2 min!!! I didn’t get my sub-1:32 but I was darn close (1:32:23) and could NOT be happier with how the whole race went.  I don’t think the smile has left my face since I crossed the finish line.

And want to know one of the best parts about the weekend?  I am not the only one who PR’d…SO many friends set massive PRs this weekend:

  • Kristin ran the LA Marathon in 3:20
  • Ashley ran a 1:43 at the NYC Half -> PR by over 2 min
  • Jess took 10 min off her half and ran the Rock N Roll Half in 1:33
  • Gia got her BQ at the LA Marathon after missing it by 10 sec in the fall – she ran a 3:32
  • Theodora ran a 5 min PR in 1:50 at the Rock N Roll DC Half
  • Erica got her sub-2 half at the NYC Half
  • Lindsey crushed her previous marathon PR with a 3:13 at the Shamrock Marathon
  • Ashley ran a 2:05 to crush her PR that she’s had for 5 years at the NYC Half

On the Run Interview

I am so happy and honored to have been featured in their coverage leading up to the NYC Half. In case you missed it on WABC or on their website, here is the video:

Saturday Expo + Shopping

I headed to the NYC Half expo Saturday morning to get my race bib (with the coolest # ever – 1234!).  It couldn’t be located so I had to be given a replacement one (#1900).  Kind of bummed because 1234 sounded fast but I forced myself to not something as trivial as a race # pysch me out.

I got to hang out with one of my favorite running gear companies for a bit AND picked up some fun new colors (I wore the pink one on race day but it was under my earwarmer headband).

I finally got to meet a few twitter friends while I was there – including Lora and Amy.

And, I got to chat a while with my fellow-Army veteran / runner friend Gary.  It was SUCH a confidence booster to talk about race strategy and goals with him (who is a super speedy runner).

Post-expo, I hoped on the subway to the UWS to meet up with my younger sis, Danielle and her boyfriend, Todd for brunch at the West Side Diner. LOVE this little cozy-diner so much – it was a much-frequented establishment when Danielle and I lived together in that neighborhood.

After we ate, Danielle and I ditched Todd and headed to the Lincoln Square Lululemon to pick out a race outfit for Sunday.  Totally broke so many of my own rules by doing this (even though I had no chaffing or clothes-issues, I do not recommend wearing new clothes for a big race) but I felt that 13 miles and ~90 (ish) minutes of running in a new outfit would be okay.

I’ve been itching to get a running skirt from Lululemon for months but held off b/c I wanted to go to an actual store to see what size worked best for me (there is no Lulu close to our home). I loved both the Pace Setter Skirt and Pace skirt but couldn’t justify spending that much money in one trip so settled on the Pace Setter. I also picked up a new tank.  Score. Race outfit complete. 

Race outfit

On our way to the Lululemon store, Danielle and I stopped into Gap and did some retail therapy.  I don’t even know the last time I was out shopping sans at least one child.  It was SO nice to be childless for a few hours AND get to spend some fun one-on-one time with my gorgeous sister!!  Added bonus: she has the best fashion sense of anyone I know so she helped pick out some new clothes for me!  I got a few pairs of their Skimmer Jeans and a handful of comfy, casual shirts.

I was home before 3pm and had plenty of time to focus on hydrating, relaxing, and packing for race morning.

I don’t like to eat anything heavy before a race so I usually just opt for plain whole wheat pasta. Pretty boring, huh?  This time, I added in coconut oil, cheese and crushed red pepper.  It was perfect – light on my stomach and yummy!

Race Morning

Super early wakeup (4:15am) in order to have enough time to eat, drink some coffee, get dressed and drop my youngest son at my mom’s (my oldest son accompanied my husband and I to the race) in order to get to Central Park by 6:15am to meet with my bike escort (AGH!).  Thankfully, both boys have been sleeping amazing since daylight savings and I have gotten in some solid night’s of sleep (5-6 straight hours!).  We had to wake both boys at 5:15 to get the oldest dress and for me to nurse the youngest before heading out.

Eating was not easy.  My stomach was in knots because of how nervous I was and couldn’t keep ANY food down.  I managed to eat about 1/2 piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter.

We made it to Central Park just after 6:15.  I met with the bike escort so she could see my face and race outfit and go over where we would link up on the course.  I had a bike escort because WABC wanted to do a post-race interview with me and didn’t want to rely on the 5k tracker…so I had a bike following me from the moment I left the park (mile 6.5ish) until just before the finish line.

I then made my way to the Bethesda Fountain on 72nd street to meet up with the On The Run crew from NYRR for a pre-race interview.

After that interview, I was introduced to a member of the roaming video team who would stay with me in the start corral and during the first mile of the race.  He had this tiny little GoPro camera and wanted to get footage of me running the race:

We made our way to the start corral just after 7am and squeezed into the back of the 1,000-1,999 section.  I knew that it was going to be a tough first mile because of how tight the corrals were but there wasn’t much I could do at that point.

Although I didn’t get to do a warm-up run (I ran about 1/4 mile or so from the interview location to my start corral), I was grateful for the distraction.  My stomach was in knots all morning – I couldn’t eat anything.  Each time I tried, I had to spit out the food because I felt like I couldn’t keep it down.

I am SO glad that I decided to wear sweatpants/sweatshirt in the start corral.  I stayed warm with those clothes (and the body heat of everyone around me) and took off my clothes at 7:25 – just enough time before the gun went off.

The whole morning was SURREAL.  I had no idea that I would be doing interviews or even having a video guy with me until race morning. It was incredible.

Check back tomorrow for the RECAP!!

Did you race this weekend??  How did it go?

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    3. I am just so happy for you!!!! That is awesome!!! I am sure u are on cloud 9! The video was great to…my husband and I sat down and watched it the other night…I kept telling him “I know her!” :). Great job!

    4. Love love love this!! Such an amazing weekend for you and I’m so happy for you!! The On the Run interview was awesome and so cool that it extended to race day itself. Can’t wait for the recap. Congrats!!
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    5. Congrats again Michele! So excited for your marathon and Ironman – you’re going to do amazing!
      I also raced the NYC Half and finished with a 10+ minute PR – I loved this race!

    6. Awesome Michele! Congrats!!!! Very, very happy you had such a great day out there (and the whole weekend sounds fun). Your marathon is going to be the bomb!
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