Making Time for My Spouse’s Fitness

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I saw a tweet last week from a new dad saying he was happy to be getting back on track with running post-baby.  My first thought was along the lines of Post-Baby? You didn’t just have a baby!!  But after letting his words sink in for a bit, I began to see more and more truth to what he said.  True, the husbands are not the ones who just carried and delivered a child.  BUT, they DO have a new baby in their lives – and in some ways, I think the spouse’s return to running post-baby may sometimes be tougher.

The woman has to deal with the physical limitations of having just given birth, but the spouse may have to deal with his/her own set of challenges that comes with being the spouse of a postpartum woman.  I think it can be challenging for the spouse to juggle fitting in physical fitness while still being supportive at home (especially working a full-time job).

From my experience at home, I was given the full support of my husband to return to running very soon after both boys were born.  I had very easy L&D and was given clearance to run when I felt ready.  It wasn’t because I had a race on the calendar, but rather, because I loved running (and missed running w/o carrying around a watermelon!), wanted some semblance of control over my body back, and selfishly needed enjoyed a bit of time away from the stress of a newborn (esp when it was my first!).

My running was made a priority in the house – whether that meant running before my husband went to work in the morning or high-fiving him when he got home and took over the parenting duties.  It was always about how we were going to fit in time for me to get out for a bit.  If  he worked out, it was after my run was already checked off.

We have two early risers on our hands (5:30am for the oldest) which prevents us from working out at the same time in the AM (we do not like to rely on electronics to preoccupy our boys – especially at 6am).  So these are are often his options if he wants to work out:

  • Ridiculously early (4am) so that he is done in enough time to allow me to work out
  • As soon as he gets home from work (but that would limit his time with the boys – which is not really an option for him)
  • After they go to bed (~8:30) 

I am the priority in the house.  It’s been like that since our first son was born.  And truth be told, even if there was time for him to work out, he would most often skip it because he felt guilty about leaving me alone with the boys after being at work all day.  He would give me a break with the parenting duties so that I could clean, rest, do laundry.

What would my reaction have been at 2 weeks postpartum if he returned from work, announced he was going for a run, and up and left for an hour?  Looking back, I’d like to think that I would have been amicable to it…but I am pretty certain if it was a long, tiring day with the two boys, I would have guilted him into staying and helping with the parenting.  But there were plenty of days that I would head downstairs to the treadmill when he got home from work to get my run in.  And that was acceptable.

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression with this post.  My husband willingly and happily let his fitness take a back seat so that I could run and chase my big dreams because he knew how much it meant to me.  

I’m training for multiple events right now (NJ Marathon, Ironman Lake Placid and JFK 50-miler) and training takes up a good portion of my mornings (5-7:30).  My husband is 100% on board with my goals and training and supports me in every way possible.  

BUT my husband also has a race on the calendar – the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 18.  We agreed back in January that we would both run it – and race – to see who got household bragging rights.  But the reality is that he hasn’t been able to follow any sort of training plan because I am the priority. Always the priority. 

About 2-3 weeks ago, it finally hit me that I needed to stop monopolizing the workout time in the house and focus on making his fitness a priority as well.  Working out for me makes me a happier, better mom.  It makes me feel good. It is healthy for me.  And I want him to have the same thing I have.  I want him to be happy and proud of how fit he is in his mid-30s with 2 kids.  I want him to get that competitive feeling back that he once had.

I’ve scaled down my ironman training at the moment (eliminated one swim and one run) and try to fit in a workout when the boys are napping during the day to cut back on the morning time.  This has allowed him to run/bike in the AMs before I begin my workout.  He’s now two weeks into his training plan for the half in May and has completed almost every workout on the schedule.

Females: Did you find that you running/working out was the priority in the house postpartum?  Did you make time for your spouse?

Males: Did you feel guilty for running/working out post-baby? 

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    54 thoughts on “Making Time for My Spouse’s Fitness

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    2. I do not have a baby, and I am not married yet, but I’m getting married this June. I love this post so much. I think it’s great you have realized this, and hopefully this will make me consider my spouse’s workout time once we are married and have kids. Thanks for sharing!

    3. I know I’m really late commenting on this post, but I just found your blog after reading your great guest post at Love. Life. Surf. This post resonates with me because my husband and I are constantly trying to find the right balance in our lives so we can both train and compete. This has been especially challenging since we welcomed our second daughter last April. We’re finding that it much harder to juggle two full-time jobs, business travel, training & races when we have to take into account four schedules instead of three. Now that our little one is almost 1 (tomorrow!), things are getting much easier, but we’re still learning as we go. Thanks for this great post!
      Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Weekend Warriors: Children Change EverythingMy Profile

    4. What a great honest post. You are extremely lucky to have such a supportive hubby, although you clearly already know that! Our girls are older now (4) so it’s a little easier to slip out to run. My hubby just recently started running and I’m so proud of him! However, he prefers to run on the treadmill at home. While I want him to get outside, this is easy for him to get a run in being that our girls can occupy themselves in their playroom!

    5. My husband and I struggle with this a lot. He goes straight to the gym after work a few days a week, which means he ends up getting home about a half hour before my son’s bedtime. I dread those days, since the last few hours of solo parenting always feel extra long.

      My workouts are always second priority in our house, even though I’m the one who trains for races. :) I do a lot of evening workouts, which is ok because I’m a night owl, but it’s tough when I’m totally wiped some nights.

      Great topic, thanks for bringing this up!
      Kim @ Healthy Nest recently posted..5 things I learned from eliminating certain foods from my dietMy Profile

    6. I just found this post via Lindsey’s bean bytes, not sure how I missed it the first time. I definitely monopolize the workout time, but my husband has a disability that doesn’t allow him to be run races or go to the gym the way I can. He gets his workouts in walking to and from the train everyday (0.75 miles each way with lots of hills!)
      Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly’s recently posted..Bowling and RunningMy Profile

    7. THANK YOU for this post! I am sending it to my husband.

      I am nearly four months postpartum and my working out/running was definitely a priority over his during the three months I was on maternity leave. Now that I am back to working out of the home, we schedule everything: his tennis, my running, taking the baby to and from daycare. However, he always gives me priority on Saturday morning so I can do my long run. In return, I’m trying to make sure he gets back into his tennis league. It really is only fair!
      Victoria @ Running Peanut recently posted..Five ThingsMy Profile

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    9. We have a very similar dynamic. Once my oldest was in preschool it was very easy to do all my workouts during weekdays so weekends could be all for my husband’s gym time but now with two it’s much harder. There’s always a creative fix (running a jogging stroller?) but my husband does prioritize my workout time because it’s also my only ME/FREE time and he wants to give that to me. Sounds like your husband is really supportive, that’s awesome :)
      Jackie@ MuscleUpMom recently posted..Crawling Toward FitnessMy Profile

    10. This is a great reminder that we’re not the only ones affected when a baby enters the world :)

      Great perspective; thanks for your thoughts on it! It’s always a challenge and a sacrifice (I’m up at 4:20 3x/week while working full-time to get my workouts in!) but in the end – a happy, healthy Mama/Wife is better for everyone! :)

    11. I think, like all things in marriage, it’s about a balance between both people and accommodating the others’ needs. For me and my husband, that was him to accommodate time for me to workout regularly because it really helped with any PPD issues and just to feel better and do better as a mom. Like with you guys, it was a priority in our schedule. For Peter, his workouts weren’t a huge thing but having time to work on important house projects was (which in truth is always a workout in itself). So I had to find extra time to be okay with having the kids to myself even on weekends or after he got home from work. We both had things we needed and found ways to accommodate them in a reasonable way. I don’t think one over the other should have greater priority. And I’m sure there are sacrifices you make for him as he does for you to get your workouts in more than he may. :)
      Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Friday Five: Scenes from Spring Break {Giveaway Included!}My Profile

    12. Very interesting! I actually am going through the same thing. My sweet husband always makes my exercise the priority, and I feel guilty about his not getting in workouts when he misses for me. He did an Ironman when our baby was 3 mos, and says that it’s my turn to race this summer. It’ll be his turn again next time I’m pregnant, he says! I’d live to race him in a half :)

    13. This is a great reminder for those who don’t have kids, but still live with their significant other, too. there are days where Mike and I don’t see each other until bedtime or sometimes later because I’m working, or we both go to the gym (we go to different locations) or he has soccer or I want to run. Sometimes it turns into a “who fed the cat” or “who’s doing the dishes” or other errand/chore, rather than “who is watching the kiddos”, but I totally get your drift and I’m glad you and your hubs have a very understanding relationship. There are so many others out there that would NOT be so accomodating!
      beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..5 Things about Training PlansMy Profile

    14. This is such a great post Michele and it totally hits close to home. Working out is a priority for me, much more so than for my husband and he will always help me fit in the time. I know that working out also is good for him and makes him feel better but he fits it in when he can but will defer to me much of the time. We are working on trying to make it more balanced, especially since he’s trying to swim more and, as you know, lap swim time is a bit more of a pain in the butt to work around. Definitely a work in progress!
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..6 signs that Mommy needs a time-outMy Profile

    15. OH MY GOODNESS… this post is so perfect for us right now. I just realized the same thing.. I was making it all about me and not allowing him time to run too! Thank you for this post, I feel like our brains are always the same! LOVE YOU!

    16. Such an interesting post! I am the priority in our house too, for many of the same reasons… I’m the one that’s with L all day, and, more importantly, I’m the one who has a training plan! My husband doesn’t run much, other than the occasional 3-4 mile jog with the stroller, but he’ll often squeeze in a swim or raquetball game over his lunch so it doesn’t cut into our time. And for him it’s all about fun, it’s never a priority or a strict training plan, so the balance has worked out pretty well!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Marathon news and a ViewSport Tank GiveawayMy Profile

    17. In our house it has aways been my husband who was the runner, I was the one that hated it but secretly wished I could like it. He always has a marathon on his calendar and is training. Recently I have started running myself, but since I don’t have to leave the house for work my hours are a little more flexible. In the early stages of my running I would take my son with me while my daughter was in school. The runs are too long for me to push him now, so I try and go on the weekends and after my husband gets home. Tag Team!
      My husband never lets his training interfere with family and has always gotten his runs in before work and before the kids wake up. We may not see him for a couple hours here and there on the weekends but LOVE supporting him and his goals. I know he will do the same for me when I reach his level.

    18. Awesome insight-thank you! I am also extremely blessed to be a stay at home mom & have a husband that supports my fitness routine. Luckily he is a morning fitness person, so he leaves the house early. Now our littlest goes to preschool 2 days in the morning, so instead of running errands without kids, I find myself going to the gym or on a run. It is definitely easier now that the sun stays out longer to get runs in the other days. The weekends are hard now because the kids are in SO many a activities plus church!
      Stacy (Once Upon A Run) recently posted..The Color Run: Atlanta!My Profile

    19. This is a great post! My fiance and I don’t have kids in our life yet but that doesn’t mean we don’t struggle with balancing our own workout times and time together. It’s hard and I have an easier job and get to leave earlier than Alex each day and therefore most days get my workout in before he even gets off of work. I tend to get selfish and want him home for dinner when he’s done but I need to remember that his fitness and health is just as important as mine and even as our time together. This was such a great reminder, thank you!
      Lauren @ The Unlikely Runners recently posted..The One With Land Of Oz Training {Week 15}My Profile

    20. Both my husband and I run and we are both training for a half right now. It can be a challenge fitting it all in but we are both a priority and I want my daughters seeing us both being fit and healthy. During the week I try to run during the day on the treadmill or with the running stroller. My husband runs when he gets home from work. It does cut into his time with our daughters but he also exercises our dogs so he just gets it done. On the weekends we take turns long running or my MIL watches our girls and we run together. We just juggle things and get it done.
      Terry recently posted..Foodie Friday… scratch made bread, mmmmm!My Profile

    21. This is always a tricky balance in our house. My husband has always worked out a lot and before kids we both were known to spend 2+ hours at the gym. After our first daughter was born I assumed I would take priority…and HAD to take all the time so that I could get my body back. Well….that definitely backfired on me and after her year birthday we had to reevaluate what was going on. From then on we take turns…I usually get up early and get in my workout because that is my workout time on the schedule. If I choose to be lazy then I either have to push the girls or wait until they go to bed at night. Hubby tries to fit workouts in either on his lunch hour or after the girls go to bed…and sometimes after work (although he misses the girls far too much). We allot one long run on Saturdays and then tag as he leaves for the gym when I get home. Its a dance that we certainly have not perfected but periodically we have to check in on how the other is feeling…if we feel we are getting the time we need to reach our goals (me-races him-body building competitions)…and if we are feeling supported by the other. It’s tricky.
      Fancy Nancy recently posted..TTTMy Profile

    22. This is such a tricky, potential minefield! Both of us are morning workout people in our house. What we have done since day one is divide up by days…my main days are T, Th, Sat, his are M, W, F, and we’d split screen Sunday. That said, I’ve always been the one with races on the schedule while he plays basketball. So I’ve probably “stolen” a day or two of his along the way. But even way back when the kids were young, I’d use the treadmill or trainer on my husband’s “days” and get my bigger quality workouts in on my days. I also scheduled my weekly rest day on one of his days, so that helped. These days, life is SO much easier. My kids are old enough to stay home alone, so I’ll often sneak out while they are sleeping if it’s my husband’s day. I also have their school time to use. So I feel pretty lucky. The only time that’s not available to us these days is the evenings, b/c that is carpooling time!

      Glad your husband is getting some time in, too. It was great of you to recognize the need and work with him to make it happen!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Spring break in the #ATXMy Profile

    23. This resonated with me as well! My husband has always been super supportive of my athletic endeavors, but never more so than after I gave birth to our first child, and even now, as I’m pregnant with our second child. Granted, I am a morning workout person and do my best to fit my workouts before my son gets up, but there are many days (and weekends) when my husband takes the reigns so I can have some “me time” (which is workout time). And honestly, I always feel like I’m the more dedicated athlete, so I deserve it. I’m embarrassed to admit how little I encourage him to get in his own runs simply because I’m selfish with his time home with us. I’m not sure things will change anytime soon, as I have some lofty post-baby goals, but at the very least, this post has opened my eyes a bit…!
      Jen recently posted..Bumpdate: Week 35My Profile

    24. Ok this totally resonated with me but for a different reason or aspect — we don’t have a baby in the house to work around, but I do have an extremely selfless and supportive husband who for almost two years has FULLY supported my barre journey from challenger and now to instructor and has willingly supported it all – all the classes, all the training, all the teaching, all the prep. Not to mention all the money spent on classes (and lulu!) along with it. Recently, I noticed my husband was less and less interested in his own workouts (he worked out at our home gym in our townhouse) and I knew it was a combination of boredom with his workouts plus a new job with lots of added work and forethought needing to go into his days. He was worn out AND bored. So I surprised him and bought him a bootcamp package at Crossfit near our house. I KNEW he’d thrive in that environment but I also knew he’d NEVER spend that kind of money on himself. SO I made that decision easy on him and signed him up without him knowing. He is now a HUGE crossfit fan and is making the time for himself to get to classes a few nights a week and I’ve done whatever I can to support that as his wife. I want him to have what I’ve had with my barre journey, he deserves that. So much. So yeah, that’s my story. (sorry for the novel!!) love this post :)
      Jess recently posted..Sometimes…you just have to look in the mirrorMy Profile

    25. well, i can so relate to your husband. But i think the bigger picture he just needs a little time to be very content and then can give you more. You work together as a team. I don’t know whats going to happen when we have kids, but i know my husband always wants me to have my time for fitness. We care for each others needs, yes?
      lindsay recently posted..What’s on my Plate WednesdayMy Profile

    26. This post is super relevant for my household as well. My husband and I are both runners and we both work so it’s really tough some weeks to get our runs in. During the week we go after work, usually after our daughter is in bed – I leave for work at 6am so early is out for us unless we want to go at 4am (which may happen one day but hasn’t yet). He runs Monday/Wednesday, I run Tuesday/Thursday. Friday is a flex day (either of both of us) and we both try and go out Saturday and Sunday – either together if we have someone to watch our daughter, or separately, or with the running stroller (we take turns pushing). I would say that we’re both very aware of the other’s training plans since we usually run the same races and since we both work, we both have to sacrifice time to exercise…but it’s really tough!

    27. Great post! I try to get my runs in with the kiddo during the day (outside), if the weather is not cooperating, I make sure to get up extra early and get it in.

      Weather permitting, we all go on a family walk after work. Usually my son chills out and the hubby and I can talk and walk. I am a PT, Group Ex. and Yoga Teacher, so once we get home I put him through some drill work (HIIT, Tabata, weights, yoga, pilates,etc.) He is not big on working out by himself and like me to push him.

      I did not use to train him until he asked what it would take to get on my calendar! Point well taken! I was teaching a crazy amount of classes during the week in addition to my day job but I was not given his fitness priority on my schedule. Now, he is my most important client!

    28. I don’t have kids yet, but I do know what it’s like to both need training time. My fiance is great about making sure to help me get my workouts in and I do the same for him. We are both insanely busy people, and it takes time and effort to accomplish everything that we need to.

      My sister just had her first child (days ago), and her and her hubby are both athletes. She is a runner and he cycles. I know that he will take a backseat so she can get back to running sooner, I think that’s just kind of how it goes. Working together and making time for both to get it in is hard, but if you are determined in your success and the success of your spouse, you will make it work
      Laura recently posted..Cookie-Cutter Training PlansMy Profile

    29. I could have wrote this post myself. It’s the exact same for me, but (so timely to this post) two weeks ago I finally said enough is enough, I need to make time for him to workout also. Afterall, I want him to be healthy and happy as well, it’s only fair. We decided that 2x a week he would come home and immediately workout and then both days over the weekend as well. That’s our starting point. As the weather gets nicer I’m hoping that he can get in one more day by taking Liv out on a run when he gets home. :)
      Nicole recently posted..Easter Weekend!My Profile

    30. Running definitely was a priority. My husband started P90x so he could be home and workout and not leave the boys. He never made me feel guilty about going. I’m not a stay-at-home mom so sometimes I feel guilty getting home and then going for a run, but really, I’m a much nicer mommy once I’ve had my run and that little bit of me-time! :)
      BrittsRunningStyle recently posted..Drowning in SweatMy Profile

    31. This was SUCH a great post that I’m definitely going to have to save for later! We don’t have kids (yet) but we have talked about what we are going to do once we do have them. We have a strange situation where we are both commuters (we live on a rural farm between two bigger cities), but we communte in the opposite direction. I drive 45 miles south and he drives 25 miles north to work…so we each belong to seperate gyms. Also, I’m a runner and he’s more into lifting and any form of cardio that ISN’T running. :) Right now, I work out in the mornings, usually leaving the house around 4:15 or 4:30, drive to the gym, workout and then shower and get ready for work at the gym. He works out after work before he comes home. Since he’s not a runner his workouts, luckily, don’t take nearly as long as mine and he’s home in time for dinner. The plan at the moment is working really well for us. We hope to have kids in the next year or so and that I can stay home and take care of them, but I’m hoping we can stick to somewhat of the same schedule.
      catie recently posted..Weekly Wrap UpMy Profile

      • WOW. You guys are definitely dedicated!!! I’m sure you will be able to easily fit in the workouts you want after you decide to have children! We ended up buying a treadmill and bike so that we could eliminate the time it took us to drive to/from the gym (the closest one was about 10 miles away). Definitely costly but having them in the basement is priceless!!
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekendMy Profile

    32. This really made me think! I’m about to have this baby any day now and all I can think about is MY plan to return to running and working out. We recently bought a treadmill to make it easier on ME to get my workouts in with a baby in the house but not once have I considered his time. My husband isn’t exactly a fitness fanatic but he’s mentioned wanting to use the treadmill a few times to get a run in. I’m almost wondering if once I pick it up again if he’ll want to do the same, something I never really considered.

      This post really made me consider how my husband will feel post baby, may it be wanting to squeeze in time for himself or just simply returning to work after our son is here. I will have 10 weeks at home before returning to work whereas he may only get a week. It’s definitely opened my eyes and made me realize I need to make sure I’m paying attention to his needs as well as my own after the arrival of our first little one.
      Carissa recently posted..How to Name a BabyMy Profile

      • Hope you are feeling well!! I think there is so much emphasis placed on the female getting back into a workout routine post baby but no one ever talks about the dad’s doing it – and I think it’s just as important for them to find a routine in the whole scheme of things.
        Best of luck to you with these last few days – I hope L&D goes smoothly! If you have ANY questions about postpartum running, please don’t hesitate =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekendMy Profile

    33. I’m not married nor do I have children but I get upset when my boyfriend does not make my training a priority. I have always been a competitive athlete and when I was on a team and had practice to go to my training came first. Now that I am training for me it seems like it is no longer as important. I get frustrated when he asks me to skip a run in favor of a night together, even though I know how irrational I’m being. When he recently told me that he couldn’t come to one of my races because he wanted to get in a long training day for his race I became furious. I soon realized I need to make his fitness more of a priority so that mine will be prioritized as well. I don’t want to be that selfish girlfriend that only thinks about herself
      Shannon @ Mon Amour recently posted..PerfectionMy Profile

      • Before my husband and I had children, we had a number of arguments over the same thing. The alarm would go off in the AM and he wanted me to stay in bed. I felt guilty about leaving and would end up waiting to run. If the run went bad, I’d blame him b/c I ran much later than I prefer running. It’s definitely a compromise – I’ve gotten better at fitting in runs when I can now as opposed to running at what works best for ME.
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekendMy Profile

    34. I must say I’m reading this from a completely different perspective. My workouts when my kids were small were little compared to what I do now. I didn’t start seriously exercising until the year before my marriage ended. Even now taking care of a Senior Citizen I don’t do as much running as I want but an adult offers me more flexibility than small children. I admire your dedication..I am still learning that I count and at times have to seriously push myself. I’m going to start running on Saturdays with a group…maybe this can help me get over the hill I’ve been stuck at.!!

      • Sue, you DO count. Making time for yourself and doing the times you enjoy is so important. I struggle with this often too – after the race on Saturday, I spent some time with my sis but was so worried the whole time about leaving my husband alone with the boys for too long (he was 100% okay but I just felt like I was being selfish). But you know what, I returned home happy and energized and excited to see them (and they me). =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekendMy Profile

    35. Wow, I love this post! My husband and I both struggle with finding time to work out since we both work and want to maximize the amount of time that we have to spend at home with our daughter. We are always trying to find a happy medium. I hope it gets easier, but man is it difficult to do right now. – Lisa
      Lisa Pokorny Couch recently posted..Time Flies…My Profile

    36. WOW! This hits home hard! In our house there is definitely no comparison about whose workout schedule gets first priority. It is ALWAYS mine. It was not always this way but once we started having kids it started happening and once I started getting competitive the last few years I just sort of “took over” all morning time. My husband is not a morning person though so he would rather not wake up early which works for me. This does limit his options though. (Lunch break, right after work or right after kids bedtime) I try to encourage him to go whenever he can. I know I can NEVER make him feel guilty for leaving when he wants to workout. Even if that means more time of just me and the kids. After he got pneumonia a year and a half ago I realized I had been too selfish in my workout time and I needed to make his important too. I want him to be healthy and be around for our kids. He needs to feel good about himself and his health, the way I do about mine.

      I could go on and on but I’m just glad you brought this up and it’s interesting to me to see how other families manage their time so both parents can exercise. Excited to see how you AND you husband do in your upcoming half! :-)
      Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted..Easter and all kinds of stuff!My Profile

      • Oh Tia, he is going to kick my butt if he sticks to his training. He’s naturally much faster but often lacks the training/discipline to run fast. He ran a 1:31 a few years ago with some long(ish) runs but no speed work. He had me create him a training plan and although I wanted to sabotage it, I didn’t. Setting myself up for a tough competition =)
        Glad to know that you are priority too. I don’t feel guilty about it but I do want to make sure that I allow him every chance he wants to work out. I just know it’s hard for him to get the motivation at night after a long morning and long day at work. We’ve been going to be earlier and both getting up in the AM.
        I just keep telling myself that life will get easier once al the kiddies are in school!!! =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekendMy Profile

    37. This is really insightful Michelle, and I’m sure your husband appreciates that you’ve taken the time to really consider him and his goals. My own husband goes for his runs super early (I run with the kids or take them to the gym with me once they are up), and even waits to do his runs on the weekend when they are both napping so as not to put any extra strain on me. We now actually have a babysitter for a few hours on Saturday mornings so we can go on a “run date.” And major kudos to you for getting up so early, that takes some serious motivation!!!
      Ashley recently posted..Let’s Get Organized: Grocery ShoppingMy Profile

      • Oh man! I love the idea of a run date, Ashley! We had said back in Jan that we were going to make time to run together once a month – haven’t managed that yet but hoping to do it now that the weather is warming up. One of us will try to run early on Saturday and the other waits until the naps (OR we both go early and then try to nap when they are both napping – Total WIN!) =)
        Hope you had a great weekend!
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    38. We are dealing with the same thing at our house. My husband is a new runner (he started while I was pregnant) and I’m just now starting again after having a baby. We are both so tired after being up with the baby during the night (he helps change diapers and get her back to sleep after nursing) that it is difficult to get up early in the morning. I have typically been the one to workout in our family so I’m the priority right now. But I support that he wants to run as well and we make time for that too. It’s challenging!
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      • Glad to know that we aren’t the only ones who find it tough!! When our youngest was getting up a bit during the night, we agreed that I would get up with him but that my son would get him early in the AM if he was up early so that I could sleep in OR he’d take him after he got home from work and I would take a quick 30-45 min nap! It will become so much easier to fit in workouts once he starts sleeping through the night!
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    39. My husband has no interest in fitness. I make jokes and complain to him about it. The truth is though, if he did, we’d definitely need to find a way to creatively carve more hours out of the day and find early morning sitters for race days. Still it would be fun to share that part of my life with him.
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