Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekend

I loved reading all your comments on yesterday’s post – glad to know that my husband and I are not the only ones who struggle with both fitting in working out daily.

Ever have a day where everything seems to go your way?  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  Started with an amazing ~20 miles of the Lake Placid Ironman Course  on the trainer.

This DVD is amazing.  I am so thankful that Amanda recommended it to me.  My plan is to use parts of the DVD for at least one bike ride a week so that I can become intimately familiar with the course.  The bike course at LP is 2 56-mile loops.  This DVD takes you through one complete loop with Coach Troy with pointers and tips for the course along the way.

Both boys slept later than usual (6am for the oldest and 8am for the youngest) AND had joint naps (for a little bit) which allowed me to shower, work on training plans, respond to some emails, do  laundry, and clean the house.

Then I had a few deliveries.  First Fedex dropped two huge boxes off containing this:

Plenty of fuel for pre / during / post workouts.  My two favorites right now are the Energy blasts (I take them when I do back-to-back workouts and when I am doing a longer bike ride) and the recovery bars (I eat one after almost every workout).  Stay tuned: hoping to do another PowerBar giveaway soon!

Then, the UPS man delivered this package:

You are looking at the soon-to-be-released Saucony Kinvara 4s (released May 1).  I had NO idea that I was receiving this package.  BTW – how awesome is that word – KICKASSIMUS. Love.  I think I’m going to use it every day!

My dad spent a few hours with my oldest son out of the house (out to lunch and a trip to the park) which allowed me some one-on-one time with the little guy.  I also managed to squeeze in a 30-min nap while he took his 2nd nap.  Heaven.

When my oldest returned, the three of us spent the next hour or so outside, enjoying the warm 53 degree day!  Spring is officially here! My oldest spent half of last winter in this wagon – I didn’t use it at all this winter because my youngest was too young, but I plan to take them on walks in this every day this spring/summer!

Singing his new favorite nursery rhyme to his brother (Where is thumbkin?):

Around this time I got an email that made me SO excited.  I can’t go into more detail now (I’m still waiting to find out all the details) but it has the potential to be a pretty awesome opportunity for me.  Keep your fingers crossed =)

Finished off the night with a yummy glass of Chianti – my favorite!


After taking almost two weeks off from running from that mysterious pain in my foot and then calf, I am back to full training again for the NJ Marathon (which is in 4 weeks)!  Actually it’s one month from today – it feels so REAL all of a sudden.

After those two weeks off (I did two short, easy runs during that time), I felt a difference in my running for the first 3-4 runs.  My pace wasn’t where it was pre-NYC Half.   One of my fav gfs, Janae, did a post on losing fitness when you take time off from running:

I think this chart is pretty accurate.  After taking some easy days, I started incorporating some of my quality workouts back but made sure to scale them back a bit (both pace and distance) to account for the loss of training and fitness.  My last run this week was the first time that I felt that I was close to where I was again.  It was a 5 mile tempo run.  And it was hard.  Really hard.  Hardest run of my training cycle.

The first 3 miles felt comfortably hard.  I hit the 5k mark at 20:15 and felt surprisingly decent.  But, man, that 4th mile was tough.  Knowing I still had ~2 miles left was  a kick in the stomach.  The mile just didn’t want to end.  I really wanted to stop at 4 miles.  And I came really close to stopping.

Once I hit the 4th mile, I started the countdown game.  6 min, 5 min 40 sec, 5 min.  When there is not much time/distance left, I find counting down helps me.  It gives me something to focus on rather than the pain I am feeling.  I finished the 5 miles in 32:20 – 6:28 pace.  4 miles at a steady 6:30 pace and the last mile at 6:20.  It was the fastest I’ve ever run 5 miles.  EVER.

Per McMillan’s Calculator, this run puts me at a 3:10 marathon.  So I am definitely right on track with where I want to be for the marathon AND I still have another 4 weeks to train hard and get some quality runs in.

Tomorrow, I will be running (maybe racing?) the Scotland 10k.  I still am on the fence as to what I’m going to do.  I was scheduled to race it, but since I missed two long runs because of my foot/calf pain, I NEED to get a long run in tomorrow.  My plan right now is to run it hard – maybe 90% effort – and then tack on another 10 miles at the end (plus mile warm-up) to put me at 17 miles.  I’m still going to aim for sub-42 but don’t want to push too hard and then not have energy to do the remaining 10 miles.  At the very least, I want to beat my previous 10k time (43:34).

Are you racing this weekend?

Have you been injured? How long did it take you to regain the fitness you lost post-injury?

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    45 thoughts on “Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekend

    1. Hi, I am new to your blog. You sound like an amazing runner. My dilemma is this: I was training for a 10K but just took three weeks off because of a foot injury. The race is on Saturday, and I ran 2 miles this morning pain free. Should I attempt to run or forgo it because my endurance won’t be there? Thanks!

    2. I’m struggling with my current break, I took 4 days off with a muscle strain after my PR triathlon and then when I ran again my pace was 2 1/2 minutes slower than usual. Turns out I have a sinus & ear infection. It’s been another 4 days and I’m torn; I am itching to get out but I don’t want to compromise my recovery. It helps that my 7 year old is doing my next event with me (a 5k in 2 weeks) so I am not looking for a PR just a nice run with my awesome daughter.

    3. I’m currently battling tendonitis in my peronial tendon, and it’s frustrating me to take so much time off. Reading this gives me even more anxiety about what it’s going to do. I think I’m going to have to skip what was to be my goal half next weekend so that I don’t make it worse. I’ll start training for the Chicago Marathon in June, and I guess it’s more important to start marathon training on the right food than it is to run a goal half when I had an okay PR a few weeks ago. I’m glad that you were still able to run am awesome 5 mile tempo run after your two weeks off and a little easy running. I’m at about a week and a half off now plus a few days before testing it and then a speed session…and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’m frustrated beyond belief. Anywho. Congrats on your awesome tempo run. How amazing to have such a positive experience and to be so on point for your marathon in a month! I’m excited for your after such an awesome NYC half. And what an awesome PowerBar package!
      meghan recently posted..In a fog…and a few things I’m lovingMy Profile

        • Meghan, obviously what you do is your decision…but I would opt out of the half if I were in your position. If you have taken a bit of time off, going right back to 13 miles may not help your foot at all. That’s part of the reason why I only did 8 miles last weekend – felt that doing anything more would be too much for me. If your focus is a fall marathon, then keep telling yourself that when you get down about missing a race. Maybe find one in early September that you can use as a tune-up race?
          nycrunningmama recently posted..Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekendMy Profile

    4. I have never seen that DVD, but after your thoughts on it, I may have to take a look at it.

      Also, those shoes are pretty awesome. I don’t think I could sport them personally. I am more of a solid dull colour shoe person.

      That run of yours seemed pretty amazing 32:20min for a 5mile. I wish I could do that. I have never been much of a long distance runner.

      Great work.
      Iain @used mountain bikes recently posted..Where to find mountain bike dealsMy Profile

    5. 2 years ago I DNF’ed a full bc of a achilles injury. I took a full 3 weeks off afterwards (we were on vacation in Italy, so taking time off felt pretty darn easy 😉 ). After the time off I came back very slowly, had a gait analysis, found out I should be in neutral shoes, changed shoes, and eased back in SUPER slow. The DNF was a spring marathon, and by August I was running decent distance, and was running faster than ever before. I PR’ed a 10k by 4 minutes in August, took another minute off my 10k in Sept, and took a full 12 minutes off my half PR in October. So taking time off for an injury can be a good thing.

      Oh and the shoe I came back racing in was the Kinvara – love those shoes! :)
      Terry recently posted..Foodie Friday… scratch made bread, mmmmm!My Profile

    6. Although time off slows you some physically, I have found it can help my psyche. Which, for me, is half the battle. I’m running the Run for the Turtles @ Siesta Key this weekend. 5k on a gorgeous beach (#1 beach in the US right now). It raises money for a good cause and is the first time I’ll be running on sand since I started running again. Hoping to beat 26:01.
      Amy @ Mommy Rodeo recently posted..When it rains, it pours. Literally.My Profile

    7. No racing this weekend, but I have a 5k on Thursday and a half the following Sunday next week. I haven’t been running at all this week thanks to some foot pain, but trying to supplement with spin and swimming. :) Good luck this weekend!
      beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..Little Plan = Big PRMy Profile

    8. I am coming off of a stress fracture in my toe. Thanks for giving me hope that my fitness will return. My first run back was awful and exhausting and I was pretty down about it. Best of luck tomorrow!

    9. My jealousy cannot be contained.. I have been BEGGING to get an early release of the Kinvara 4’s… and by begging I mean asking daily, and constantly communicating with Saucony.

      That’s an AWSEOME 5 mile run, my fastest 5 miler(in a race) is 33 I think!
      Laura recently posted..Cookie-Cutter Training PlansMy Profile

    10. I had to take 6 weeks off last year from just an overuse injury. Walking hurt and I pushed way too long until they thought I had a hip stress fracture I was in so much pain. In the time off I focused on strength and conditioning and cross training. When I resumed training in the summer I was noticeably stronger. My fall HM goal was to sub 2 – my first of the season in Sept I hit 1:54! So – long story short it sucked but changed my mind set and how I train permanently – and for the better.

      I am volunteer start/finish for Scotland – then running the Colon 15K as part of my NJ marathon training run! I will be cheering you on tomorrow!
      Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat recently posted..Cross Training Galore!My Profile

    11. I LOVE the word kickassimus!! It’s brilliant! I’m so glad that you are feeling better and holy speedy mama!! When I saw the post about losing fitness, I kind of freaked out but I’m trying to just accept that it is what it is and see where I am with my runs. I ran 3 on the treadmill which were miserable and just felt hard. Then ran 4 outside yesterday and it felt like I was skipping on air. So we’ll see. And that training DVD for LP sounds awesome! That’s a great way to get familiar with the course beforehand. BTW your boys? They are too much. Too much cuteness!
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up: Presence and DiscoveryMy Profile

      • Thanks, Christine! AJ is becoming such a little comedian – I love seeing his personality really start to develop =)
        After a few rough (easy) runs, I started to feel more like myself. I think I’m on my way to being back to where I was prior to the time off. Frustrating b/c I didn’t want to have any setbacks but I guess 2 weeks is better than 4 weeks off. Trying to stay positive =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekendMy Profile

    12. Sounds like a really sensible way to get back into the training again. And you are rocking it, clearly! I read recently that after a lay-off, your body forgets how to run fast before it forgets how to run long. I thought that was pretty interesting and maybe that means tomorrow will feel great.

      So glad you are enjoying the DVD! My memory of that course is that it is deceptively easy on the first loop and that on the second loop, you really feel the “bear” hills on the back side. But it’s a beautiful and wonderfully supported course!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Everything’s (not) bigger in TexasMy Profile

    13. I am not racing this weekend…I have a long run today that for some reason is scaring me. I am not feeling like I am up to doing a long run so I put it off until this afternoon…we’ll see!
      My husband and I both like to run also….but I get priority. Not totally sure why or how it ended up that way but that is usually how it is. He likes to run and does races, but it is not that much of a priority for him. If he has extra work or gets busy with something else, oh well, he’ll just skip it. He is also the type that can skip for several weeks and then just go do 8 miles. I just have to be flexible about when I go. He works from home but gets called to do things quite a bit. It would be best if I went early like 5-7 but he stays up late and I like that time with him so 11 or 12 to 5 just does not work for me :). I homeschool my kids too so that is a priority for me. I usually get my run in at lunch time or after school around 4.
      Glad your injury wasn’t serious and you are back at it!!! I had runners knee but I made the mistake of continuing to run until I absolutely could no longer. I was out for 2 weeks and did notice a difference for sure plus it was 2 important weeks of training of rmy first marathon.

        • My long run went pretty good. I just kept telling myself not to worry about speed and just run comfortable and get the miles done. I did 14 miles at an 8:19 pace. I have just been feeling not necessarily sore but tight I guess is a good way to describe it. And that long run is a little intimidating to me :). But I went into telling myself I could stop as long as I got 11 or 12 in but was shooting for 14 and I think it is good I finished 14…kind of a confidence booster.

    14. I’m in a similar boat. I’m doing the Long Island Marathon the same weekend as the NJ. I’m signed up for the Scotland race this weekend, but am scheduled to run 18. I’m nursing a sore hip, and some achilles problems. So I’m debating even running at all, and if I do, I’ll probably just go really slow so I, hopefully, don’t hurt anything further. But it’s hard to commit to leaving Brooklyn and heading to Central Park for a MAYBE.

    15. I’m glad to know that you’re feeling better and back in the training game. I’m only taking 4 to 5 days off and I feel like oh my gosh whats gonna happen, I don’t know if Im goong to be slower but seeing that you took two weeks off and knowing it makes you stronger motivates me to be patient
      Kat recently posted..Giveaway: Win charity pledge money!My Profile

    16. Good Luck! I have never had success in adding miles at the end of a race! It takes such discipline!
      I’ve just had to essentially take a week off due to Overtraining syndrome…Wow my RHR as returned from 80 to 58 and I feel better. I do think it will affect my Marathon, but the good news is that Coach boy has already been scoping out Qualifing marathon number 2 for me. He won’t tell me where yet, So I am hoping it’s not like in some bizarre part of the world…. So glad the foot/calf thing has left you!
      Holly recently posted..Marathon Training Day 60My Profile