Scotland 10k Race Recap

I got up early Saturday AM (5am) and did my usual pre-race routine: Drank my coffee, nursed the little guy who had just woken up (and decided not to go back to sleep), ate a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter, drank some Nuun, packed my bag and was out of the house by 6:30am.  

I picked up my friend, Leticia (and her friend), and we made our way to the UWS.  After leaving the car in a garage by my sister’s building, I ran to the park and continued doing short out and backs from the start corrals as part of my 2-mile warmup.

I got into the start corrals by 7:45 (the race started at 8am) and tried to stay loose and warm. Despite beautiful weather this week, it was a chilly morning in NYC – with the windchill, it felt like it was in the upper 20s.  My race outfit changed about 10x during the previous 24 hours.  I went with Nike shorts, PRO Compression Socks, Saucony Guide 6s, Lululemon tank, Saucony long-sleeved shirt, and Saucony gloves.  {this is post-race but the only clothes picture I have!}

When I first signed up for the Scotland 10k, I had no intention of taking almost two weeks off from running just prior to the race.  My plan was to do a mini-taper (2-3 days easy running/biking) towards the end of the week so that I could focus on a big PR for the 10k.  But after the unplanned time off, I knew I couldn’t afford the taper.  The NJ Marathon is my next goal and I didn’t want to waste training days to taper for a 10k.  I had to rework my training plan and it resulted in me having two tough speed workouts this week followed by a hilly and tough 20-miler on my trainer on Thursday.

But, I didn’t want to completely skip the race since I had already paid for it and figured it might be good to do a hard 6+ miles and then some miles on fatigued legs.  So I compromised.  I wouldn’t taper or go 100% and I would add another 10 miles before/after so that I could get in a long run.

Ever run a race on tired legs?  It’s not fun.  Your mind knows it can run a certain pace but your body just doesn’t want to cooperate.  The whole race was tough for me from start to finish.  I never really enjoyed any part of it.  My legs felt like lead from the get-go and I began counting down the miles by mile 2.  I wanted to run faster but my legs just didn’t want to listen.  They didn’t have the kick that I was used to them having – and I felt like the hills were so much harder on Saturday then they were for the NYC Half!

I’m still a bit disappointed with how the race went.  But I’m trying to look at it as what it was  meant to be – a good speed workout with some killer hills AND a good long run.

The Bad

  • Tangents: I am STILL not running tangents well. I think this was the most frustrating thing yesterday.  I ran .15 longer than the 6.2 miles.  My pace (per Garmin) was 6:49 which would have put me at a 42:16 10k.  By the first mile, I was {this} close to just walking off the course because of how much I was already off.  My watch hit the mile mark at 6:54, but I didn’t actually come to the first mile marker until 7:05 – a HUGE difference for just one mile.
  • Crowded Course: Similar to the NYC Half, I should have expected this.  There were over 8,000 runners huddled into half the width of Central Park’s road.  The start was packed.  And it never seemed to thin out as much as I was expecting.  I spent most of the race weaving in and out of runners.  I know this affected my run time because I never felt like I could get into any real groove.  As much as I love NYRR and the races they put on, I think I’m going to stay away from them for the foreseeable future – it’s extremely frustrating to run the pace you want/plan to run but not see the clock show it.
  • Tired Legs: My legs were dead from the very first mile.  Before I left the house Saturday morning, I noticed how fatigued I felt going up and down the stairs.  I was hoping that taking Friday off would be enough of a rest but it clearly wasn’t.  But, it shows me that I need to be careful of what other workouts I do during race week (for the NJ Marathon)!

The Good

  • PR: I managed to {barely} squeak out a PR (15 sec) despite no taper, a hilly (Central Park!) course, windy day,  and very, very tired legs.  A PR is a PR is a PR, right? =)
  • Long Training Run: Got in a long run (FINALLY!).  I did a 2-mile warmup and 7.5 mile cooldown/post-race to make it ~16 miles for the day.  Not super speedy, but I was pretty pleased with how my legs felt after racing a hilly 10k.  Ran back up the west side to the reservoir and bridle path and ran into one of my friends, Theodora on the way back!!  Splits:

  • Pace – With the exception of miles 3 and 6, the other 4 miles were pretty close to one another.  Mile 3 was super speedy since a good portion of it was the huge downhill on the north part of the park (Harlem Hills).  Mile 6 was my only mile above 7 – my legs were lead bricks and exhausted by this point.  And, before that last mile, I was on track for a sub-42 finish (hit the 5 mile mark on my garmin in 33:50).

  • Sister Time: After the race, I went back to my sister’s apt (on the UWS) to shower and pump.  It had already been ~4 hours since I had nursed the little guy so I needed a little pit stop =)  Love seeing and spending some time with my younger sister (who is on week 2 of her running!!):

  • Sunday’s Workout: I was able to do a 30-min easy ride on the trainer followed by a 3.5 mile run (7:36 pace) on Sunday.  My legs were tired but not exhausted like they had felt after the NYC Half.  First run in the new Saucony Kinvara 4’s – LOVED them!!

Special shoutout to my friends Stephanie and Veronika who both set PR’s this weekend at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10k!! =)

Did you race this weekend? Anyone set a new PR?

Have you had to deal with crowded courses affecting the distance you run? 

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    21 thoughts on “Scotland 10k Race Recap

    1. That’s awesome you ran a PR even on tired legs – imagine you on a good day! Central Park sounds like a great place to run. Well done on converting your little sister into a runner!
      Sherry recently posted..Three Volcanoes RunMy Profile

    2. I also ran my first race this weekend coming off an injur y (Shamrock Shuffle). It was rough, but it felt good to be back. Congrats on your race. You have been working hard, and despite a few obstacles, getting it done!

    3. Congrats on your PR but I know the feeling of a PR that you KNOW could be better. (I feel that way about my 10K on Saturday.) Running the tangents better is something I struggle with too but race size definitely plays a role. Maybe you could find a smaller size race at some point and see if this helps any? My 10K finished at 6.28 which is not as big of a difference but it was enough to annoy me since my watch and official pace results were 4 seconds off per mile.

      Plus you did this with tired legs. Just imagine how you’d feel with fresh legs. It seriously makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Great job getting out there and then knocking off a good chunk of mileage too. 16 miles (including a 10k) is no piece of cake. Great job!!
      Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted..Capital City Classic 10K- Race ReviewMy Profile

    4. Still no race this past weekend either, but you absolutely amaze me… Waking up and doing a laundry list of things BEFORE you even run. I can barely feed myself and get out the door, much less a family!
      You’re right. A PR is a PR! And granted the course/tired legs – you did great :) And then ran 8 more miles… In otherwords you rock!
      beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..Fueling My Active LifestyleMy Profile

    5. Oh, yes, I know that feeling! I was feeling the extra spinning at Saturday’s race, too. Like you, I decided not to taper as wasn’t really a goal race, and learning to go on tired legs has to have some value, right? :-) But it is definitely not fun to be pushing along and not have your legs responding the way they should.
      You still pr’d, which is incredible! AND I’m sure you strengthened your mental toughness for the marathon. Congrats again!!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..5bythe5th Link up + Best RunMy Profile

    6. All 4 marathons I have done, I have ran long. Whether its the tangents or the people I think it differed for each race, but either way I ran more than 26.2 for each (does that make me an ultra runner- no, didn’t think so)

      I have had a lot of smaller races where running long due to crowds was an issue, problem is that there really isn’t much you can do about it besides start up closer. It’s mentally hard being passed a lot in the beginning by starting closer, but you can settle in so much quicker and found that I run closer to prescribed distance that way.
      Laura recently posted..The Good, The Bad & The YummyMy Profile

    7. Congrats on your PR, a PR is definitely a PR, no matter what. You achieved that even when you weren’t feeling the best, that says something!

      I hate racing 10ks. I actually got a 10k PR during the cherry blossom race, haha. My longer race paces are faster than my 10k pr average pace. Doesn’t make sense, lol.

      Thanks for the shout out, couldn’t have done it without you :)
      Steph recently posted..VCM Training Week 11: Feeling StrongMy Profile

    8. That was a great run and I must just say it…your are amazing!!!! You have so much on your plate and you are still able to do these awesome workouts! If you think about it….that was a killer long run! You have almost 5 1/2 miles in the 6’s pace for a long run….awesome! And then you did like 7.5 miles more! Plus you had hard workouts that week….be proud, it was a great job. And you have little boys at home too…superwoman! :)
      I didn’t race…did a long run Friday and an easy 8 mile run Sat (I even went without my watch for this one…well it died and I knew it was going to but I didn’t care), and then I took Sunday off and I was glad to do so. :)…..Spoeed is on the agenda for today!

    9. Congrats on the PR Michele! I run a ton of NYRR races and while I love them, I agree that it’s really tough to run a PR on their courses. Good luck with training this week!

    10. Michele–So impressive that you PRd in that state of fatigue! And Central Park is no joke for hills. Congrats to you!

      Yes, I’ve raced on tired legs like that and it totally stinks. So hard to mentally push through.

      I know you love your Garmin, but have you ever raced w/o it? Just thinking that if you are only taking your mile splits at the mile markers, it wouldn’t mentally bring you down to see that you are off the tangents. It’s so hard to run them well!
      misszippy1 recently posted..What’s your recent #bestrun?My Profile

    11. Great job for sticking in there and pushing through to the finish! I’ve always wanted to run a race in Central Park. Best of luck at Jersey Shore, I’ll be running Rutger’s the following weekend. I’ve got my eye on Jersey Shore for next summer so I’ll be looking forward to hearing all about it!
      Karen recently posted..Monday Motivation 4/8My Profile