#BostonStrongSI Recap

Good Morning, friends!  Yesterday evening was the #BostonStrongSI event held at Clove Lakes Park in Staten Island.  It was part of a wider, global event organized by my friend, Brian, from which over 120 cities across the world ran to show support to Boston and those affected.

When I created the event for Staten Island, I had hopes that 25 runners would be interested to run.  I was blown away by the turnout yesterday.  There were probably close to 200 runners/walkers present.

The amazing thing about yesterday was that all I did was create the event.  I picked the time and place and made a FB event page.  I invited a handful of local runners that I knew.  I contacted PowerBar (they sponsored us).  And that’s really it.

Yesterday’s turnout was a result of our running community.  It was beautiful to witness.  Members of local running groups spread word within their group.  Someone contacted the local newspaper (article here).

My friend, Patti, contacted the American Red Cross (they provided water and hot chocolate).

I can’t remember a day when I was prouder to call myself a runner.  Runners often turn to running when things happen that are out of their control or when they want to show support. A hurricane hitting our hometown? We run.  Cancer affecting a loved one?  We run.  Poverty in the world?  We run.  So it makes sense that we use RUNNING as a way to show support when our own running family is affected by something.

Runners (and walkers) came out yesterday to show support.  Not to race. Not to win.  Not to get race bling or a t-shirt.  Time was made out of busy work and school schedules to come together as a family and show our love and support to Boston.  I ran a few miles with my oldest son in the BOB – and I can’t remember EVER having the runner’s high that I had.  It was a magical evening.

There were former Boston Marathon runners – I LOVE this shirt:

And Bill Welsh, who was the 5th American finisher at the 1955 Boston Marathon!!  He is a running LEGEND on Staten Island and started the run for us.  I’m honored to have finally had the chance to shake his hand and meet him:

There were strollers being pushed.  There were young children running and walking:

There were SIX local runners who were running in the Boston Marathon on Monday.  A few had finished before the bombing.  One runner was stopped before he crossed the finish line.  Another runner was close enough to see the explosions.  Thankful to have them all home safe.

Those present were in race shirts, yellow and blue, or Boston apparel (This die hard NY Yankees fan has never been happier to see so much Boston Red Sox apparel):

I was able to see SO many friends who I haven’t seen in a while including Sam, my elementary school basketball coach (he coached me when I was 11 years old!):

Tommy, who attended the same elementary school as my sisters and I and whose family was very close to mine.  After not seeing him for 18 years (!!), we ran into each other at the Cold Feet 10k a few months ago.

Fellow Sparkly Soul Ambassador, Patti:

And my dear friend, Jen:

Source: instagram.com/momsgottarun

My sister and her boyfriend came out to run as well. I think my son was happiest to see them:

My husband and I brought my oldest son while my youngest got to spend some one on one time with Grandma (thanks, Mom!):

Our local newspaper covered the event as well.  Here is the story in today’s newspaper:

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you, again, to everyone who participated and/or helped spread the word and a special thank you to Brian who had the idea to create this event.

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    1. Typically I would not learn submit in websites, however i wish to claim that this kind of write-up quite urged my family you need to do and so! Your current creating style is astonished everyone. Thanks, really pleasant write-up.

    2. This is so great! What a great turnout and it really is hope-giving and heart-warming to see all the BostonStrong runs and just how much community support there is. There are great hearts in the world that shine in times of darkness.
      Running Hutch recently posted..BostonStrongHBMy Profile

    3. WOW. Just wow — HUGE turnout!! I have been reading everyone’s #BostonStrong posts with such joy and peace — knowing what a beautiful running community we have here and how thoughtful and supportive everyone is of the entire ordeal facing our city right now. It’s become MUCH bigger than I ever thought possible — so amazing.
      Jess recently posted..On “found” timeMy Profile

    4. Glad it went well! I was planning to walk with James but he had a cough and runny nose which now seems to have become a little cold, so decided to stay put especially since it was chilly. Great Job Michele!!

    5. Looks like a great turnout for a great cause. Everyone’s tribute runs have gave me so much more faith and love for the running community than I ever thought possible. PS I love your pink coat. (I want one. like seriously)
      Laura recently posted..Seneca 7 Relay RecapMy Profile

    6. Looks like an awesome event! I went to my local run for Boston and Baltimore and loved being surrounded by so many runners there to support each other. Definitely the inspiration I needed heading into goal race weekend!
      Shannon @ Mon Amour recently posted..#BostonStrongBaltimoreMy Profile