Ironman Lake Placid (T – 11)

After an awesome week of training the previous week,  I was really excited to start T-11.  However, the week didn’t go as planned.   My older sister went into labor Monday evening and my sisters, mom, niece and I spent most of the night either awake at my mom’s  (waiting while she went to the hospital around 9pm) or at the hospital in the L&D room / in her room post-delivery.

baby news

Anxiously awaiting to find out if it’s a boy or girl!!

My nephew was born at 2:11am.  Isn’t he the cutest thing?


I crawled into bed at 5am, nursed the littlest guy when he woke up at 545 and went back to sleep til 7.  I took a 2 hour nap later in the morning while my youngest napped (my husband worked from home thank goodness!).  But man, ~4 hours of broken sleep is brutal.  That one night of poor sleep affected me ALL week – I just felt like I couldn’t catch up on sleep.  That coupled with intense training left me passed out on the couch or facedown in bed at 8pm all week.


After a night of very little sleep, I chose napping and an early bedtime over working out.  If this happened closer to the weekend, I would have been more likely to skip the extra sleep…but I just couldn’t bring myself to start the week off so sleep-deprived.


Swim: 2,800 yds.  There was NOTHING redeeming about this workout.  It was a tough speed session in the pool (8x100s and 4x200s are really not fun) and I felt exhausted from the moment I got in.


I spent most of the workout experimenting with breathing.  I am a 2 stroke breather.  I breathe every two strokes on my right side.  I occasionally do every 3 (during warmup, cooldown, and drills) to practice breathing on my left.  On Wednesday, I did the 8x100s with 3 stroke breaths.   While I definitely was moving faster in the pool, I felt like I was gasping for air during the repeats.  I knew I was going faster (it was a speed workout) but I just couldn’t understand why I was SO out of breath.

Later that day, I tweeted this question:


I got a lot of different answers but the consensus seemed to be that I should figure out what agrees with my body.  The less often I breathe, the less oxygen I take in, so the quicker I will get out of breath.  Makes total sense.  But in the pool on Wednesday, that reasoning was not there – all I knew was that I was having a hard time even finishing the workout and felt completely exhausted and drowsy the rest of the day.  My plan is to stick to every 2 breaths – I’ve done that on all my long swims and I finish without being out of breath.  I will, however, work on some drills in the pool to get used to breathing less frequently as well as work on bilateral breathing (just in case I need to on race day).

Bike: 45 min easy


Bike: 60 min steady state

Run: 49 min / 7 miles / 7:04 pace.  This was a tough but amazing tempo run on the treadmill.  I didn’t have any expectation on pace since I haven’t done speed or tempo runs in about a month (my last one was during the beginning part of the taper for the NJ marathon). Goal was 5 tempo progression miles.  I wanted them all to be sub-7 but was cautious about starting too fast.  Splits: 6:49, 6:43, 6:35, 6:28, 6:18.  I feel like my legs are getting more comfortable with the transition from bike to run.  After a few minutes of feeling like jelly, my legs felt strong and ready to run at a faster pace than I was expecting.


Run: 4 miles / 36 min / 9:00 pace  This run was not part of my training plan, but I couldn’t pass this up.  I attended the 2013 FitBlogNYC Meet & Tweet event hosted by Fitness Magazine at the Mercedes Benz Club on Thursday.  It was a blast.  We got to hear a ton of industry health, fitness, and beauty professionals speak, got a ton of cool swag (including a new pair of Saucony Kinvara 4s!) AND got to hang out with some of my favorite blogging friends. YAY!


Me and Leticia =)


Having oh-so-much fun in the photo booth!

running moms

Speedy running mamas Dorothy and Gia (photo courtesy of Gia)



Bike: 45 min easy


Plan called for a shorter bike ride (than last week) but longer run (last week was 3.5/35…this week was 2.5/75)

Bike: 2.5 hrs  I caught up on the two episodes of The Office that I missed this week while I did this easy to steady state ride.  The first 60 minutes were easy paced and then I did a few sets of ladders to help make the time pass.  For whatever reason, this week’s session was a lot harder mentally than last weeks’ 3 1/2 hour ride.

Run: 75 min / 10 miles / 7:37 pace. I planned on this being a fast finish run.  After a slow(ish) first mile, my legs felt great and I just went with what felt comfortable.    Splits: 8:13, 7:41, 7:48, 7:41, 7:51, 7:41, 7:43, 7:25, 7:26, 6:50.  I brought enough fuel with me this week and made sure I took in some calories before I felt like I needed them (every 30 min).


My husband and I went out in the city Saturday night (childless!) to have dinner with two of my sisters and their fiance/boyfriends to celebrate my younger sister’s 30th birthday.  We went to the Landmarc in the Time Warner Center – the food was SO good.

me and paul3



Swim: 2 miles.  Although we didn’t stay out too late (we were home by midnight), there was no way that I was going to be able to get up early to swim/run like my plan called for (especially since my youngest woke up at 2 and 430 to nurse).  Unfortunately, it’s really hard to swim during the day on the weekend at the YMCA – there are swim classes ALL day and although there is a lane open for lap swimming, I’ve heard that it is really crowded.

So, if I wanted to swim, it would have to be at night – which for me is really tough b/c I am exhausted and ready for bed by the end of the day.  I got to the gym just after 7 and found out that the pool closed at 8:30pm which meant I would have to swim the 2 miles in under 80 min (40 min/mile).  I know this is SUPER slow for most swimmers, but it’s a pretty fast pace for me (right now).  I started slow (first mile ~41 min) and finished fast (~36 min).  The 2nd mile gives me hope that I am speeding up, however slow I may still be. =)


Weekly Totals

  • Swim: 6,200 yds
  • Bike: 5 hr 15 min
  • Run: 2 hrs 20 min

Are you a 2-3-4 count swimmer? 

Did you race this weekend?  

Do you work out at night or the morning? 

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    19 thoughts on “Ironman Lake Placid (T – 11)

    1. Wanted to know how the race itself went. I’m a new mom to a 3 month old and staying to ramp up my training. Thankfully my supply has been hear so far (as in over supply) but I definitely want to make sure it stays up when i start getting ready for ironman Cabo. Your advice on how you kept your supply up was great but I’m wondering what happened during the race and after. Did you get engorged during at all? Did supply drop after? Tia for any info!

    2. I am incredibly impressed by your ability to train for the iron man while being a mom to two little kids. With training and nursing, how many calories do you eat a day?

    3. Oh goodness, what a way to start your week! Amazing that you got to wait up for your new adorable nephew!! But wow, I do not function well on little sleep. I would definitely have skipped the workout that day, too.

      Awesome job on the 2 mile swim- you’re making so much progress! I’m a 3 breath swimmer, but it was interesting to read all the comments. Sounds like there are definitely some benefits to every two…
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Blend Retreat RecapMy Profile

    4. You are a true rockstar!

      As far as breathing…I always did every 3, so that I was swimming straight/even. Breathing every 3 strokes means you alternate sides, thus, hopefully, sticking on a straighter path. However, then I took some private swim lessons, and the coach told me every 2 is optimal, reasoning that you don’t deprive yourself of O2 while running, right?, so why would you during your swim? I’ve since stuck with every 2 and do think it is best for open water swimming. I couldn’t swim super straight on every 3 anyhow….it is my biggest challenge! ha.
      Crystal@TheFastFitRunner recently posted..Working Out in Your Second TrimesterMy Profile

    5. Great job with the two mile swim! I don’t swim so that sounds amazing to me! I had planned a long run on Sunday, but I’m sleep deprived with my 6 month old so I opted for sleep and a rest day. I have a race coming up this Thursday with my sister. Can’t wait!
      Nic recently posted..Why I Run and What’s Behind the NameMy Profile

    6. Before I ever tried to swim efficiently, or put any thought into my technique I swam every 2 strokes, but then I started to swim on a semi regular basis, and also took a tri swimming class for a Sprint-Tri I was training for and started to get used to every 3rd stroke. It took a while, but I think it helped my swimming, and after I relaxed and learned to breathe out slowly in the water (instead of the gasping I had been doing), it felt really natural. I haven’t swam for AGES though (before kids…).

      My best time to workout is mid morning, I like to wake up slowly and then head out. I rarely get to do this though, since I’m home with my girls this year. Basically I’m happy to get it done whenever I can make time!
      Terry recently posted..What’s better than Christmas? The first Trail run of the year!!!My Profile

    7. I’m a REALLY slow swimmer but I breath on every 3rd stroke. I also tend to count my strokes in my head so I focus on that rather than the feeling that I can’t breathe or am drowning. It helps calm me down if my heart rate starts to jack up (that and I try to look at the pool ceiling or sky) when I breath. Not sure why that helps but it was a tip my tri coach gave me.
      Amber recently posted..An active weekendMy Profile

    8. I don’t count anything when I swim, I know I need to start focusing on technique and drills but for now I just swim with how it feels comfortable and gets me from one end to the other. Looks like you had an awesome weekend and congrats to the new addition to your family!

      I did race this weekend, marathon #5 :)
      Laura recently posted..Cleveland Marathon RecapMy Profile

    9. Oh I totally don’t blame you for taking the sleep option on the front end..too hard to start out with a deficit! You still got in some great training, along with some great socializing! And how fun to have a new baby in the family.

      I trained myself early on to be a bi-lateral breather, and probably 90% of my workouts are spent that way. But when I get into heavy oxygen debt during hard intervals, every two it is! I think the biggest benefit to being able to go both ways comes in open water–if there are waves, you can always just switch to breathing on the opposite side of them. Also, I do think it balances out the stroke. So keep at it but don’t feel stressed by getting it down!
      misszippy1 recently posted..St. Michael’s Half MarathonMy Profile

    10. I definitely prefer working out in the morning, although I usually swim laps during my lunch break. One of the first things I learned as a competitive swimmer was bilateral breathing. It was so tough in the beginning, but now it’s like second nature. When I swim laps, I usually breathe every 5 strokes. But open water swimming is a different story. I’m not sure if it’s the adrenaline from the race, but I usually end up breathing more often. I still try to breathe every 3 so that my stroke doesn’t get lopsided. Keep working on it! Once you get used to it, breathing less often will make you more efficient and much faster! I have heard it’s ok to increase your breathing rate at the end of triathlon swims so you are fully oxygenated for the transition from swimming horizontally to running vertically to T1.
      Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Merida Makeover & The Princess ProblemMy Profile