Triathlon #2: Mighty Moss Half Ironman

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This weekend will bring me one step closer to Ironman Lake Placid (which is ONE month away today – aghh!). My second triathlon will be the Mighty Moss Half Ironman. I am surprisingly calm – and actually, even really, really excited!

This race is important for a number of reasons. First, it will be my longest triathlon {to date} and it fits perfectly into my trainup for IMLP. I lucked out that I was able to find the right distances at the right time based on what my training plan has called for. Second, I’m anxious to see how I do with the transitions and the other trouble areas I had for the Rev 3 Olympic a few weeks ago.  Practice makes perfect, right? Third, I’m testing out my nutrition plan for IMLP.  Fingers are crossed that things go smoothly. I’m replicating what I did for my 100 miler last weekend (I had no stomach issues albeit I think I need to consume a bit more calories/hour).


And lastly, it is a small, local race in it’s second year and is touted as a great tune-up race for IM Lake Placid. It has a super hilly bike course and a pretty hill run course.  As much as I would love to do a flat, fast half ironman so that I can have a better PR time, I know that this race / course are exactly what I need in my final weeks before the big day…especially when one loop of the Lake Placid bike course looks like this:

bike elevation

The best part of the race, however, is the size.  Last year, there were less than 200 participants – small, intimate, and cozy.

My husband, youngest son, and I are heading up to the area Saturday evening. There is no pre-bike check-in and I can pick my packet up race morning. Easy peasy. My oldest son will be spending some quality time with my dad, his pa-pa.

My goal is to get through the swim (it’s only .3 miles longer than my previous triathlon) in control, stay consistent on the bike, and then see what I can do on the run.  I don’t have real time expectations for any of these – I’m not doing any sort of taper for this race since it’s a tune-up race not a goal race, so I know I won’t be at 100% on race day.  And the forecast is not looking favorable for Sunday – heavy rain showers are predicted, so I know that my bike will be a bit slower (I’m definitely not confident enough to go as fast on the downhills or curves on slick ground).

I will try to update everyone on Sunday – the race starts at 6:30 so if all goes as planned I should be done by early afternoon!

Any last minute tips for a first timer at the half ironman distance?


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    19 thoughts on “Triathlon #2: Mighty Moss Half Ironman

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    2. Best of luck!

      And may I ask what training plan you’re following? Sorry if you’ve already said, I’m a newbie here. I’m just becoming Iron-curious (I’ve decided that’s a word) and I’m trying to figure out whether I really need a coach or if I could just do it with a good plan. Thanks!
      Meryl recently posted..My Collection of EarthMy Profile

      • Hey Meryl! Thank you so much!! =)

        I am using the “Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide” by Matt Fitzgerald and Triathlete Magazine. It is awesome b/c it gives you 10 workout plans for sprints, olympics, halfs, and full IMs. You decide how rigorous you want the plan (# of workouts per week / # hrs per week) and then select the training plan based on that. The run/bike are pretty basic (some days it’s just getting a moderate xx min ride/run in while other days it goes into a bit more detail – 6 x 5 min hills or something like that) while the swims are very specific. The total distance for each swim workout is divided into a warmup, sets, drills, and cooldown – it tells you exactly what you should do.
        The ONLY thing this book doesn’t tell you is what pace to do these workouts – they are all based on definitions and you need to kind of figure out what that will be for you. So it will say do it at Lactate Threshold. There is a definition in the front – but you need to determine that means a 6 min mile or 7 or whatever.
        I have been following it or a while now and feel pretty strong/ready for the IM, so I would definitely recommend it if you aren’t looking to spend the $ on a real-life coach =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Triathlon #2: Mighty Moss Half IronmanMy Profile

    3. I’m so excited to see how you do, you have been training hard and it will be good experience before IMLP. My first half-iron is a little over 2 weeks from now….so I can’t give advice really. BUT I did go watch a 70.3 this past weekend and the biggest thing I saw was really to nail mount/dismount and transitions. I saw lots of fumbling and it was clear who practiced race day strategies and who didn’t. I’ll be working on this a lot this weekend!
      Laura recently posted..Airport 5k RecapMy Profile

    4. GOOD LUCK!!! You will do great :) Be safe & I agree with Steph, take it one at a time! HAVE FUN!!!!

    5. Take each part on its own. When you swim, only focus on that. Don’t think about the bike. Just get through each one! And enjoy! :)

    6. Nutrition – do what you’ve done in training.
      Don’t rush through transitions.
      Enjoy it – it’s your first experience and a benchmark.