Age Group Win at Mighty Moss Half Ironman!

Happy Monday, friends!! The full recap of yesterday’s half-ironman is coming…I have so much to share, but was too wiped out after the race to write it last night. Plus, I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon with the boys rather than sitting in front of the computer.

Lots of good things (36ish minute swim!!) and not so good things (I crashed on the bike) happened.  The rain held off but the heat and humidity came out to make for a very long, sweltering day.  The run was a gut check.  But as one of my Instagram friends said “This is a memory bank race for IMLP. Draw in the good and build on the bad.”

mighty moss2

I finished in 6:03ish (results have not been posted yet so I don’t know my exact time or placing yet)…but I do know that I won my age group.  Granted, this wasn’t a huge race, but placing in my age group makes the day a bit brighter and somehow even makes me forget some of the pain I felt during the run!

Thank you for all of your messages, comments, and tweets wishing me good luck.  They mean so much to me!

Check back tomorrow – hope to have the recap finished by then! =)

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    27 thoughts on “Age Group Win at Mighty Moss Half Ironman!

    1. Great job, you look awesome! I can’t even imagine and with the heat too….just incredible! Rest up and recover…almost time for the Ironman! I am so rooting for you!!!!!!! Congrats on your 1st place age group too!
      Jen recently posted..Lawn Mowers & Crockpots :)My Profile

    2. How exciting to win your age group at your first half iron competition. Congratulations and enjoy the moment! I look forward to reading your recap and hopefully seeing more photos!
      Pam recently posted..Halfway through 2013My Profile

    3. Congrats on a strong first half-iron which is going to help you so much for IMLP! I’m so pumped for you! Wish I could have been there to watch, I watched IM 70.3 Syracuse last weekend and it was a huge help for me motivation wise getting ready for my own 70.3! You are such an inspiration, can’t wait to read the full report!
      Laura recently posted..Good, Bad & Yummy 6/28-6/30 & June FavsMy Profile

    4. So awesome, Michele! Congrats! I know what a long day a half IM can be when it’s hot and humid like that…leaving for the run late morning is tough. You rocked it and this bodes so well for IMLP!

    5. You did awesome! Several people wiped out on the bike including one poor guy who had to hitch a ride back to transition with a muscle pull in is thigh. There were many people who were struggling with the heat and humidity. I could see it in their faces on the run.

      Way to go!
      Karen recently posted..And They’re Off….My Profile